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Interstellar mayhem! A bounty-hunting cat girl! Funktasmical genre-spanning action! This one has it all no foolin'!

Blast everything that moves in this genre-defying action extravaganza! Take control of Kebako, a cat-eared intergalactic bounty hunter, as she patrols the galaxies with her faithful companion Squiddie in search of ridiculous space criminals.

Combining classic 2D shoot-'em-up gameplay and a hilarious story with weapons inspired by game genres such as puzzle, sports, platformer, rhythm, and RPG, this bombastic side-scrolling experience pushes the absurdity meter to its limits and beyond! Prepare for an action-shooter unlike anything you've ever played before...just watch out for salad!

Key Features:
Nonstop side-scrolling action starring an adorable, bounty-hunting cat girl!
Collect game cartridges to wield insane weapons inspired by various game genres: puzzle, sports, platformer, rhythm, arcade, and RPG!
A wide variety of outrageous enemies including highly requested palette-swapped variants!
Multiphase boss battles against the universe's most preposterous criminals!
Ludicrous, non-interruptive character banter!
Available for the first time on console!
Space cow!!

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