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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/30/2015
FAQ of the Month Winner: September 2015

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
  ^/ \^   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   ^/ \^
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/ / \ \ | __| '__/ _` |   / /\ / _ \ \  / /_)/ _` | | '__|  / /_\/ | '__| / __|
\ \_/ / | |_| | | (_| |  / /_//  __/\ \/ ___/ (_| | | |    / /_\\| | |  | \__ \
 \___/|_|\__|_|  \__,_| /___,' \___\__/\/    \__,_|_|_|    \____/|_|_|  |_|___/
      ______    __ _ _ __   __ _  __ _ _ __   _ __ ___  _ __  _ __..O__8_      
     |  __  \  / _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _` | '_ \ | '__/ _ \| '_ \| '_ \ / _` |     
     | |  \  || (_| | | | | (_| | (_| | | | || | | (_) | | | | |_) | (_| |      
     | |   | | \__,_|_| |_|\__, |\__,_|_| |_||_|  \___/|_| |_| .__/ \__,_|      
     | |   | |           _____; |                            |_|8O8888888O      
     | |   | |          |______/                               Z888888888O      
     | |__/  |                                                O88888888888      
     |______/                     A N O T H E R              $888888888888      
                                      E P I S O D E       ~888888888888888      
                   ~                                   =O888888888888888OO      
                   $O                                ~8888888888888888888$      
                   88O?                            :8O8888888888888888888~      
                  7O888OO                       +888888888888888888888888       
                  8O88888O8I                .78O8888888888888888888888888       
                 OO88888888888888888888888888888888887     ,Z8O888888888        
                ,8888888888888888888888888888888O8$           $O88888O88        
                8888888888888888888888888888888O?               OO88888,        
               ~888888888888888OO88888888888OO$                  88888I         
              ,888888888888888888888888888888+                    8888          
              888888O8888+         7O8888O88                      IO8?          
             788O888887,            :88888Z                        88           
             8888O88+                :O88O                         '            
            8O88OZ                    +88                                       
           Z8OO8,                      $`                                       

 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
            Platform:   PlayStation Vita
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   9/30/2015

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
            Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

  This document is best viewed using a FIXED-WIDTH font, such as Courier New.
    If the ASCII above/below and the charts used throughout the guide look
  strange, please change your settings to display text in a FIXED-WIDTH font.
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         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

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 - Introduction.......................................................[DR-INT]
 - Controls...........................................................[DR-CON]
 - Game Basics & Tips.................................................[DR-GBT]


 - PROLOGUE...................................................[DR-PRO]
 - CHAPTER 1: Crying for Love in Hell.........................[DR-CH1]
 - CHAPTER 2: Legend of the Revolution........................[DR-CH2]
 - CHAPTER 3: Cute Girl's Battlefield.........................[DR-CH3]
 - CHAPTER 4: The Way We Live.................................[DR-CH4]
 - CHAPTER 5: Absolute Despair Girl...........................[DR-CH5]


 - Character Profiles.................................................[DR-PRF]
 - Trophies...........................................................[DR-TRO]


 - Version History....................................................[DR-HIS]
 - Credits............................................................[DR-CRE]

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O

 Hello everyone! Bkstunt is back with another Danganronpa guide! I wrote for
Danganronpa 2 when it came out, and soon after that we learned this game was
in the works!

 "Ultimate Despaire Girls Danganronpa: Another Episode". What a name! When I
learned this game was going to be a SHOOTER of all game types, I can't deny
that it made me a bit nervous. I mean, Danganronpa is a visual novel at its
heart, so just how do you turn that into a shooter!? Who wouldn't be nervous!?

 Well I can safely say that the story presented here is up to par with the
story we know and love. Perhaps even darker! To make things even better, while
this isn't the BEST shooting game you've ever played it is extremely solid and
enjoyable. After playing for awhile, I knew I would write up this guide and so
here we are.

 If you've read one of my guides and recognize my name, welcome back! Good to
be with you again. If you haven't, let me just say hello! Let's get to it!

 ~ Bkstunt


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~ Bk

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                              Controls                                >==O

     /¯  L   /                                                   \   R  ¯\
    /   ¯¯¯ /     ___________________________________________     \ ¯¯¯   \
  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |                                           |     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
 /     .--.      |                                           |      .--.     \
(      |UP|      |                                           |     ( /\ )     )
|       \/       |                                           |      '--'      |
|  .--.    .--.  |                                           |  .--.    .--.  |
|  |LT >  < RT|  |                                           | ( [] )  ( () ) |
|  '--'    '--'  |                                           |  '--'    '--'  |
|       /\       |                                           |      .--.      |
|      |DN|      |                                           |     ( >< )     |
|      '--'      |                                           |      '--'      |
|                |                                           |                |
|      .--.      |                                           |      .--.      |
(     ( AG )     |                                           |     ( AG )     )
 \     '--'       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       '--'     /
  \_________     __    _    _    ___  _ ___   _   _    __   __     _________/
    \\      \   (PS)  (-)  (+)  |¯¯¯_| |¯¯¯  (!) (~)  (SL) (ST)   /
     ''======\___¯¯    ¯    ¯                 ¯   ¯    ¯¯   ¯¯___/

                 |   UP = UP            |   /\ = TRIANGLE    |
                 |   DN = DOWN          |   [] = SQUARE      |
                 |   LT = LEFT          |   () = CIRCLE      |
                 |   RT = RIGHT         |   >< = CROSS       |
                 |                      |                    |
                 |    L = L BUTTON      |    R = R BUTTON    |
                 |                      |                    |
                 |   AG = ANALOG        |   SL = SELECT      |
                 |   PS = PS / HOME     |   ST = START       |
                 |                      |                    |
                 |    + = VOLUME UP     |    ! = DISPLAY     |
                 |    - = VOLUME DOWN   |    ~ = VOLUME      |


 |                                                                        |
 | L: Aim Hacking Gun                                                     |
 |                                                                        |
 | R: Reset Camera Position, +L Button: Shoot                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | Directional Buttons: Switch Truth Bullets                              |
 |                                                                        |
 | Left Analog Stick: Move Character                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | Right Analog Stick: Camera, +L Button: Move Laser Sight                |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Examine, Pick Up, Talk                                       |
 |                                                                        |
 | O Button: Dash (while moving)                                          |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square Button: Display Truth Bullets, Selection Screen                 |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle: Switch Character (Genocide Jack)                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | Start Button: Pause Menu                                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Select Button: N/A                                                     |
 |                                                                        |
 |                                                                        |


 |                                                                        |
 | L: Lock On, + X Button, Triangle Button: Slash Lust                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | R: Reset Camera Position                                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Directional Buttons: N/A                                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Left Analog Stick: Move Character                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | Right Analog Stick: Camera Controls, Switch Lock On Target             |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Examine, Pick Up                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | O Button: Evade                                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square Button: Attack, Hold Down: Ultimate Skill                       |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle: Switch Character (Komaru Naegi)                              |
 |                                                                        |
 | Start Button: Pause Menu                                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Select Button: N/A                                                     |
 |                                                                        |
 |                                                                        |

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                         Game Basics & Tips                           >==O
  o PLAY DANGANRONPA: TRIGGER HAPPY HAVOC FIRST! Seriously, this game spoils
    basically the entire plot of that game. It is a direct sequel more or less,
    so it is no surprise, but this first game in the series is fantastic and I
    highly recommend playing it!
    You may wonder "What about DANGANRONPA 2?". Well... this game doesn't
    spoil that one really, and takes place between the first one and the
    second one so... there's no need to play 2 first in my opinion. Choose
    whichever order you wish. You will recognize people and events in Another
    Episode if you play 2 first though.

  o Do your best to aim for the universal "weak spot" of all enemies: the
    iconic MONOKUMA EYE. This lets you get a "Nice Shot!" bonus to any
    enemy you kill, upping the amount of money they drop.
  o I notoriously stay away from using Genocide Jack in general, so take
    that into account as you read the guide and, if you wish, feel free to
    be more liberal than I was. In general, keeping ONE BATTERY EMPTY and
    using Genocide Jack when you wish for one battery's worth is never
    really a waste... that way you don't waste the batteries you will find
    as you play.
  o There are A LOT of collectables in this game. Most of them are quite
    easy to find, but you WILL NOT get all of them if you don't follow a
    guide. There's some false walls and other tricky things blocking us from
    100% completion, so by all means follow the guide to find every single
    one of them.
    There is another resource I've found while playing / researching this
    game online: a trophy guide by TheFinalEmblem over on PSNPROFILES.COM,
    which he did an excellent job on. I highly recommend checking it out as
    well. My guide is much more hand-holding, but the screenshots on his 
    guide are fantastic:
    o Trophy Guide: http://psnprofiles.com/guide/3293
 o Besides collectables, the only other thing to worry about is getting an
   "A RANK" in all chapters. You do this by finding the HIDDEN KIDS and by
   completing challenges. You get docked points for using the "RETRY" option
   though. With that in mind, A RANK gives you bonus money and skills, so do
   your best to save and reload instead of using the retry option if you can
   and always complete challenges and find the kids.
   One more note: you CAN FAIL a couple times and still get an A RANK. Play
   it safe and only limit your failures to two times though and you'll still
   be guaranteed an A RANK.
 o Once you beat the game you'll be faced with several grinding-required
   trophies that you'll need to spend some time on to acquire. Almost all of
   these can be done while grinding for money (AKA, getting to max level can
   be bundled in with grinding for money, etc.). With that in mind, head to
   the trophy guide section of this guide (down at the bottom) and check out
   the trophy for "A VAULT" to see my money-grinding tip when that time comes
   for you.

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                   PROLOGUE: THE WARRIORS OF HOPE                     >==O

 Time to get started on Ultimate Despair Girls! Choose your difficulty and
camera settings and enjoy the beggining story dialog. 

(-NOTE-) This guide is written on Komaru Mode (Normal). "Genocide Mode" is
         easier while "Despair Mode" is harder. The camera options of Manual
         or Auto can be changed later while the difficulty can't. Choose as
         you will.

 Once you gain control you'll need to RUN. Escape to the right around the
coffee table as Monokuma comes after you and out into the hallway (there is
nothing in your prison for you). Out here take an immediate RIGHT and keep
going as Monokuma shows up to chase you. Follow this linear path (any path
splits are blocked by fire) and soon you'll get another scene at the

 We will get more scenes afterwards as we head to the cafe that Byakuya
mentioned. Enjoy the scenes here. Afterward, we will get a tutorial!

   TUTORIAL: Press the (L) Button to ready the Hacking Gun.
             Use the RIGHT STICK to aim the Hacking Gun.
             Press the (R) Button with the gun out to fire the TRUTH BULLET.
             Press the SQUARE Button to open the ammo (Truth Bullet) Selection
             Screen. You can switch bullets with either the directional buttons
             or the touchscreen.
             You can also switch Truth Bullets outside the menu with the
 That is it for the Tutorial. We now have control of Komaru and the Hacking
Gun in general. We are also overloaded with infinite bullets of every type,
which won't be the case once we're done with the prologue, so if you want to
see what all the bullets do, try them out on the Monokuma in front of you.
The "Dance" bullet in particular you must try, as well as the "Link" bullet.

 Once you are done experimenting, take it out with a Break Truth Bullet.
Kill the Monokuma to the north as well. In the next aisle over, there is a
single Monokuma looking around in the distance that you should take out. All
of the other Monokuma's in here are all distracted, so take them out one by
one while Komaru tries to come to grips with what is happening... Once you
have killed them all, a cut-scene will play.

 ~ Cue Title Music! ~
 We will get a lot of back-story after the title sequence. This info is a
bit of a recap from "The Incident" from the original Danganronpa game, but
Komura also sums up how she became a prisoner as well.

 We'll escape from the diner shortly after that and gain control of Komaru.
Here just walk to the right. We can't shoot our gun or do anything except
walk to the right and enjoy the scenery.

 Once you get to the park you'll get another cut-scene and more dialog. We
will learn that we are in Towa City and get another vague recap of "The
Incident". Right before we learn about our family however... disaster strikes!
The music they play for the helicopter part sounds like the music from the
executions in the other Danganronpa games. Heh...

 After we wake up, we'll meet the "Servant", who anyone that played
Danganronpa 2 will recognize right away (remember: this game comes between
the first and the second games!). He will break the fourth wall a little bit
and eventually give us back our Hacking Gun, but only with the Break Truth
Bullet! Grrr... He'll tell us to pass the test and make it to where everyone
is waiting...

 Once you have control note that we are trapped in this room. Move over to the
present and pick it up for the [_MOVE BULLET_], which triggers another tutorial
about what it does:

   TUTORIAL: "MOVE" is a Truth Bullet that can activate some machines. Try it
             on the nearby Red Light.
 You can tell I am paraphrasing the tutorials... yes, MOVE can make machines
work for us, and we'll definitely be using it a lot. Select it now by pressing
down on the directional button and shooting the red light. Exit the door once
you unlock it for another tutorial:

 TUTORIAL: Shoot the RED EYES on the Monokuma to hit its weak spot. If you do
           hit it, you will get a "Nice Shot" symbol on the screen, plus the
           Break Ammo will give you a power shot afterwards.
 Time to practice hitting weak spots! Like the tutorial said, not only does it
kill enemies faster but it also increases the chance of them dropping good
money (the power-up isn't bad either). Always aim for the eye!

 You'll get your first chance coming up. Walk forward and a Monokuma will show
up to scan for you. Aim for his eye as he turns left and take him out (he should
drop some good money for us). Continue on and go left (if you go right you get
some dialog). The next Monokuma is facing away from us. Go up to him to startle
him and then retreat. This lets you shoot his eye as he comes at us. Just stay
calm and aim true for a Nice Shot. We will need to get used to shooting while we
are under attack anyway.

 Follow the path to the left, where we will get TRAPPED in a square foyer. A
Monokuma attacks here, so take him out carefully. Afterwards, switch to your
MOVE ammo and scan the walls for a red light to shoot. This only opens up the
path to the stairs though, so head up them and enter the doors you find for
quite the scene!

 This scene introduces us to the Warriors of Hope! Each of them will give us
an introduction! As they talk, hit SQUARE for a special intro on each of them.
You will also learn in the process there was a Hope's Peak Elementary. Oh my,
that could be trouble!

 The rest of this chapter is just juicy, juicy dialog so go ahead and enjoy
and we'll meet up again in the next chapter!


(-NOTE-) At the end of the prologue, the "Rented Rooms, Nightmare Hotels"
         Bronze trophy will be yours.

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                  CHAPTER 1: CRYING FOR LOVE IN HELL                  >==O
 The start of this chapter has some cut-scenes to watch, followed by some
dialog with our savior... Genocide Jack! Hehehe. We'll get to talk to Toko
after. She, um... goes into a crazy fantasy sequence. I love it. After Toko
is done talking with "Omaru", we'll get another tutorial:

   TUTORIAL: Press the TRIANGLE Button to switch with Genocide Jack, who
             doesn't take damage and has super-strong attacks!
             Use SQUARE to attack and CIRCLE to evade. Hold SQUARE for a
             special skill.
             Focus on enemies with the (L) Button and use TRIANGLE or the X
             Button to use the powerful Slash Lust attack.
 From here, we are given control. Switch to Genocide Jack immediately and try
her out. After trying out her basic attacks, try out here Slash Lust attacks.
Use the TRIANGLE one first and then try the X Button one. Keep killing all of
the Monokuma's that show up and you'll soon get another tutorial:
   TUTORIAL: There is a TIME LIMIT for using Genocide Jack. Use up the batteries
             in the top screen, and you will automatically revert back to Toko.
             You also can't use Slash Lust limitlessly. Charge the "Lust Gauge"
             on the bottom right and when it fills up you can use Slash Lust.
             Fill it up by defeating enemies.
             You can do a "1 Gauge Attack" with (L) + TRIANGLE.
             You can do a "3 Gauge Attack" with (L) + X Button.
             You can also switch back to Komaru with the TRIANGLE Button at
             any time, so use Genocider Jack wisely.
 Now that we are in control with Komaru again, gather up the spoils from
the fight. Also, go to the menu and check the "SKILLS" Category. There should
be the "Autolock" skill in the skill list that we can equip. Do so if you wish.

 Next up, explore near the open door and find the training potty to the right.
This is... this is actually a SAVE POINT. Oh man... go ahead and save if you
wish... I'm just going to call them save points from now on...

 There is a lot of area to explore up here, but nothing worth finding. Head
down the stairs found in the central building. You'll get a quick scene down
here about the nearby shutter. After that, you will be facing some bodies. Go
inspect them for another quick scene and dialog.

