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by Eevee-Trainer

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Guide and Walkthrough by Eevee-Trainer

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/05/2021
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Confess My Love: FAQ/Walkthrough


Video GameConfess My Love (告白日)
Game ConsolePC
Guide TypeFAQ/Walkthrough
Guide AuthorEevee-Trainer
Guide Versionv1.01
Time of Update6:58 PM 7/1/2019

Hi, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Confess My Love! Confess My Love is a free Steam title released in May 2017 - if you're curious about the game, you can download it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/637850/Confess_My_Love/

Originally released in Chinese until its English translation, Confess My Love is a very simple game in which the protagonist, Willie, tries to confess to his love, Liza, in the five minutes before she leaves class. The game has twenty different endings, largely revolving around how the protagonist confesses, though a bit underlies the surface of this game. Personally, it's not that bad of an investment of a few hours' worth of time for a free game.

In any event, as the events in the game that lead to the endings are not entirely obvious, here's a quick guide for you. Hope you enjoy! ^.^

Game Controls & Deleting Your Save File

F5Big/small game window.
Arrow KeysMove Willie around. Can use to move menu cursors as well.
ShiftHold while moving to run.
Z / EnterConfirm choices, speak to people, and examine objects.
XCancel choices.
CtrlHold to speed up game text.

If for any reason you feel the need to delete your save file, just follow these directions:

  • Right-click the game in your Steam library
  • Go to "Properties"
  • Go to "Local Files"
  • Click on "Browse local files..."
  • Go into the "System" folder
  • Delete the file "System.rvdata2"

Walkthrough / Ending Guide


The end goal of the game is to have Willie confess his love to Liza (the brown-haired girl), which he normally will do by approaching her and talking to her. After the game's ending, you will return to the title screen, where you can play again. The game keeps track of which endings you've obtained - you can see them for yourself by looking at the bulletin board at the north side of the room, the flags representing the number of the endings you've obtained. This fact that a single ending doesn't mark the end of the game is important, as over time - as more and more endings are unlocked - new features appear in the classroom.

One of the first will be another girl in the classroom, Julie. She becomes important in Endings 10 & 11 here. While more important in later endings, the main purpose for her presence in this set of endings is just being in the classroom or not. If you want to make her leave, you can examine your desk and obtain a piece of cake; after, speak with her, ask her to leave the room, and give her the cake.

Anyhow, here's the first 11 endings. They're based solely on the timing of when you confess to Liza. In the top-left corner of the screen is a circular indicator that'll cycle through from 0 to 5. That represents how many minutes have passed since you started playing: once it hits 5, the game ends with the corresponding ending.

  • Timing-Based Endings: (#01 - #12)
    • Ending 01: Confess in less than one minute (but more than 5 seconds)
    • Ending 02: Confess when the clock reads "1" - don't hesitate
    • Ending 03: Confess when the clock reads "1" - hesitate
    • Ending 04: Confess when the clock reads "2" - don't hesitate
    • Ending 05: Confess when the clock reads "2" - hesitate
    • Ending 06: Confess when the clock reads "3" - hesitate
    • Ending 07: Confess when the clock reads "3" - don't hesitate
    • Ending 08: Confess when the clock reads "4" - hesitate
    • Ending 09: Confess when the clock reads "4" - don't hesitate
    • Ending 10: Don't confess within 5 minutes - Julie is in the classroom
    • Ending 11: Don't confess within 5 minutes - have Julie leave the classroom
    • Ending 12: Confess in less than 5 seconds


The remaining endings are a bit more obscure in how to obtain them.

  • Ending 13: In the top part of the room, there is a door. Examine it and leave for this ending.

As mentioned earlier, there is a piece of cake in Willie's desk, if you examine it. This doesn't only have to be given to Julie: you can give it to Liza, too!

  • Ending 14: Give Liza the cake, and follow through on your confession.
  • Ending 15: Give Liza the cake, but hesitate when confessing.

From here, things get a lot more complicated. You'll need to first unlock the Nightmare Room. It can't be done until you've gotten about 11 of the endings: you'll need to be able to see four sparkles around the room, and Julie also needs to be in the classroom. Once you have that met and wish to enter the Nightmare Room, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Grab the cake from your desk

Step 2: Speak to Julie and borrow her cup

Step 3: Grab the four jigsaw puzzle pieces at places marked by sparkles.

- One is at the desk behind Liza (examine it)

- One is at the desk two to Liza's right (examine it twice)

- One is at the bookshelf in the east corner (examine it, read the middle book)

- One is at the teacher's desk (examine it to review the controls and find the piece underneath)

Step 4: Fill the cup with water in the northern corner of the room.

