Loading Screen?

  1. hey I have been getting a glitch where I will get into the game, my character visual for my save data is the green loading icon, then I will click my profile to play the game and the loading bar will get to about 40% and not progress any further. I have restarted my computer after a few attempts of this happening a few more times, thinking this was a glitch or something but then it continued, This has never happened before and I need to know if im the only one experiencing this.

    User Info: Nyanshock

    Nyanshock - 5 months ago


  1. Have you tried to re-installing the game?

    User Info: GekkoDefender

    GekkoDefender - 2 months ago 0   0
  2. Yea i fixed it by doing that a few months ago, sory i did not delete the post i forgot about it

    User Info: Nyanshock

    Nyanshock - 2 months ago

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