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FAQ by rumika

Updated: 12/07/2016
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Void Pyramid FAQ by Rumika

Void Pyramid is a free RPG for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and OUYA. Some 
information in this FAQ was provided to me by Void Pyramid's creator A. Hagen.

(Version History)

12/5/16: This FAQ has been updated to include the new treasures, items, and 
endings in Void Pyramid version 1.4.

(Getting The Game)

Steam Store Page

PC Download

Mac Download

Linux Download

Android - Google Play


(The Map)

A complete map of Void Pyramid is available at the link below. This FAQ will 
reference map coordinates. These coordinates can be found on that map or by 
using the AUGURY TERMINALS in the game itself. There is also a map available 
from an AUGURY TERMINAL in the Docking Chamber (1,1) in the 3rd area.

Map Link

(The Basics)

*Void Pyramid has in-game instructions that explain the basics of gameplay. 
Read the instructions to understand Void Pyramid's stats (LIFE, ATTACK, 

*Void Pyramid's 3 characters (SCRIBE, SOLDIER, and SLAVE) have different 
starting stats. They also interact with certain objects and NPCs in different 
ways. For instance, the SCRIBE can read ancient languages that the SOLDIER or 
SLAVE cannot. The SOLDIER can repair damaged weaponry that the SCRIBE or SLAVE 
cannot. The SLAVE can resist radiation that the SCRIBE and SOLDIER cannot. As a 
result, some of Void Pyramid's obstacles must be overcome in different ways by 
different characters. Each character also has their own set of endings.

*When you die, you will be sent back to the DREAM TOMB. You do not lose 
progress but you will randomly penalized. You may lose 1 stat point, 50% of 
your DEBEN, 25% of your DEBEN, or all your disposable items (SERUM, WEAPONS, 

*Collecting more TREASURES earns you a better ending. All of the characters can 
collect all of the TREASURES. There is no way to mistakenly lose a TREASURE or 
prevent yourself from getting a TREASURE in the future.

(Special Items)

VIBRO: This item is found randomly in chests. Having it in your inventory makes 
you more likely score VITAL HITS in battle.

ADRENAL: This item is found randomly in chests. Having it in your inventory 
lets you act first more often in battle, even if your enemy is typically faster 
than you.

SEAL: This item is found randomly in chests. Having it in your inventory gives 
you a 20% discount on purchases at the VENDING GRAIL.

SHIELD: This item is found randomly in chests. Having it in your inventory 
blocks most VITAL HITS that you would otherwise suffer.

DRAIN: This item is found randomly in chests. Having it in your inventory 
causes VITAL HITS that you inflict to heal you completely.

ETHER: This item is found randomly when using the WARP OVUM or a WARP item. You 
can use it to gain a bonus to your WITS, BRAWN, and AGILITY stats. It averages 
the 3 stats and gives you 10% of that average. For instance, if you have 20 
WITS, 22 BRAWN, and 30 AGILITY, then you would gain 2 to your WITS, BRAWN, and 
AGILITY. If you find the ETHER but never use it, you earn a special ending.

DREAM: This item is found randomly when resting in the DREAM TOMB. You can use 
it to gain a bonus to your LIFE, ATTACK, and DEFENSE stats. Like the ETHER 
item, it averages the 3 stats and gives you 10% of that average. If you find 
the DREAM but never use it, you earn a special ending.


There are many endings in Void Pyramid. Below are the variables that affect 
your ending.

*Treasures Found: There are 5 endings per class based on how many TREASURES you 
found. 40 or less TREASURES, 41 TREASURES, 42 TREASURES, 43 TREASURES, 44 

*Hours of Play: There are 5 endings based on how quickly you beat the game. 
Less than 2 hours, less than 3 hours, less than 4 hours, 5 or more hours.

*Death Count: There are 5 endings based on how many times you died. 0 times,  
1-2 times, 3-5 times, 6-9 times, more than 10 times.

