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Roma Victrix
Complete the Rise of Rome campaign
Veni, Vidi, Vici
Complete the Ave Caesar campaign
Imperial Peace
Complete the Imperium Romana campaign
The Elephant In The Rome
Complete the Enemies of Rome campaign
Punic Attack
Complete the First Punic War campaign
Hittite Baby One More Time
Complete the Reign of the Hittites campaign
Complete the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign
Smoking Ziggurats
Complete the Voices of Babylon campaign
Complete the Glory of Greece campaign
Big In Japan
Complete the Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun campaign
Build 500 houses
Towers of Babel
Build 50 Babylonian Towers
Rise And Wall
Build 789 Shang wall segments
Not that I'm keeping count…
Defeat 1000 enemy units
Hun, is that you?
Destroy 200 temples
Defeat a Lion (Alpha)
Hunt 250 animals
Parthian Shot
Train 500 Horse Archers
21st Century
Train 21 Centurions
Axe To Grind
Train 400 Axemen
Cute Cats
Build 500 heavy catapults
The Choson Ones
Create 1000 Choson Legions
Dancing Chariots
Train 400 Assyrian Chariot Archers
Minoan Compies
Train 100 Minoan Composite Bowman
Train 100 Egyptian Scythe Chariots
Train 256 Macedonian Hoplites
Convert 1000 units
Eye of Horus
Convert 20 units with Egyptian Priests
Losing Your Religion
Convert an enemy Priest
Explore all areas of a single map
Feet on the ground
Win a random map game without training any cavalry
Eye in the sky
Win a random map without training any archery units
Defeated 20 heroes
Killed a Medusa
Collected 50,000 gold
Collected 50,000 stone
Collected 50,000 wood
Pepperoni Pizza
Collected 50,000 food
Won a game by building and holding a wonder
Researched every technology available in a single game
Advanced first to every age
State Of The Artifact
Won a game by holding all the artifacts
Ruin Them All
Won a game by holding ruins
Res Publica
Won a ranked Elo game.

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