 We need to turn on the power now. Most of the hallways are blocked by the
giant firewall doors, so go around the corner by the shutter and enter the
door you find. Here, shoot the red light with the Move Bullet and it will
start the power. After the dialog but BEFORE you leave, look to the nearby
shelf for a sparkle: this is the sign of a collectable in this game, and one
of my goals is to lead you to every single one of them! Pick this one up for
the [_SCRAP NOTE 1_], then leave the room.

 We will run into two Monokuma's out here. The first one ambushes us in the
hallway, so take him out. The next is looking for us by the dead bodies, so
be ready for him as well. This seems like a good time to give you this
tutorial. Note that this tutorial only plays once you run out of health for
the first time, which is why I'm just putting it here now:

   TUTORIAL: If you lose all of your health, "Despair Time" will activate.
             The goal here is to stop the shrinking white circle inside the
             yellow lines to save yourself. This however uses up one of Toko's
             If you can stop the circle in the blue lines, it doesn't use up
             any of Toko's Batteries. This is much harder to time, of course.
             Also, if you have no batteries, you only get a blue line!

 Use the shutter once you kill the two Monokuma's and go down the stairs. Down
here to the right a Monokuma is waiting for us, so get the drop on him. Behind
us is a dead end, so open the door he was guarding. In here you'll get a small
scene and learn about "Monokuma Kids". This one is giving us a present though:
Break Bullets. Accept it and continue on out the next door (there is a tutorial
here, but it just says items will be dropped... not worth mentioning really).

 Out in this next hallway, TWO Monokuma are going to attack. Be prepared to run
past them and turn around if they get too close. Do your best to get two nice
shots, although it is much safer to kill one fast and nice shot the last one.
Once they are dead, open the double doors on the left side of the hallway, the
ones labeled "Diagnosis Room".

 Here you can find [_SCRAP NOTE 2_] on the right, by the binders in the
bookcase. Next, go to the left side of the room and pick up the sparkle there
for the first book: [_BOOK 1_]. You get some bonus conversation here and the
trophy below!

(-NOTE-) You will get "The Road to Literacy" Bronze Trophy for picking up this
         book. Congrats!

 Head back out to the hallway and continue on, heading to the "Monitoring Room",
which appears to be misspelled! You'll find an arcade cabinet here, along with
a tutorial:

   TUTORIAL: These Game Cabinets show the upcoming rooms surveillance feed.
             Shoot them with MOVE to see the feed and the "Game Rules",
             along with useable Truth Bullets. This being a guide and all,
             old BK will guide you through each of these rooms with the right
 Go ahead and shoot the arcade machine, which incidentally gives us the trophy
below. I'll take it!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Ms. Monoku-Man" Bronze Trophy for shooting this
         arcade cabinet. That was easy!
 Shoot the cabinet and check out the room. The path here is very easy, but
let's work our way through it. From the room entrance we want to stay left
against the wall and go through the broken wall in front of us. This lets us
wrap around to the left-side of the room and go north without any of those
pesky Monokuma's spotting us. Exit out the door to the north from there.

 Now, exit the arcade and carry out the strategy up above to get through the
room without being spotted. You'll get a special "Congratulations" screen once
you make it through. Once you are outside, there will be quite a bit of dialog.
I love how Toko reference the other survivors of the first game here. Once the
story bit is done, it is another tutorial:

   TUTORIAL: You can attach SKILLS in the menu, under the SKILLS TAB. You can
             obtain skills by finding REFERENCE BOOKS in the game. Attaching
             skills takes SKILL POINTS which you gain when you level up.

 You can try and go back into the hospital here for some dialog. Now, there
is a save point across the road you can use. Go ahead and save and look down
the building exterior to see two Monokuma's stabbing a body. Go down there
and take them out. Note you can line up a nice shot on the one that is on the
right, as he exposes his eye when he stabs. Next to the corpse here you can
find [_SCRAP NOTE 3_], which is really disturbing...

 Head forward down the road for a scene with a car. The rest of the road is
destroyed, so do as Toko suggests and use MOVE on the car to get by it. At the
path split. you can head right to find a present with more Break Bullets. To
the left is a Monokuma to destroy (the kids don't seem to mind us?). Continue
on to see the bridge, then go left to see two more Monokuma in the road. You
can kill both of these with well-placed shots before they even notice us. A
bit further down the road is another Monokuma from the right, so watch out for
him and take him out.

 After that, go down the left path (the short road section) and check to your
left to see a sparkle: this is actually [_BOOK 2_] and comes with some more
dialog (including a COBRA reference?). OK then... Head into the door nearby,
next to the Monokuma Robot thing, to proceed.

 We will be in a construction area now. Open the present to refill your Break
Ammo and then climb over the yellow box next to you. Jump down the other side
to see a short cutscene and meet the newest enemy: Bomber Monokuma. We will
face off against two of them right here. They throw small grenades that you
will want to run away from. Aim for the eye like normal though, and you may
even get them to drop a grenade and kill anything around them! Take them out
and continue to the back of this area to climb another crate. This leads to a
hole in the wall we can get out of this area from.

 Back on the streets! Head forward and to the right Toko will mention another
car. Go ahead and shoot it with a Move Bullet and head past it, finding the
[_HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED BODY_] SKILL BOOK in the corner. This gets us the trophy
below and the skill, which for 4 SP lets you have MAX HP +1. You likely can't
afford this AND Autolock yet, but equip it as soon as you hit Level 5.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Back To School" Bronze Trophy for collecting this
         Skill Book. Easy as pie!
 Head back out to the street now. There is literally nothing else out here
for us, and the only way forward is through "Hotel Towa", which is nearby.
Go ahead and head there for some dialog, then enter the hotel. Once you enter
and walk forwards a bit, another tutorial is triggered:

   TUTORIAL: MonoMono machines can be shot with MOVE bullets to give you a
             free item! They only work once though. Hope for something good!
 Well... may as well roll the dice and see what item we'll get. Shoot the
machine and then head left, climbing up to the stairs where the yellow paint
(blood?) is. Continue up and into the door.

 This leads to the upper hallway. Up here walk forwards until you see a quick
scene regarding the telephones you find. I would have TRIED at least... around
the next corner is a Monokuma, so be ready. He is wearing a chef's hate for
some reason. Continue on but note "Room 204" open on the left-side up ahead.
Enter it and look on the desk to find [_BOOK 3_]. Head back to the hallway now
and continue.

 Coming up on the right is a small alcove hiding TWO Monokuma enemies. You can
actually get a bead on them before they see you and get in two Nice Shots on
them fairly easily (although it may look like the shot would hit the wall's
corner). There is also a MonoMono machine here you can roll the dice on.

 Just past the alcove on the right is "Room 218". Head inside and check out
the desk for [_SCRAP NOTE 4_], then back to the hallway. Around the next
corner is a hallway full of stained glass. There is also a present... pick it
up and a Monokuma will attack, jumping out of the glass on the left! Shoot him
down and continue around the next corner.

 Here, "Room 213" is on our immediate right. Go ahead and enter and look to
your immediate left for a sparkle: [_BOOK 4_], and as always more conversation
with Toko. Hehe. Good stuff.

 Back in the hallway head forward and we'll get to the elevator foyer. Here,
in front of the right elevator, is [_HIT LIST 1_]. Yet another type of game
collectable that we'll find all of. It sparks some quick dialog. Once you and
Toko are done talking about it, use the elevator and head back down to the 1st

 Just to the left down here is a MonoMono machine. Use it and continue down
the linear path. In the hallway, two Monokuma will rush us, so be ready to
take them out and enter the fancy doors at the end.

 In this new room is another MonoMono machine and... an Arcade Cabinet! Our
goal here is different: Kill all enemies in one explosion. There is a turorial
here as well:

   TUTORIAL: From now on, Arcade Cabinet rooms will require us to kill all
             enemies to proceed. Pay attention to the hint in the upper left
             and the types of bullets allowed. All of these things will
             affect our ratings and each room has a strategy.
 Well, that is the point of a guide! This room is pretty obvious with what
we must do: there is a Bomber Monokuma pacing up and down and four normal
Monokuma to the north. What we need to do here is wait until the Bomber
Monokuma heads north, take him out there, and he will die, bombing the other
four Monokuma around him. This should kill all of them in one go. Go ahead and
do that to get past this room.

 Out in this new hallway, head forwards but note there is a cubby on the right
where a Monokuma will try to ambush us from. Take him out and proceed to the
next room. In here you'll get a quick scene with a Monokuma Kid. Seems like
they want us to solve a riddle:

 o HINT: If you want to know the answer, ask the upside-down bird.
 That doesn't help much. Head to the right and out in the open area look to
the right for an Arcade Cabinet, but FIRST, to the left of that cabinet is
[_SCRAP NOTE 5_]. Collect it and hit the cabinet with MOVE to get a picture
of blocks spelling out "hELL". Toko will then basically solve this for us
by saying "Picture it upside-down".

 o ANSWER: 7734
 By the way, Toko is referencing the first trial of Danganronpa...
 There is a MonoMono machine here as well. Use it if you wish and then go
input the answer into the laptop to get back outside. You'll see a quick scene
out here, then we'll have access to another MonoMono machine and a Save Point!
Try as you might though, the game WILL NOT let you go northwest.

 Well darn... Head forward (east) instead and use a Move bullet on the car to
crush THREE Monokuma's all at once! Very nice! Continue on to a staircase, but
note the MonoMono machine to the left of the stairs (they are giving us a lot
of these things!).

 Head up the stairs and instead of of turning right, continue down the steps
and take a sharp left. In the distance by the shipping crate is a sparkle:
pick it up for the [_ELECTRIC UP_] skill. I don't like this skill: it slightly
increases enemy paralysis time after Despair Time. We shouldn't be going into
Despair Time normally anyway though...

 Head back up the stairs now and take the walkway proper. On the other side
of it you'll be on the bridge. You'll also get a cut-scene as you head out
onto it.

 Yuta Asahina... that name should mean something to you if you've played the
first Danganronpa. Focus on the last name... Follow Yuta out onto the bridge,
although he'll always be running out in front of us. You'll get a short scene
once you reach the end.

 Well damn. We are being timed now and have roughly 3 Minutes 20 Seconds to
get off this bridge. That is more than enough time though, so let's move! In
this first part, there are three wandering Monokuma enemies. Take them on one
at a time and try for three nice shots. A bit hectic, but we have plenty of
time, trust me!

 Past that keep running and you'll hit a barrier where six Monokuma will pop
up out of a trailer. Only ONE is a Bomber Monokuma though, so shoot him and
avoid his bombs. Once you kill him, the barrier is automatically removed for
us. Keep running and we'll hit one more barrier with a similar game. Kill off
the Bomber Monokuma and we'll get past this as well! After that, just keep on
running for a scene and a trophy:

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Burning Your Bridges" Bronze Trophy after you
         successfully avoid getting blown up on the bridge.
 More dialog here and eventually a scene... a very long and memorable scene.
Just... wow. Unbelievable, but sadly predictable...

 Once you regain control, TURN AROUND to see a sparkle by the edge of the
ruined bridge. Pick it up for [_SCRAP NOTE 6_]. Our goal now is the subway,
but Toko suggests we should head back to the hotel exit. 

 Head back to the hotel area and go left at the containers. You will be
able to ambush a Bomber Monokuma by doing this. Take him out and to the
north is a single Monokuma and a Bomber Monokuma above him. Kill the single
one first while watching out for the bombs, then kill the Bomber Monokuma.
Finally, there is another single Monokuma just past the crate that the Bomber
was just on. Take him out now as well.

 Now, behind us on the shipping crate is a MonoMono machine. Use it if you
must, then head into the SOUTHEAST EXIT of the Hotel. We havent' been here
yet. Despite Toko's protest of wasting our time, head into the door you find
to find a dead-end hallway. Still, at the end of the hallway is a sparkle that
you can claim for the [_ONE NIGHTER_] skill book. Equip this one ASAP, as it
boosts XP GAINED. On our way out, two Monokuma will bust out of the stained
glass, so be ready for them.

 Back out on the street head to the northwest path past the Hotel. On your
way, you will run into... a shop!?! Yep, we'll get a tutorial as well:

   TUTORIAL: The Monokuma Kid shop has Bling Bullets and Scissor Upgrades for
             us. You can buy and attach Bling Bullets in the menu, and they
             must be attacked to Truth Bullet types. Each type can have two
             Bling Bullets attached to it, for some mix-and-match effects.
             Scissor Upgrades are automatic though, and don't need you to do
             anything: their effects are immediate.
 Here, I recommend buying out all the Bling Bullets. If you have been getting
Nice Shots predominately, this is actually fairly easy. For the Scissors, I
wound up getting the Battery and Combo upgrades. Don't forget to equip your
Bling Bullets once you've bought them. Pair them up until you get a "GOOD"
rating, paying attention to the stats that go up once you put on the upgrades.

 Continue past the shop for a quick scene introducing a new enemy: the Siren
Monokuma. We get a tutorial here, but the summary is: don't let them see you,
as they will summon all the enemies in the area. After that, we have to take
out it and two Monokuma's. Ugh. This is actually the first time I used Jack,
just for the heck of it.

 Once you clean them up, check inside the building they jumped down from and
on the desk is [_SCRAP NOTE 7_]. Across the street is also a MonoMono machine.
Use it and head into the building again, going through the door.

 Here, we automatically get the [_DANCE BULLET_]. This thing, as you know,
makes Monokuma dance... and is especially effective on Siren Monokuma as they
will attract other Monokuma nearby. There is a Challenge Arcade Cabinet here
as well.

 |  As you can see, we must "Destroy them all at once" and can only use our
 | MOVE and DANCE bullets. This one is easy, but can be a pain if luck doesn't
 | go your way. Head out to beyond the boxes and aim northwest, at the Siren
 | Monokuma. Shoot him with DANCE and watch the others flock over to him. DO
 | NOT BE HASTY HERE! Wait until they have all surrounded him, as one of them
 | in particular likes to get hung-up on the way over there.
 |  Once they have all surrounded him, hit the nearby car with MOVE to destroy
 | them all in one go. Perfect!

 Exit the garage area now back onto the streets. To the right you can find an
actual alive adult to talk to. Wow. Do so and then continue north and east.
You will see a save point out here to the left. Save if you wish. Note that
across from the save point (to the west) is [_BOOK 5_], along with more

 Head towards the west / subway to get a scene. The game shows us a corpse
nearby. Go examine it to get the [_SUBWAY KEY_], only to have it immediately
stolen. Are you kidding me? Head east now, chasing the kid down. You'll head
up a ladder, but watch out up above for a Bomber Monokuma. Kill him off (kill
him, don't run past him) and take a left down the ramp. A Monokuma will attack
from here and we can head back and kill him. Up ahead you'll see a MonoMoni
machine and past that, on the left-hand side near the rubble, a new collectable
item: [_SOCKI THE SOCK 1_]. There are 10 of these books in total and, like
always, I'll guide you to all of them. Nothing left to do now except head into
the door on the right.

 You'll get a short scene here. Once you regain control, head through the
double doors to get to a Challenge Room. Use the MonoMono machine and let's
take on this challenge!

 |  Here we must "Destroy them all with one explosion". We can use any of
 | our bullets. Look at their pattern here: pacing up and down. However, to
 | the far left is a Siren Monokuma. The strategy here is to wait until they
 | are done pacing and shoot the far Siren Monokuma with DANCE. Once they all
 | are over paying attention to him, shoot the Bomber Monokuma with BREAK
 | until he falls, which should take all of them out in the explosion.

 Continue around to the back now, to the left of the door you find, back where
the kid should be. There is a MonoMono machine back here, and a sparkle item.
The sparkle item is actually a note, saying to meet us back in the Hospital...
Gah! This is a pain!

 Head to the door and exit. Here. blow up the Bomber Monokuma and he will
create a shortcut back to the Hospital. The game gives us a tutorial about
the UFO thing nearby, but it is trying to take my job as a guide writer! Well,
use MOVE on it if you wish, but we just need to head straight, which wraps
around to the Hospital. On the way, there is a Monokuma that tries to ambush
us from behind and a MonoMono machine up on a shipping crate.

 Now, out in front of the Hospital are two Monokuma and a Siren Monokuma. I
just used Jack here and had some fun, but try to get a Dance shot in at the
Siren Monokuma will make your job easier. Take them all out and enter the
Hospital again.

