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    5upPromote 5 squad members.
    Advanced Robot ArmyUpgrade your base 50 times with the stronger type of drone.
    AftermathFinish Chapter 26.
    Ahoy! (secret)Finish Chapter 21.
    Air Force DaysComplete the first chapter.
    All Heads on DeckPerform 100 headshots.
    All Together NowContribute to a clan structure.
    Allergic to BulletsGet shielded 30 times.
    Amateur ExplorerRecharge the Clan Ops Raid missions 5 times.
    Armed and DangerousEliminate 500 enemies with arm shots.
    Back to the RootsFinish Chapter 16.
    Bank ManagerOpen 1,000 battle packs.
    BattlepackerOpen 50 Battle Packs.
    Be PreparedOpen 5 Battle Packs.
    Big City ShotFinish Chapter 4.
    BillionaireOwn 2,000,000 Gold at one time.
    BossyDeal damage to a Clan Boss on Hardcore mode.
    BuildersUpgrade all clan structures once.
    Bull's-EyeKill 50 enemies without using the sniper rifle's scope.
    Bullet BenderGet shielded 100 times.
    Bullet to the KneeEliminate 500 enemies with leg shots.
    Bye WangFinish Chapter 27.
    Cargo PortFinish Chapter 18.
    ChampionReach the Diamond league.
    Christmas MorningOpen 100 Battle Packs.
    Clan MemberCollect a total of 10,000 Allied Points.
    Cleanup TeamWin 50 Clan Ops events.
    Cold DayFinish Chapter 9.
    Color ClashEquip two squadmates with different shield types in your base.
    Core GamerAccumulate 100 hours of game time.
    Cutting EdgeAssemble a prototype weapon template.
    Dam Good SniperFinish Chapter 5.
    Daredevil AwardComplete any event milestone.
    Deep PocketsFinish one VIP event.
    Deluxe CollectorCollect a total of 1,500 dog tags.
    Diving LessonsFinish Chapter 17.
    Double BankingLoot 1,000,000 Gold from opponents' bases.
    Eagle-EyeUse Spotter in 100 missions.
    Elite Forces (secret)Promote 5 squad members to Tier 5.
    Endless ArmiesAssign 50 or more squadmates in a single Clan War.
    Enhanced DefenseHave the Floodlights and Decoy defensive systems active at the same time.
    ExecutionerPerform 2,500 headshots.
    Expanding ArsenalAssemble one drone.
    Extra DefenseUpgrade one base turret to level 60.
    Extreme SportsFinish Chapter 28.
    Eye SpyUse Spotter in 10 missions.
    FamousEnter the Hall of Fame.
    FashionistaOwn 5 gear parts from the same category.
    Fifty BaggerWin 50 consecutive matches.
    Fifty Hits LaterGet 50 multi-kills while playing missions.
    FighterReach the Silver I league.
    Filthy BaggerWin 100 consecutive matches.
    Firearms MasterFully upgrade 10 weapons.
    Fistful of BulletsPurchase 10 Piercing Bullet packs.
    Flying Scarab (secret)Complete all drone missions in Cursed Sands.
    Fort KnoxOwn 15,000,000 gold at once.
    FortressBe in a clan when all structures reach level 10.
    Freebie (secret)Win a weapon from a multiple chapter event.
    Full HouseBe part of a full clan.
    Furious SniperClaim 10 achievement rewards.
    Further AlongFinish Chapter 24.
    Gear OutletOwn 25 gear parts.
    Gear Up! (secret)Equip a full gear set on your avatar.
    GeneralPromote 20 squad members.
    Generalship (secret)Test your defenses 10 times
    Gettin' AheadPerform 500 headshots.
    Getting AheadReach level 60 on your character profile.
    GhosthunterKill 50 cloaked enemies with headshots.
    Giant KillerKill 4 different bosses in Clan Ops events.
    Gold RushLoot 2,000,000 Gold during a single attack on an opponent's base.
    Greatest HitsPerform 2,500 kills.
    GrudgerWin attacks against players using Revenge 1,000 times.
    Gun-ToterUse Piercing Bullet in 100 missions.
    Hasty ProgressSkip 5 squad-member upgrade timers.
    Head HunterPerform 1,000 headshots.
    Head StartPerform 25 headshots.
    Headless ChickenKill 50 snipers with headshots.
    Heads Up!Perform 50 headshots.
    HeadsplosionPerform 1000 headshots using Headshot FX bullets.
    High EarnerEarn 500,000 cash from Contracts.
    Hit ListPerform 25 kills.
    HoarderFully upgrade 25 weapons.
    Human RadarUse Spotter in 500 missions.
    I HelpedParticipate in a Clan War.
    IcebreakerFinish Chapter 12.
    In a RushSpeed up the repairs for any drone 5 times.
    In the Nick of TimeWin a PvP encounter with less than 5 seconds left.