*Kill Count: There are 5 endings based on how many monsters you killed. 8 or 
less kills, 9-99 kills, 100-249 kills, 250-400 kills, more than 400 kills. To 
beat AMMIT and escape the pyramid, you will end up killing a minimum of 8 
monsters (which are all bosses that block your path).

*Money Spent: There are 5 endings based on how much DEBEN you spent (at the 
VENDING GRAIL or the item merchant). Less than 12,000 DEBEN. 12,000-12,999 
DEBEN, 13,000-13,999 DEBEN, 14,000-14,999 DEBEN, 15,000 or more DEBEN.

There are a few other things that you can do that add additional text to the 
ending scene.

*Find the ETHER and DREAM items but do not use them. See the Special Items 
section above for details on these items.

*Defeat the Prime Pharaoh (or don't). Killing the Prime Pharaoh, dying against 
the Prime Pharaoh, or ignoring him entirely all offer unique endings.

*In the Final Chamber (6,6) is a computer called the MASTER COGITATOR. If your 
WITS are high enough, you can hack this computer to see some more ending text. 
The text varies based on your class. You can also smash this computer to see 
yet another ending.

*In the Pipe Chamber (7,3) is a MUTANT woman named ESHE. If you are also a 
MUTANT, you can befriend her. Doing so will display some more text during the 

There are 3 "bad" endings. Here is how to get them.

*Board the spaceship in the Docking Chamber (1,1).

*Open the airlock in Branch Chamber (8,4). You will get different endings if 
you did or did not repair the nearby vacuum suit first.


Q: Where is the TABLET?
A: The TABLET is found at map coordinate 6,3. In this room are 4 operating 
tables. Interact with each of them to find a ?SHARD. When you have all 4 
?SHARDS they will form the TABLET.

Q: Where is the LOVE?
A: The LOVE is found at map coordinate 8,1. Talk to KHAN-E. If you possess the 
you the LOVE.

Q: Where is the SWATTER?
A: The SWATTER is found at map coordinate 9,3. In the northeast corner of this 
room is a chest containing the CORNUCOPIA TREASURE. Examine the CORNUCOPIA via 
the TREASURES menu to find the SWATTER.

Q: Where is the LASER?
A: The LASER is found at map coordinate 8,4. In this room is a plaque with a 
coded message. Look at the AUGURY TERMINAL to find the key to the code. 
Decipher the code to be directed to the LASER's hiding spot. If you are too 
lazy to do this, the coded message reads "CHECK THE SOUTHEST WALL BY THE 

Q: Where is the NECKLACE?
A: The NECKLACE is found at map coordinate 9,2. On the eastern wall is a vent. 
Look in the vent to find the NECKLACE.

Q: Where is the ANKH?
A: The ANKH is found at map coordinate 9,1. In this room are some statues. 
Interacting with them challenges your various stats. If you have 50 in any 
single stat and talk to the appropriate statue, you will find the ANKH.

Q: Where is the STONE?
A: The STONE is found at map coordinate 6,4. In this room is a crystal ball. 
Each time you interact with it, it displays a different message. Use it 6 times 
and receive the STONE.

Q: Where is the IBIS?
A: The IBIS can appear in 3 different locations. At certain times it moves 
between map coordinates 2,1, 8,4, and 4,2. It is most commonly at 2,1. In these 
rooms, the IBIS may be found perching on its roost.

Q: Where is the CAMEL?
A: The CAMEL is found at map coordinate 1,1. In northeast corner of this room 
is a dead end hallway. Walk to the end of the hallway and the CAMEL will 

Q: Where is the DWARF?
A: The DWARF is found in the Pipe Chamber at map coordinate 7,3. This is the 
room with the pink snake in it. The DWARF is inside the green pipe on the 
eastern edge of the room. To access it, enter the pipe from the adjacent room 
to the east (Fountain Chamber 8,3). You will need 30 BRAWN or AGILITY to pass a 
barrier inside the pipe.