 We are in the first challenge room. Head to the very back here, back to
where the bookshelves are in the reception area (this is against the north
wall of the map) to find [_SOCKI THE SOCK 2_]. This is the last sock book of
this chapter.

 Head west past the challenge room area into the hallway. The boy will run
off, but DO NOT follow him. Instead, take the time to head back to the roof,
which means heading north and following the pathway back up to the stairwells.
Once you do get to the stairs, FOUR Bomber Monokuma will ambush you. Have them
group together and take out ONE and they will all die. Now, up here head behind
the central building and you will see a sparkle on the ground. This is actually 
[_HIT LIST 2_], and the last of the chapter. They put this one out of the way
at least!

 Head all the way back down to where you spotted the kid. We need to head east
now, down this newly opened hallway. On the way, look to the left side for the
"Diagnosis Room" and head inside. There should be two MonoMono machines in here
(as opposed to the other diagnosis room), as well as a shelf with a sparkle on
it for [_SCRAP NOTE 8_]. Gather it up and head back to the hallway.

 Continue on down the hallways as it gets... much bloodier. We'll need to go
into the "Operating Room", which is just a bad idea. And, yep, we are ambushed
by a JUNK MONOKUMA. This enemy is tougher than the others we have fought: it
has more health for one and takes about four Nice Shots to kill. To attack it
can leap and slash at us and will leak oil over the area. Still, it is fairly
slow and you can run circles around it. A good strategy here is to just make
it Dance four times and get four Nice Shots in.

 After you kill it off, head back to the hallway to see the kid. He runs off
to the right, opening a firewall. Follow him and you'll be taken to the 2nd
Floor, past another firewall. Shoot the MonoMono machine here and continue
down the hallway. Two Monokuma will come around the corner and come at us, so
be ready.

 Once you get around the corner, check near the seats against the wall for a
sparkle just near a corpse. This is [_SCRAP NOTE 9_]. One more to go after this
one! Now, go visit the nearby "Sick Room". Inside is a MonoMono machine and, in
the upper left corner, the [_AWAKENED GIRL POWER_] SKILL BOOK. This ups healing
item effects by 1, so not a bad power. A Monokuma attacks afterwards, so be
ready to take him out (use a Dance since this is somewhat close quarters). Head
back to the hallway.

 The kid will taunt us from down the hallway. Follow him but note a Monokuma is
going to come diving in from the right. Take him out and watch the corner up
ahead for another Monokuma. After that, visit the "2F Sick Room". Inside here
on a bed is [_BOOK 6_], the last book of the chapter. After the dialog, head
back to the hallway.

 Continue north into the "Director's Room" where you'll get a small scene.
looks like we have a riddle to solve! First, open up the present to obtain
the [_DETECT BULLET_]. We'll get a tutorial here:

   TUTORIAL: Use the Detect Bullet wherever you see paint cans and graffiti
             to find hidden things! We'll uncover everything in the guide,
             but the paint cans and graffiti are your clues!
 In here, go shine the beam on the paintings nearby to see the graffiti in
this order: Beard, Eyebrows, Glasses, Afro. Each nameplate also has a number
in it (One, Two, Three, Four, left to right). If we assign numbers to them,
they become:

 o Beard    = 1
 o Eyebrows = 2
 o Glasses  = 3
 o Afro     = 4

 Now, go look at the symbols on the safe: Eyebrows, Afro, Beard, Glasses.
If we assign numbers to this it becomes: 2, 4, 1, 3. Put that into the
laptop and we've got ourselves a [_SUBWAY KEY_]. Once we have that, we will
be out on the street again automatically!

 Out here, head forward for a tutorial:
   TUTORIAL: Every Chapter has 5 Hidden Sparkles to find! Use your Detect
             Bullet on them for several seconds to find a HIDDEN KID. We
             will find them all in the guide, so keep following along!
 Shine your light on the sparkle here for [_HIDDEN KID 1 OF 5_], who is
basically a free collectable. We have four more to find though. This also
nets us a trophy for being our first:

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Found You!" Bronze Trophy for finding this first
         Hidden Kid! Congrats on not ignoring what the game just told you!
 Head east and a Monokuma will bust through the nearby barrier to the left.
Take him out and thank him, as it is the only way forward. Use the MonoMono
machine if you need to and head into the door. We're in another Challenge
Room here. Use this next MonoMono machine if you need and let's do this
 |  This is another "Destroy them all with one explosion" challenge. This one
 | is a bit tougher, as the car is blocking half of the enemies here. The idea
 | is to bet behind the metal barriers on the left (the top one, when the
 | Siren Monokuma isn't looking) and wait for the Siren Monokuma to be in his
 | northern position, then hit the car with Move.
 |  From there, hit the Siren Monokuma with Dance and then, once all the
 | enemies are around him, destroy the Bomber Monokuma to take them all out.
 | Again, patience with the Dance part of this is key: wait until they ALL
 | gather around him! Good luck!

 Head past the challenge area and take a right at the shipping container: on
the ground over here is [_SCRAP NOTE 10_], the last one in this chapter. Head
onward and a Bomber Monokuma will come out. Take him out, then look at the
black car here on the left for sparkles: [_HIDDEN KID 2 OF 5_]. Now kill the
Bomber Monokuma by the barrier to make another shortcut. Head forward and load
into this next area.

 Yes, we've HAVE been here before Toko! The UFO says go left, but BK says go
right! Head right and beyond the gap you find, in the rubble, are some more
sparkles. Use your Detect Bullet again for [_HIDDEN KID 3 OF 5_]. Very nice.
Head north now, up the ramp. As soon as you get up though, look to the right
to see sparkles down in the dirt: [_HIDDEN KID 4 OF 5_]. They are really
handing them out fast here (because we got the Detect Bullet so late).

 Continue on and head towards the subway. Hold off saving just yet: look to
the southern side of the street, in the small cubby to see some sparkles and
claim [_HIDDEN KID 5 OF 5_]. Nice. Now, there's also two MonoMono machines
here, a shop, and an adult to talk to. Take it all in and then save. Head to
the subway once you are ready.

 Watch the scenes and get ready for a Boss Battle!

 ~ BOSS FIGHT START  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Well, it wouldn't be a proper shooting-game without some boss-fights, now
would it?! The Hero Robot is our biggest challenge yet, and much, much more
dangerous than anything we've faced. Still, its attacks are all predictable
and easy to counter.

 The FIRST thing you should know however is that when you get low on health
or ammo, these items will be thrown into the ring for you. I don't know why
the kids would make it so... sporting, but there you have it: if you get low
on health or ammo just look around and quickly pick up the items you find.

 Now, for how to take down this Hero Robot! At the start of the battle, the
Hero Robot really only has two moves: a drill punch that gets its drill stuck
in the ground and a twirling move that has longer-than-expected reach and
forces you to run away. This drill punch move is the PRIME TIME to hurt him.

 His WEAK SPOT is his middle face armor... the Monokuma Eye! Just like the
weak spot on other enemies! When he does his drill punch, he is stuck for
several seconds and you can get some good shots in! Or, even better still,
you can make him DANCE and get half a dozen good shots in easy! Note that
when he does his twister move, we have no choice but to run away! Stay on
the run (circle the arena) to stay safe.

 After hurting him for a bit, he will eventually add in the "Charge!" move as
well. This move is fast and painful, but there is a way to stop it! When he
charges, aim for his weak spot and shoot it to knock him out of his charge!
Two good hits will do it for sure (although one good one can knock him out of
it as well). This is how you should ALWAYS handle the "Charge!" move: shoot at
his weak spot. Never back down!

 Continuing to damage him will peel the armor away and reveal the real weak
spot underneath. Despite this, nothing has changed. He still has his three
moves, two of which you can hurt him on so keep doing the same thing while
raiding the arena of items whenever you need them. Keep this up and soon the
Hero Robot will fall!

 ~ BOSS FIGHT END  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Watch the scenes that occur afterwards and soon this chapter will come to
an end. A Hero Falls...

(-NOTE-) For getting A RANK, you will get the [_GATHERER_] SKILL BOOK and
         a bonus of 500 Monokuma Coins. We need to get an A RANK for every
         chapter, so if you didn't get it this time we will have to wait
         until after we beat the game to re-play the chapter.

(-NOTE-) Once will get the "Human Beings Can Be Awful Cruel" Bronze Trophy
         after clearing Chapter 1.

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                 CHAPTER 2: LEGEND OF THE REVOLUTION                  >==O
 There are a TON of scenes here, as you may expect. Enjoy all of the story
scenes until you regain control of Komaru.

 Once you do, you'll see a save point coming up. Use it if you wish. Note
that the path going west is one we can't go down right now: Toko won't let
us. Continue south to see a scene with the train (well, duh Komaru!).

 OK, from here let's get to work! Head right (to the dead end) but look
behind the column back here for [_HIDDEN KID 1 OF 5_]. Starting early this
time! Head back east now, but keep your eyes on the corpses on the right-hand
side. near the end of the train is one with [_SCRAP NOTE 11_] near it, so be
sure to grab it. There are also two MonoMono machines at the end of this
platform. Use them and head down to the tracks.

 Here you will run into several patrolling Monokuma. It is rough to get sneak
attacks in so wide an area, so take them out from a distance. Keep going east
to the end, where you'll climb some rubble near a train, but GO PAST the train
to find [_HIT LIST 3_] before you go back and get on it.

 Bah, nothing but corpses in the train. Exit the other side and continue on
for a scene introducing the newest enemy: Guard Monokuma! This guy blocks
our shots, so for now... run away! Note that you CAN kill these things by
standing near them, having them attack, walking backwards while aiming when
they attack and getting in a quick shot, but that is just... so messy. We
should really run for now.

 Run down the path into the next train and... the Monokuma will stop chasing
us. Continue on for a scene... So THAT was their game, to crush us! Well,
thanks to a falling piece of debris, we have Genocide Jack on our side!

 This next part is just pure fun. We control Jack with NO BATTERY USE. Sure,
we have a time limit to get out of the subway now, but we honestly have a TON
of time here. We need to run all the way back to the start of this area, but
on the way we'll kill a number of Monokuma. You may as well save your ultimate
attacks here, as our battery isn't being used up and we can use it later.
Normal attacks will be more than enough here. Just continue to the start of
the subway to see a scene and learn more about Toko.

 From here, try to leave the subway to see another scene. Looks like we are
stuck in here! Head back down now and you'll be handed a present from a
Monokuma Kid: the [_KNOCKBACK BULLET_]. It's also tutorial time!

   TUTORIAL: Use the KNOCKBACK bullets to knock shields off of Guard
             Monokumas. You can also use it for strategic use, such as
             for Bomber Monokuma's, to make them explode. Be creative!
 Go save at this point (trust me!) and head west. You'll run into FOUR Guard
Monokuma here, a perfect chance to try Knockback. Go ahead and use it, then
defeat them. Continue on to the next area.

 You'll have a short scene here. Man, these girls are crazy! Check out the map
in this new area, as it is HUGE. Continue to the west and you'll see some kids
poking at a dead body. Go inspect it for some dialog. Keep going and you'll see
a present on the ground... pick it up to have three Monokuma spawn down the
hallway. Take them out as they approach. At the VERY end of the hallway do NOT
go north quite yet and inspect the west cubby to find [_SCRAP NOTE 12_].

 Head north now to spot some stairs... but we can't reach it yet. Head right
instead, using the MonoMono machine and running into two Guard Monokuma. Take
them out and visit the room to the north. Inside is [_BOOK 7_], which will of
course give us some dialog, referencing the first game. Heh.

 Head outside again and continue east. Once you get to the corner, look right
(south) to see a sparkle... we'll have to come back for that later. To the
north is a door on the right that is locked... this leads to that sparkle and
we'll come back for it later as well.

 Continue north and take out the Guard Monokuma that shows up. The next door
on the right is also locked, so don't bother. Continue onward and use the
MonoMono machine if you wish, then save. Go into the door here to enter our
first challenge room. Use this second MonoMono machine in here if you want,
then take on the challenge:

 |  This is another "Destroy them all with one explosion" challenge. This one
 | is fairly easy though, and is more of a "Knockback Bullet" exhibition. As
 | you can see, there is one Bomber Monokuma to the right looking off to the
 | left. We need to get behind him and knock him back to the left, where he
 | will explode in the middle of all those normal Monokuma. Oh, it is a thing
 | of beauty for sure!
 Gather your spoils and exit the challenge room now. The hallway to the east
is a dead end and south leads nowhere, so head west. There are two MonoMono
machines here that we should save for when we need them. Continue west and you
will see a scene.

 Quick, someone is being ambushed! Quickly use a Knockback to throw the
attackers off. Alternately, you can quickly get nice shots in to kill them,
but you must be quick for that. Once you kill them off you'll get another
scene introducing you to "Shirokuma". We get a trophy as well:

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Shirokuma Rescue Squad" Bronze Trophy at this
         point. Congrats! Bonus fact: "Shiro" does indeed mean "White" in
 After the cutscene with Shirokuma, note that you can return east and blow up
a Bomber Monokuma at the yellow wall to create a shortcut if you wish (we are
about to come back this way anyways though). From where you rescued Shirokuma,
head west and interact with the door over here for a cut-scene. Shiro will
help us out. Heh.

 RIGHT AFTER that cut-scene, it is time to head back east. All the way to the
Bomber Monokuma. Take him out and head back to the east hallway, where those
locked doors were. Enter the northern door now (use Shiro on the pipe to the
right) and you'll find it filled with bodies. There is also an item in the
corner: [_HIT LIST 4_], on Yuta. Poor Yuta. Head back to the hallway and enter
the door to the south (again with the pipe). More bodies. Head through the
room and exit, picking up the sparkle we saw earlier for a new skill named
[_RAISE_]. You want to equip this immediately as it ups the number of Monokuma
coins we get!

 Head back to the previous room and there will be SEVERAL Monokuma playing
with the bodies. This is an excellent time for Genocide Jack, as there are
seven Monokuma here and we can kill them easily with her (lots of money too!).
After that, head where we rescued Shiro now (save on the way) and west to the
door we opened.

 In this room, use the MonoMono machine if you wish and round the corner. On
the left are gates. Stop on the second gate and look for sparkles beyond it.
Yep, use your Detect Bullet for [_HIDDEN KID 2 OF 5_], then head into the next
door. This is a challenge room! Use the machine if you wish and then get ready
for the challenge:
 |  This is another "Destroy them all with one explosion" challenge. This one
 | is VERY SIMILAR to the last one. The exception here is that instead of the
 | regular Monokuma's, we have Guard Monokuma's. We have to just do some simple
 | timing here: get behind the Bomber Monokuma and wait until all of the Guard
 | Monokuma turn outwards. As SOON as they do, shoot the Bomber Monokuma with
 | Knockback and send him flying to them all, watching his explosion take them
 | all out since they are turned away. Sweet.
 Exit the challenger room afterwards and continue south. A Monokuma will round
the corner so be ready. Turn left instead of going straight here and enter the
room you find. To the right is [_SCRAP NOTE 13_], which actually has a bit of
dialog attached to it. Use the machine in here if you want and go back to the

 Head south (mind the bodies) and enter the pipe with Shiro. As you open the
door, a Junk Monokuma will show up. Take it out with Dance, then Break. Nice
Shots will take it down in about 3 hits. Continue into the room now for a
scene. After the scene, climb down the ladder to the next area.

 We're in the sewers now. Lovely. Save here and check out the shop to the
east. I bought all of the Bling Bullets here again, and by now you should be
able to as well. Some of the combo's now produce "EXCELLENT" results, for
example, "Hatefully + Sadly" and/or "Definitely + Swiftly". Try them out for

 Use the MonoMono machine and continue to the west, climbing up the ladder
you find. Note that a Monokuma will attack you on your way. Also note the
hat he has on! It is basically a "Met Hat" from the Mega Man series...

(-NOTE-) Man, it is a shame Capcom has just ruined the Mega Man series,
         isn't it?! *Sigh, so much Despair. I am, however, hoping that
         "Mighty No. 9" turns out to be good. Our hopes are on you,
         Inafune! If you guy's have no idea what I'm talking about, be
         sure to google it! My friend Devin and I will be doing a guide
         on Might No. 9, so I expect you all there!
 Here we'll come to a retracted bridge with the controls on the other side.
Thankfully, Shiro will head over there, but only to be ambushed by Monokuma,
making it our job to save her. This part can be rough since the Monokuma are
so far away. Try to get the ones on the right as they come (since their eye
is revealed to us), but for the left ones use a Dance Bullet, THEN a Break
Shot. Of course, you could just dance on them all, if you can afford it. We
do have machines coming up. Still, you need to defeat about four on each side
to pass this section.

