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    A New Adventure (secret)Began a new adventure.
    Adroit ArtisanAchieved Lv. MAX with every skill.
    Ancient Leaning Tower (secret)Cleared Baja Tower.
    Beast BusterDefeated 2000 beasts.
    Beast ExpertAchieved 100% Beast Entries Logged.
    Beyond the Nightmare (secret)Witnessed the true ending on Nightmare difficulty or higher.
    Castaway CookAchieved 100% Meal Entries Logged.
    Craftsman SupremeFully enhanced all weapons.
    Dark Eroded Valley (secret)Made it through the Eroded Valley.
    Decorated DefenderCompleted all raids.
    Demon HunterCompleted all hunts.
    Dino SlayerDefeated 100 Primordials.
    Elegant Wandering Maiden (secret)Thoroughly explored while playing as Dana.
    End of the Blue Waves (secret)Cleared Epilogue - End of the Blue Waves, and viewed the true ending.
    Exceptional ServiceCompleted every Castaway Village quest.
    EXTRA MasterPerformed 100 EXTRA Skills.
    Far-off ExplorerTraveled a total distance of 300 krimelye.
    Flash GuarderPerformed 100 Flash Guards.
    Flash MoverPerformed 100 Flash Moves.
    Fortified VillageAchieved 100% Village Fortifications Built.
    Grand BreakerPerformed 1000 Breaks.
    Hope Fulfilled (secret)Defeated the Oceanus once and for all.
    Inherited Will (secret)Passed the final trial, and learned the true history of the Kingdom of Eternia.
    Item CollectorAchieved 100% Items Collected.
    Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea (secret)Cleared Chapter 6 - Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea.
    Lone TransporterThoroughly explored while playing as Hummel.
    Maiden of the Great Tree (secret)Cleared Chapter 5 - Maiden of the Great Tree.
    Material ResearcherAchieved 100% Material Entries Logged.
    Night on the Gaete Sea (secret)Cleared Prologue - Night on the Gaete Sea.
    People PersonAchieved 100% People Entries Logged.
    Perfect MapCompleted the map of the Isle of Seiren.
    Plainspoken FishermanThoroughly explored while playing as Sahad.
    Prosperous Kingdom (secret)Cleared all Eternia Quests.
    Proud NoblewomanThoroughly explored while playing as Laxia.
    Reaper of Hall (secret)Defeated Melaiduma at the Former Sanctuary Crypt.
    Red-Haired AdventurerThoroughly explored while playing as Adol.
    Reel Big FishermanAchieved 100% Fish Entries Logged.
    Refined CraftsmanEnhanced a weapon to Lv. MAX.
    Roaring Reputation (secret)Achieved a Reputation of 200 or more.
    Silence Breaker (secret)Defeated Mephorash at the Silent Tower.
    Skill FinisherPerformed a Skill Finish 1000 times.
    Spirit Keeper (secret)Rescued every spirit in Eternia.
    Splendid TacticianAchieved an S Rank in any raid.
    Surpassing Gendarme (secret)Cleared Chapter 3 - Surpassing Gendarme.
    Tenacious Wild GirlThoroughly explored while playing as Ricotta.
    The Castaway Banquet (secret)Cleared Chapter 2 - The Castaway Banquet.
    The Isle of Seiren (secret)Cleared Chapter 1 - The Isle of Seiren.
    The Lost World (secret)Cleared Chapter 4 - The Lost World.
    Thriving VillageBrought all survivors to Castaway Village.
    Towering Coral Forest (secret)Made it through the Towering Coral Forest.
    Treasure HunterAchieved 100% Treasures Found.
    Triple EightsOwned 888 of a single item.
    Village SuperstarAchieved 100% Approval Earned.
    Wide-eyed WandererAchieved 100% Location Points Found.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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