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by SilvZero

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Collectible Guide by SilvZero

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 07/25/2019

Collectibles Playthrough Guide

This guide assumes the player starts at the beginning of the game and follows the compass to each next sin. Occasionally, notes will be inserted to point out alternate tracks. Although I did my best to make this guide as accurate and user-friendly as possible, to err is human, so if I missed or misnamed something somewhere, feedback is greatly appreciated. Throughout the walkthrough, Serpent Hole checkpoints will be fully named upon first arrival and highlighted in bold, to give the player a chance to go “okay, I found everything so far”. In later uses, they may be abbreviated as “SH”.

Please note that item locations are often given in relation to the previous item, instead of full repro steps from the last checkpoint, for example, the guide might say "from this Artifact, go left and smash the barrels" or "same room, northeast corner". If I had done it differently, this walkthrough would be six times as long and I would have gone insane.