 Once you save her again, she'll extend the bridge and we can continue. Head
down the ladder to the east and continue on to a platform with THREE MonoMono
machines. Sweet. Use them well, but also note on the south wall there is a
pipe. Make Shiro go though it for a present (you can use the Detect Bullet to
see as much on the wall) that is actually [_SCRAP NOTE 14_].

 Continue on to the bridge but go LEFT instead of RIGHT. Follow this path as
it wraps around north to a pipe. Have Shirto do her thing and emerge with a
present, containing the [_VIOLENT URGE_] SKILL BOOK. This ups your battery
capacity by one. Head back now and take care of the Guard Monokuma on the
next bridge, and the three Guard Monokuma after him. Knocking them in to the
water is instant death, by the way.

 Continue on down the path to the east and you'll run into another pipe.
This one has a Monokuma in graffiti if you search the area, but you can enter
it to spawn a normal Monokuma and take him out for more money. Never a bad

 Head onward and cross the bridge, going RIGHT at the path split and going
around the corner to get [_SCRAP NOTE 15_]. This one gives us some back-story
on Shiro as well, believe it or not. Head back and save if you wish, then go
up the ladder on the other side of the bridge.

 Follow this path around to an area in the sewer with platforms and another
incomplete bridge. Oh yes, they are going to make us do THIS again, because
why not. Take special note of the platforms here, Bomber Monokuma will fall
down on them. Have Shiro turn the dial and start this battle. The Bomber
Monokuma will come on the platforms, along with Guard Monokuma and regular
Monokuma in the distance. The idea here is to let the Guard Monokuma get past
the Bomber Monokuma and then knock the bombers over to them to blow them up.
Focus on doing that (or, even sending them over when two regular Monokuma show
up on the other side) and you'll do OK. Dance and Break anyone who gets past
the explosions. At the end, a Junk Monokuma will show up on the right, with
one last Bomber Monokuma so make it count or be ready for more Dancing.

 Once they are dead, the bridge will be extended and we can continue on our
way north, reaching a ladder. Climb it to reach a challenge room. Use the
MonoMono machine here and then lets do this challenge!

 |  The goal here is to "Make them all fall down at once." This can sound a
 | bit weird, but note the pit to the lower left. This is where we will make
 | them fall down. The Siren Monokuma paces over to it and back to the right,
 | so wait until he is by the pit and shoot him with a Dance Bullet. Now, the
 | Junk Monokuma will head over there to check him out. Quickly run over there
 | and hit them both with Knockback to send them both down the pit.
 Head onward past the challenge area to the corpse pinned on the wall. Under
it is [_SCRAP NOTE 16_], which is just sad. Makes me wonder who it is talking
about. Head north to a ladder and go down. Follow this path around to a bridge
and a path split. From here, head EAST where you'll run into a Guard Monokuma
and a Bomber Monokuma. Use Knockback to take them both out at once. Continue
around and up a ladder to a large area with multiple pipes. This is actually
a "Riddle Room!".

 Talk to the kid on the right for the riddle: 
 o RIDDLE: "Ten birds sit on a fence. An experienced gunman wants to get rid
           of them with his rifle. How many shots does he take?"

 We need to pick the "A" pipe for 100, "B" for 10, "C" for 1, or "D" for 0.
The answer here can be a bit confusing, but think of it like this: the birds
will all startle at a sound, right? Yep, the answer here is "C".

 Head in that third pipe and you'll get [_SOCKI THE SOCK 3_] as your reward.
Well, that and getting to taunt a child. Heh. Head back down the ladder now
and go back to the path split by the bridge. Continue on to the west and you
will eventually hit your goal, sparking some cut-scenes. Wow... Shiro really
wasn't lying!? Color me surprised.

 Once you gain control, head straight ahead to find [_SCRAP NOTE 17_] under
the car here. Now we can spend some time running around and talking to anyone
with a dialog box above their head if you wish. Three of them are generic, but
one to the north actually has a name and design. Hagakure. that name will yet
again ring a bell for players of the first Danganronpa title. More importantly,
we can hand her our Hit Lists here. There's really no reason not to, so go
ahead and hand them all over and enjoy the conversation that comes out of it.
You also get a trophy after the first one:

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Hit The Lists" Bronze Trophy after handing over
         the first list. Very nice.
 Once you are done, we can save if you wish then talk to Shiro to head to the
Conference Room. The leader isn't in however... oh well, head to the lockers
on the right hand side for [_SCRAP NOTE 18_], [_SCRAP NOTE 19_] and [_SCRAP
NOTE 20_], as well as the [_QUICKFIRE SKILL_] SKILL BOOK. Quite the haul,

 After that you will get to meet the leader here: Haiji Towa, who is the
de-facto Resistance Leader (I suppose since he is a Towa). Enjoy the scenes
here, as full of drama as they are. Afterwards, talk to Shiro again for a
quick blurb and walk south to the main area. Some scenes will take over
automatically here, giving us a new objective in the game entirely. Well...
horrah for a sense of purpose!

 After a good night's sleep (for some), we'll be in control again. Save if
you wish and head down the ladder. Head west now to come to a bridge. There
is a MonoMono machine further ahead. Go past the bridge and take a left,
heading east. On the souther side of the cistern is a sparkle on the ground,
which is actually [_BOOK 8_], leading to a discussion on the taste of
literature that is quite interesting.

 Head back to the bridge and head south. Straight down to the south is a
large ladder that is our goal. As you reach it though, two Monokuma fall down
and attack. Take them out and climb the ladder to the next area.

 We are in... a graveyard?! Wow. The first thing we need to do here is turn
around and go to the right. Just past the crime scene, out in the distance a
little ways are sparkles. Detect them for [_HIDDEN KID 3 OF 5_].

 Head forward now and take out the two Guard Monokuma that show up. Past them
you'll reach a very... pretty street. To the left is a MonoMono machine. Head
forwards and on the docks go talk to the adult on the left for a sad story.
After that be safe and save here.

 Continue on and we'll come to a section of the docks with several Guard
Monokuma and in the distance two Bomber Monokuma. The Bomber Monokuma here
are very dangerous: their blast can knock us off the dock leading to an
instant death for us. Take out the Guards with Knockback (get them in the
water for an instant death for them) and then take out the bombers. If you
DO die here, just RELOAD as we saved not long ago. Also, once you kill all
of the enemies off, check the dock near the Bomber Monokuma to find the
[_PRECISION SHOT_] SKILL BOOK. This is basically the opposite of the
Quickfire Book we found earlier, so... equip whichever is best for you.

 Continue on down the docks but look into the right windows. Next to the
corpse in the window, to the right, is [_SCRAP NOTE 21_]. A very messed-up
note. Continue on now into the next room, which is a challenge room. We get
a tutorial here:

   TUTORIAL: This new machine is a HOLOGRAM MACHINE. This thing can be used
             with Move like most machines, and produces a Monokuma Kid. Any
             nearby Monokuma that see this thing will be drawn to it, so use
             it to your advantage.
 Try using Move on this one now to see what it does. After that, use the
MonoMono machine here and then let's do this challenge!

 |  The goal here is 'Destroy them all with one explosion". Good news though,
 | given the introduction of the new machine here, this is more of a tutorial
 | challenge than anything. We simply need to use Move on the Hologram Machine
 | and the Bomber Monokuma will come over. Once he is over, shoot him and his
 | explosion will kill everyone else in the room. Too easy!
 After the enemies are taken care of, head up the stairs and take a right. At
the end of this path is [_BOOK 9_]. Quite a good conversation out of this one
as well! Man, I love Danganronpa...

 Leave this challenge room now and head forward. Once you get to the kids
jumping by the window, look LEFT out over the water. See the sparkles out
here? Yep, [_HIDDEN KID 4 OF 5_] is out here. Tricky. Continue forward now
and take out the three Monokuma who are dancing in the distance (you can get
in a long shot if you are lucky...). Past that, enter the door to enter yet
another challenge room. Use the machine here and then let's do the challenge!
 |  The goal here is 'Destroy them all with one explosion" again. This one is
 | a tad trickier. We must use Move on the Hologram machine here to attract
 | the Bomber Monokuma over, then hit him with Knockback OVER the pit and get
 | him behind the Guard Monokuma. DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE to the Bomber Monokuma
 | when you knock him back or he'll see you. With that one trick in mind,
 | carry out our strategy and we'll get through this challenge.
 Exit the challenge room and head to the left. There are several demented kids
celebrating over here, but check out the very last window for [_SCRAP NOTE 22_]
under the bodies. Worth reading.

 Head north now and we'll run into a MonoMono machine on the left and a save
spot on the right. Definitely save here, as we have a "Battle Royale" coming
up of sorts. Head north after that for a scene. Afterwards, it is time to

 This battle is quite fun, in my opinion. They don't challenge us like this
nearly enough! This whole area will swarm with Monokuma's, usually up to
SIX normal Monokuma, two to three Bomber Monokuma and a Siren Monokuma. We
also have to fight through about three waves of enemies before we are done.

 One smart way to handle them is to find the Siren Monokuma while you evade
EVERYONE and hit him with a Dance Bullet. This will gather them all up in a
nice, concentrated group. Now, kill the Bomber Monokuma in the group and BOOM,
we have killed a TON of them. There are also several CARS scattered around the
area we can Move to kill off a number of enemies (depending on how they are
lined up, I suppose). Alternately, Genocide Jack could easily have quite a bit
of fun here...

 Once we are done, gather up your spoils and head north into Towa Tower. We
will get a quick scene and then be back in control. The first thing to do in
here is head to the right. See the Monokuma outline on the map? Just to the
south of it is [_SCRAP NOTE 23_]. Go inspect the elevator now. You should
know the result: it couldn't have been THAT easy...

 Head left now and look up to see a Monokuma statue. Go look behind this one
to find [_HIT LIST 5_], which is actually Hiroko. Heh. Head north now to find
THREE MonoMono machines. Use them only if you need them. To the north is also
a shop and a save point. I ended up buying all level 1 Scissor Skills at this
point, which saved some money on me since I bought all Bling Bullets at the
last shop.

 Nearby there are TWO collectables. Follow this counter around to the other
side first to find [_SCRAP NOTE 24_], then do a 180 degree turn and run to the
ropes on the other side of the foyer, near the dragon picture thing, and on
the ground here is [_SCRAP NOTE 25_]. There's so many of these things! Head
to the right to see a quick scene introducing a new enemy: Ball Monokuma.

 The Ball Monokuma is... an odd enemy. It will literally throw trash at us
which, if it hits you, will make your screen messed up as trash slowly slides
down. It is.... pretty funny actually. If he hits you again though, it can
hurt, but we did save recently so get hit if you wish to check this out. As
far as killing him goes, he is a BIG target and shouldn't be a problem, but
he does retreat often by rolling away, so keep up with him and take him out.

 Head up the stairs now to see a scene. Toko REALLY doesn't want to carry
out this plan it seems. As soon as you gain control, get ready because there
are THREE Monokuma coming in from the left. Take them out. Now, let's head
north and enter the room up here. You'll find a MonoMono machine. Use it and
head up the stairs nearby. Surprisingly, there is actually an item up here:
the [_SOCKI THE SOCK 4_], which is the last one of the chapter. Weird, but
we'll take it!

 Go back out to the main floor and south. Around the corner is a Monokuma
you can likely ambush and get a nice shot on easily enough. There is a door
up on the left here, but head PAST it first to find [_SCRAP NOTE 26_] on the
ledge, then go back and enter the door. This is the last challenge room of
the chapter, so use the machine and get ready for the challenge!

 |  This is an interesting one. The goal here is "Destroy them all at once",
 | and like Toko says, we need to use the ball. The only danger here are all
 | of the Bomber Monokuma, who look north and left on a timer. We need to
 | dash past them when they look left, so we aren't caught when they look
 | north. Do that and, once you are behind the Ball Monokuma, hit it with a
 | Knockback Bullet and it will kill EVERYONE. Very, very nice!
 We got a tutorial in the challenge as well, but let me sum it up here: You
can use Knockback when the Ball Monokuma don't have their feet out to make
them roll and explode. If their feet are out, use Dance first, and THEN use

 Exit the challenge room and around the corner is a Bomber Monokuma. Be very
careful of his bombs and take him out. Head out into the open area now and
note the GIANT Monokuma statue here. Head around to the back of it and you'll
see sparkles! Use Detect here for [_HIDDEN KID 5 OF 5_], our last of the
chapter. Very nice! Head into the nearby door now.

 Quickly equip your Knockback Bullet here and head forward, watching out for
any bombs thrown at you. Across the gap are three Guard Monokuma and a single
Bomber Monokuma. Shoot at them with Knockout and you'll likely kill them all
thanks to the bomb. Clean up whoever left.

 Now, in this room there is a sparkle item to the northeast, on the shelf and
a place to climb up to the southeast where all the Monokuma were. Go get that
sparkle for [_SCRAP NOTE 27_], then climb up the ledge. There is a ledge to
out left as well, but HEAD PAST IT and follow the path. This leads to the
"Mannequin Monokuma" room, but not all of them are mannequins... if they don't
have a black base, they are enemies! There should be two normal Monokuma in
here to put down.

 Now, there are THREE presents here. The first one will spawn three Monokuma
enemies right where we came from. I like to spawn them for the money if
nothing else, but up to you. The other two should give you some money and
the [_SAVING GOD_] SKILL BOOK. This skill costs a ton and increases the
yellow ring from Despair Mode... which again, we should hardly be seeing, if
at all, so I don't like it.

 Head back now and take the higher ledge we skipped earlier. Exit the door
up here and we'll be on the third floor. Look to the left past the gap to see
a sparkle in the distance... we'll come back to that. Head forward to see a
Ball Monokuma and several regular Monokuma pacing back and forth. Here, you
can score a major victory if you wait until they all line up in the middle
and then hit the Ball Monokuma with a Knockback Bullet. So beautiful. Collect
your spoils, but be sure to go back to the hallway to the south on the map.

 This hallway leads to the "Staff Rooms". Head down there and right to the
Female Staff Room. In here you'll see some more demented kids, but there is
also a MonoMono machine and, in the back, [_BOOK 10_]. This brings up the
ghost thing from earlier... and I must say, Toko is probably right. Poor
Komaru... this is the last book of this chapter though, just FYI.

 Head back out now and enter the Male Staff Room. There's another messed-up
scene here. Stupid kids. There is another MonoMono machine here and a sparkle
item as well: [_HIT LIST 6_]. This is another relation to Danganronpa, but
also the last hit list of this chapter. Head back out of the staff room
hallway and back to the open area.

 Continue right/east and you'll eventually come to a beam that we'll have to
cross. Get your Knockback Bullet ready, because once we're in the middle of
it Guard Monokuma and Bomber Monokuma will show up in front of us while a
regular Monokuma shows up behind us. Knock them ALL off, even the regular
Monokuma... we don't need that problem right now!

 Once you get to the other side, hand a left and head to the ledge here to
get that sparkle we saw earlier for [_SCRAP NOTE 28_]. Head to the hallway
now and save if you wish (you should!), the enter the door.

 This room is... another riddle! Well, not so much a riddle, but at the very
least a visual puzzle. The kid only hands us a note saying there is only ONE
CORRECT KEY, and then leaves. The way to answer this is to use your Detect
Bullet and look at the graffiti to the right: three inner tubes and an arrow
through them to a key. What this means is that we must find the key that we
see through three inner tubes. This is fairly easy to do by trial and error,
but this IS a guide: from your starting point, go to the left a bit and look
through the inner tube there. There will be three inner tube going across the
room leading to the [_ROOM KEY_]. Go pick it up and we can now exit.

 Back out in the open area, head left to the corner in the north. You can find
a sparkle here that is [_SCRAP NOTE 29_]. Continue on up the stairs now to see
a scene. We'll meet... someone, and enlist his help. I'd say we'd have to know
his name first, but... ugh.

 Once you have control head down the stairs (we cannot go back up!) and kill
the two Monokuma that show up. There is a Bomber Monokuma by the yellow barrier
here that we can blow up to make a shortcut. Head down the stairs a few times
to meet another Bomber Monokuma, who we can kill for another shortcut to the
first floor. From here, head STRAIGHT to the sparkle on the couch across from
the stairs for [_SCRAP NOTE 30_], the last collectable in the chapter. This
nets us a scene as well.