    Just one moreWin 100 missions in Drone Ops mode.
    KaboomKill 25,000 enemies with explosive kills.
    KarmaggedonUse a karma ability 10 times
    King of the JungleComplete the third chapter.
    Mass ProductionBuild a prototype weapon replica.
    MatchmakerSearch for opponents 300 times.
    MedicHeal 20 squadmates.
    Medieval WarfareFinish Chapter 10.
    MentorUpgrade a squad member to rank 20.
    MillionaireOwn 1,000,000 Gold at once.
    Molo-NoDestroy 200 Molotov bottles.
    Molo-No-NoDestroy 500 Molotov bottles.
    More Hits LaterGet 100 multi-kills while playing missions.
    NecromancerRevive 5 Squad Members.
    New Frontier (secret)Finish Chapter 23.
    Nice 'n' SlowPurchase 10 Slow Time packs.
    No Drones AllowedDestroy 100 drones.
    No End In SightFinish Chapter 25.
    Numbers GaloreComplete all Score Attack missions on the Moon.
    On a RollPerform 100 kills.
    One-Sniper ArmyPerform 1,000 kills.
    Ops ExpertSuccessfully finish 150 Special Ops missions.
    Ops GrandmasterSuccessfully finish 500 Special Ops missions.
    Ops MasterSuccessfully finish 300 Special Ops missions.
    Ops RookieSuccessfully finish 50 Special Ops.
    Out of My MindPerform 25,000 headshots.
    OutfitterOwn 5 gear parts.
    Over the TopReach prestige level 5.
    Overflow (secret)Finish Chapter 22.
    OverkillPerform 50,000 kills.
    Passive AggressiveDefend against 100 attacks.
    PathfinderSearch for opponents 5,000 times.
    Persistent (secret)Complete all Daily Challenges 7 days in a row.
    Piggy BankLoot 5,000,000 Gold from opponents' bases.
    Pirate KingFinish Chapter 6.
    Players' ChoiceFinish Chapter 14.
    Quick DrawUse Piercing Bullet in 10 missions.
    Real SurvivorComplete 10 assault missions.
    RelentlessPerform 25,000 kills.
    Restless SniperClaim 30 daily rewards.
    Risky BusinessDefeat a player with a concealed base.
    Scene ScannerPurchase 10 Spotter packs.
    Scrap CollectorAssemble 5 weapons from parts.
    ScroungerObtain 50 craft parts by upgrading weaker parts.
    Seasoned WarriorBuy 50 items from the Arms Dealer.
    Serious CollectorFully upgrade 5 weapons.
    Shanghai KnightComplete the second chapter.
    Sharp ShooterPerform 50 kills.
    Silver BulletUse Piercing Bullet in 500 missions.
    Skillful (secret)Use a weapon ability 50 times.
    SkirmisherWin 50 skirmishes in Clan Domination.
    Sky's the LimitReach prestige level 10.
    Slow BurnUse Slow Time in 100 missions.
    Slow-Mo ProUse Slow Time in 500 missions.
    Small Robot ArmyActivate a total of 200 drones.
    Sniper SnailUse Slow Time in 10 missions.
    SpartansRaise 5 squad members to level 60.
    StarRank 20 or higher in a Hall of Fame season.
    Strength in NumbersReach a combined squad member rank of 100.
    Summer Sports AthleteFinish Chapter 11.
    Sunless Trip (secret)Finish Chapter 20.
    Super SniperPerform 500 kills.
    Taskmaster (secret)Complete 5 warlord missions.
    Team EffortWin a Clan Ops event.
    TechnophobiaDestroy 10,000 drones.
    The B TeamReach a combined squad member rank of 250.
    The CollectorCollect a total of 1,000 dog tags.
    The CompetitorSearch for opponents 10,000 times.
    The DealerBuy 50 Black Market items.
    The Eagle Has LandedFinish Chapter 7.
    The First MileComplete 5 sniper missions.
    The LandingFinish Chapter 15.
    The TycoonBuy 200 Black Market items.
    Think FastPerform 5,000 headshots.
    Time AttackerComplete all Time Attack missions on the Moon.
    To the Damned EndFinish Chapter 8.
    Tokyo KnightFinish Chapter 13.
    Top SniperRank in the top 10 in the Diamond league.
    Tropical Party (secret)Finish Chapter 19.
    True GamerAccumulate 200 hours of game time.
    VengeanceWin attacks against players using Revenge 200 times.
    Wall UpEquip all your base's slots at once.
    WarmongerWin a Clan War.
    WarriorReach the Gold I league.
    Weapons EnthusiastFully upgrade 1 weapon.
    Without endReach the top 10 on any Drone Ops league leaderboard.
    World OpsSuccessfully complete 50 Special Ops in Clan Domination.
    Yes We Can (secret)Complete all warlord missions in the same day.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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