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"Wizardry Gaiden ~ Combat Prison ~" is the latest entry in the series that thoroughly pursues the original fun of Wizardry, "simplicity" and "depth".

In addition to the completely new story, we are planning various developments such as adding new scenarios via the Internet and active game support through the official website.
Please look forward to the Wizardry series, which has begun to move into a new era!


Hallstein was in agony.

The Kingdom of Tranble, where he served as the chief of military police and entrusted with its security, was a newly established nation, and therefore, strengthening the military force was an urgent need for the survival of the nation.
Halstein who gives military guidance by himself in order to make inexperienced mercenaries and young people into full-fledged soldiers. In his busy and fulfilling days, Hallstein felt the joy of training a young nation.

However, the veins found in the territory change the value of the Trumble Kingdom, which is only a small country on the outskirts.
Valuable mineral resources excavated one after another. The country that rejuvenates its wealth. A swirling conspiracy. Crisis of aggression from neighboring countries...
The army to protect the country was too vulnerable to the emergency.

"We have to raise as many strong soldiers as possible as soon as possible..." Hallstein worried.

However, Hallstein also had a fortunate miscalculation.
The vibrancy of the emerging kingdom of Trumble was exposed to the old eyes of the great powers, and at the same time, it was fascinating to the eyes of adventurers and mercenaries who wandered around each country.

In addition, the area around the territory where many monsters roam will not be easy to invade from other countries, and Hallstein himself, having once fought to build a nation, knew the cave where the monsters were driven was a good training ground for soldiers.

Thus, a large number of adventurers gathered at the tavern under the castle of Tumble.

Some people celebrated the reunion, some thought of a large amount of rewards, and some were excited about the days of adventure that were about to begin...

However, there was no one on the spot who could have predicted the harsh fate that awaited in the future...

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