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Micro Master
Get all other achievements
New Entrant!
Complete your first online event
Jack of All Trades
Complete an online event with every car
Level 10!
Reach level 10
Level 20!
Reach level 20
Level 30!
Reach level 30
Level 40!
Reach level 40
Prestige for the first time
Complete a public match during a season
Complete a special event
Synchronised Destruction
Complete an event in a group
Rising Star
Get promoted to the Silver division
Finish an event using a newly equipped item
Tooled Up
Collect all items for a single car
Collect 50 items (not including exclusive rewards)
Collect 100 items (not including exclusive rewards)
Ultimate Strike
Use ultimate abilities 10 times
Complete the tutorial
Shatter a frozen opponent using Viktoriya Tennikost's Ice Axe
In Hot Pursuit
Use Lt. Shields' Shotgun & Marked Man to destroy a full health opponent
As Dr. Mel, resurrect every player on your team in a single battle
Quake the Arena
As Hank N. Stein, destroy 3 flag or bomb carriers that have been slowed by your Earthquake
World Hacker
Use Yu Saiko to destroy 3 opponents in a single Black Hole
Use one of Jack Hammer's boosted sentry turrets to destroy 3 opponents
Covert Operative
Use Agent Atom to Flashbang 3 opponents within 3 seconds of leaving Stealth
Boom Tank
Explode a burning enemy with El Incendio's Nitro Tank
Maximum Firepower
Destroy 2 opponents with a single Rapid Fire as G.I. JOE MOBAT
Hit a burning opponent with a COBRA H.I.S.S Heat-Seeking Missile
Use Chief A. Blaze's Foam Blast to put out flames on 3 teammates at once
Marine Force
Hit 3 opponents with a single Life Ring from Captain Smallbeard
Aggressive Gardener
Push 5 players into the lawn mower in a single battle
Fighting Pilot
Destroy 5 opponents while you're riding on a drone
Feed a player to the hippos
Exit a teleporter and destroy an opponent 5 times
Get an assist on an opponent destroyed by the Ouija board
Push 10 opponents into buzzsaws
Evil Mastermind
Destroy an opponent by pushing them into a laser gate
Lord of the Land
Win a control game without letting the opposition get a single point
First Responder
Destroy an opponent within 1 second of them picking up your flag
Take a counting down bomb from your base and explode the opponents' base without dropping it
Perfect Record
Win a race without being destroyed on 10 different tracks
Win every round in an elimination event
Dr. Richard Move
Push 3 opponents into hazards in one round of a local elimination match
Last One Standing
Destroy all 3 opponents in a single life during a local free-for-all match

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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