Good build Ideas?

  1. Finished the game twice and I want a fun build to use but I have no idea what type of build to use.
    Any ideas?

    User Info: Wazzuuuuu

    Wazzuuuuu - 1 year ago
  2. There are fourteen weapons in total in Monster Hunter World, all of which have various different purposes and functions on the battlefield. There are even more armor types, and even more monsters. Before I can recommend a build for you to work towards and play with, I'll need an idea of what type of weapon you enjoy, as well as what content you're looking to use it in.

    User Info: JustcallmeSoul

    JustcallmeSoul - 1 year ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I normally just go for damage skills and main DB.
    I actually wanted to make a thread about set sharing but here you go:

    Helmet: Rathalos soul beta
    Chest: Rathalos beta
    Arms: Nergigante alpha
    Waist: Nergigante beta
    Legs: Nergigante alpha
    Talisman: Exploiter Charm 1

    You get both the Nergigante and Rathalos set bonus, which is quite nice. In the end you will have attack boost level 3, WE level 3, Agitator level 3 and critical boost level 1. Also some slots, where you can put the attack jewel 1 you get during the story to have attack boost level 4.
    Another skill you get iirc is maximum might level 1, which increases your affinity when you have full stamina. Perfect if you are using DB with dash juices.

    User Info: Caliginosus

    Caliginosus - 1 year ago 1   0

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