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by Zoska

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zoska

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/06/18


For this guide, the walkthrough is going to be split into five parts. One part for the two beginning missions and Dutch's Island, which more or less serves at the tutorial for the game, one part for each of the three Seed siblings and their respective missions and outposts, and finally the last for Joseph's small region, which you can only unlock after defeating his siblings.

The Warrant

After an opening scene, the game starts off with you, a sheriff and a marshal riding a helicopter to a compound in Hope County to arrest Joseph Seed, the leader of the cult. Using the WASD keys, follow your team towards the church. It's clear by the behaviour of the people around you that they are not happy to see you. Once you enter the church, you'll find Seed shirtless and preaching to his followers about how "they" have come to take him away from them. The sheriff tries to keep things calm, but the situation quickly gets worse after the marshal shows the warrant for Seed's arrest. After a brief, tense standoff, Seed will dismiss most of his followers and present his wrists to be handcuffed to you. It appears you only have one option: to press ENTER and arrest him. Or do you...?


If you wait for a few minutes in real time and refuse to handcuff Seed, the sheriff will push his hands down and tells you arresting him will result in no one getting out alive. He begins to lead you out as the marshal threatens to have you all arrested. The sheriff replies with, "So be it," before opening the door, and the scene ends there with the credits.

So technically, yeah, you only have one option if you wanna play this game. Whoops.

After cuffing him, you'll be back in control of your character. After walking Seed out of the church, you'll be met with a lot of outcry as you walk through the compound. It's obvious his followers are more than a bit upset about his arrest. You'll make it safely to the helicopter, but the situation explodes as Seed's followers start jumping on the aircraft, eventually damaging the rotors when you get up into the air. The helicopter goes down with Seed still singing.

No Way Out

You'll regain consciousness with Dispatch on the radio asking if anyone's alive. Peering through the bleariness, it's hard to tell if anyone else in the helicopter survived the fall, but you'll quickly notice Seed is nowhere to be found. As you reach for the headset, he'll stop you by grabbing your hand before telling Dispatch that they don't need to send anybody. Oh, of course, the people running Dispatch are followers of his, too. Just your luck. He'll climb through the helicopter to meet the followers who ran to the crash before announcing 'the Reaping' to begin. As his followers surround the helicopter, you'll see two of your team are still alive. One will manage to unclip her seatbelt, but it's already too late as she's pulled out by the mob outside. The marshal also manages to escape from his seat, exiting the helicopter and leaving you to fend for yourself. Eventually, you'll have to press ENTER to unclip your seatbelt, and you'll be able to leave the burning wreckage, too.

Much like the beginning of Far Cry 3 and 4, you'll have to flee to safety from the enemy. Using SHIFT to run, you have to lead your character through the forest, it doesn't really matter which path you take as both lead you to a cabin where you'll encounter the first enemy you can take out in the game. The encounter is pretty easy as the guy will get distracted with his radio in a position that's easy for you to take him out in, couch with C and sneak up behind him to take him out with the F key. You'll be able to loot his handgun. Lying next to the cabin is the body of another guy, you can loot him for his melee weapon: the legendary stick. Inside the cabin, you'll find ammo and a choice between a pipe next to a huge wheel, a baseball bat on top of a crate, and a shovel behind a rock in front of the cabin as a second melee weapon.

If you leave the cabin from the left side, you'll see a tower you can climb up. There you'll find a backpack with gun ammo inside. After that, you'll quickly come across a storage house. There'll be a guy guarding the entrance like last time; you can take him out with the handgun, rushing and killing him with a melee weapon, or stealth it by sneaking up behind him. I'd suggest the latter as there are enemies slowly advancing from behind you. Inside the storage house, you'll find a box to loot with ammo inside. You'll then come across a campfire surrounded by multiple enemies. You'll hear the marshal on the radio asking out if anyone is still alive, revealing that he's trying to get inside a trailer house by the bridge, giving you an objective for the mission. I don't think it's possible to stealthily elliminate all the enemies around the campfire, more often than not, you'll be seen.

TIP: Killing these enemies here is optional, and you can easily run right past them to meet with the marshal.

After meeting the marshal in the trailer house, he'll give you a better gun to use and plans to steal the truck outside to leave and bring back reinforcements. You're interrupted when the 'Peggies' show up and begin to surround the trailer. You'll have to fight your way out and make it to the truck, although this fight isn't too hard. You can grab some ammo outside the trailer by some logs to help you out. Once you're in, the marshal will begin driving away and you'll be given a second objective to survive. You'll be able to lean in and out of the car by pressing SPACE. The marshal will be driving you through some pretty dicey areas as swarms of enemies keep appearing, including a plane. Eventually, you'll start making your way across a bridge until a plane barrages you both, causing the bridge to collapse. After escaping and swimming to the shore, you'll see the marshal taken by Peggies before a man named Dutch rescues you and carries you back to his hideout.

Dutch's Island

A Glimmer of Hope

You wake up to find yourself tied to a bed as Dutch listens to a broadcast by Seed. He contemplates just handing you over before cutting you free and telling you to get changed before seeing him. Interact with the wardrobe and this gives you the customisation screen. After customising your character, you'll have a chance to interact with a few things before talking to Dutch. Once you're done talking to him, take everything out of the safe and unlock the door you previously couldn't open. You'll find ammunition for your gun and another letter to Dutch, perhaps you should be a little weary. Once you're done inside the bunker, head outside and prepared to be blinded by natural light.

The Resistance

Once outside, Dutch will explain how to build up a Resistance against Eden's Gate. He'll tell you four ways you can make this happen; by rescuing civilians who have been taken as hostages, destroying cult properties like shrines, completing missions and liberating outposts. After he's done talking, you'll be given the objective to liberate Dutch's island. This gives you the freedom to go about the game however you see fit.

TIP: Always talk to civilans after you rescue them, they could have useful information, like where to find Prepper Stashes.

A little south of Dutch's bunker, you'll find a civilian being tormented by two Peggies. After killing them and freeing him, he'll tell you about the location of a Prepper Stash by the Silver Lake Boathouse.

Prepper Stash: Sunken Funds

After rescuing a civilian a little south from Dutch's bunker, he'll tell you about a Prepper Stash by the Silver Lake Boathouse. After reading a note, it'll tell you that the bunker became flooded and the mission will be active. Head down to the boathouse, you'll find a locked door if you try to get inside via the front. You have to swim around to the back of the boathouse and through a hole to get inside. Inside, there's a fuse you can flip, flip it to turn on the power to the bunker and then return to it. Turn the pipe valve to pump all of the water out and head inside where you'll find a bolted pipe and a few arrows. Break down the barricade and you'll find a safe with a whole lot of money, ammo and a few components as well. There's even a compound bow on the wall.

Close by to where you rescued the first civilian, you'll find the Johnson Lookout Tower where you can listen to a broadcast. Directly north of that tower is a shrine you can destroy, it's being guarded by three Peggies. But be careful, one of those Peggies has dynamite on him.

Gun's for Hire

While you're liberating the Island, Dutch will radio and tell you that he saw a guy get taken by some Peggies at the fishing docks. He'll tell you that they might pick up a gun and return the favour if you help them out. Follow the marker and you'll see two Peggies with a hostage on the small dock, quickly take them out and liberate the civilian. He'll then pick up the gun next to him and you can press R to hire him to join the resistance.

Once he's hired, Dutch will call you to take out the Peggies at the Forest Research Station with your new buddie, Chris. There'll be 6 peggies at the station, and it's relatively easy to take them all out stealthily with a bow if you aim your arrows right and move the bodies before any of their friends discover them. On the dock, you'll find a whole bunch of different ammo to loot, as well as a civilian inside to liberate and a note to read, revealing the location of a second shine north of the tiny island. After talking to the civilian, he'll tell you there's an outpost at the Ranger Station.

