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Supreme Leucocyte
Finish Game on HardCore mode.
Fastest of the Bloodstream
Finish Game on Time Trial mode.
Collect 1000 Gold Particles in a single play.
Destroy 6 enemies with a single SUHA.
Perfect Cell
Obtain all Upgrades.
Bounce 7 consecutive times on Goldy.
Connect 7 consecutive Stomp Attacks, without touching the ground.
Hit enemies using the Throw attack 30 times
Hammer Time
Kill 15 enemies with Hammer in a single play.
Rocket Launcher
Kill 30 enemies with Rockets in a single play.
Tornado Master
Kill 30 enemies with Tornado in a single play.
Expert Driller
Kill 20 enemies with Drill in a single play.
Bully Buster
Kill 15 enemies with Asteroids in a single play.
Bully Buster
Kill 30 Bullys in a single play.
Spiky Smasher
Kill 30 Spikys in a single play.
Spazzy Swatter
Kill 5 Spazzys in a single play.
Long Runner
Get to wave 30.
Hard Boiled
Finish game on Hard Mode.
Can't Touch Me
Kill 30 enemies without taking any hit.
Bomb Specialist
Kill 25 enemies with Bomby's explosion in a single play.

Originally Contributed By: Hardkoroff

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