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by Zoska

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoska

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/06/2018
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General Info

GameFar Cry 5
TypeOpen World/Action
Real NamesJohnny and Sophie


Hey there! Welcome to another guide by Johnny and Zoska, this time delving you into the world of Far Cry 5! In this guide, we'll be showing you how to get through each mission easily with a few tips along the way.

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About this game

Far Cry 5 takes place in modern America, Montana. And like its predecessors, you'll be finding yourself exploring the open landscape to liberate outposts and complete any side missions you find along the way. There's a lot more ground to cover compared to the previous games, and the world around you feels alive as the wildlife struggles to survive alongside you.


Cult Outposts: By clearing a Cult Outpost you add resistance points to the total of the region the Outpost was cleared on. You get additional rewards in the form of clothing, new vehicles unlocked for purchase and clothing.

The reward can be higher if you clear an Outpost undetected (no alarms raised). The easiest way to do this is by destroying the alarms with a silenced Sniper Rifle and then killing everyone.

Cult Properties: Destroying these can raise your Resistance Points on each region. They can be distinguised by a black and white explosion icon above them (meaning you have to blow them up). They can be Shrines in Faith's Region, Wolf Beacons in Jacob's Region and Silos in John's region.

Prepper Stash: Hidden around the map you'll find Prepper Stashes, some of the most valuable things in Far Cry 5. Usually, you will be tasked upon with a mini-quest to find the stash, but the reward will be worth it. It can vary from Perk Points (read below), cash, vehicles, amongst other things.

Perks: Obtaining new perks will help you navigate the map, to deal more damage, to survive longer, make more money and many other things. Depending what perks you choose. They are obtained unlocking Perk Points.

Perk Points: You can get Perk Points by completing challenges. You can see a list of challenges by pressing the TAB key and going to the challenges tab. You can also find Perk Magazines spread around the map.

Guns for Hire: AI controlled fighters that will join you and fight alongside you. You can find them while freeing civilians and talking to them. Usually these are randomised generic fighters, but you can find Specialists. Although these require their own missions to unlock. Every fight has their own abilities and skills. Pick the one that suits your needs the best and let them aid you in your journey.

Fangs for Hire: Similar to the Guns for Hire, but as you can guess by the name, these are animal companions. You can choose among 3 Fangs for Hire. Peaches, the cougar, Cheeseburger, the bear, or Boomer the dog. Each one of them has different abilities and just like their human counterparts, they can help in different ways. It's revealed from the start where to get them, but you'll have to complete a quest for each one of them.

Tips for Beginners

Before we get into anything specific, the best way to obtain anything in Far Cry 5, is by exploring the map. Passing near points of interest will unlock their locations on the map. Drive around for as long as you can and you'll eventually have plenty of locations discovered. Talking to civilians will also reveal locations.

How to get Perk Points and Cash?

As explained in the mechanics section, there are two ways to get the Perk Points, but what's the best way to go about it? Simply put, it depends on how you're gonna spend your Perk Points and how you want to play the game.

Spending Perk Points on the Harvest Master perk might be a good idea at the beginning. It costs 8 Perk Points, but it'll be worth it. This gives you double loot from animals and plants. Remember the animals challenges? Those give you Perk Points. By doing this you'd be doubling the cash you make while hunting for Perk Points.

The other way is to search for Prepper Stashes. You should always go for those as soon as they're revealed on the map. Regardless of how you play the game.

What Perks should you unlock first?

This, too, depends on how you want to play, but some are definitely more useful than others.

Harvest Master: costs 8 Perk Points, but it's a good investment if you wanna make some Cash while you get Perk Points by completing animal challenges.

Repair Torch: This will allow you to open safes and repair cars. Nevermind the cars, you will find safes everywhere and the reward is worth it. One of the first safes you can open will have Silver Bars (Far Cry 5's premium currency).

Grapple: For just 1 Perk Point, you'll unlock new places and get through other places easier.

Additional Holster: One more gun in your inventory, need I say more? Get it.

Journey Pack:: Allows you to carry more items in your inventory and up to 5 medkits. This will be a huge help, you'll find yourself out of inventory space quite often in this game.

The rest is entirely to how you wanna play the game. Pick the Perks that will complement your playstyle or the ones you just badly want for seemingly no reason.

Guns Attachments

You'll thank me later, but get a silencer. Staying undetected is highly rewarding when liberating Cult Outposts and it's one of the hardest things to do in Far Cry 5. But getting a silencer will help you greatly, if you can get a sniper rifle, even better. You can easily destroy the alarms from Cult Outposts without being detected and get the bonus for not raising any alarms when liberating a Cult Outpost.

Best Starter Weapons

My advice is to stick to 2 guns and upgrade those with attachments. Scope, extended magazines, silencers, the whole package. This will help a lot more than having a lot of weapons you'll probably end up not using. Here's a breakdown of what are in my opinion some of the best choices for early game:

Compound bow: It can be more helpful than other weapons at first. Since you will have no silencer, this is the next best choice.

Sniper Rifle + Silencer: You want the best possible results early in the game? Get the ARC-L sniper rifle and a silencer, but if you're low on cash, just about any sniper rifle will do the trick.

Shotgun or Machine Gun: Once you get an additional holster, you're gonna have to choose between short or medium range. Assuming you will have the sniper rifle with you, a machine gun should provide a little more flexibility in combat style, but a shotgun is still a solid choice.

Fastest way to destroy Cult Properties

Simple. Get a helicopter with a machine gun! This part of the game can wait, which is why I suggest to start doing it once you've got a helicopter. You'll see plenty of them while you're navigating the map, if you decided to ignore them and now have a bunch of them lying across the map, the helicopter is the most efficient way of doing it.

Where to find Silver Bars

Fall's End

Right next to the vending machine on the room next to the garage.

Seed Ranch

In the hanger. You need to climb the chainlink fence.

The F.A.N.G Center

In one of the corners in the gift shop.

Hope County Jail

In a safe to the right of the first door you exit.

Baron Lumber Mill

In a safe locked inside an office that you can unlock after finding the key in the Lumber Mill.

The World is Weak

On a dresser inside the bunker of the Wolf's Den.

Whitetail Park Ranger Station

Locked in a safe inside the Patrol Cabin.

Eden's Convent

Locked in a safe in the attic of the church.