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Heroes of Legionwood: Resurrection is the epic second chapter of the Heroes of Legionwood saga.

The last thing you remember is blackness... death. And now, suddenly, your soul has returned from the Weave. You have been saved from the brink of oblivion by an unlikely ally.

After your fight against the forces of the malevolent Darkness in Age of Darkness, you now find yourself in Port Alexis, a sprawling metropolis straining under the threat of destruction. As you search for answers you'll become caught up in the bloody war that is tearing the city apart and it is up to you to pick a side and determine the ultimate fate of Port Alexis and everyone within.


- Import your character from Age of Darkness or begin again with a new level 10 character.
- Discover the consequences of the choices you made in Age of Darkness, and make new ones!
- Separate quest paths for either of the city's factions.
- New skills to learn and a brand new tier of equipment to master.
- Continue the epic story of Heroes of Legionwood and discover the origins of the Darkness.

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