Q: Where is the SPECTER?
A: The SPECTER is in the Machine Chamber at map coordinate 3,1. This is the 
chamber in the 3rd area with the red pentagram on the ground. Inside this 
chamber is a machine called the ETHER PARASCOPE. Use it and a ghost will appear 
in the southern part of the room. He will only be present while the text box 
from the ETHER PARASCOPE is showing. Once you close the text box, walk to where 
you saw the ghost and you will gain the SPECTER.

Q: Where is the PEARL?
A: The PEARL is in the Mutation Chamber at map coordinate 3,3. This is the 
chamber with the MUTATION TOMB. The PEARL is a big golden sphere that is easy 
to find but you will need at least 60 BRAWN, WITS, or AGILITY. Whichever stat 
is highest will be tested.

Q: Where is the EARRING?
A: The EARRING is in the Well Chamber at map coordinate 3,2. This is the 
chamber in the 3rd area with the 2 pools of water. Walk through the fields of 
fungi in the northeastern corner of this chamber and you will find the EARRING.

Q: Where is the CHILD?
A: The CHILD is in the Machine Chamber at map coordinate 3,1. To get it you 
must possess the HEART, CHIP, LUNGS, SKULL, and SEED treasures. Touch the 
pentagram circle.

Q: Where is the PHOTO?
A: The PHOTO is in the Junction Chamber at map coordinate 6,2. To get it you 
must have 3x ?THUMB items and then you can open the locked chest. To get the   

Q: Where is the POTION?
A: The POTION is in the Mine Chamber at map coordinate 2,2. Enter the room and 
activate a RADAR. A red chest will appear that contains the POTION.

(General FAQ)

Q: The CHAMELEON BANDIT is really annoying. How do I stop her?
A: She is hiding out with all the crocodiles in room 5,5. She is invisible but 
will appear if you use a RADAR. If you have enough AGILITY, you can capture her 
and she will never rob you again. The CHAMELEON BANDIT also has secret chests 
hidden all over the pyramid. You can find them using the RADAR.

Q: I found a TICKET. What do I do with it?
A: Hold on to it. In room 3,1 is a machine where TICKETS can be redeemed for 

Q: Is there a way to keep all the DEBEN in room 4,2?
A: Unfortunately not.

Q: Who is the meditating dervish in room 7,2?
A: The dervish does not do anything unless you are a SCRIBE. If you are a 
SCRIBE, talk to the dervish when he is near the feline statue. You will gain 1 
WITS. The dervish randomly changes position when you enter the room.

Q: How do I enter the chamber with the skeletons in room 7,4?
A: Only the SLAVE can enter. You can pass through the eastern wall. It is 
marked with a spot of dirt. When you enter the chamber, walk around to find 
some items and DEBEN.

Q: How does the MUTATION TOMB in room 4,4 work?
A: Each time you rest in the MUTATION TOMB, you randomly gain or lose 1 stat 
point. You are slightly more likely to gain stats than lose them, but to notice 
this, you must use the tomb a lot. You also may randomly become a MUTANT. The 
SLAVE is much more likely gain to stats and is the safest character to use the 
tomb with.

Q: I turned into a MUTANT. What does this mean?
A: The MUTANT is more likely to gain stats in the MUTATION TOMB. Being a SLAVE 
and then becoming a MUTANT makes using the MUTATION TOMB a good (but boring) 
way to grow your stats. The MUTANT is also immune to the radiation field in 
room 6,6.

Q: I took the coins in room 4,3 and got cursed! What happens now?
A: Instead of the usual penalty for dying, you will now lose all your DEBEN. 
This happens every time you die from now on. There is no way to remove the 

Q: Can I get past the crocodiles in room 5,5 without killing them?
A: Yes. Each time you enter the room, the crocodiles' positions may randomly 
shift. If you reenter multiple times you will eventually be able to walk past 
all the crocodiles and get the chests.

Q: I crushed the crocodile eggs in room 5,5. What happens now?
A: Nothing. Crushing the eggs has no effect.

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