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    AnarchistKill 5 NCO's in a match
    Anyone else?Kill 4+ enemies in a capture zone
    Atleast this way I can WinStart a private match
    Before the Leaves FallBe the first to get killed by an enemy in a game
    Bossing aroundGive out 10 command orders
    ButcherChop off someone limbs with a sword
    Cheeki BreekiAs Frontovik, while crouched, get 3 grenade kills
    ChivalrousGet 10 kills with swords
    Close CallWin a game with at most 100 points difference
    ComebackGet a kill while being hurt
    Crack shotExhaust all your revolver ammo without missing a shot
    Democracy works!Get a successfull vote
    Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers!Check out the credits screen
    Don't be shy!Used voice chat
    Equality for allSwitch to other team when asked for autobalance
    Express to PetrogradPlaying as Central Powers, capture the enemy HQ
    Fog of WarComplete a match on a foggy map.
    For the EmperorWin 10 games as Central Powers
    Forward ObserverSuccessfully fall back 5 times
    From Russia with HateKill 25 enemies with artillery as the Entente Powers
    From Russia with LoveWin 10 matches as Entente Powers
    FrostbiteComplete a match on a snowy map.
    Gavrilo PrincipGet first kill in a match
    Gott Mit UnsUnlock all specializations for the Infanterie
    Hawk EyeGet a kill from 250m
    HötzendorfPlaying as the K.u.K, lose a battle in the Carpathians
    HydraGet 7 squad spawns on a single life as NCO
    I've seen it allFight in every weather condition
    Immovable objectShoot an enemy while being shaken by artillery fire
    Indivisibiliter ac InseparabiliterUnlock all specializations for the K.u.K. Trupp
    Information is keyHave a look at the overview map
    KesselschlachtCut off atleast 3 enemy sectors.
    Lead harvestKill 25 enemies with a HMG
    LeeroyMake 5 kills within the first two minutes of the match
    Living on the edgeKill 3 people with a sabre in an enemy held capture zone
    Lost BatallionBecome cut-off in a sector
    Lucky ShotDamage two enemies with one bullet
    Night OwlComplete a match on a night map.
    Oops!Get killed by your own grenade
    OverachieverWin 25 Gold Medals
    Phone It InGet 50 artillery kills using trench phones
    Pin PointWipe out a complete squad with a single grenade/call in
    Pure Krupp SteelKill 25 enemies with artillery as the Central Powers
    RasputinDuring one live; get damaged by melee attacks and gunshots of players who are not your killer.
    Ring Ring!Call in Artillery or Recon from a sector
    Road to BerlinPlaying as Entente, capture the enemy HQ
    S nami Bog!Unlock all specializations for the Frontovik
    Seeing Is BelievingClub someone to death with binoculars
    Skynet ConfirmedGet killed by bots 50 times
    Steady supplyResupply your ammo
    Strength in numbersCapture an enemy sector with 10+ people
    StrongholdKill 10 people with a HMG in 1 life
    Stronghold DeniedKill 10 people by headshot who are mounting an HMG
    Switch, please!Perform a role switch
    Talk Much?Used voice commands 50 times
    TannenbergPlaying as the Infanterie, win a battle in East Prussia
    This belongs to us nowCapture 10 enemy Sectors
    This is MY machine gun!Kick a bot from an HMG
    To arms! To arms!Kill an opponent with a sword who also uses a sword
    Together as oneBe part of top scoring squad in a match
    TouristVisit every sector in a match
    UnluckyDie 10 seconds after spawning
    WallhackKill an enemy while shooting through an object
    Your family will be proudDie from falling down
    Za veru, Tsarya i otechestvoUnlock all specializations for the Cossacks

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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