Is there a mod to add a mini map?

  1. So, Far Cry 5 looks like a pretty good game, and I'd like to buy it when it goes on sale. But I've heard that they've removed the mini map, and I refuse to buy the game because of that. Developers seem to have the notion that removing the mini map increases immersion, but it doesn't, it just makes the world more of a pain to navigate. Is there a mod that will add that back in, and if not, do you think there will be in the future? Thanks!

    User Info: Lancer460

    Lancer460 - 2 years ago


  1. There is no mod for that, but the minimap isn't really needed in this game. You'll be fast travelling most of the times and placing waypoints at your destination.

    User Info: Zoska

    Zoska (FAQ Author) - 2 years ago 0   5

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