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FAQ/Walkthrough by SENIORBILL

Version: 1 | Updated: 10/17/18

Game Basics

This FAQ/Walkthrough is viable for the PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE

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Hope County:

The pastoral valley of Hope County, Montana is no longer pastoral. It has been subjugated by a vile religious cult called the Project at Eden's Gate. The cult's twisted dogma has been imposed on the locals through a campaign of abduction, intimidation, torture and murder. Joseph Seed, called the Father by the faithful, has divided the county into three regions with each under the control of one of his siblings. Hope County is isolated from the outside world and the task is to build a resistance to grind away the cult's iron grip on the county.

You begin the campaign as a rookie deputy on a detail to bring Joseph Seed to justice. The arrest goes awry and you become fully engaged in the county-wide struggle with the cult. Like all Far Cry games, you begin the campaign with meager resources which you must progressively upgrade. This is facilitated by earning cash to purchase weapons, gear and upgrades, by completing challenges and obtaining Perk Magazines to earn ability and equipment upgrades.

The open world setting requires the player to advance the campaign through exploration. A primary location in each region and the location of the nine specialists are given but the lion's share of the locations and mission givers will be found by exploration and by speaking to the locals. Area maps are generally found at outposts or mission sites and will add locations to the map. Travel is hazardous with cultists and predators a frequent source of conflict. In addition to fast travelling between discovered locations, numerous vehicles, including helicopters, airplanes and the wingsuit, facilitate travel and a new ability "Air Drop" is costly but can greatly enhance travel. The game map's fine details are revealed by exploration but the rough details, like roads, are discernible prior to exploration. This rough detailing will frequently be used in this document to identify locations.

Weapons and Tactics:

The array of available weaponry in Far Cry 5 is extensive. You'll find basic weapons like the AR-C assault rifle, the 1911 handgun, the M133 shotgun and the RPG, but higher-end weapons are only unlocked as the game progresses. "Prestige" versions of high-end weapons, however, can be purchased whenever you acquire the necessary funds. This is game changing and makes the expenditure of your available cash key to your success during the long campaign. "Prestige" firearms are available in all categories and wise purchases that fit your style of play will be highly advantageous. The SA-50 sniper rifle, for example, isn't available until level 6, but its "Prestige" version, the "Free State," is available when you amass $7,200. "Prestige" weapons can also be upgraded, and equipping your go-to weapons with suppressors has no down side. Finding prepper stashes, liberating outposts and completing side missions can raise enough cash early in the campaign to purchase "Prestige" weapons long before the generic models are available; and these weapons can serve you well throughout the campaign.

You start the game with a primary weapon holster and a side arm slot. Once you earn eight perk points, you can purchase a second primary weapon holster and a third for nine perk points after you eliminate one of Joseph's three lieutenants. Early-game weapons like the 1911 handgun and the AR-C assault rifle will occupy those slots as the struggle commences, but how you fill those holsters should suit your style of play. Purchases made with your hard-earned cash should be made for the long haul.

The following weapons can be obtained fairly early in the campaign by finding cash in prepper stashes, liberating outposts without detection, general looting and by doing side missions for cash. These weapons are recommended for their utility and/or for their stealth capabilities.

The Compound Bow:

You'll find a Compound Bow on Dutch's Island and it is an excellent weapon that can serve you well throughout the campaign. It is free, deadly, silent and arrows can be retrieved and are cheap to purchase. If you invest in the Black Market perk, you can purchase explosive and incendiary arrows that are expensive but are very effective against personnel, land vehicles and helicopters. Replacing the Compound Bow with the more potent Recurve Bow when it becomes available at level 5 is advised if funds permit. It costs $2,500. The bow is a viable stealth weapon throughout the campaign.

For early-game stealth sniping, the Compound Bow is the best option. It is superior to both the 1911 handgun equipped with a suppressor and a sight and the suppressed AR-CL sniper rifle. Both the handgun and AR-CL require funds to upgrade and are more apt than the bow to wound rather than kill an opponent. The 1911 is surprisingly accurate but it requires headshots, and a single headshot won't down a VIP. The AR-CL is a viable weapon but also generally requires headshots for sure kills and its suppressor costs $1,725.

The M60/M249 "Militia" LMG:

Once you obtain that second holster, the M60 LMG is an excellent choice to fill it. You can always find one at the outpost at the Copperhead Rail Yard in Holland Valley. This location is detailed in the "Outpost" section. It is also available for purchase when you reach your first store for $2,750. One can also be taken from a Heavy Gunner or, occasionally, can be found in a Reaping Truck. It can be equipped with a suppressor and a sight of choice. Its early availability, utility and massive firepower make it both an excellent early-game weapon but also one that can can serve well throughout the game. That said, the M249 LMG is superior and can use specialty ammo. It is available at level 4 for $3,150; but the Prestige M249 "Militia" is available whenever you have the funds. It is expensive at $7,200 but it will be a go-to weapon for the reminder of the game. Its suppressor costs $1,725 and its sights vary in cost from the reflex sight at $810 to the optical sight at $1,035. Finding and using the basic M60 LMG and upgrading to the M249 LMG at level 4 or spending your hard earned cash on the Prestige "Militia" and equipping it with a suppressor, a sight and an extended magazine is highly recommended.