The second shrine has two Peggies guarding it, and some decent loot: one box right in front of the shrine, a chest and a backpack next to the shed at the edge of the water, as well as a medkit on top of a crate.

Cult Outpost: Ranger Station

The area around this outpost is pretty flat, so it's gonna be difficult to get a high vantage point if you want to easily scan everything with the binoculars. The best way I found was sneaking into the outpost behind the station, and climbing onto the roof of the main building. There are only five Peggies you need to watch out for, and if you stay crouched on the roof, you can easily take them out one-by-one as they struggle to find you.

After taking out the outpost, Dutch will radio you again to tell you that he needs the antenna at the Radio Tower activated so he can communicate with more people off the island. Once you climb the tower and flip the fuse, Dutch tells you to wait for the fog to clear before telling you to watch a broadcast showing one of your comrades captured. After that, the tutorial mission is complete and you're free to leave the island.

John Seed's Region

Fall's End

Your first mission and it's at the end of the world! Or map, whatever. As soon as you get there, you will see two hostages, one normal civilian and one with the American flag icon above her. A new gun for hire. Free her and get behind the bar. Soon, a plane will come your way and along with all the Peggies, it's gonna be a hard task. You can shoot down the plane with a machine gun, but if you want the easy way, keep going south until you see the garage, just before you hit the street. Enter from the backdoor and you'll find an RPG in the garage, as well as a document that will unlock a Cult Outpost, located in the adjacent room. Loot the register machine for some cash and loot the rest of the place for Rocket Launcher ammo and some other stuff. Now, shoot down that plane with the RPG. To make it easier, wait until it turns around and comes your way. Once you've done that, the mission will be over.

After the scene you can start exploring the town. There's a shop outside the garage where you found the RPG. I'd recommend to buy armor and medkits for now. You can find ammo all over the town. If you have the Repair Torch Perk, which I highly recommend you get (it costs 5 perk points) you can open up the safe here for 40 silver bars and some cash. The house right in front of the garage has another safe you can open for more cash.

In between the garage and the house in front, you'll find another Gun for Hire, "Renee Ambrose" she uses a Compound Bow.

Go to Fall's End General store, right next to the house where you got the safe. There's a few ammo boxes right outside the store. Once inside, to your left it's a fishing book that will unlock 5 different fishing spots. You can shop for weapons here as well. Skip the next two houses from this side and go straight to the burnt house. There's a safe there with more cash in it.

Go straight to bar from the other side of the street. Make your stay at the bar an enjoyable experience and interact with the jukebox to listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival, this is very important. Now, onto less important matters: read the document on the table. It will unlock 8 new stunt activities on the map. Talk to the cook behind the counter to unlock a new side mission. To advance in the story, talk to the woman at the counter. You can accept a second story mission if you head to the church and talk to the priest. I will assume you did this, but let's do the widowmaker mission first.

The Widowmaker

From Garage Shops you can buy and spawn cars you already own. Right now chances are you don't have any, but if you have 50 Ubisoft Points, you can unlock the 'Hope County Baseball Muscle Car' as a reward in game, which you'll be able to spawn at Garage Shops. This will help a lot to navigate the map. If you don't have any, you should at least buy 3 medkits. You will need them for this mission.

Get your wheels or legs ready, and head to the waypoint. Once there you'll have to get inside the warehouse, but you'll need keys to unlock it. After you've killed everyone, which shouldn't be too hard, you can explore the site for some loot. The keys are at the tent with the sign "welcome" on one of the tables. You can find a document for the location of a Prepper Stash that will not only give you some nice loot, but will allow you to get into the warehouse from the roof.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & The Widowmaker.

Prepper Stash: The Vespiary

You'll see the entrance is from a windows on the second floor of the house in front of the warehouse. Jump and climb up and use a melee weapon to break the woods. There's only one route that will lead you to what it seems like a dead end. You'll have to break one of the beehives to get to the safe there. Be careful, they will attack you and you'll have to swap the bees with the Control key. Once you've opened the safe, turn around and follow the way to another wood covered entrance you can break. You'll have to parkour your way to the top, but once you get there, you'll get a skin for a weapon, lots of cash, 3 Perk Points, and some supplies. You can now use the zipline to enter the warehouse from the roof.

Once inside, loot the place, get in The Widowmaker and start driving. You're gonna have to ram through 9 blockades and return The Widowmaker home. The path is straight-forward and my advice is: don't slow down and use those medkit. You're gonna shot a lot and unlike in normal vehicles, you can't shoot while you're driving.

Good Samaritan

You need to kill around 5 Peggies and liberate 3 hostages. Be careful of being spotted too early since they can kill the hostages and you'll lose. There are 2 Peggies near the ranch's entrance, one of them is a VIP cult with a flamethrower, be careful with that one. You can easily perform a stealth takedown on him without the other one noticing. Once you've done that, go from the left side and take the Peggie that's near the hostage. From this point you can just kill everyone and rush through the hostages. There's one in the house and another outside. Now you'll have to secure the ranch from the reinforcements.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points.

Man's Best Friend

This mission is available from the beginning. Approach Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm and take out the enemie there. Shoot the cage to open it. Boomber will go to his previour owners bodies and you'll have to pet him. You can now assign Boomer as a Fang for Hire!

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Specialist Boomer.

Jumping Ship

Talk to Pastor Jerome to unlock this mission. Head to Silver's Lake Trailer Park and secure the area. There are many enemies here, I suggest using a Hunter's potion to tag all the enemies instantly as you'll be getting shot at constantly. If you're not carrying a Light Machine Gun, you'll encounter a Heavy Soldier, you should take his LMG. Secure the area and talk to the resistance leader. The objective now is to protect the defector. After you've killed enough Peggies, a notice will show up and the objective will change to bring the defector to the boat. You might wanna drop his body if you encounter more than 1 Peggie at once. Killing them with the pistol can be hard. Once you drop him on the boat, the mission will be over.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points.

Grace Under Fire

Before heading there, bring a sniper rifle if you have any.

Head to the The Lamb of God's Church located on the west side of the map. The location is available from the beginning. Clear the area from Peggies and climb up the ladder to get up to the bell tower where Grace is. Talk to her and the mission will be available.

You will have to defend 3 graves. Each of them have a health bar and they can take some damage. Peggies will be coming from all sides. You can stay up on the bell tower and snipe from there. There are ziplines you can use that will take you near the graves. Once the area has been cleared, the mission will be over and Specialist Grace Armstrong will join your roster.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Specialist Grace Armstrong.


Another one of the big locations on the map and available from the start. Head there to start the mission.

TIP: Bring Grace as your partner to have an easier time on the last part of the mission.

Talk to Rye and he'll ask you to retrieve his plane for him. There is a Cult Outpost here you'll have to liberate. Once you've done that and you get on the plane, you'll have to fly it through a series of smoke circles. The next objective is to destroy a few properties. Hold down Shift to look down and bomb the place if you missed with the machine gun (left click). Now you have to land the plane. It shouldn't be too hard, descend with the C key and take it to the waypoint. You'll trigger a cutscene and more Peggies will be coming you way.

You have to secure the house, first. Just get inside, and kill everyone, they will be coming to you and there might be one upstairs already. Once you've killed them all, you'll have to secure the hangar.

Stay inside as well, and keep a look at the road. There will be snipers, take them out first. After killing a few Peggies, Nick will launch an airstrike and a cutscene will begin. The mission will be over and Nick Rye will be added to your roster.

Now you can safely loot the place. There's a magazine that will reveal 7 Golden Trout Fishing Spots

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Nick Rye Specialist.

Air Raid

Complete the Wingman Story Mission to unlock this one.

Enter the plane to start the mission, but... You don't have to finish it with the plane, you can get out of the plane and use a helicopter if you'd like. A set of waypoints will show up as you complete each objective. The first target is a fuel pump, next are 2 convoys. Destroy the tanker and all the enemies to wipe out the convoys. Next are 2 helicopters, and finally a plane. I highly recommend to do this with a helicopter instead of the plane.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Carmine (Nick's Plane).

