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by Pink Spider

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FAQ by Pink Spider

Version: A | Updated: 08/28/18

Introduction & Scope

While the timing based grapple system is the bread and butter of the Fire Pro series, much more than basic grapple attacks lie within.

At time of release of Fire Pro World Early Access, I am a 20+ year veteran of the series, playing since 1996. My introduction to the series was with Six Man Scramble on the Sega Saturn. I have since purchased and played every previous title I missed beforehand, and every game in the series since then.

Fire Pro Wrestling is a lot of fun, but can be extremely overwhelming to newcomers.
I realize some of the basic game-play mechanics may not be immediately obvious to new players.
This is the reason I am creating this guide.

Fire Pro Wrestling World will probably be many people's first entry into the series. My goal with this guide is to help train the new comers, as well as being a handy reference point for players of all skill levels. I love the Fire Pro series, and I love introducing new players to the series.

Each detail I outline will include screenshot details to assist you as much as possible.

While this document is published, I will be adding additional details in the coming weeks to expand on its content.

Please use the index on the right hand side of this page to quickly navigate to the information you desire.