 Head towards the elevator now and you'll see a scene. Afterwards, we are in
for a fight! Here we must protect the hacker as he works, with THREE Junk
Monokuma closing in. Thankfully, the game seems to only advance two of them
at a time, but the key here is to focus on damaging one and, if the others
get too close, use Knockback to send them back. These things keep to a
straight line when attacking, so this is a workable strategy. Kill them off
one at a time, knocking them back if they get too close and you'll emerge

 After you are done, you'll see a scene which... just, ugh. Even more despair
we'll have to work through. No time to mourn too much right now though: we
have a new enemy to kill: the Beast Monokuma. This thing attacks on all fours
like a true beast and likes to dash left to right. They also like to dodge
bullets. Still, one hit to the weak spot (the eye, like most Monokuma) will
take them out. You can also hit them with Dance and hit their eye much easier
that way. This particular battle isn't too hard either: the corpse here helps
to block them from you right at the start.

 Take them out and we'll get a parting scene with the man. He'll mention his
kid who "is about our age", and indeed he is the dad of one of the characters
from the first Danganronpa game. Oh, Alter Ego. May all of you rest in peace!
Go save and use those MonoMono machines if you haven't yet, then head to the
elevator for a scene.
 Once it inevitably gets stuck (because OF COURSE it does), we will have
another scene and will eventually regain control. Note that there are actually
TWO MonoMono machines here, to give us one last chance to re-stock. I say one
last chance because as you leave the elevator, we will be in a boss fight!

 As usual, there is a LOT of dialog here. Very interesting and revealing
dialog that will eventually come to an end as we face another boss:

 ~ BOSS FIGHT START  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Doctor Von Geralt (which is what I am totally calling him and any other
name is automatically wrong) has one big secret here: he has no visible weak
point! Well, his weak point is actually on his head, which you aren't going
to hit normally.

 Naturally, this means there is a trick to exposing him, but let's go over
his attacks first. We will start the fight by shooting rockets at us (which
do have a Monokuma face) that move forward slowly and blow up in the air. It
is extremely easy to run off to the side or just run away in general from
this though that you really shouldn't ever be getting hit by this attack.
Still, they blow up in the air and not by hitting anything, so do NOT hang
out near them or stand by them at any point.

 The other move you need to watch out for (that we can't do anything with or
about) his when Doctor Von Geralt flies (charges?) across the arena. This can
hurt if you don't get out of the way, but again it is not very likely that you
will get hit by this (unless you just really aren't paying attention).

 OK, onto hurting this guy. His final move is kneeling down and launching
giant Monokuma bombs out onto the area. This is the attack we want to see, as
we can launch it back at Doctor Von Geralt with the Knockback Bullet and take
him down. When we hit him with it, he falls down, revealing his head. From
there we need to fill his head full of Break Bullets or just let Genocide
Jack have her fun.

 And... that's it! Literally! Just keep shooting those ball bombs at the
good Doctor Robot and hit his head until he dies! He will at times shoot out
FOUR bombs instead of two, but that's really just more ammo for you. Just
don't stand near these bombs when they turn read and explode.

 Don't forget that items will be spread throughout the arena as you fight,
so if you ever get low on ammo or health (or even batteries!), be sure to
do some quick sweeps every now and again.

 Honestly, I found this boss fight pathetically easy. The first boss we
fought was more of a challenge. But, there you have it, use this strategy
to trounce the good Doctor and emerge victorious.

 ~ BOSS FIGHT END  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 You'll get to see what happens to Jataro. I'll admit, the face thing totally
took me by surprise. Heh. Continue to the exit to see more scenes that will
eventually end the chapter.

(-NOTE-) For getting A RANK, you will get the [_STAR BODY_] SKILL BOOK and
         a bonus of 500 Monokuma Coins. We need to get an A RANK for every
         chapter, so if you didn't get it this time we will have to wait
         until after we beat the game to re-play the chapter.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "The Mask Was A Thing On Its Own" Bronze Trophy
         after clearing Chapter 2.

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                  CHAPTER 3: CUTE GIRL'S BATTLEFIELD                  >==O
 At the start of this chapter we have a TON of dialog. Just a ton. A lot of
this is very revealing as well and even goes into Danganronpa 1. I really
hope you've played the first game!

 After all of the dialog we will finally be in control. Now, once we are
free we will be in a DARK area. But, there is a light straight ahead that we
can see... a sparkle really, but follow it and you'll soon see a scene. The
kid we startle ends up running off, but leaves us a glow-stick and a path to
follow thanks to the paint.

 Still, this area is DARK, and there is NO MAP. I'm here to guide you through
it though. Use your DETECT Bullet to find the footprints and follow them
(there is nothing in the dark area ahead of you). You will wrap around the
counter and see a dead body on the right. Now, from this body head STRAIGHT
here to find a present for a whopping 120 Monokuma Coins. Follow this "Wave
Wall" now to the right, which leads past some windows to a door (the kid ran
through here).

 Head into the door and make a left at the statue. Follow this wall now back
to some sparkles to find [_HIDDEN KID 1 OF 5_]. Now, behind us we can pick up
the trail again, but you'll see it goes over the desk and we can't follow: we
are forced to loop around the central pillar and desks. On the way, stick to
the desks on the right. You'll pass two bodies and after the second body, head
forward and be ready to fight a Monokuma.

 The rest of this area is boxed in, with a door on the left leading to the
"exit" of this small area (the wall here is another "Wave Wall", too). Find
the door and TURN AROUND before going through, and you'll see a sparkle near
an over-turned table, which is [_HIT LIST 7_]. This... target is totally the
closest thing to a certain someone... head back to the door and go on through
to continue our dark journey.

 Stick to the right wall here and you'll see the kid behind some bars. You'll
also hear Monokuma in the distance, and sure enough if you go in a bit
he will attack from the left. Take him out. From the wall we were at, continue
to follow it and you'll see a sparkle in the distance. Head over there, but be
ready to kill another Monokuma. Once you get to the sparkle, you'll see it is
by a body. Pick it up for [_SOCKI THE SOCK 5_]. From there, turn RIGHT and 
follow the wall on your left to find the kid! Approach her for a scene.

 Mmm, livestock. Wha..? Oh right, the guide. Once we gain control, use the
MonoMono machine and head forwards. You'll see a Bomber Monokuma in the
distance. Wait until he is in front of the broken blast shield on the right
and shoot him, making a way out of this tower! Walk forward a bit and STOP,
then turn around and you'll see a sparkle to the left! Go get it to find
[_SCRAP NOTE 31_], then leave the tower for a scene.

 Free at last! We can go left or right here, but go LEFT FIRST as it leads
to a dead-end that has the [_SUPER PRECISION SHOT_] SKILL BOOK. Very nice,
if you want a slower aiming reticle. Head to the right now to find a save
point and a ladder, so save and head down!
 We'll get some more dialog once we head down. Quite a bit more, actually,
as we'll see the kids and even a new type of Monokuma. I don't really like
his voice...

 After that, head forward to the door and continue on to the door after that.
You'll be in a generator room. Go shoot the red light to the right to start
it up and see a scene. We have a puzzle here now (or a challenge):
 O RIDDLE: Find the light in the darkness.
 This isn't too tough, actually. First, notice the pain on the wall near the
paint cans. The cabinets across the way were obviously moved... Now, go into
the next room and behind the lockers turn the light off. This puts some light
through the cracks nearby, spelling out " 2 5 1 9 0 7 ".

 We need four numbers though... head into the next room and use both of the
cabinets to move them back. After that, go look at the numbers again and this
time it will be " 2 1 9 7 ". Perfect! Go enter that in and you're free!

 Once you leave the room, head forward and out across the gap you can see some
sparkles! Use Detect for [_HIDDEN KID 2 OF 5_]. Now, down the hallway there
are three wandering Ball Monokuma and a Siren Monokuma at the very end. You
can actually snipe this Siren Monokuma with Dance to distract them all, then
carefully sneak up on a Ball Monokuma and shoot him with Knockback to kill them
all! Don't get too close! There is a MonoMono machine out here too. After that,
head right and kill the Monokuma attacking the body by the door. Near the body
is actually [_SCRAP NOTE 32_], so pick it up and enter the door.

 In this hallway, use the MonoMono machine and continue down to the next room,
which is actually our first challenge room. It also starts out by giving us
a tutorial:

   TUTORIAL: This challenge introduces "Monokuma Maidens", where one of the
             Monokuma Kids will hide out in. We have to find him while we
             avoid the patrolling Monokuma Beasts. If we pick the wrong hiding
             place, we'll be attacked.
             To help us out, the kids will sing and we'll also have a visual
             indicator that tells us if we are close. This is a yellow circle,
             but as you get to the right hiding spot it will go from yellow,
             to blue, to purple!
 |  We are playing "Hide and Seek" here and we cannot be caught! Watch the
 | camera and note the Monokuma Beasts go up and down in a pattern. Now, the
 | Monokuma Kid we want is in the upper-right corner. Wait until the first
 | Monokuma Beast goes south and go past it, waiting halfway between the rows
 | for the second Monokuma Beast to go by. Pass him to and wait again for the
 | third to go by, then pass him and go north to the room. You'll see your
 | circle change. Open up that Monokuma Maiden to solve this challenge. After
 | you do, be sure to go shoot every single Monokuma Beast in the eye for all
 | of the coins. Don't worry, while they are shocked like this they can't
 | fight back! Payday!
 Head out of the challenge area and we'll be in the lobby of the first floor.
Go directly to your left here for [_BOOK 11_], which brings up some dialog.
Now, out here there are three Ball Monokuma, some regular Monokuma and a
Bomber Monokuma by the elevator. By far the best thing you can do is watch
the pacing Ball Monokuma. Notice how he walks in front of the Ball Monokuma
facing away from you? Wait until he does so and shoot the northwest Ball
Monokuma with Knockout. This will kill all three Ball Monokuma.

 From there, wipe out the regular Monokuma and Bomber Monokuma to make this
area safe. To restock, you can find two MonoMono machines up on the ruined
columns. You can also find [_SCRAP NOTE 33_] by the elevator (which is a bit
sad). After getting those items, leave the tower. There are quite a few scenes
of dialog and cut-scenes once you do.

 Eventually we'll be back in control (after a falling out!). Head LEFT first to
the police vehicle on the far left side. Inside the first one is [_HIT LIST 8_]
which has a familiar face on it. This is the last one of the chapter, too. To
the far right is another sparkle item in the police vehicle, so run across the
area and check the left vehicle over here for the [_BRIMMING GIRL POWER_] SKILL
BOOK. Heh, it is worth using for the Healing Item Effect. Use the MonoMono
machine if you wish and leave the tower base.

 We're back on the docks. Kill the Bomber Monokuma out here and check out the
platform to the left of where he was for [_HIDDEN KID 3 OF 5_]. Nice, use the
machine here if you want and save, then continue on. We'll be in a challenge
room, and a Monokuma Kid will give us a note... really, a labyrinth? OK...
Use the MonoMono machine and let's do this challenge:

 |  "Destroy them all with one explosion". Pretty easy, really. Note the Guard
 | Monokuma here and the two hologram machines. Only one of them is behind the
 | Guard Monokuma though! There is also a Bomber Monokuma looking around. What
 | we need to do is head right (I wait for when the Bomber is looking up, vice
 | east) and make our way up that path to the hologram in the far back. Shoot
 | this thing with Move and wait for the Bomber to show up (he's the only one
 | who will move). Shoot him down with Break and we've cleared this challenge.
 Head on in to the next room and... another challenge!? Two in a row for us,
apparently. Use the machine if you wish and lets do another challenge:
 |  "Destroy them all at once." This one made me re-load actually, but not
 | because it was hard, but because the AI is dumb. Here what you want to do
 | is to head to the left and stand by the car. Now, shoot the hologram with
 | MOVE, causing the Siren Monokuma to show up near it. Once he does, shoot
 | him with DANCE and he will draw in the three Guard Monokuma.
 |  STAY THERE AND WATCH until all three of the Guard Monokuma are in the
 | skinny hallway area by the Siren Monokuma. Pray that one of the right
 | ones doesn't get stuck (they shouldn't, with any luck). Once they are all
 | near Siren Monokuma, move away from the car behind you and shoot it with
 | Move to take them all out at once. Beautiful!
 Continue on to the next door to... another challenge room. Here though, look
for a corpse in the corner for [_SCRAP NOTE 34_], then go ahead and use the
machine if you want and start the challenge:
 |  "Destroy them all with one explosion", just like the first challenge room.
 | Note that the layout gives us very little options on who to shoot: one of
 | the three Bomber Monokuma. It should be obvious, but we want to shoot the
 | middle one and kill him. This should launch the other Bomber Monokuma out
 | to kill the rest and we'll win... even though it definitely was more than
 | "one explosion"...
 Head forward down the hallway after the last challenge and on the right are
the kids celebrating, with you know who in the chair... look closely at the
Nagisa picture though. Yep! [_HIDDEN KID 4 OF 5_] is ours! Go talk to the
Monokuma Kid now to obtain your reward: the [_PARALYZE TRUTH BULLET_].

 TUTORIAL: Paralyze will shock out the Monokuma electrical systems. You can
           use it on groups as well. It can also be shot in water to hit any
           Monokuma that may be in that water. Very powerful!
 BEFORE you leave the Monokuma Door, look to the left by the blob creatures
to find [_BOOK 12_]. Heh, this is classic dialog. Go ahead and leave the
labyrinth now.

 Back out on the docks, ignore the stupid UFO thing and head right. Talk to
the adult here and continue on to three Monokuma. Try out the Paralyze Shot
here to see how it does. Pretty good, right? Kill these guys and continue to
the boxes in back to find [_SOCKI THE SOCK 6_], which is the last one of those
in this chapter.

 Head back the right way now and use your Paralyze Shot on the center Monokuma
down this way. Easy! Coming up is pools of water with Guard Monokuma standing
it it. Shoot one of the nearby Monokuma with his back turned to you and you
will FRY them all. Such a beautiful thing! Continue on to a MonoMono machine
for a refill, and then enter the door to be in the last challenge room. Use
the MonoMono machine and let's do this last challenge:
 |  "Destroy them all with electricity". This one is actually very easy, as
 | I think the game is still testing us on the Paralyze Bullet. All you need
 | to do here is head south and shoot the hologram machine over the gap with
 | Move. That will draw over the nearby Monokuma. Shoot him with the Paralyze
 | Shot and you will zap EVERYTHING in the room. Very, very nice!
 Leave the challenge room and we'll be out at the start of the docks. There is
a shop up here, which you should definitely visit. Once again, I ended up
buying ALL of the Bling Bullets here. Hopefully you can also afford that as
well, if not go with the capacity bullets and the deals. Capacity is always
good to equip to things like Dance and Paralyze! There is a save spot here as
well we should use.

 Before we head to our goal however, head back out onto the docks, following
the same path we took when we first got here. It is a dead-end now of course,
but at the end is the [_EXCAVATOR_] SKILL BOOK. This is one you should equip
right away, for more enemy drops! Picking this up spawns enemies behind us,
but they are all grouped together so use a Paralyze Shot to be rid of them
quickly. Save again if you wish and let's continue. Head on to the Graveyard
area now.

 A Junk Monokuma will approach us here, so be ready to take him out (I always
like to use Dance on these things). Once you kill it, go luck on the third
grave on the right after entering for [_SCRAP NOTE 35_]. Also, as you head
into the graveyard, keep your eyes open on the left as well for another (very
messed-up) [_SCRAP NOTE 36_]. Head down into the sewers now.

 Down here head forward for three MonoMono machines and restock. Not bad!
Around the corner are two Guard Monokuma with their back to us, so hit them
with a Paralyze Shot. Past the bridge, be sure to turn left and pick up the
[_SCRAP NOTE 37_]. Head back to the hideout ladder now, but DO NOT GO UP.
Look out into the gap and you'll see some sparkles! A bit tricky, but use
Detect out here for [_HIDDEN KID 5 OF 5_]. Head up the ladder now, save and
enter the hideout.

 You'll get a scene here, complete with some movie reference and some more
partner angst. Once you have control, talk to the people in here and then
go check out the truck in the middle for [_SCRAP NOTE 38_]. There are actually
a TON of items in here.

 Head to the first room on the left to find [_BOOK 13_] and a conversation.
Heh. The next room up on the left has [_SCRAP NOTE 39_]. Head back out to
the foyer and head to the lower right room now. Under a bed in here you can
find the excellent [_DAILY EFFORT_] SKILL BOOK. This thing increases the EXP
you gain, so equip it ASAP! Head up to the next room now for another sparkle
on a bed for [_SCRAP NOTE 40_].