Hit the Gas

This mission appears after raising your resistance points to a certain amount. Not too much to say about it. Drive for 5 seconds in any roads and you'll see trucks with a black and white icon (the cult sign) above them. Stop them and drive them back to Fall's End. You can use the Repair Torch to fix them if they're in bad shape and be careful with your Guns for Hire, they could potentially blow up the truck. Once you've gotten hold of one, drive it to Fall's End and park them on the marked spot.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points.

The Revelator

You'll unlock this mission after you've gained a certain amount of Resistance Points. The objective is to destroy the truck called The Revelator. Grab a rocket launcher and wait for it to pass through the blockade. It shouldn't be too hard, but if it is, hop on the chopper, it has a machine gun that destroy the truck in a second.

TIP: Try to kill some Peggies while you're piloting the chopper for the Airstrike Kills challenge that will give you 2 Perk Points.

PROTIP: Destroy Cult Properties while on the chopper. It is extremely easy to do so!

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points.

The Scattered Flock

This unlocks once you've succesfully liberated 10 civilians. Just drive on main roads and you'll see civilians on their knees with an exclamation sign above them, liberate 4 more of them for a total of 14 and the mission will be over.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points.

The Cleansing

This mission will unlock automatically after you've raised your Resistance Points to a certain amount. Peggies will start chasing you and innevitably, you will be captured. That will trigger a cutscene where John will be strangling you to "wash your sins". You'll find yourself in a van with other people and eventually, Father Jerome will come to your aid.

As soon as you gain control of your character, you will have to secure the checkpoint. Take out the snipers above for an easier time finishing this part. Once you've done that, you will have to talk to Father Jerome who will tell you to find Merle. Advance until you see a truck on fire and liberate the hostages. Keep going towards the waypoint. Be careful when crossing bridges, those will be under constant mortar fire, if you see a red sign with mortar icon, run! Once you've crossed the large wooden bridge, you'll find Merle and you'll have to survive until extraction. Enemies will come from the bridge and from both sides of the bridge as well. After 2 minutes of survival, a helicopter will arrive and you'll have to stay with Merle for a bit. Once the helicopter has landed, the mission will be over.


The Confession

This mission will unlock around Level 3 Resistance Points. A capture party will come for you and you will be captured, yet again. You'll wake up tied to a chair, move forward and you'll character will go to the stairs, fall down the stairs to break the chair. Go back upstairs for a medkit and a Socket Pipe. Go back down, under the tubes until you see a tube you can pass while crouching. Drop down the hatch and use Takedown on the first Peggie. There are two more in this room and some grenades and throwing knives on the right side.

Keep going forward until you see a door with a wheel turn handle. There will be 2 peggies to your right, if they're talking to each other, you can wait until they separate and sneak up on them. Kill everyone in the room and a new waypoint will appear, approach it to trigger a cutscene.

You have to escape the bunker now. Head up the stairs, an Angel will come at you. There's a Peggie to your right and another one up the stairs, take them down as well, loot their bodies and continue. Go all the way up the stairs until you see the sun light. From here on out, you will have a lot of Peggies and Angels coming at you, you have to escape. Just kill the ones getting in your way, once the path is clear, craft a speed potion and start running towards the waypoint.


Razing the Steaks

This mission is unlocked when you talk to Zip Kupka, a character found on Kupka's Ranch on the east side of the map. He will ask you to prove his conspiracy theory about the cult. You have to go in the car with him. You'll arrive at Flatiron Stockyears and the objective is to kill 7 animals drugged with Bliss.

Peggies will be waiting for you to try and stop you from killing the animals. Watch out for the sniper. Once you're done with the animals, Zip will plant explosives and you'll have to cover him. After the bomb goes off, you'll have to kill everyone and the mission will be over. Talk to Kupka again to unlock the next mission.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Master Blaster Perk unlocked.

Blow their Mine

If you have additional Guns for Hire bring them, or friends that could help you out. I finished this mission alone, but it took me a few tries. It's quite hard.

You're gonna have to plant bombs on all 4 waypoints and make sure the peggies don't defuse them. At the last waypoint, there's a mounted gun there. Use it to take down helicopters. From there you can snipe the waypoint in that direction, but my advice is to stay inside the building. Go halfway towards the bridge and you'll be able to shoot at the Peggies trying to defuse the bomb there. Use the zipline if there's a Peggie trying to defuse the bomb on the north side of the building and be wary of the building behind you (the one where the mounted gun is).

Once 4 minutes have passed, you'll have to make your way towards the safe point before the bombs explode. Once you get there, you'll get a radio call and the mission will be over.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points & Dynamite Enhanced (less components required).

The Atonement

This is the first of the last series of missions for John's region. You should prepare for the two other missions by getting the Auto Repair Perk and Parachute. You will be piloting a plane and will be constantly under heavy damage. Using the parachute will come in handy as well.

Head to Fall's End and into the church. During the cutscene, John will demand you to say yes to atone for your sins. Eventually, you'll have to say yes.

As soon as you gain control, you'll have to secure the area. Not much to say here, nothing particularly dangerous, except maybe being unprepared for two peggies who are still inside the church. Kill those two, go outside and kill the rest. Now go to the truck's turret.

On your way to the ranch, you'll have several trucks with machine guns coming your way. Prioritise those over normal cars and be wary of planes.

When you get to the ranch, you'll have to make your way through the plane.

REWARD: The Dogfighter (Plane) unlocked in hangars.


You have to catch up to John's plane. Use the left click to shoot the machine gun and right click to shoot rockets at him. Be careful not to overheat the machine gun while you're shooting or you'll have to wait a while before you can shoot again.

When you destroy the plane, he will be on the parachute. You can jump as well, but you'll get down faster than him if you can land the plane. Once you're on the ground, head towards him and kill him.

REWARD: Affirmation (Plane) unlocked in hangars.

The Quality of Mercy

Use John's key on the control panel to unlock the door. Open the door and enter the bunker. Go all the way down the stairs. Careful with the heavy soldier here. You can hide once they've seen you and they'll come for you one by one. Wait until the heavy soldier gets close, kill him, loot every body and continue. Make sure to take the heavy soldier's machine gun. Keep going forward, you'll get to a door with a wheel turn handle. Open it and more Peggies will be coming at you, including another heavy soldier. Make sure to loot him as well. Go all the way to the end to find Deputy Hudson and trigger a cutscene.

Follow Deputy Hudson to the control room. Three new waypoints will appear and you'll have to liberate the prisoners, while more Peggies come for you. Get out of the control room and kill the Peggies, continue left and liberate the prisoners there. Go to the next cell and Hudson will radio saying you need to find the second control room. She'll lower a platform at the remaining waypoint. Drop down to the other plaform. Peggies will be coming from the left, but you have to go to the right.

Once you get to where the consoles are, shoot the ones with a red light and go through the door that just opened. You'll have to climb up the silo as Hudson lowers more platforms. You'll have to shoot at a hinge to lower the last platform.

When you're at the top, kill the two Peggies and destroy all the green Bliss barrels. The exit will open and a Peggie will come for you, kill him and continue.

In this last part you'll have to pull two switches. You can pull down one immediately after you enter, it's right in front of you. Pull that one down and kill Peggies if they get in your way, but go straight for the other switch. Now you have to survive until extraction. A helicopter will show up and you'll have to use the grapple escape. Congratulations, this is it for John's region!

REWARD: $3000.