The Prestige versions of the AK-47, the "Whitetailer" or the "Warrior" costs the same as the "Militia" and both are a viable alternative to the LMG. If you prefer the shotgun, the SPAS-12 "Flameout" is an excellent weapon and it can be suppressed. Like the "Militia" these Prestige weapons are available whenever you have the cash.

The .50 "Free State" sniper rife:

The standard SA-50 sniper rifle isn't available until you reach level 6, but the Prestige .50 "Free State" sniper rifle is available when you reach the first store; but it, its suppressor and its long-range scope are very expensive. Nevertheless, when you accrue the required funds, it is an excellent choice to replace or complement the Compound Bow. The .50 Prestige "Free State" sniper rifle costs $7,200, the suppressor $1,725 and the long-range scope $1,725, but it is worth the cost. It will one-shot all but Heavies, yielding surer kills which greatly enhance your stealth operations. Predators are no longer a problem and long range hunting can raise cash. Team this weapon with a suppressed LMG and you can handle any situation in the game with either stealth or raw firepower.

The M-79 "Shark Shooter" grenade launcher:

The M-79 grenade launcher is a side arm. It isn't available until you reach level 6, but the Prestige "Shark Shooter" M-79 grenade launcher is available when you reach the first store. It costs $9,000 and makes the perfect side arm when paired with a suppressed sniper rifle and an automatic weapon or shotgun. Filling that side arm slot with this weapon after obtaining the "Militia" and "Free State" is recommended.


Once you obtain the third primary holster and you have achieved level 4, the RAT4 is available for purchase. It costs $3,250 and its lock-on sight another $1,325. The aircraft that hunt you when you attain level 2 in any of the three regions become a real nuisance and the ability of this rocket launcher to easily dispose of these pesky aircraft is worth the price. You can also guide the rocket to your target by painting it. If you invest 6 perk points in Black Market you can purchase cluster rockets, including incendiary rockets, that can bombard the enemy with deadly cluster bombs. When the opportunity presents itself, this mode is as devastating as a mortar.


There are 50 perks that can be earned by accruing perk points. Prepper stashes contain three Perk Magazines and stashes provide both those magazines and cash. All stash locations are detailed in their respective sections. Perk points can also be earned by achieving goals. For example, killing 10 cultists with a handgun earns 2 perk points, killing 20 with a bow earns 3 perk points. Ten kills by Boomer, Cheeseburger or Peaches earn 3 perk points and the harvesting of a required number of various wildlife earns points. These will be obtained progressively through gameplay.

What to spend points on is determined by your style of combat, strategy and travel. Obtaining Grapple, the Additional Holster and Extra Boost 1, 2 3, when available, are advised. The Repair Torch both fixes vehicles and opens safes and some locked gates. Leadership allows you to have two active companions. Parachute and Wingsuit are extremely useful and Air Drop is expensive but makes travelling to new or remote locations less arduous. Perks like Rifle Ammo Bag enables the player to carry more ammo. Auto-Repair will automatically repair your vehicle when it takes damage-this includes aircraft. The available selections are extensive, so choose what fits your style.


There are nine specialists that can be recruited, three in each of the valley's three sections. In addition to their combat specialty, they can revive you when you're downed and you can revive them. If you invest in the Leadership perk, you can have two active specialists. If they are defeated and taken out of the action, it can take as much as 15 minutes for them to be available again. This can be cut to as little as 3 minutes if you invest in their individual perk.

Boomer: This canine can be found at Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm in Holland Valley and he will likely be your first specialist. This is detailed in Man's Best Friend. Boomer can scout hostile sites and tag the enemy without arousing suspicion. He can also kill isolated foes and may fetch a weapon and place it at your feet.

Nick Rye: Nick can be recruited by completing the mission, Wingman, at Rye and Son's Aviation in Holland Valley. Nick is an airplane pilot and, once recruited, he can be called upon to strafe and bomb your opponents. He can also be used to battle enemy planes.

Grace Armstrong: Grace Armstrong can be recruited by going to the Lamb of God Church in Holland Valley and completing the mission Grace Under Fire. Grace is a deadly sniper who can one-shot most normal foes. However, her rifle isn't suppressed, reducing her value to a stealthy player. She is also weak against Heavies. Opponents will frequently flee the site when she begins gunning them down.

Peaches: This fierce stealthy cat can be recruited at Peaches Taxidermy in the Henbane River region during the mission, Here Kitty, Kitty. The big cat is extremely stealthy and can silently dispose of most enemies. The cougar is best used to hit a foe, be recalled to safety and then sent to strike again from cover.

Adelaide Drubman: She is a helicopter pilot who can be recruited by liberating her from the Peggies at the outpost at Drubman Marina in the Henbane River region. The feisty pilot, once recruited, will answer your call and fly to your location in Tulip, her helicopter gunship. She can hold her own with weapons both in the air and on the ground. You also can use, Tulip yourself.