 Be sure to SAVE here and enter the conference room for some scenes. In the
end, we will have to save everyone from a Monokuma attack! This is a mini-game
of sorts as there are adults standing in place with health bars and we must
protect them. Shiro helps out here, bumping into various Monokuma's and
stalling them. Here we'll face normal Monokuma and Bomber Monokuma, so they
will be super easy to kill, just kill them off as fast as you can, prioritizing
the human near the entrance (where the Monokuma spawn) and the humans to the
far left and right. If they group up together, use Paralyze Shot to save ammo.

 Once you are done, there will be a cut-scene and you'll get the trophy below:
(-NOTE-) You should get the "Secret Base Defenders" Bronze Trophy here. I
         don't believe it matters how many humans you save, but if it does
         and you don't happen to get this trophy, be sure to let me know!
 After the mini-game, we'll get several more cut-scenes. After awhile, we'll
catch up with what happened to Komaru and, well... a tutorial:

   TUTORIAL: Use X to drive away the tentacles. Use the Directional Buttons
             to aim, and use the Right Stick to switch between screens. There
             are three sets of screens: Face, Body, Legs. Switch between all
             three of them and drive away the tentacles.
 Yes, we need to stop Komaru from being groped. Yeah... It isn't too rough
actually, although some of you may have to fight your instincts otherwise
here. Flick between the screens and drive away tentacles as fast as you can.
The "Danger" screen here will help you know which screen the tentacles are
on, and if you can't target one, flick up or down to the screen they are on
and you'll be able to take them out. Keep away the "Motivation" and we'll get
some more scenes and a trophy:

(-NOTE-) After keeping away the "Motivation", you will get the "Keeping The
         Ratings Down" Bronze Trophy. Congrats?
 More cut-scenes will take over and we'll be in control of Genocide Jack.
We have SEVEN MINUTES once you get control on the train, which is honestly
plenty of time. Fight your way past the many Monokuma's standing between us
and our goal. Once you kill them all, you will automatically move onto the
next train car. Keep killing Monokuma enemies but DO NOT use any of your
super moves.

 Once you take out all the regular enemies, you will eventually face Kotoko
herself. She will shoot her denture gun, so be sure to zig-zag as you run
at her to dodge it. Once you get close, use a single power attack on her to
make her run. We'll have to do this four times while chasing her down, but
as Genocider Jack we are only limited by the time limit.

 If you can't use power attacks, just circle Kotoku and keep attacking. If
she does hit us, she will laugh at us as Jack struggles for a few seconds
to get the dentures off. Keep attacking and soon the train will crash and
Komaru will be saved.

 Once we have control with Komaru, DO NOT go through the nearby door. Instead,
head down the train corridor to the couch where you will find [_SCRAP NOTE 41_]
which is the last collectable in this chapter. Head back and enter the giant
"Fighter Icon" door to come to the boss fight!

 ~ BOSS FIGHT START  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 This fight is a bit more challenging than the last two, but not by much.
As you can tell from the arena filled with water, the key to this fight is
going to be our Paralyze Shot. This ammo will drop along with Break Ammo and
hearts, so be sure to be on the lookout for them as we fight.

 "Highlander the Great" has a giant axe that has some serious reach to it.
It is very easy to get hurt here if you're not careful. In total, this boss
has three moves. The first is a simple axe swing that will get stuck in the
ground. The second move is always announced as "Mega Splash" and is three
successive Axe Strikes in a row as it advances on you. Stay on the move for
this one. The third and final move is "Mega Tornado" and makes Highlander
spin in a circle while trying to close in on you.

 As I mentioned before, the key here is our Paralyze Shot: we want Highlander
to get his axe stuck in the ground. As soon as he does that, go to one of the
raised platforms in the area and find a Monokuma in the water, then shoot that
Monokuma with Paralyze. This makes Highlander drop his breastplate, revealing
his weak spot so get over there and shoot it with Break when you can.

 That whole process is relatively simple, but to make it harder Highlander
has a tendency to kill the Monokuma's in his way. His Mega Splash and Mega
Tornado attacks will often wipe any nearby Monokuma out, so do your best to
lead him away from the Monokuma so you can use them for your Paralyze Shot.
As the fight progresses, you will also start facing Guard Monokuma instead of
normal Monokuma. Shoot off their shields ahead of time and then treat them
just like regular Monokuma.

 That is really all there is to this fight. Collect ammo and hearts when you
get low, get Highlander's Axe stuck in the ground, use Paralyze Shot on the
nearby Monokuma's and then punish Highlander's weak spot in his chest. Do
this about 4-5 times and the boss will fall.

 ~ BOSS FIGHT END  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 What ends up happening to Kotoko is.. different?! Wow... that's not all even,
the scenes after the boss fight here are drastically different. It took me by
surprise. Enjoy them and soon the chapter will come to a close!

(-NOTE-) For getting A RANK, you will get the [_RERAISE_] SKILL BOOK and
         a bonus of 500 Monokuma Coins. We need to get an A RANK for every
         chapter, so if you didn't get it this time we will have to wait
         until after we beat the game to re-play the chapter.

(-NOTE-) Once will get the "You Merely Broke My Life" Bronze Trophy after
         clearing Chapter 3.
         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                      CHAPTER 4: THE WAY WE LIVE                      >==O
 Well... the start of this chapter is pretty unexpected. But hey, let's roll
with it and see what happens I guess!

 At the start, DO NOT follow Nagisa. Instead, turn around and head to the
dead-end behind you. On the left-hand wall (or southern wall, according to
the map) is a sparkle for [_HIDDEN KID 1 OF 5_].

 Head east now back the way we came and across from the save point is a trunk
that has a sparkle near it. This is [_SCRAP NOTE 42_]. Go ahead and continue
to follow Nagisa now.

 As you follow him, he'll lead us right into a trap... not a trap for us,
though, a trap for HIM! Seems like they don't appreciate what he is trying to
do! Here we must protect Nagisa for three waves of attacks. We will face some
normal Monokuma's, but there are also Siren Monokuma as well. Once each wave
starts, shoot the Siren Monokuma and then paralyze the whole group. There are
also several cars around this area we could use Move on alternatively. Your
call really.

 One you destroy them all, continue to follow Nagisa. He will lead us into
another trap shortly (be sure to get the MonoMono machine on the way, as we
need the ammo it has!). This time though, we face nothing but Bomber Monokuma
up on the rooftop! Try to shoot down the middle Bomber Monokuma here to kill
them all if you can. If they jump down, you'll have to deal with them alone,
but try to take them out ASAP anyways as more may jump down and get caught in
the explosion you leave behind. The key to this ambush is to shoot smartly:
always try to take out the middle Bomber Monokuma when three or more show up
and you'll save ammo. This ambush lasts for awhile, but keep hitting them in
the middle and when they jump down and you'll pass it.

 After the Bomber Monokuma ambush, DO NOT follow Nagisa right away. Open your
map and you'll see we are at a path split. Head all the way SOUTH first and
then check the northeast corner of the bottom area, behind the car and rubble
to find [_BOOK 14_]. Head south after that to see a bunch of wrecked Move cars.
One of these you can shoot though (the middle one) to move it out of the way.
Do so and check the path it opens for [_HIT LIST 9_]. Head back now, but note
the path to the right (the one with the cow above it) is a path we can't go
down. Nagisa will stop you if you try.

 Continue north and hit up the MonoMono machine here. We'll be in another
ambush soon. This one is... odd. Nagisa will be in  danger as usual, but in
the back by the far busses will be a ton of Guard Monokuma. They will actually
stay back there, and from the sides some Ball Monokuma will show up. What we
need to do here is play some bowling! Shoot these Bal Monokuma with Dance and
then Knockback to bowl them towards the guards and kill them all. Be sure to
move back and forth while you do this, as the Ball Monokuma will throw trash
at us in the meantime.

 Be VERY CAREFUL here not to roll a Ball Monokuma into Nagisa. Always aim them
away, as you can kill him very easily otherwise. Killing Nagisa off like this
is a Game Over by the way. Keep bowling the Ball Monokuma towards the guards
(which actually racks up quite a few level ups) and soon the Guard Monokuma
will be replaced by four Junk Monokuma. This is the final part of this ambush,
so kill off as many Junk Monokuma as you can with bowling and deal with them
separately as the Ball Monokuma will run out. I ended up having to face down
two Junk Monokuma solo here, but Dance and well-placed Break Shots did the

 Once this ambush is over, we are at a four-way intersection. However, there
is nothing to the south for us. You can go explore the western path if you
want, as it leads to a door, but once again Nagisa will stop us from doing
anything over there. Just head north for now, following Nagisa and you will
get a long scene about how the Warriors of Hope were founded. Wow...

 After the scene, gather the nearby MonoMono machine and head north to the
shrine. We'll get another quick scene here and then we'll have control. Right
away, turn to the LEFT and go get the sparkle for [_SCRAP NOTE 43_]. This will
give us some dialog, actually. Once that is done, hit up the two MonoMono
machines here. Now, a tricky hidden item: head past the shrine gate up the
stairs a bit and TURN AROUND. Look UP now to see a sparkle on the back of the
gate: shoot it with Detect for [_HIDDEN KID 2 OF 5_]. Once you have him, go
ahead and save, then continue up the steps.

 We will get several scenes up here... just a ton of new info that will drive
the plot forward and reveals a lot about Toko and The Servant. Still, the next
time we gain control, we will be immediately thrown into a boss fight:

 ~ BOSS FIGHT START  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 This is less a "Boss Fight" and more of a "we must stay alive for a certain
amount of time" fight. The idea in this fight is to run while Genocide Jack
drains her battery. This is a wide-open area however... still, the best place
to run is around the broken shrine, which gives us SOMETHING for Jack to run

 However, you are BOUND to get hit. Genocide Jack's normal attacks can be
out-run with ease, but she also has a spiral attack that will most likely hit
you as it is semi-homing and has a large range. As you get hit, your clothing
will also fall off... because why not!

 The key to this fight is to shoot Genocide Jack whenever she jumps up on the
nearby lantern to re-charge her batteries. Whenever she jumps up (usually on
the left lantern), IMMEDIATELY stop and aim at her with a Break Bullet and
shoot her. This stops her re-charging and continues the battery draining.

 Be sure to keep doing that and run around and pick up any items you can in
the meantime (hearts), and you'll emerge victorious as soon as her batteries
run out.

 ~ BOSS FIGHT END  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
 After the fight, you'll get more dialog and scenes. Several more, of course.
After all of the scenes we'll be outside the shrine. Head down the steps and
go save, then exit back out to the streets.

 Here we'll be confronted by a Monokuma Kid who will give you a challenge:
 o RIDDLE: I challenge you to a treasure hunt!
           You look like a dummy, so I'll be nice and give you a hint!
           The treasure boxes drawn on the map...
           There are 3 letters written on the treasure box - X, T, and L.
           The odd box with the letter that looks like L but has an X is the
           real one!
           That's it! End of hint! QED!
           I wish you the best of luck!
 Well... if you look on the map, there are a total of EIGHT Treasure Boxes,
so we have our work cut out for us. We know the right one has an X on it,
and the "Odd L" refers to the map. However, there's a lot of stuff to do
before we get to the right one.

(-NOTE-) Opening any of the Treasure Boxes that aren't the right one will
         result in a Monokuma attack, with no chance of treasure afterwards
         either. Best to leave them alone until the one I name!

 Head forwards here and we'll have to fight a group of Monokuma. To the right
is a Siren Monokuma, so shoot him and hit the group that surrounds him with a
Paralyze Shot to take them all out. Around this intersection are some normal
Monokuma and Guard Monokuma you may have to clean up as well, depending on how
you do with the Siren Monokuma. There is also a Treasure Box here that you can
use Detect on to see an "X". This IS NOT the right one however.

 For now, go get the MonoMono machine to the south and head east. You'll find
another Treasure Box over here with an "L", so leave it alone. Enter the door
to the north to be in a challenge room! Use the machines here and take on this
 |  "Destroy them all with electricity" is the goal here. This one actually
 | takes some thinking... The key here is of course the water and how it is
 | structured. All of the top Guard Monokuma are exactly where we want them.
 | The bottom Guard Monokuma can be influenced by the holograms, but the
 | middle one is in water already. The first one isn't, so we need to shoot
 | the first hologram. The third one is, but we need an "anchor" Monokuma to
 | electrify the water on the right, so shoot the third hologram as well.
 |  To recap: shoot the first and third holograms with Move, then hit the
 | middle Monokuma with a Paralyze Shot. This will hit every Monokuma on the
 | map and kill them all. Very nice!
 After you gather up the spoils, continue past the challenge area and north.
We will be taken to a new screen, inside a building with a TON of presents.
Every red present in here gives us coins, except for the one in the far back
which gives us the [_ULTRA STUDY TECHNIQUE_] SKILL BOOK, which you will want
to equip RIGHT AWAY as it increases our experience! The Green Present spawns
three Monokuma, so take them out and leave this area. Head all the way back
to the four-way intersection.

 We have no choice but to head east now, to the corner. We can't head north
through the obvious gateway yet. Continue around the corner and head south.
We'll enter a new screen but also we'll get a scene with a Monokuma Kid, who
will give us the [_BURN BULLET_]. Well than... we get a tutorial here on the
bullet, that I'm just going to sum up as: shoot these at the red generator
aura's and at enemies that quickly approach you.

 Keep it out right now and head forward a bit to meet a new enemy who we are
about to test this bullet out on: Destroy Monokuma. These guys actually FLY
and will shoot their own burn bullets at us. Fire at them and they will try
to zoom in at you, crashing into you. Shoot them down before they can do that
to take them out (Do NOT let them hit you, as they can actually knock you BACK
into the previous area... loading and all! I may have found out the hard way
with that...).

 Once they are dead, you can check out the nearby treasure box for a "T"...
this is not the one. Also, BE SURE to equip Bling Bullets to your BURN Bullet
while you can. For these, it is a wise idea to focus on EFFECT, to increase
their power, since these naturally come with so many bullet count.

 From here, we can head west if you wish, although there really isn't much
over there. You can find a Treasure Box with an "L" on it and, at the very
start of the area, there is actually a Monokuma we can easily kill by coming
in from the south. Some extra money, I suppose. There's the save point as
well. Go take care of that path if you wish, then come back to the "T"
Treasure Box area.

 To the south is nothing but an "L" Treasure Box, so head south and enter
the alley with the cow sign above it. Heh... this is fairly tight quarters
here. Head forward and you'll see a MonoMono machine soon. This corner has
two Guard Monokuma around it, so be ready to take them out and use the machine
afterwards. Continue forwards to a three-way path split... just to the left
are three normal Monokuma, so take them out one by one with nice shots. Now,
face this intersection's SOUTH and look up on the building to see a sparkle.
This is actually [_HIDDEN KID 3 OF 5_], so use Detect on it. Head north from
here to be taken to the northern part of the map.

 Up here, to your right are two Destroyer Monokuma. Take them on one at a
time with your Burn Bullets. Once they are dead, use the MonoMono machine to
the north and gather up the [_SCRAP NOTE 44_]. Continue on to the east now
and head north, making your way to a door. There is an event by the car with
all the children you can trigger if you examine it, by the way. Enter the door
once you get to it. This is of course another challenge room, so use the
machines and get ready!
 |  "Destroy them all with electricity" is once again the goal here. This
 | area ia a bit dis-jointed however. This will require us to do things in
 | a certain order while we get everyone in the water.
 |  To start with, shoot the hologram machine with Move and it will bring
 | over the Siren Monokuma. Now, shoot the car with Move to unblock all of
 | the normal Monokuma. After that, shoot the Siren Monokuma with Dance to
 | bring EVERYONE over. Wait until all the Guard Monokuma are pressed against
 | the car (there is extra water over there) and wait until all the normal
 | Monokuma gather around as well. Be extra careful here, as the normal
 | Monokuma have a tendency to run back and forth out of the water, so time
 | your Paralyze Shot well and get them all at once!
 Afterwards, move through the challenge area and you'll see a Bomber Monokuma
near the gate to the south. Blow him up to create that shortcut. Now, there is
also a Treasure Chest here with an "X" on it. Open this one up and you will be
rewarded with money and the [_BATTLE SKILL_] SKILL BOOK, which actually lets
Komaru run while having the hacking gun aimed. Pretty neat.

 Head back the way we came now, exiting the challenge room doors and heading
southeast towards the alley to the southeast. Once you get into the alley,
head forward until you see the door but DO NOT enter yet. Look to the right
to see a sparkle, which is [_BOOK 15_] and Toko's very one novel! Wow...