Faith's Region

Hope County Jail

Welcome to your first mission in the region of flowers and drugs. Once you get to the jail, you'll immediately hear gunfire and see a bunch of Peggies attacking the gate. You'll hear a familiar voice on the radio asking you to take out all of the enemies attacking, and thanks to the chaos from the people firing from the walls of the jail, the Peggies on the ground shouldn't notice you too easily. Once they're all dead, head inside past the gate where you'll see our old friend, the sheriff, Earl Whitehorse. He'll tell you to get up on the walls and defend the gate, but eventually the Peggies will break through. You'll have three speaker trucks to destroy, grab a rocket launcher and rocket ammo from one of the watch towers on the wall and fire at them to stop more enemies from spawning. After that, you just need to take out the remaining Peggies still around. Be careful, the A.I messed me up a lot here. I died a lot because of friendlies that kept blocking off my escape paths, or because they got in the way of a bullet and decided to turn around and shotgun me in the face. Once all the Peggies are dead a cutscene will start, taking you into the prison with Earl. After that, the mission will be complete.

Once the cutscene ends, you'll be able to look around the room. There'll be some loot for you to grab, like components, a bit of ammo and some money. After you've taken everything that you can, talk to Earl to continue further. He'll tell you about how he survived the crash, and how Tracy and Virgil saved his life before mentioning how a doctor by the name of Charles Lindsey went missing.

After that, you'll be free to roam the Hope County Jail. Immediately to your right after you head out the door behind Earl, there'll be a safe for you to open. You can open it with explosives, but you can also open it with the Repair Torch or Locksmith Perk. Inside will be a lot of money and 40 Silver Bars. There's plent of ammo, throwables and components kicking around for you to take, and all of the friendlies who don't have an American sign above their head can be hired to fight alongside you. If you talk to Earl, Tracy and Virgil, each will give you a story mission to do.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points.

False Prophet

If you talk to Tracy, she'll tell you about the statue of Joesph Seed and how she wants to tear it down. Head on over to where the marker is, and you'll see the statue has a lot of health that you need to get through. There'll be a rocket launcher and plenty of rockets for you to grab on the west side of it. There'll also be quite a few Peggies getting high, along with a civilian who really looks like they don't want to be there. You'll want to take those Peggies out before you start destroying the statue, because as soon as the statue starts taking damage, a good 20 or so enemies will arrive to protect what's left of it. Take your time in clearling them out, it'll be easier to blow up the rest of the statue when you don't have multiple guns and rocket launchers aimed in your direction.

Once it's completely destroyed, Tracy will praise you on the work you've done. She'll go on to talk about Faith's private records inside the statue, and tells you to find a way in to burn them and teach Faith a lesson. Which is easier said than done as more Peggies have turned up, and they are not happy about their precious Father being destroyed. Make your way inside via one of the entrances, they all lead to the same room full of ammo, weapons and a few Peggies waiting to greet you. Clear them out and quickly climb up the ladders, they'll be another three Peggies in armour for you to kill. To progress further, you'll need to pull a lever next to where the ladders will be in order for them to come down, but this still trigger a helicopter to arrive. Luckily, there's a conveniently placed rocket launcher next to the shelf of green boxes for you to use. There will also be a stream of Peggies coming up the first ladder to fight you, so keep an eye on your back as well.

When you climb up to the next level, you'll have a moment to breathe before pulling the lever for the next set of ladders. Tracy will tell you there's another helicopter on the way before Seed cuts in and tells you he's disappointed, and that his people are on their way to show you his displeasure. Take this moment to grab any ammo you need, as well the light machine gun you can grab at the centre of the level. There's also a safe for you to open in the top right corner that has a bit of cash inside. Once you're ready, flip the lever and another helicopter will arrive, along with a small wave of enemies. Quickly get rid of the helicopter and climb the ladders when they finally come down. There won't be much on the next platform besides a medkit, so continue on by climbing up the crates, and then climbing up the next set of ladders. On this fifth platform, there'll be a safe for you to open with some more cash inside. To get up further, you'll need to do a bit of climbing and parkour, using the blue rope to guide you up. Once you finally get to the top of the ruined statue, you'll see Faith's record in an alter, triggering a cutscene when you walk over. Your character will pick it up and burn it before throwing it off the statue, completing the mission.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points.

Leap of Faith

After ziplining down from the ruined statue, the effects of the Bliss will really kick in. You'll collapse and a cutscene with you and Faith in her blissful world will begin. She'll tell you her story of how she met Joseph Seed, and how he 'saved' her. She then flies the player onto the book of Seed's statue, it not being destoyed in whatever world you're hallucinating. You'll see the marshal you tried to escape with willingly jump off the book before Faith asks you to do the same. You'll have no choice but to fall, blacking out just before you impact the ground. You then wake up, the effects of the Bliss having worn off, but in the same area you fell to in the dream, surrounded by bodies of people who had also taken the leap.



If you talk to Earl, he'll tell you about a place called "the Misery" where resistance fighters are totured and killed. As soon as you close in on the Misery, you'll start hearing screams from inside the building. Earl will radio you and tell you that a Priestess is on her way, and that you have a small window to clear the place out. There'll be seven enemies for you to beat, as well as four civilians for you to rescue. If you look behind the large rock behind the three yellow cages, you'll find a backpack and two sacks to loot. Be careful as five of the enemies carry flareguns, you won't be able to avoid one of them using it to call for backup, summoning a larger wave of enemies for you to kill. Be even more careful, these next waves will have cultist Heavies coming at you. After a few waves of enemies, Earl will call to tell you there are boats coming at you from the river, hop onto one of the mounted machine guns and take out the first two. After that, the boat carrying the cultist Priestess will arrive. Once you kill her and take out the boat, you'll then need to free the civilians to finish the mission. The fourth one is the trickiest as they're in a cage suspended on a crane, but there'll be a switch glowing red for you to flip in front of the cages. Flip it and the cages will be lowered, freeing the civilian and completing the mission. During the mission, Earl will tell you that Faith has sent out gunboats after those in the Resistance, unlocking the Side Mission: Armed River Convoy.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points.

Serve and Protect

After the Salvation mission is over, Earl will call you and praise you on your work before asking you to liberate more civilians in the region, unlocking this mission. Driving along roads or coming across residences should have hostages needing your help.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points.

Clean Water Act

If you talk to Virgil, he'll tell you about how Eden's Gate control the Water Treatment Plant, using it to pump drinking water full of Bliss. They'll be a bunch of Peggies for you to take out, one of them being a VIP Priest, so be sure to take him out first. You'll then need to find a way to get into the two pump rooms as both doors will be locked. One way is climbing into a circular chamber with a joist that's northeast of the plant, and swimming into a tunnel in between the two ladders. Keep swimming through the tunnel into you see a ladder that will take you into the pump rooms, there's a safe in the top left corner of the room for you to open with a bit of money inside. You need to destroy every pump in the room, and luckily for you, there's a gas or fuel cannister on or by each pump. Stand back and shoot at one cannister, it should be enough to set off a chain reaction and destroy all of the pumps. The doors that were locked will automatically unlock for you to leave as a wave of enemies arrive to save what's left.

Once you've cleared through that wave of enemies, you'll need to find a way into the second pump room. Interact with the pump control on the west side of the map to lower the water in the two pools it controls, then jump into the pool closest to the pump room. You'll see the tunnel is blocked by trash and a fuel barrel, shoot at the barrel to clear the blocked path. Quickly run through the tunnel and wait for the water to rise again so you can climb up into the bump room, and like last time, there'll be three pumps each with an explosive cannister for you to destroy. No safe in this room, sadly. Once those pumps are destroyed, the mission will be complete.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points.

The Bliss

After reaching level 2 Resistance, you're able to talk to an apparition of Faith. She'll lead you into her blissful world once more where you'll meet with Joseph Seed. After rambling on about how the world needs changing, he'll make you smell a white flower and you'll wake up back in the Hope County Jail. After sleeping off the Bliss, the mission is complete.


War on Drugs

After destroying a drug truck or boat, Virgil will call you thank you and ask you to keep destroying them. You'll need to find and destroy five of each to complete the mission.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Ultimate Hunter buffs added to your inventory.

