What am I doing wrong against AT xeno?

  1. I have spent last night fighting AT xeno. I am mainly a HBG and lance player so I was looking forward to it, but I was failing a lot and my best clearing times are around 25-28 mins. And only one of three attempts were successful. My build is something like this:

    Head90Gala Suit Head Alpha
    Torso84Bazel Chest Beta
    Arms84Teostra Arms Alpha
    Waist92Kulve Taroth Waist Gamma
    Legs92Kulve Taroth Legs Gamma
    Charm0Bulwark Charm

    Weakness Exploit3
    Health Boost3
    Critical Boost3
    Heat Guard1
    Guard Up1
    Piercing shot 1
    Peak Performance 2
    And some free slots

    I dont know how to craft ammo using radial menu, but I dont thing thats THE problem.
    How can anyone say it almost braindead fight with Pierce HBG? I dont get it, there are clearing times with Pierce HBG below ten minutes. Obviously my DPS is not good enough...
    What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions are welcome.

    I have uploaded some of those fights, but I am not sure whether it is allowed to put links here.

    User Info: RoboZilina

    RoboZilina - 4 months ago
  2. If anyone bothers, the videos are on youtube under this names:
    Monster Hunter world AT xeno vs Pierce HBG
    Monster Hunter world Lance vs AT xeno fail SK
    Monster Hunter world Pierce vs AT xeno 2nd

    User Info: RoboZilina

    RoboZilina - 4 months ago


  1. Press esc and under iteam, check the radial menu setting, then pick a wedge and go to the crafting tab and pick your "craft ammo" and save it with the rest. As using an item load out will take the Radial Menu Setting of that Item Loadout. Which is the problem most people have.

    User Info: GekkoDefender

    GekkoDefender - 2 months ago 0   0
  2. I found out that I cannot craft cluster ammo 2 and ammo 3 because I dont have cluster ammo 1. I thought that it works like in the "tab" crafting menu, that if you dont have lower level ammo, it will show the option to craft it first. Well... it doesnt.
    So now I have added ammo 1, ammo 2 and ammo 3 to quick menu and clustering like a PRO :D

    User Info: RoboZilina

    RoboZilina - 2 months ago

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