Step 5: Examine the plant nearby and water it. Take note of the four-digit code revealed.

Step 6: One of the southwestern desks has a gray book on it. Examine it: you'll put in the four puzzle pieces. You'll also have to enter the 4 digit code from the plant.

Step 7: Go to the shelves in the eastern corner of the room and unlock the drawers for a knife.

Step 8: Now speak to Julie, and bribe her with the cake to leave.

Step 9: Close the curtains on the northwestern corner of the room.

Step 10: Confess your love to Liza.

If you complete this within 3 minutes (the clock reads 3 or less), you'll have a roughly 50-50 chance on your next playthrough of accessing the Nightmare Room. This will be noteworthy in that its music will be different. Speak to Liza for a scene: which ending you get depends on your reaction.

  • Ending 16: Run away from Liza and through the northern door
  • Ending 17: Let Liza catch you

On the playthrough after a Nightmare Room ending, you can repeat the process as if you're obtaining Endings 16/17. The reason is to get Endings 18/19. You can switch Step 7 and Step 8 or not; either way will give you a different ending.

  • Ending 18: Collect the knife while Julie is in the room
  • Ending 19: Have Julie leave the room before you collect the knife

The 20th and final ending will be able to occur on any playthrough after obtaining the other 19 endings.

  • Ending 20: Examine the bulletin board twice, then speak with Julie several times.

After the 20th ending, the game cannot be played further until you delete your save file.


Here's a quick list of the endings of the game, all at once, just for clarity's sake.

EndingEnding Condition
Unnamed EndingThere's a random chance the game will start without Liza in the room, forcing you to leave class; this is not counted as an ending nor unlocks an achievement
Ending 01Confess your love to Liza in 5~60 seconds
Ending 02Confess your love to Liza in 1-2 minutes, and go through with it
Ending 03Confess your love to Liza in 1-2 minutes, but hesitate
Ending 04Confess your love to Liza in 2-3 minutes, and go through with it
Ending 05Confess your love to Liza in 2-3 minutes, but hesitate
Ending 06Confess your love to Liza in 3-4 minutes, but hesitate
Ending 07Confess your love to Liza in 3-4 minutes, and go through with it
Ending 08Confess your love to Liza in 4-5 minutes, but hesitate
Ending 09Confess your love to Liza in 4-5 minutes, and go through with it
Ending 10Fail to confess your love in under 5 minutes, with Julie in class
Ending 11Fail to confess your love in under 5 minutes, without Julie in class
Ending 12Confess your love to Liza in under 5 seconds
Ending 13Leave the classroom (front door, north corner of the room)
Ending 14Examine your desk for a cake; give it to Liza and tell her you like her
Ending 15Examine your desk for a cake; give it to Liza and hesitate on confessing
Ending 16Enter the Nightmare Room, then run from Liza
Ending 17Enter the Nightmare Room, then get caught by Liza
Ending 18After Ending 16 or 17: collect the knife as if unlocking the Nightmare Room with Julie in the room
Ending 19After Ending 16 or 17: collect the knife as if unlocking the Nightmare Room with Julie not in the room
Ending 20Complete the other 19 endings, then examine the bulletin board twice and speak with Julie several times

Steam Achievements

Here's a quick list of the game's Steam Achievements and how to obtain them. The previous sections in the guide should be sufficient for giving you what you need.

Wait, what?But it doesn't even exist! (Secret)Delete your save file and start a new playthrough.
IHave we ever met before?Obtain Ending 01.
IIJust leave me alone, please.Obtain Ending 02.
IIIYou don't have to speak it out.Obtain Ending 03.
IVDo you have an interest in zodiac?Obtain Ending 04.
VWe can still be friends.Obtain Ending 05.
VIBut we don't match.Obtain Ending 06.
VIII have a boyfriend already.Obtain Ending 07.
VIIIWe shall focus on school works.Obtain Ending 08.
IXTo be honest, I'm a lesbian.Obtain Ending 09.
XJulie, let's go.Obtain Ending 10.
XI...Anything happened?Obtain Ending 11.
XIIWhat were you about to say?Obtain Ending 12.
XIII...So you leaved.Obtain Ending 13.
XIVIf you understand why I refused.Obtain Ending 14.
XVThat's how you see me huh?Obtain Ending 15.
XVICome back! COME BACK!!Obtain Ending 16.
XVIIYou love me, don't you?Obtain Ending 17.
XVIIIWhat's wrong with you?!Obtain Ending 18.
XIXNow you remember who hurt me?Obtain Ending 19.
XXThank you for your cake, Mr. Who.Obtain Ending 20.