Here Kitty, Kitty

This mission unlocks after heading over to Ms. Mables place and talking to the old woman. She'll tell you how her precious cougar left on a revenge spree against the Peggies and asks you to go get her. Grab Peaches' favourite treats off the table in front of her pen and head down to the camp Ms. Mables thinks she's at. When you get there, you'll find a bunch of Peggies trying to kill the poor cat, kill them all and set Peaches' treats as your throwable in the weapon wheel and use them to lead her back to Ms. Mables' home. As you arrive, you'll find more Peggies have taken over the place to try and kill the cougar. Kill all of the enemies and lead Peaches back to her pen. Ms. Mable will run out of her house to see her and assume you'll want a hand out. Eventually the old woman will tell you to look after Peaches and the big kitty will be free to use as a companion as well as the mission being complete.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Specialist Peaches.

Sins of the Father

Returning to the Hope County Jail, Virgil wants to talk to you. He'll tell you about a man named Feeney and how he developed the drug Bliss, and ask that you put an end to Feeney once and for all. Head over to the Jessop Conservatory Outpost and liberate it from the cultists before burning all three conservatories full of the white flowers. After burning each conservatory, a wave of enemies will come to defend what's left until Tweeney himself arrives after the last of the flowers are burning. He'll quickly realise it's an ambush and command his men to fly him to safety. Either take out his helicopter or follow it to his hiding spot a couple of hundred meters away, he'll be hiding out in an underground bunker. Fight through his men and make you're way down there, he'll be alone and easy for you to kill. The mission is complete as soon as he's dead.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Ultimate Hunter Buff.

Ignorance is Bliss

You fall into another hallucination as the Bliss takes over again. This time it's obvious Faith is a little upset with what you've been doing, and takes you to meet our old friend, the marshal. After sitting in the boat and listening to the marshal ramble on as he rows you around the lake, you eventually come to a stop on the shore you both left on. He'll get out and start walking towards a large gate, and you'll hear a familiar voice reminding you to not let the marshal go if you see him. Follow the marshal as soon as possible, it'll be the slowest and possibly most intense walk of your life, but eventually you'll get the option to press E to take him down. You'll wake up in Hope County Jail again to see the marshal refusing to take any adrenalin to help him come out of the Bliss.


Doctor's Orders

After heading over to Dr. Charles Lindsey's marker, you'll find him captured and surrounded by cultists, as well as two other civilians. Take out the Peggies surrounding him and talk to the doctor. He'll tel you how he was working on a way to bait the Angels, but the Peggies threw his bag containing his work into the pond. He'll ask you to retrieve the bag for him, triggering the mission to start. I recommend getting the Human Fish perk as Dr. Lindsey's bag is quite deep in the pond, the perk will allow you more time to hold your breath as well as let you swim faster. As you grab the bag, more cultists will appear and you'll need to secure the area before you can talk to the doctor. He'll tell you the ingredients you'll need to hunt down in order to continue with the mission: one undamaged black bear skin, and two undamaged pronghorn skins. Once you've got the skins, head back to the Hope County Jail where the doctor has managed to safely return. He'll thank you and ask you to do a field test with the bait he makes later, completing the mission.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points.

Clinical Study

Once ready, you'll be able to speak to the doctor again about the field test. After talking to him, the mission will start and you'll have to grab the special bait off of his desk. Head out to the marker and you'll find a group of cultists using some Angels to look after their field of Bliss flowers, take out only the cultists. Once all of the cultists are dead, sneak into the camp and place the bait on the table before quickly making your way to the roof of one of the warehouses. You'll quickly notice the bait not working as it's supposed to, attracting skunks instead of the Angel, which then the Angels get attracted by. The doctor will call you and tell you indirectly tell you that he messed up and that if you haven't put the bait down, he can try again. You then need to clear out all of the Angels as well as a few Peggies that have appeared to deal with the mess.

After killing all the enemies, Dr. Lindsey will call up again and tell you that you need to hunt for a few more animals: two undamaged skunk skins and three undamaged grizzly bear skins. Good thing the doctor's last mistake attracted all those skunks for you. The frustrating part about this mission is the bears, you have a very slim chance of finding a grizzly bear in Faith's region. Instead, head up to Jacob's region and just south of the F.A.N.G Centre at the cliffs, there's always a grizzly bear there hunting for caribou or deer. The forests around the centre should have a grizzly bear or two wandering around as well, so using the Ultimate Hunter Homeopathic will help you out a great deal, which you can craft with two Prairie Fire plants, two Mustard plants, and two Jimson Weed plants. Once you have all the skins you need, head back to Dr. Lindsey. He'll apologise for his mistake and thank you on your good work, completing the mission and giving you an upgraded bait that attracts and lures Angels.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Bait Upgrade (bait now attracts angels).

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Head over to Sharky's icon on the map, and you'll quickly realise he's actually quite insane. He'll invite you to join him in some Angel killing. He'll crank up the music and blast it out of the speakers, attracting a horde of Angels into his base. Keep killing Angels until Sharky seems satisified with his insane antics. He'll try to shut the speakers down once he's had enough, but the pedal he uses breaks on him, and more Angels contunue to come. There will be four fuses for you to run to and flip off, but after the second fuse, cultists in a couple of cars will show up alongside the Angels. If you're not careful, you can get pretty overwhelmed fast. Once all of the fuses are flipped, you then need to kill the rest of the Angels and secure the area. After you're done, Sharky will go on to say how you're a team, and that he'll head out with you whenever you're killing Angels. The mission will end with him being added to your roster.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Specialist Sharky Bonshaw

Friendly Skies

To unlock this mission, you need to head north to the Drubman Marina Outpost and liberate it from the cultists there. After it's been liberated, Adelaide Drubman will be freed. Talk to her and she'll tell you about how her prized helicopter, Tulip, was stolen by the Peggies and asks you to bring it back. You'll have three locations to check as the helicopter has been painted over it, and Adelaide tells you that if you see any of her old friends who joined the cult, that they're free targets. The first location I went to was the McCoy Cabin, wait until the helicopter appears and you'll see the pilot is a VIP Priestess, not the pilot we're after. Kill her and take out the rest of the enemies, there'll be a civilian to rescue inside the cabin as well as some loot hanging about. The next location I went to was the Taft Lookout Tower, this time the pilot has already arrived, and won't be the pilot you're looking for. She'll be on the top floor of the tower, take her and the rest of the Peggies out and go to the final location. Make your way to the lookout and keep an eye on Adelaide's helicopter as it flies around, it'll eventually land next to a field of Bliss flowers. Once it lands, secure the area and take control of the chopper. You'll have to be quick in taking out the pilot as he'll fly between two fields. Once you're flying Tulip, start heading back to Drubman Marina, but feel free to have some fun along the way with the machine guns. No other helicopters or planes will stand a chance. As you return, you'll see cultists have turned up to try and retake the outpost, either take them out with the helicopter or land it and secure the outpost from the ground, once they're all dead talk to Adelaide. She'll thank you for getting her chopper back and tell you to call her for assistance at anytime...except around sunset. The mission will be completed with Adelaide being added to your roster.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Specialist Adelaide.


After completing the Friendly Skies story mission, you'll be able to talk to Xander. He'll tell you about boats he's seen delivering bliss containers somewhere in the region. He'll tell you about a laptop that possible has the location of where all the bliss containers are going. Head over to the gas station and you'll see a group of Peggies guarding the place. You may want to take them out quietly as they'll have a mounted machine gun on the roof of the gas station, and a mounted machine gun on their vehicle as well. Once they're all dead, hack the laptop and wait for ten seconds. Xander will radio in and tell you he has the locations and tells you to call Adelaide to help you with her helicopter. Add Adelaide to your squad to continue with the mission, and remember to set the current objective as the waypoint so she flies you there. As you get close, Adelaide will land you nearby, get out and follow the marker to where the boats are. They'll start to speed away down the river, and you'll lose sight of them as you try to follow them. Xander will tell you to check out a possible location for the Bliss containers, the Jones Residence. As you get there, you'll see a few Peggies, two of which will have RPGs. Take them out and Xander will tell you that's not the place, but before you head out, grab the key off the shelf inside the main building and head over to the shed that was locked. Inside will be a bunker that as a stash of loot, as well as a Perk magazine and a magazine that reveals the locations to hunt bison.

