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Welcome to Ravenshire, the land of curses, tricks and undead spirits.

The Devil Witch, a feared scaremonger, has put everybody tightly shut in the warm comfort of their homes, while outside rain doesn't seem like it will ever stop.
You are Cybel, a witch of noble descent, and you know the Devil Witch is just another tale to keep people in check. But one day, as you're meeting your boyfriend in the streets of your hometown, the impossible happens, as he is turned into a clucking chicken - one of the Devil Witch's signature curses.

Could she be real? Do you have what it takes to go after her and reverse the curse on your boyfriend? Do you have the courage to face down terror and evil? Can you deal with all that the Devil Witch can throw at you?
Enter a unique, amazing adventure and find out!


- 25 hours of addictive gameplay
- Answer questions to customize your game
- Play up to 9 characters in a unique, enthralling atmosphere
- Great production values and innovative skills upgrading with levels
- Mouse control & Auto-Saving
- 4 modes of difficulty & New Game+
- 46 legendary creatures to hunt down
- 16 Relics to discover and 10 Sidequests to complete
- Aldorlea's vintage style (The Book of Legends, Laxius Force)
- 85-page strategy guide available

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