 Continue on to the challenge room afterwards and use the machines for our
latest challenge:
 |  This is a "Destroy them all with one explosion" room. However, we only
 | have a narrow path to shoot from the south from. Still, this is a clever
 | challenge overall. As you can see, the three Bomber Monokuma walk left to
 | right, but the middle one walks opposite of the other ones. The idea here
 | is to wait for the middle one to walk left, where it will be in our shot
 | path, and then hit it with Dance.
 |  Now, WAIT. Wait for the other two Bomber Monokuma to walk left PAST the
 | one who is dancing and once they do shoot the dancing Monokuma with Break
 | and bring him down. His death will make him explode and launch the other
 | two Bomber Monokuma to the left, killing all the Destroyer Monokuma and
 | finishing this challenge.
 Once you are done, go gather up the spoils and check out the northern section
of this area for [_HIT LIST 10_]. Like the previous area, we can also approach
the barrier to the west to have a Bomber Monokuma show up. Take him out to make
a shortcut back out onto the street. Now, head all the way back to the alleyway
in the middle of the map (the skinny one... middle-right of the map), to the
three-way split.

 From here, we need to head east. This leads back out onto the eastern street
of course. Head south from here and you'll see a large pool of water... we are
going to use this soon. Head south and THREE Junk Monokuma will attack! Lure
them all into the water and use Paralyze on one of them (don't worry if Toko
is in the water as well). It may take about three shots or so, but you'll kill
them all off easily.

 After that, head to the right (east) wall and look north by a car to find
a sparkle for [_SCRAP NOTE 45_]. Continue on to the west, nabbing the single
MonoMono machine and entering the doors you find to enter a challenge room.
Use the machines here and we'll have our newest challenge:

 |  Another "Find the kid without getting caught". This one can be really
 | rough though, because there are a total of four Beast Monokuma patrolling
 | the entire area for us. That said, let's do this in steps. First of all,
 | check out their patrolling patterns to see that two of them rotate
 | counter-clockwise around the arena while two others patrol in the small
 | row areas. And now for our steps:
 |  1. Wait until the Best Monokuma stops on the upper-right (near the start
 |     of the challenge room) and starts going left. Head past him and STOP
 |     on the side of this area (near the Monokuma Maiden). Continue to wait.
 |  2. Wait until the Beast Monokuma below you moves from left to right or
 |     from right to left. As long as he moves. After he moves, move into
 |     the opposite corner from him and wait until the patrolling Beast
 |     Monokuma moves past.
 |  3. Immediately move south, out of the small area and to the broken wall
 |     in the middle of the southern path. Hide behind this wall. Wait for
 |     the patrolling Beast Monokuma to move past you and then move to the
 |     lower left small area, up by the northern Monokuma Maiden. DO NOT open
 |     it. Continue to wait.
 |  4. We are close to being done. Here, wait for the Beast Monokuma above
 |     you to walk LEFT to RIGHT, then move up in his area on the left. The
 |     Monokuma Kid is hidden in the lower-left Monokuma Maiden here. Let him
 |     out to win this challenge and shock every Beast Monokuma in the area.
 |     Take your vengeance now by visiting them all and taking them out for
 |     plenty of Monokuma Coins.
 Head north and we'll enter the subway now. Here you can find a save point and
a shop. This is the first time I was unable to buy every Bling Bullet believe
it or not! Go ahead and buy the recommended ones for serious effect and
capacity, or focus on Genocide Jack if you wish. I'd go with the bullets.

 Continue down the stairs to get a quick scene. Seems Toko has a hard time
with this whole "friendship" thing. Continue on to the north, but stick to
the left wall. Enter the building here, as you can find [_BOOK 16_] in the
back, the third in a series! Head back outside and a Monokuma Kid will have
a present for you: the [_LINK BULLET_].

   TUTORIAL: The Link Bullet is truly powerful! With it you can connect to
             a Monokuma and take it over, including running around and
             attacking. It isn't a direct offensive weapon, but with some
             strategy you can make very good use of it!
 We'll be using the Link Bullet right away. See the Bomber Monokuma across
the gap? Go ahead and link up to it and then run it over to the building
across the gap and stand him in front of the crumbling wall. Now, unlink
with Triangle (or just let the timer run out) and shoot him down to break
open a way forward. You can talk to the adult in the corner here as well to
see she is breaking down.

 Continue through the building and jump down at the area with the yellow
paint. Continue onward down the stairs to enter the subway area proper.

 Down here, IMMEDIATELY go to the left and look back to the left, up the
subway tracks. You'll see sparkles, meaning [_HIDDEN KID 4 OF 5_]. Very nice!
Out in the middle of this subway area are some chairs. Check them to find a
corpse along with [_SCRAP NOTE 46_]. There's a MonoMono machine here too. On
the other side of the pillar is a Monokuma, so be ready for him.

 Head to the broken-down subway car on the right now. The third door down is
open, but before heading in equip the Burn Bullets and swing to the right.
Mow down the two Destroyer Monokuma there. To the left is a normal Monokuma
who is busy stabbing a corpse, so take him out to. Now, on the far eastern
side of the train, go check behind a couch to find [_SOKI THE SOCK 7_]. Heh.
Head back out to the subway.

 Head south a bit and go down the slope. The pillar down here has another
Monokuma behind it, by the way. Now, the path splits here to the left and
right. Head LEFT first and ignore the slope up to the subway car. Use the
MonoMono machine and then use your Link Bullet on the Bomber Monokuma across
the gap. Make him go stand by the yellow barrier.

 Head back to the path split and to right now (north). You can shoot down the
Bomber Monokuma here and open the barrier. Go back now and through the barrier
to a subway car. Kill the two Destroyer Monokuma on the left but note we can't
go get anything that drops so don't kill them if that concerns you. To the
right, grab the [_SUPER QUICKFIRE SKILL_] SKILL BOOK. If you don't kill the
Monokuma, nab it FAST.

 Head back past the barrier and into the subway car to the south. There are
two MonoMono machines in this train, and of course a path to the right that
has those two Destroyer Monokuma in it if you didn't kill them earlier. Move
onward to a challenge room. Use the machines, and then...

 |  This is another "Destroy them all with one explosion" challenge. A clever
 | one even! We need to get everyone over there by the barrier to the left,
 | and the best way to do that is with the Siren Monokuma to the north. Link
 | up with the Siren Monokuma and put him in front of the barrier, facing away
 | from you of course. After that, hit him with Dance and everyone will go
 | over near it. Now, shoot the Bomber Monokuma and it will not only explode
 | the barrier but kill all of the enemies. Perfect!
 Head past the challenge room and into the next broken subway. In here there
will be two Destroyer Monokuma, so take them out. There may be another Monokuma
that will come investigate, and if so take him out as well.

 Continue to the next train and to the right are some more Destroyer Monokuma.
Take them out and continue out of the train. Immediately take a right (east)
to find a corpse between the trains: go inspect if for [_SCRAP NOTE 47_].
Continue to the west now for THREE MonoMono machines and a save point. Good
place to restock and save up.

 The Bomber Monokuma up ahead can be shot down for a small scene. Continue on
past him into the subway car. Kill the Monokuma past the door, then equip your
Burn and kill the Destroyer Monokuma to the left. A normal Monokuma will see
you do this though, so make some room and kill him too. Before going into the
door to the west, head EAST first to the end of the subway car to find a
sparkler for [_SCRAP NOTE 48_]. Head into the door now for the next challenge
room and use the machines there. Man, there's a lot of these challenge rooms
in this chapter, isn't there!?

 |  This challenge room has something different! The rules here are actually
 | "Destroy the floor with an explosion". You'll see to the north a number of
 | Bomber Monokuma, but not quite enough to reach the weak floor to the upper
 | left. What we need to do is Link to the right (far right) Bomber Monokuma
 | and then put him about halfway between the floor and the left-most Bomber
 | Monokuma. There is even a dark circle in the concrete that tells you
 | EXACTLY where to put him. After that, just shoot the right Bomber Monokuma
 | and all of the explosions will link, resulting in a broken floor.

 Beating this challenge actually results in the floor just... crumbling away.
Wow... Head back to the save point now (there's some good dialog here) and
save if you wish, then head for the broken train tracks. We'll get a LOT of
scenes here. Just... wow. I'm literally shaking my head at these cut-scenes.
Just... wow...

 OK, well then, continuing on. Yes, writing. Much better than thinking...
Once you regain control, head forward to the MonoMono machine and then down
to the sewer floor. Hand a left here to the nearby dead-end to find a sparkle
on the ground for [_A GIRL'S BOND_] SKILL BOOK, which deals with despair time.
Pfffttt to that.

 Continue on to the east, finding another MonoMono machine on the bridge and
[_SCRAP NOTE 49_] by it. Past that you'll get a scene over by the circular
area. Now, INSTEAD of going up the ladder, GO PAST THE LADDER to find a sparkle
at the end of the path for [_SCRAP NOTE 50_]. Pick it up and head back up the
ladder to see another scene at the secret base.

 Wait, I thought this place was already compromised? Meh, we are in a sort of
mini-game again with people to save. They are all near the front of the area,
so head up there while killing what you can. They are very spread out as well,
to the far left and right. Do your best running back and forth between these
two and dipping down to the south for those humans as well, trying to kill who
you can while circling between all the humans. The biggest threats you'll face
here are Junk Monokuma's, so take them out ASAP. Thankfully, the vast majority
of Monokuma enemies here will not be focused on us!

 Once you are done saving everyone, Shirokuma will ask you to follow it to
the back hole the enemy has been using. You may be tempted to explore here,
but there's nothing worth getting, so go ahead and follow Shiro back to the
hole where you'll... have to fight it. *Sniff... go ahead and do what needs
to be done, even if it takes quite a few shots.

 Afterwards, you'll see a scene with Haiji and the survivors. It seems like
Komura is developing a bit, perhaps? Once you regain control, you can talk
to the humans and, more importantly, you can give Hit Lists to Hiroko for
plenty of dialog. Once you are done, go talk to Haiji by the entrance. He
will end up taking us to our next area, the "Towa Factory".

 Watch all of the cut-scenes (Really, Toko?! REALLY, HAIJI!?!?!) and soon you
will have control. I think we found the source of the Monokuma's, huh? Head
forward and you'll see a scene of the factory's alarm system. We must kill
the Siren Monokuma up on top: don't bother with any of the normal Monokuma
coming after you, just take out that Siren Monokuma. Once it is dead, RUN TO
THE RIGHT IMMEDIATELY and hide behind the equipment. If we get hit by the
alarm again, we have to kill the Siren Monokuma yet again and all the doors
lock up. Such a pain in the ass! Note that shooting the Siren Monokuma with
a single Paralyze Shot should do the trick, so if you DO get seen, that is
the way to go.

 From the right hiding spot, continue right to a room where you will find a
MonoMono machine and, on the desk to the left, [_BOOK 17_]. Toko really does
have a sick mind... there is a save point here we should take advantage of as
well. After that, head back out to the factory floor.

 We need to hide behind the walls here as the lower laser grid passes. It
passes counter-clockwise, and you do NOT have time to run out in the open.
What we need to do is run back to the entrance and wait behind the wall
there, then once the laser passes dash to the west. Once you're safe behind
the wall, you can use the MonoMono machine here and continue to the west room.

 There's another MonoMono machine here we can use (for Link Ammo). This room
is enclosed with a wall nearby that we can open by standing on a nearby button.
Do so to see a scene and get a Monokuma in the room with you. Now, stand by the
door and Link the Monokuma and make him stand on the button (facing away from
us, of course). Un-link and dash through the door, then exit back to the
factory floor.

 Our here, head RIGHT first to the bars where you'll see a sparkle near the
machines for [_SCRAP NOTE 51_]. So many scrap notes! Continue north and hide
behind the cylinders when the laser comes. It is much easier to avoid the
lasers here. Enter the door to the north here for a MonoMono machine, a save
point and a sparkle to the right that is [_SCRAP NOTE 52_]. Save up and head
back to the floor.

 We now need to head south, out into the central area. From the short hallway
south, run left to the cylinders and hide. Note there are two MonoMono machines
out by the laser machine, but getting them will likely result in you being
seen by the laser. Make your way east behind the second set of containers and
then east to the hallway. STOP HERE though! Don't go in the door! From here,
you want to head south and hide behind the cylinders, then when the laser
passes run south to the southwest corner. You can find a sparkle down here
for [_HIT LIST 11_]. Make your way back north now and go enter the door to
the northwest room. This is actually a challenge room, so use the machines
and get ready for the challenge:

 |  "Destroy them all at once", once again. This is a fairly easy challenge,
 | but yet it still almost had me restart. There is a door here that we'll
 | need to open but we can easily use Link Shot to get the Monokuma on the
 | right to go stand on the button. Do so and make sure he faces north, then
 | go sneak behind the Ball Monokuma and use Knockback to pass this challenge!
 |  HOWEVER! Be very careful for the re-spawning Monokuma in the upper right
 | corner. He can and will hit you RIGHT AFTER passing the challenge... because
 | he is cheap and the game is being cheap. Grrr.... he took me by surprise and
 | nearly killed me. Stupid game...

 Head past the challenge room and make your way west to the elevator, running
only after the laser passes. Take the elevator down and we'll be on floor "B2"

 Head southeast when it is safe, as the lasers are here as well. Along the
assembly line is a cylinder that will protect us, so stop there on your way
west, then continue after the laser passes. Once you get over there, to the
north is a dead end but also a sparkle for [_SOCKI THE SOCK 8_], the last one
of the chapter.

 Head south now and we'll have to go around the center area counter-clockwise,
so time the lasers and stay hidden at any cylinder you come to (there are
quite a few, thankfully). On the east side of the machine are two MonoMono
machines that you can grab if you are quick, otherwise make your way east to
the next room, which happens to be a challenge room:
 |  The rules here say "Destroy them all with electricity", a fun goal. This
 | one is quite fun and rather easy. What we need to do here is use Move on
 | the hologram to the south to attract the nearby Monokuma. Once you have him
 | in your sights, use Link on him and then make him go stand in the water to
 | the northwest, facing away to the right.
 |  Now we can go stand on the button nearby and hit the Monokuma with a
 | Paralyze Shot, which thanks to the water channel will kill every single
 | Monokuma in the challenge. Just lovely!

 Gather your spoils from all the dead Monokuma and head back to the factory
floor. We need to make our way to the west now, past another assembly line
but as long as you stay behind the wall sections until the laser passes this
is quite easy. After that, make your way north (again, after the laser passes)
and enter the door there. This is yet ANOTHER Challenge room. Use the machines
and let's do it. This is actually the LAST challenge in the chapter, so we
have that going for us at least...

 |  "Destroy them all at once", once again. This one actually takes some
 | brain power, unlike most of the challenges we've faced. What you need to do
 | here is make your way to the lower left path, the one overlooking the pit.
 | Watch out for the Bomber Monokuma looking to the left though, and wait until
 | he looks south to get down there.
 |  Once you are down there, use Link on the solo Monokuma to the right and
 | make him go stand on the button to the south. Be sure to make him face
 | southwest once you unlink him, so he doesn't see you. Now, use Move on the
 | hologram machine. This will make the Bomber Monokuma go stand by the machine
 | which is right where we want him.
 |  Now, go stand to the north of the Ball Monokuma and use Knockback to
 | launch him south. He will only kill the Bomber Monokuma (or perhaps some
 | other Monokuma), but the key here is to have the Bomber Monokuma blow up,
 | as he will kill everyone else. Perfect!

 Head back out to the factory floor after collecting your winnings and we'll
have to dash to the southern elevator. DO NOT GO DOWN IT! Instead, skip it and
head past it, to the room on the right. In here you can find a save point, a
MonoMono machine, and a sparkle for [_BOOK 18_], the last one of the chapter.
Save up and head back to the elevator, taking it down to floor "B3".

 On this floor, the lasers are NOT revolving. Well, this is a nice change of
pace! Head to the eastern side of the area and check out the corner over here
for [_SCRAP NOTE 53_]. Hmm, interesting. Approach the laser device in the
center now for a quick scene.

 We have to make our way to the room in the northwest. Use the MonoMono
machine to the left and head past the hallway to the north of it. Here, go
SOUTH first to find a sparkle and the [_ENVIOUS BODY_] SKILL BOOK, which can
up your HP by +1. Not bad! Head north now and enter the door for a scene.