Once you're done there, head over to the Ghost Cat Mine. You'll have twenty bliss containers to destroy. Be careful, as there'll be a heavy roaming about the mine. You'll want to take all the enemies before starting on the bliss containers as enemies will arrive to stop you after you've destroyed a certain amount. Head up to the lookout tower in the centre of the mine and pick off the wave of cultists that will come before continuing your destructive venture. Once all of the containers are destroyed, the mission is complete and you'll be able to buy the helicopter Tulip from the store.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points & Tulip (Helicopter) unlocked.

The Lesson

Unlocked only after you reach the Resistance Level 4. Faith will take you into The Bliss again, and this time she'll do more than try to brainwash you with sweet whispers. Angry with how you saved the marshal and continued to destroy her paradise, Faith will take control of the marshal from The Bliss and make him shoot Virgil as they're playing a cardgame. Then she'll make him open the gates and shoot all of the controls, leaving the Hope County Jail vulnerable before shooting himself in the head. You'll wake up just outside of the jail to see chaos as the Resistance do all they can to fight back against the cult. You'll hear Tracy on the radio say the cultists have captured Earl before begging you to help. You'll have to shoot your way through Angels and snipers to get to the jail, but when you get there, you'll see the Peggies have blocked the entrance from the inside. Make your way around the building to climb up to the roof and through a vent. Don't bother yourself with any of Faith's apparitions, it's obvious she's just being salty. Make your way inside and you'll see Tracy along with a few other Resistance members being held hostage by a group of Peggies. Take them all out and liberate the hostages, you'll need to find a key on one of the bodies to open the door to Tracy. The two of you will head to the control room where you'll find Virgil dead on the floor. Tracy will mourn for the loss of her friend and demand that Faith be killed before the cutscene ends. When you turn around, you'll also see the marshal's dead body. Check the jail for supplies and ammo before heading out the door. This mission will end here and you'll be taken into The Bliss again to confront Faith.


Paradise Lost

As you wake up in The Bliss, you'll see the same large gates you stopped the marshal from walking through. Pass through them and walk down the path, you'll hear Faith singing as she guides Earl into view. He'll start singing alongside her and continues to walk off, clearly having lost the battle to the white flowers. Faith will continue to taunt you as you approach the centre of the area that's full of ammo and different kinds of weapons. This clearly smells like a boss fight is about to take place. As the fight begins, you'll start to wonder if the genre of this game is actually fantasy as Faith floats and shoots balls of fire at you, as well as summon Angels that quickly disappear after one hit. After a few hits, Faith herself with disappear before reappearing elsewhere, usually behind you. There'll be a pause before the next wave and the ammo will appear again for you to grab. Once the pause is over, many apparitions of Faith will appear all around you in a circle, look for the one that is surrounded by red petals and shoot at her. Any others you shoot will disappear and multiple Angels will spawn in her place. The battle will continue with Faith appearing and disappearing and spawning Angels at you, keep chipping away at her health until she goes on an all out attack. Once you've taken all of her health, the scene will change and you'll find a rather beaten-looking Faith barely standing in front of you. After telling you, you'll be the one to choose how things go, she'll walk and fall back into a pool of water. The scene and mission will end with you picking a flower.


Walk the Path

The scene will change yet again, this time leaving you in front of a grand mansion surrounded by the mist of the Bliss. Follow the markers inside and through the building that quickly begins to look like a bunker covered in trees and vegetation. You'll begin to see some strange apparitions as you make you're way through the path, and as you disturb the apparition of Joseph Seed, two Angels will spawn for you to kill. Eventually you'll find Earl in some kind of cell, the irises of his eyes turned a grey-ish colour from all the Bliss that was pumped into him. He tells you he doesn't have much time before losing control again and moving a chair above a noose before standing on the chair. He'll tell you again he doesn't have much time and begs you to kill the Bliss. Follow the markers, opening valved doors to move on to the next room. After opening the second door, the vegetation stops and your vision from the Bliss clears. You'll see a number of enemies working the pumps and the valves, keeping the Bliss production active. Take them all out and shutdown the protection by turning the five valves. As you turn the valves, more Peggies will show up to try and stop you as the whole place begins to shake with explosions. After you turn the last valve, quite a number of enemies will appear, you'll need to shoot your way through them to get to the central valves. Much like with the water pumps at the Water Treatment Plant, there will be a canister of fuel or gas next to each valve, but you'll have to shoot them all separately, no chain reaction this time.

Once you've destroyed all of the valves, fight your way through the cultists and follow the next marker. Be careful, as Bliss gas leaking from the pipes will randomly light on fire and block your path momentarily. You'll have a few Peggies trying to block your escape, and the fire from the leaking will become more dangerous as you get closer to the exit. Climb up the ladder and as soon as you escape out the door, a cutscene will start with the whole bunker finally blowing up. A second cutscene will start where Joseph Seed is sitting and talking about losing Faith, presumably on some sort of broadcast to his followers. After that, a final cutscene will start with you driving the sheriff back to the jail and a heartwarming conversation will take place before both the mission and the scene ends, leaving you to freely roam the region for any missions, outposts, etc... for you to complete and liberate.

REWARD: $4000 & D2 Sin Eater (shotgun) unlocked.

Jacob's Region

A Right to Bear Arms

This mission is available from the start. It's that big location on the northwest part of the map. There's a Cult Outpost you have to liberate before you can do the mission. Talk to Wade and he'll tell you about Cheeseburger causing chaos everything. He'll recommend that you go to the fish pond and bring some salmon before you approach Cheeseburger. A new waypoint will show up, approximately 500 meters away. Once you get there, grab one of the fishing rods and follow the tutorial if this is your first time fishing. Once you get hold of a salmon, head to the waypoint.

You'll have to clear the area from any Peggies and find Cheeseburger. Just follow the waypoint and once you've gotten rid of every Peggie, you'll find Cheeseburger laying on the floor. Get close to him and you'll trigger a cutscene where Cheeseburger will eat the salmon and you'll pet him. Now you have to defend the place. Be careful, even though you have Cheeseburger's support, there will be a lot of Peggies coming for you. Once you've killed them all, the mission will be over and Cheeseburger will be added to your roster.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Specialist Cheeseburger.

Baron Lumber Mill

The first mission unlocked right after liberating Dutch's island. Head over to the lumber mill that has Jess Black's marker above it, the mission itself is straightforward. The lumber mill will be laid out like an outpost, but liberating it won't count towards the number of outposts liberated in this region. Head for the roof of the largest building, there you'll have a clean shot of the alarm as well as the Peggies running the place. Just be careful, there'll be a heavy lurking about somewhere. Once you've killed all the enemies, the mission will be complete.

Take your time looking around the mill. There'll be plenty of weapons and ammo for you to grab, as well as a Cheeseburger Bobblehead collectible in the main building. If you look in the Lumber Mill Building Supplies building, there's a key that you can take that will unlock an office just behind the gun store. Inside will be a safe for you to open that will contain a lot of money and another 40 silver bars.

REWARD: 400 Resistance Points.

