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by squalledu86

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FAQ by squalledu86

Version: K-POP | Updated: 04/24/2021


So a big deal for me when first playing PUBG was that I played on Consoles my entire life. I used controllers and the games I played had Aim Assist. On PC (STEAM), there's no AA and I had to use Mouse and Keyboard (MnK) and let's not forget that the skill-level of the PC players goes through the roofs. I found it so hard to use the typing-machine to move my character and choose weapons or heal/boost. But the biggest problem was the Mouse. Interesting, maybe this is the biggest advantage PC players have over Console players. The Mouse is much faster and more accurate for aiming. But, I realized I wasn't good with it and that's a big problem in such a big and competitive game. So, how did I get good at aiming with a Mouse all of a sudden after using controllers and AA my whole life? Thankfully God has been helping me through the Internet! I found lots of help but basically, I am using 2 tools for that purpose. One you might be familiar with from this guide: PUBG's Training Range! The other: an Aim Trainer!

On PUBG's Training Range you can get familiar with recoil by shooting the mannequins with the different weapons at different distances and practice mid to long-range shooting esp with DMRs by shooting the colored dummy targets with the different DMRs and SRs. Try doing this everyday for at least 10-20 min, you might see some good results.

Now, to the Aim Trainers. They're basically simulation games that allow you to get used to aiming with a Mouse! People usually recommend spending an hour with them everyday. I'm trying to spend about 2 h with them daily. But, in case you cannot commit yourself that much some Pros report that at least 15-30 min daily should already be enough to improve your skills.

There are several Aim Trainers on STEAM. I use KovaaK 2.0. Before I used Aim Hero. And I'd also recommend Aimtastic because I think this one is free. But I feel that Kovaak 2.0 is probably the best one. Carefully adjust your sens (for PUBG use UE 4) to match those you use in the game. In case you're unfamiliar with it measure in PUBG the cm/360 which indicates how much you move your mouse over the mousepad (the length) to perform a full 360o rotation on the screen. Having the cm/360 in PUBG try to find the sens in KovaaK that match this cm/360. To find the cm/360 in PUBG you can also try a sensitivity calculator, it might help and you can find those on the web. Ideally you should use a Tape and proceed as described in the following video: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn5n4lwJa5o" (without the quotation marks). And start by doing the beginner or easy playlists everyday. After you get used to it, try searching for "PUBG", without the quotation marks, in it. You'll find several scenarios made by the community specifically tailored for PUBG given its unique mechanics. Choose and do the ones you feel you need to practice the most on top of the playlist you were already doing to this point. You should by this point create your own playlist with your favorite scenarios, the ones you like and the ones you feel you need to practice the most. You should, after a while, feel more confident to engage in firefights in PUBG and that will help you tremendously. At least, it's been very helpful to me.

In closing, I'll give you my current playlist in Kovaak 2.0 (it takes about 2 hours to complete, you can do everything or choose the ones of your liking). Also, remember to look at the leaderboards, the median should be a good indication of whether you're better or worse than the average "Aim Student" (not technically all players because many don't bother to go to an Aim Trainer).

PUBG-Beginner (KovaaK 2.0)
2 Hour Length
Name of ScenarioNumber of Iterations
1wall6targets TE5
Reflex Flick - Easy5
1wall 6targets small5
Tile Frenzy5
Reflex Flick - Mini5
Cata IC Long Strafes5
Tile Frenzy Mini5
Reflex Flick - Easy5
1wall 6targets small5
Tile Frenzy 1805
Headglitch 180 (Recoil)5
PUBG Tracking- (Recoil) v33
Ascended Tracking v2 (Recoil)3

You can do everything from above, or you can just decrease the number of iterations for each or remove the repeated scenarios or even choose to do just the ones you want. It's up to you. Below is a modified version of the Table above, it should take 1 hour to be completed.

PUBG-Beginner (KovaaK 2.0)
1 Hour Length
Name of ScenarioNumber of Iterations
1wall6targets TE3
Reflex Flick - Easy3
1wall 6targets small3
Tile Frenzy3
Reflex Flick - Mini3
Tile Frenzy Mini3
Reflex Flick - Easy3
1wall 6targets small3
Tile Frenzy 1803
Headglitch 180 (Recoil)3
PUBG Tracking- (Recoil) v32
Ascended Tracking v2 (Recoil)2