why am I unable to play arcade?

  1. Hello
    In the main game 130 silver bars missing, try to buy them error Maine-90 appears and your booted out
    Select Arcade error Maine-90 appears booted off arcade

    Ubisoft are unaware of this issue (last post I saw about this was dated 2018)

    There are zero issues with any other game, web browser, GPU and all other hardware drivers are clean installs and up to date. All software up to date. Hard wired to wifi router.

    I think this a problem at their end, which is like peeling an onion.

    I was looking for any reference to this and here I am writing a post?

    If someone has had this issue please let me know how you resolved it?

    Stay safe everyone

    User Info: Kwacka9r14r

    Kwacka9r14r - 1 month ago

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