Sharky Boshaw: Sharky can be recruited by completion of the mission, Burn, Baby Burn, in the Henbane River district. He wields a flamethrower and he can be devastating in the right circumstances, but fire will spread and his usefulness is limited by this factor. He does have e a limited resistance to explosions.

Jess Black: She can be recruited by freeing her from the Baron Lumber Mill in the Whitetail Mountain region and then accompanying her on and completing the mission, A Dish served Cold. Jess is a truly deadly archer with the ability to one-shot enemies, including Heavies. She is extremely hard to detect and she rarely misses her mark. For a stealth based player she is, hands down, the best companion. You can oftentimes stay back and designate enemies one at a time and she will gleefully put them down. Her off color, crude banter is also entertaining. Making her even more valuable is the fact that wildlife, including predators, won't immediately attack or flee when she is with you. She can also help harvest animal hides to raise cash and complete challenges. All said, she is easily the best of the companions for a stealth player.

Hurk Jr.: Hurk can be found at Fort Drubman in the Whitetail Mountain region during the mission, The Prodigal Son. He employs a rocket launcher that can be very useful against vehicles, including aircraft, and personnel. Having him as a companion throws stealth out the window and he is a bit reckless with the weapon. You'll also be subjected to his incessant drivel.

Cheeseburger: Cheeseburger, the grizzly bear, can be recruited by liberating the F.A.N.G. Center in the Whitetail Mountain region. He can then be recruited by feeding him a salmon during the mission, A Right To Bear Arms. The bear is a tank that can wreak havoc on the enemy. The bear will be the center of attention, allowing you to stay on the periphery to deal damage. His attacks won't cause alarms at outposts unless you are detected, making him surprisingly effective for a stealth player.


There are 20 cult outposts in Hope County. These are cult strongholds and they are well-defended. Most have at least one alarm station that can be activated to summon reinforcements when the garrison is under attack. Liberating outposts reduces the cult's grip on the region and will yield 400 RP. Liberating outposts can also earn cash. If you manage to take an outpost without being detected, you'll earn an "Undetected" bonus of $1,000. If you manage to take an outpost despite being detected but manage to do so without raising an alarm, you'll receive the "No Alarms" bonus of $400. If an alarm is raised, reinforcements will be summoned. This can include infantry, gun trucks and aircraft. If this occurs, you receive no cash bonus but liberation will still earn 400 RP.

The key to earning a cash bonus is stealth. Having a bow or a suppressed firearm is vital. Tagging the enemy by scouting, sending Boomer to tag or by using an Ultimate Hunter homeopathic to track the enemy is also vital. You can earn the "Undetected" bonus even if bodies are discovered as long as the enemy doesn't actually see you. The "No Alarms" bonus is earned if no alarm is activated after you are spotted. This can be accomplished by disabling or shooting all the alarm stations or by eliminating all the defenders before they can sound an alarm.

To maximize your chances of earning those bonuses, stay in cover. The brush and high grass surrounding many outposts is ideal for staying concealed. Stay aware of your surroundings. Most outposts are near roadways or waterways and passing hostiles can spoil your attack. Eliminate outliers. Use stones to coax them into areas where their demise isn't noted and hide the bodies if necessary. Elevated enemies, usually snipers, are watchful and should be monitored and they should be taken out when or where their demise isn't quickly noted. Stealthy companions like Jess Black or Peaches the cougar can be extremely effective. Jess can operate from long range; she is extremely hard to detect and she can one-shot even Heavy foes. You can frequently stay in cover and designate targets that she will gleefully eliminate. Peaches is best utilized to hit-and-run as you designate targets from cover.

Once the opposition is thinned-out, you can infiltrate and use takedowns or silent weaponry to complete the liberation. Acquiring a .50 caliber sniper rifle and equipping it with a suppressor and a long-range scope can also ensure one-shot kills. Having one can sometimes enable the player to simply remain on the outskirts in cover to massacre the enemy.

Liberating an outpost not only yields 400 RP and a possible cash bonus but also enables a new fast travel station and provides access to a store where you can buy and sell. Locals at the site will also frequently offer side lucrative missions or they will provide information on mission givers or prepper stashes. Most outposts also have an area map that reveals locations in the region-locations that would otherwise require extensive exploration to find. The map can then be sold for $150. There is usually loot at outposts, including ammo, weapons, safes and other useful items.

Prepper Stashes:

There are 28 prepper stashes in Hope County and they are a lucrative source of Perk Magazines, cash and other useful items like ammo, weapons, safes and collectibles. All except one stash has three Perk Magazines and about $800 in cash. They are generally located in either underground bunkers or in buildings, waterways and caves. All prepper stash locations and acquisition procedures are detailed in their respective "Prepper Stash" sections.

Finding several of these caches early in the game-especially in Holland Valley-can provide a substantial kick start to your character, providing perk points and the cash needed to improve your arsenal and status. Since Hope County is an open world, you can go anywhere and hunting prepper stashes early-on is a useful strategy; not only for the valuable spoils but for the revealing of the terrain that such exploration can facilitate.