The Prodigal Son

Available from the beginning, it's the big location on the northeast side of Whitetail Mountains. Go talk to Hurk's father, he'll ask you to help his son get his truck back. Go and talk to Hurk, now. You're gonna have to get on the car with him and drive to the watchtower. Enjoy the ride, hopefully the AI will do a somewhat decent job at driving for you. Once you get near the watchtower, get out of the car and get going. There will be snipers up on the towers, one heavy soldier and the rest are normal Peggies. Kill them all and follow Hurk to the tower. Ride all the ziplines down and try to stay away from Hurk, otherwise he'll talk to you and never advance. Follow him to the cabin, secure the area and get on the truck. Press C to use the mounted gun and enjoy the best part of the game! Killing Peggies on a badass truck, with a mounted gun and listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival? What else could you want? Anyway... get out of the truck and talk to Hurk's father to finish the mission. Stick around and talk to Hurk's father again for a new mission.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & $400.

Make Hope Great Again

What a title, huh? For this mission you just need to secure the crossroads at the waypoint. There's a Peggie on a mounted gun, you'll have 2 helicopters arriving later and at least 5 trucks. Kill the Peggie on the mounted gun, make your way there and grab it if possible. Use it to take down the helicopters and waiting for the Peggies coming on the trucks.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & $400.

A Dish Served Cold

Once you've liberated the Baron Lumber Mill, you'll be able to talk to Jess Black. She'll tell you about a man named 'The Cook' who she's been tailing, but as she closed in on him, a Peggie patrol caught her. She'll ask you to help her kill him. Follow her out of the base and she'll explain what's been happening in the region while you travel to your destination. You'll pause momentarily to take out a few cultists on the road before continuing on. As you reach the camp, there'll be three hostages for you to liberate, but you have to remain hidden or else the hostages will be killed. I suggest bringing a sniper rifle with a silencer or a compound bow for this mission. After killing all of enemies and liberating the hostages, one will tell you The Cook has more up the mountain. Continue following Jess until you reach another camp. Much like the last camp, you have to take the enemies out or else the hostages will be killed. These Peggies will be much less forgiving than the last camp, and will immediately try killing the hostages if one of their own is injured or killed. Follow Jess again after liberating the hostages and you'll both make it to a third camp, this time it's too late for any hostages that were there. The Cook will be there burning an already dead hostage tied to the tree, as well as surrounded by a bunch of Peggies, one being a heavy. Take them all out and once The Cook is dead, talk to Jess. She'll thank you for helping her find The Cook and tell you she'll watch your back any time. The mission will end and Jess will now be on your roster.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points & Specialist Jess Black.

Dinner Time

To unlock this mission, talk to any civilian you see and there's a chance they'll tell you about a Dr. Sarah Perkins. Or head directly east from the Baron Lumber Mill until you come across a location called the MRA Mobile Lab, there you'll find three Judge Wolves harassing a woman on top of a mobile research vehicle, presumably Dr. Perkins. Take out the wolves and she'll come down and tell you about how she was on a study trip for the wolves in the area. She'll ask you to bring her a live Judge Wolf, starting the mission.

Before you leave, take a look around the location. You'll find some ammo, components and even a Vinyl Crate collectible.

Head over to where the marker is, and you'll quickly see the camp is quite large. There will be three Judge Wolves roaming about as well as three VIP Priests. Head somewhere high and try and scope all of the enemies out before securing the camp, but leave the wolves until the very last. Once all of the Peggies are dead, standby until Dr. Perkins is there and meet her as she ziplines down. She'll ask you to open the gate to to try and lure one inside. Once one is lured in, close the gate and kill the remaining two. Talk to Dr. Perkins and she'll thank you for helping out with her research, and enhances your Ultimate Hunter Homeopathic, completing the mission.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & $400.

The World is Weak

Once you reach a Resistance level of 2, Jacob Seed will start broadcasting on the radio. He'll say he's sending his best hunters out after you, once the broadcasts ends and Dutch talks to you, a capture party will arrive. Now matter how hard you fight, their arrows will drug you and you'll be taken to be indoctrinated into the world of Eden's Gate. A cutscene will start where you and two others are strapped in chairs, forced to listen to Jacob's lecture before he uses some kind of music box to make you unconscious. You'll wake up with the other two hostages again, except you're all free from your bonds. You'll notice you'll have a timer in the corner of the screen, if it reaches zero the mission will fail and you'll have to start over. As soon as you can, pick up the hangun on the desk can kill the other two hostages as they will turn around and try to kill you first. For every man you kill, four seconds will be added to your time. Run through the bunker, killing any enemies and picking up new guns as you move through. Eventually, you'll hit a point where you'll slide down a long slope before blacking out.

Another cutscene will start, this time the Whitetails you've heard of will be there to check the bodies of the other hostages as you become conscious. As one guy checks you, he'll realise you're still alive and be startled. A man named Eli Palmer recognises you as the Deputy and cuts you free before picking you up. You'll pass out again, this time waking up in their bunker called the 'Wolf's Den'. A woman named Tammy will clearly not be happy about your presence, but Eli will tell her it's not up for discussion before making you rest again. The next time you wake up, you'll be in control of your body and the mission will be complete.

Before heading up the corridor to talk to Eli, check around the bunker. You'll find 40 silver bars on top of a dresser in one of the rooms.


Missing in Action

Once you've had a good snoop around, talk to Eli. He'll tell you he's been looking for you and that he needs someone to go to the Visitor's Centre to free members of the Whitetails that had fallen into a trap. He'll ask you to head over there and take them out, but asks you do it quietly or else the hostages could end up getting killed. As you approach the centre, Eli will call and tell you, you can use the sewer pipe to sneak up on them, you'll have an easier time if you sneak to and climb up one of the tree lookouts north of the location, you'll be able to scan every enemy and civilian. You'll need a silenced sniper rifle or a bow, otherwise the four civilians you'll need to rescue will be killed. Secure the area and release the four civilians, the last member of the Whitetails will tell you that the Peggies took two others up to the Hawkeye Tunnel to be thrown off the cliff there.

Before you head up there, check around the centre for loot and supplies. On a shelf inside the Information Centre, there'll be a collectible Smiley Lighter for you to nab, as well as another Cheeseburger Bobblehead in the Souvenir Shop.

Grab one of the quadbikes and follow the marker to the tunnel. There will be two Peggies with RPGs, so be careful of them. Make sure to stay hidden like last time so they don't outright kill the hostages. You'll have an easier time following Eli's advice and going up top as the path will lead you right above where the last two hostages are, but be quick as the Peggies will begin to kill them regardless. Once you start killing your enemies, a helicopter will arrive to try and kill you and the hostages you've liberated. Once you've secured the tunnel, the mission will be complete.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points.

Gearing Up

Talk to Wheaty to start this mission, he'll tell you how the Whitetails have stashes of supplies all over the region and will explain how they need them at base, not sitting out waiting to be found. He'll go on to say that the map of all the stashes aren't at the Wolf's Den, and asks you to go to the Jefferson Lookout Tower to grab the map. Luckily, there won't be any enemies for you to fight, just a quick get in there and grab the mission item. But before that, make sure to grab the Zombie Comic collectible next to it. The map will reveal two cabins that you'll need to go to: the Cooper Cabin and the Red Tail Cabin. Grab the helicopter already at the tower if you didn't bring your own and fly to your destination.

The Cooper Cabin will be surrounded by six enemies, one of which will be a Hunter. Take them out and check around the cabin, Wheaty will tell you it'll be underground, but there'll be some goodies for you inside, like a safe full of money in the left room, and a Baseball Card collectible in the room to the right. Once you've grabbed everything you want, follow the marker to the underground bunker and grab the yellow stash. The Red Tail Cabin will be surrounded by a larger number of enemies than the last, but they'll all be normal Peggies and easy to take out with patience and a silenced sniper rifle. Once you've taken out all the enemies, look inside the cabin for ammo as well another Vinyl Crate collectible on the counter. Once you've done that, follow the marker to a hatch behind the cabin, and climb down to grab the stash hidden there.

