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  • Yuya Tokuda experienced Monster Hunter for the first time as a student by watching the Japanese trailer for the very first Monster Hunter game (PS2). He was really impressed the monsters were not only enemies, but also part of an ecosystem. This gave him the idea for Monster Hunter: World.

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  • Did you know Lagiacrus was going to be in this game, but was pulled before launch?
    The problem was his neck and head would move strangely and they couldn't find a way to fix it in time. They used this same flaw to make the popular Wiggler helmet.

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  • On the Monster Hunter radio, which aired on october 28th 2019, Kaname Fujioka goes into detail on why Lagiacrus was cut from the game. He said long necks and tails were not the issue with the monster. The problem was leviathans and snake wyverns have most of their body touching the ground and Monster Hunter: World terrain is more realistic. There's a lot of slopes and bumps compared to the previous games. It took too much processing load to accurately calculate the body to make sure the monster realistically moves across the terrain.

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