You'll get a fuzzy call on the radio about Peggies attacking the next cabin. Wheaty will tell you to hurry over there. As you approach the Kestrel Cabin, Wheaty will exclaim how the Peggies have stolen the stash and are getting away. Follow them by car or by helicopter, it doesn't matter as long as you kill the leader and loot his body of the stash. Once that's done, head back to the Wolf's Den to talk to Wheaty. He'll thank you and the mission will be complete.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points & Supplies from Wolf's Den.

Radio Silence

Head over to Tammy and as you talk in the room, you realise this isn't a woman you want to mess with. She'll tell you how Wheatly has been trying to get a radio signal up, but can't with Jacob's communications still going out. She'll ask you to disrupt the two radio towers and then she'll be able to find the third signal coming from one of the cult's vehicles. Head to the first radio tower, Tammy will tell you to destroy the jammer at the top, she doesn't care how you do it. There will be a few Peggies guarding the tower, including a Judge Wolf, but they should be easy to take out. You'll need the Grapple perk in order to climb the tower, and once you're at the top destroy the jammer. Tammy will tell you to move onto the next tower. The next tower will be more heavily guarded than the first, one of the cultist's being a Heavy with a flamethrower. Secure the area and grapple up the radio tower to destroy the jammer. Tammy will find the signal of the last jammer and will tell you to go ambush the truck it's on. Head over to the marker and wait for the truck to arrive, how you destroy the truck doesn't matter. Destroying it with a helicopter is pretty fun, though. Tammy will radio in and tell you she has more work for you before thanking you, ending the mession.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points.

Search and Rescue

Much like 'The Scattered Flock' and 'Serve and Protect' missions in John and Faith's regions, this mission will unlock after you've liberated ten civilians. You can complete it the same way, by finding hostages to liberate at the side of roads or during missions.

REWARD: 600 Resistance Points.

Get Free

Unlocked after completing Eli's 'Missing in Action' mission, you'll be able to talk to him again at the Wolf's Den. He'll tell you about a guy named Briggs who was taken as they rescued you at the Grand View Hotel, and asks you to go and use Wheaty's tape to deconvert him. The place will be heavily guarded, but should be fairly easy with a Helicopter's machine gun. Alternatively, the Peggies are spread out enough to go undetected for a few kills. Once you've cleared the place, head up the stairs to the 3th floor. You will find Briggs in the room 306. Play the tape and head out the balcony to secure the place. Peggies will be coming from the road first, then from the lake. There's a mounted gun on the balcony from the lake's side, grab it and shoot the helicopter first. You can take it out before the boats arrive. More Peggies will be coming from the road now, but this time there will be snipers and Peggies with RPGs. A large horde will come from the hills, southwest of the hotel.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points.

We Must be Strong

Unlocked after you reach Resistance Level 3. Very much like before, Jacob will send his hunters to get you and you'll innevitably end up captured. You will wake up in a cell. You can see Jacob and The Father. The Father will approach you and tell you a story about his family, pain and sacrifice. Eventually, he'll leave and you'll gain control of the deputy. Grab the gun on the table and shoot the two Peggies before they see you. Move on to the next room and pick the gun on the hallway. It's the same building as before. Make sure to grab every gun you see, it's easy to run out of ammo in this mission. When you hit the last target, the screen will go red and you'll wake up in the forest, surrounded by blood.


Eviction Notice

Head south of the Wolf's Den to the Stone Ridge Chalet. Once you get there, two waypoints will appear and you'll have to kill the chosen. There are no hostages in the area, if you wanna go in loud. The first Chosen will be on the porch and the second one should be inside. There are snipers on the watchtowers that you can kill without anybody noticing, and a few Peggies will be using the ziplines constantly. Once you've killed them both, you'll have to plant two sets of explosives; one on the second floor and one on the basement. You'll have 15 seconds to escape.

REWARD: 900 Resistance Points & $400.

Sacrifice The Weak

Yeah... abducted once again. You know the drill by now: grab the gun and put those two bastards out of their misery. This time after the mission you'll see a scene where your old buddy Pratt will try to break you out, and you'll wake up in the forest once again.


Only You

This is the first mission that puts you en route to kill Jacob. It is unlocked once you've reached level 4. You'll be familiar with the setup. Grab the gun, kill the two Peggies and go. Things will be a little different at the end of this sequence, though. I'll let you see for yourself.

After the scene, head to the waypoints and destroy all 6 beacons. Once you've done that, you'll have to make your way to the hill and kill Jacob. You'll be immediately spotted so there's no point in trying to be stealthy at first. After killing these Peggies you can start doing that if you wish. It's a bit hard to spot enemies on the mountains. To help with this craft the hunter potion that will tag enemies automatically, and continue your way up. You don't have to climb all the way up, it takes a little more ammo, but you can kill Jacob once you've get close enough to see him.

REWARD: $3000 & Jacob's Rifle.

Casualties of War

Now you have to enter Jacob's bunker and rescue Pratt. Head towards the waypoint, you'll be right besides the helipad if you need to call a helicopter. The place will be guarded, but you can easily ignore them and get inside. Once inside you'll have to get to the control room. There will be Peggies directly in front of you, but you can ignore them for now and head to the control room. You'll encounter a heavy soldier and two other Peggies, kill them and continue. There will be a Peggie on a mounted gun guarding the entrance. Another heavy soldier will be coming from downstairs. Kill him and go down the stairs. Grab the medkit and loot the rest of the place before continuing. Unlock the pressure doors when you're done and head towards the waypoint to rescue Pratt. You'll find two Peggie and a heavy soldier in the next rooms. Kill them and continue. Follow the waypoints, eventually you'll encounter a Cult VIP. Make your way to the waypoint and interact with the switch to trigger a cutscene.

After the scene you'll have to escape the bunker. The first room with Peggies will have a Cult VIP with a flamethrower and a few regular Peggies. Kill them, go up the stairs and make your way to the next waypoint. There are only 2 Peggies in the next room. Keep going forward towards the waypoints after you've killed them both. In the next room there are 4 Peggies and a heavy soldiers, and no loot so just keep going. After this, it's just a straight path outside. Reach the waypoint to trigger a scene, the mission is now over, and so is Whitetail Mountains story-line.


The Father

Where it all Began

The moment has come, it's time to confront The Father. The place should seem familiar, this is, as the title says, where it all began. For drama's sake, I chose to go on a helicopter just like at the beginning. There will be no one guarding the church, you can safely there by landing the helicopter near. A cutscene will begin once you reach the church and you'll have to make a major decision.

  • Resist.
  • Walk away.

As you can imagine, things will go down differently depending what you choose. We'll do this within spoilers in case you wanna see for yourself.


Joseph will spill the bliss containers in rage and you'll wake up having to revive your partners, while fighting Joseph. Be careful, as your partners will be marked as enemies and you'll have to shoot them and then revive them. Focus on reviving them first and the objective will change to "Fight The Father". Just like other Bliss scenes, Joseph will disappear when you shoot at him and reappear several times. Shoot at him until he disappears and take cover immediately. After taking him out a few times, a flash will make you go blind for a few seconds and more of your people will show up as enemies, which you'll have to shoot and revive. Try to take them all out before you start reviving them. Take cover immediately after succesfully reviving your friends every time. You'll be blind for a few seconds and you can be hit. You'll have to revive more of your friends one last time and then you'll be able to take out Joseph.

After the scene you'll appear inside the car and you'll have to drive towards Dutch's bunker. Follow the waypoints, don't take too long, there is a timer. You'll trigger one last scene when you get there. Enjoy the ending! (if you can).


There will be no gameplay if you choose to walk away. The Cult will drive you out of town on a pickup truck. This is considered the "bad ending" because at the end, the song 'Only You' starts playing on the radio and your vision burns red as the screen goes black. What is assumed that happens here is that Jacob's brainwashing is activated and you kill everyone, but up to you what you.

And that's it, folks. Hope you enjoyed reading through the guide and stick around for the extras.