 Well... the man we needed is dead apparently, so we need to examine this
area and see what we can find... check out the computer and afterwards we
get exclamation points on his body, the picture, and finally the notepad
nearby, which outright says the password is his son's birthday (which is
HORRIBLE password management...).

 This puzzle requires a little outside-the-box thinking. First of all, when
you look at his picture it says "69   8", but note the blood in front of the
"8". That could be 8, 18, 28, you don't know. Now, the 69 part is supposed to
be an ASTROLOGICAL SIGN, which we're supposed to be tipped off due to the
astrological symbols to the upper right of the desk. This is supposed to give
us the range of the kid's birth. The 69, when looked at upside-down, is the
sign for "Cancer", which is JUNE 21ST to JULY 22ND.

 Finally, the last clue is "3rd Saturday", which is a range of dates. If the
first Saturday happens to be the first, the range of dates is something like
15 - 21 for the 3rd Saturday. AKA, his son's birthday MUST fall between those
numbers. This leaves the answer as either June 18th or July 18th, since 8 and
28 fall outside those numbers... it takes quite a bit of thinking and I had to
take Haiji's hints before it made sense to me. It all centers on whether or not
you get the astrological "Cancer" sign right away or not. Either way, let's put
the riddle and answer below (for those who don't want to be bothered on the
"how do you get this" and just want the "what's the answer!?").

 o RIDDLE: Password is my son's birthday.

 o ANSWER: 0718
 Put in the answer and the lasers outside will turn off. Excellent. Now, to
the north of the lasers you can find [_HIT LIST 12_], which is actually one
on YOU of all people! Heh. To the north is the elevator but DO NOT go on!
Instead, look to the north at the spinning orb to see a sparkle fairly high
up. Yep, this is [_HIDDEN KID 5 OF 5_]. Tricky! After you get her, feel free
to go down, which should be floor "B4".

 Down here, head to the left to find THREE MonoMono machines, good for some
refills. Check out the note below as well:

(-NOTE-) You can actually see trees being made into Monokuma units to the
         left, but that's not all! Wait for awhile and you'll see Toro and
         Kuro pop out! Toro is pretty much the Japanese PlayStation Mascot.
         Very neat!

 Not only is there that cool appearance, but there's a VERY WELL HIDDEN ITEM
nearby. Walk BETWEEN the MonoMono machines (between the gap) and you'll be
in... Toro's room? Well, [_SCRAP NOTE 54_] is in here, which is his memoirs.
Very neat.

 By the door is a save point and a shop. Nothing really new in the way of
Bling Bullets here. Completely skippable shop if you don't want to upgrade
Genocide Jack. I was surprised there was only one new bullet!

 BEFORE you leave, go check out the northwest corner for [_SCRAP NOTE 55_],
which shares some info on Nagisa. Interesting. Head through the southern door
now to continue. We'll see several scenes here and soon we'll be in a boss

 ~ BOSS FIGHT START  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


 This fight is quite a bit different than most of our previous (read: kid
robots) boss encounters. No maddening crowd, no circular arena and a robot
who is going to be attacking from ranged! My, things really have changed!

 The first thing to note is the arena itself. Hannibal is going to be doing
a LOT of shooting at us, so the columns in the arena are going to be our
shield throughout the fight. We'll stand behind them (closely, on the smaller
ones) while Hannibal shoots. After 2-3 shots, Hannibal will often stop to
reload. This is the time to hurt him: step out from your cover and carefully
aim a shot to his left eye, where the standard "weak Monokuma" red eye is.
This will actually knock him down, giving you (or Genocide Jack) time to hit
him 3+ more times and damage him.

 As the fight continues, Hannibal will go from just shooting at us to also
tossing out grenades (which is just fantastic!). Still, the strategy is the
same: keep taking cover with the pillars and getting that eye-shot when you
can, then punishing from there. Be extra careful when he flies around, as he
can possibly land right on the pillar above you and hit you easily from there.

 After about three rounds of punishment, Hannibal will change up his attacks
and retreat to the background, to the area with all of the doorways. He will
start to take his shots from here now, as well as chucking out grenades to
try and flush you out. Keep the same tactics though, use the pillars for
cover and retreat / come back if the grenades get too close. Once he is done
shooting, try to line up a (long range) shot to his eye. This is a bit rougher
given the range, but you can do it. You'll have to get three more shots to his
eye in and we won't be able to keep hurting him this time (he's out of range
anyways), but after three more well-placed shots Hannibal should fall.

 Finally, be careful when he comes out from the background: he will come out
and land on a column, scattering multiple grenades all around him as one last
desperate attack before he dies...

 ~ BOSS FIGHT END  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 After the fight we'll get several more scenes, so enjoy the story and soon
the chapter will come to an end.

(-NOTE-) For getting A RANK, you will get the [_DESTROYING URGE_] SKILL BOOK
         and a bonus of 500 Monokuma Coins. We need to get an A RANK for every
         chapter, so if you didn't get it this time we will have to wait
         until after we beat the game to re-play the chapter.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "They Call Us Children And They Treat us Like Mice"
         Bronze Trophy after clearing Chapter 4.

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                   CHAPTER 5: ULTIMATE DESPAIR GIRL                   >==O
 Enjoy the scenes here. So good. It seems that the adult's fortunes have
turned quite a bit. After quite a few scenes we will have control again, with
a new goal to stop the adults by taking out the Monokuma's control device.

 Once you gain control, head right (east on the map) past the crowds of
adults to the building where you can find [_HIT LIST 13_] sitting on the
ledge's concrete. Head west now where you can talk to Hiroko and hand over
more hit lists. Continue to the west out onto the street, talking to any
adults you can. There are two MonoMono machines out here as well. We'll
eventually have to go up to a walkway, but you can save your game before
going if you wish.

 Continue onto the walkway and east until the screen loads. We're in a wider
area now, with several normal Monokuma to the north that will attack when we
get close. On your way north though, STOP after passing the first middle blue
display and look out to the left to see sparkles in the distance. This is
[_HIDDEN KID 1 OF 5_].

 Continue to the north and kill all of the Monokumas until you load into the
entrance area. To the left you can talk to some kids if you wish, but be sure
to head right to the upper corner for the [_ADVENTURER_] SKILL BOOK. This lets
even MORE items drop, so be sure to equip it right away! Go interact with the
bell by the door now and you'll open the tower door. Well then... let's enter.

 Inside you'll get some quick dialog and we'll be free. To the right you can
find a save point and a MonoMono machine. Enter the door in here for another
machine and a challenge room. Let's do it!

 |  This room tasks us to "Destroy them all at once." Fairly normal. The
 | challenge rooms are getting harder though. Here we can use Knockback, Link
 | and Move.
 |  Head inward and shoot the hologram with Move to draw away the Bomber
 | Monokuma, then go back and use Link on the normal Monokuma and make him
 | stand on the button, facing the wall to the north. We can now sneak past
 | the corner, so do so and head south past the car's path. Turn around and
 | shoot the care with Move after that to make it crash to the right.
 |  From here you are clear to get behind the Ball Monokuma and use Knockback
 | Bullet on it. This will kill the Bomber Monokuma ahead, then the one to
 | the right, and finally the normal Monokuma finishing the challenge.

 Continue past the challenge area and head up a ladder. We'll find ourselves
in... Jataro's room?! Well then! Hit the box on his table to move his robot
out of the way, then open the nearby door. This leads to the balcony, where
you can open a hatch to get down. Do so and behind the robot you just moved
you can find [_SCRAP NOTE 56_], a very sad scrap note.

 We have one more robot to move now... head back downstairs and save if you
wish, then go explore the left side of the area. over here in the upper left
hand corner (BEFORE going into the door) is [_SCRAP NOTE 57_]. Grab it and
head into the door to find your next challenge:

 |  "Destroy them all with electricity." This one is fun... check out the
 | surveillance monitor and you'll see the only safe spot is the ground in
 | the middle of the area. We have to use Move Bullets to make our way there
 | though.
 |  Start by walking into the corner, then shooting the hologram to the
 | southwest. This draws away one guard. Sneak past him to the far left (do
 | NOT go up) and shoot the hologram across the gap. This draws away another
 | guard and lets us patrol the center area.
 |  Here, wait until the center Guard Monokuma is NOT looking to the left and
 | run up the left hallway to the back area. Head right now and stand behind
 | the Guard Monokuma, aiming south and shoot the hologram to the far south.
 | This draws away a Guard Monokuma. Now, head back to the left hallway and
 | head south once the central rotating Guard Monokuma isn't looking, then
 | shoot the hologram you just passed. The rotating Guard Monokuma will see it
 | and run to it eventually.
 |  Head to the east hallway and you are free to stand on the safe ground now
 | with the rotating Guard Monokuma off to the left. Now all we have to do is
 | shoot him with Paralyze Shot and we've won this challenge room.

 Like last time, head past the challenge room (after gathering up the spoils)
and go up a ladder. We are in Kotoko's room now! In here, look on her bed for
a sparkle, which is the [_UNWAVERING GIRL POWER_] SKILL BOOK, which ups your
Healing Item Effect by +1.
 Hit the box on her table now and her robot will move. Easy. Go out the door
nearby to get on the balcony and lower the ladder to get back down. Under this
robot's foot is [_SCRAP NOTE 58_], another messed-up note. Ugh. Hit the bell
now to open the door and we can continue on.

 We'll be in another room like the previous one. Two more robots to move. Fun.
We may as well start out with the right room, so save if you wish and head
over to the right room. Use the machines here and get ready for the next

 |  This challenge room is something a bit different. Instead of fighting or
 | killing anything, we have a riddle! To get out, we need to put a four
 | character number in the laptop at the end.
 |  The key here is to find numbers and put them in the right order. On the
 | middle wall though we see these portraits: Guard Monokuma, BLANK, Siren
 | Monokuma and Bomber Monokuma. There's a hint on the opposite wall as well,
 | but these portraits are our key to the order of the numbers. The BLANK
 | portrait is supposed to be the "number only we can see", which is a "0"
 | as you can see the 0 from the camera.
 |  Now use Link Shot on the Monokuma's for the rest of the numbers. The Guard
 | Monokuma will give us a "3", Siren Monokuma gives us a "4" and the Bomber
 | Monokuma gives us an "8" (you can ignore the normal Monokuma). Put those in
 | order and you get "3 0 4 8". Very nice.

 Feels weird not killing everything... head up the ladder you find and we'll
be in Nagisa's room. It is packed with books in here! To the right after you
enter is [_BOOK 19_], another Toko Fukawa novel. Good dialog here too. Go hit
the button on the table to move the robot and like the previous two times make
your way to the robots. You can find [_SCRAP NOTE 59_] under the robot like
usual as well. Go down the stairs and save, then it is off to the left side.
Gather the MonoMono machine over here and then enter the challenge room,
gathering the second MonoMono machine and getting ready for the challenge.

 |  "Destroy them all at once." As you can tell by looking at this room's
 | set-up, this challenge is ALL about move the cars. There are four Junk
 | Monokuma that will line up under the final car, but we have to shoot a
 | number of other cars before we can crush them.
 |  Wait until they all face south and run north to the gap which gives us a
 | shot at the cars. Now, we don't want to shoot ALL of them, so from left to
 | right shoot these: the FIRST one, the FOURTH one, the FIFTH one, and finally
 | the LAST ONE. Of course wait until the Junk Monokuma are all facing south
 | (wait until they finish their walking around) to shoot the last one. After
 | that we will have completed this challenge.

 Head up to the room like normal. What's not normal though is the fact that
we'll get [_SCRAP NOTE 60_] as we enter the room, automatically. Weird, but
it does give us some plot detail. Hmmm... hit the button on the table to move
the robot and head down the ladder on the balcony as usual. Like the other
times, we can find [_SCRAP NOTE 61_] under the robot, which highlights a
disgusting parent. Sigh... go save if you wish (never a bad idea) and then hit
the bell to open up the door so we can continue on.

 This new area seems much bigger... walk forward a bit here and we'll be
attacked by a number of Monokuma. Run away a bit and get them all in a group
so you can Paralyze Shot them for an easy kill. Clean up whoever is left,
including the Bomber Monokuma up on the stairs.

 Once you've taken out the calvary, head to the left side of this room. Up
to the north are some couches with a kid on them and [_SCRAP NOTE 62_]. Head
up the stairs now and approach the elevator in front of you for a scene...

 Well then, so we need to find a body. Lovely. After the scene, we can save
and get the two MonoMono machines to the right. Now, let's head to the LEFT
first (west) and enter "Rest Area B". Nothing in here but kids, but in the
far right corner you can find [_BOOK 20_]. After some dialog, get ready for
a fight! Four normal Monokuma's will rush us with a Bomber Monokuma behind
them. This area is crowded, so try to paralyze a group and/or use the Bomber
Monokuma to take out most of them at once.

 Head back out and head east now, to "Rest Area A". Here we have to go out
onto some narrow walkways, but OF COURSE as soon as you do Bomber Monokuma
will show up on each side of the pit. You can use a single Paralyze Shot on
the middle Bomber Monokuma on each side to take them all out.

 Pick up the present out here for a whopping 300 Monokuma Coins, then continue
on down the left path to find the [_SUPER RAISE_] SKILL BOOK. Equip this one,
even if you have to take off something else as it UPS the amount of Monokuma
Coins we get! So sweet! Exit the door here to get on the hallway to the other

 Out here, head west and STOP! Look out to the blue structure to the right
and find the sparkles here for [_HIDDEN KID 2 OF 5_]. Continue on now and
enter the Chairman's Room for a scene... a disturbing scene...

 Well... we have a bag now. Oh man... go back to the Rest Area but get your
Knockback Bullet ready as some Guard Monokuma will attack. Take out the first
one (do it at an angle for an instant kill) and then get your Break Bullets
out. On either side of this area a Destroyer Monokuma and a Bomber Monokuma
will show up as well. Take out the Bomber Monokuma's to take care of them
both, then deal with the remaining two Guard Monokuma. Make your way back to
the elevator now for another scene. So... crazy!

 Head up the elevator once your exorcism is done and... creepy singing.
Because why not!? Use the MonoMono machine here and head right, through the
broken bars. Note the teeth and the broken Monokuma's here. As you head down
the hallway, you'll have to kill a Beast Monokuma. The Burn Bullet is really
effective here. Note the paths to the left and right (north and south) are
both dead ends. There is one more Beast Monokuma as you continue, but soon
you'll be at a door to the left and some more destroyed bars to the far right.

 Head into the door first to find a conference room. On the table here you
can find [_BOOK 21_] and learn of Komaru's dreams. Heh. Head back out now
and through the bars. Head LEFT first (north) and at the end of this deadend
path is [_SOCKI THE SOCK 9_]. Once you pick this up though, you'll be attacked
from behind by a Beast Monokuma so be ready.

 Continue to the south now, watching out for one last Beast Monokuma. You'll
come to a MonoMono machine and a save point, but instead of going south where
they want us to go, head WEST, to another door and another conference room.
Here Monokuma kids are all sitting down in chairs on the far side... head over
there and look in the only un-occupied chair for the [_KILLING URGE_] SKILL
BOOK. This adds one battery if you equip it, so do so if you wish. Head back
to the southern lobby area now, save up, and go south up the stairs.

 FORGET ABOUT THE HEAD, KOMARU! Head forward here and soon our only path is
to enter the door, which leads to a MonoMono machine and a challenge room:

 |  The goal here is "Find the kid without getting caught". This one is...
 | a bit rough, but at least we saved recently (reload if you get caught).
 |  Enter the room and get behind the lower left desks. Now, look at the
 | Monokuma Beasts. They have a pattern here: move, stop... move, stop... then
 | move for a LONG time and STOP for a long time. Watch it for awhile and get
 | used to it, then wait for the LONG STOP and run to the lower right desks.
 |  From here out goal is the Monokuma Maiden just to the north. We have to
 | open it up from the left too, which ends up putting us right next to the 
 | Beast Monokuma, so you MUST wait right up to the point where their long
 | walk is over, then QUICKLY go open up the Monokuma Maiden to win this
 | challenge.

 We'll get a scene here with Kotoko and learn a few things. Once you have
control, gather up the items from the dead Beast Monokuma and leave the
challenge room (that was the last challenge of the game, by the way... are
you going to miss them?).

 Use the save point and MonoMono machine to the north, then head WEST first
before taking the stairs to find [_BOOK 22_] and some... interesting dialog.
I love how she gives advice on the spot and used to on the internet. Hehe.
Head back to the stairs now and head north to the next floor.

 Up here, get the nearby MonoMono machine and head down the hallway. At the
bars in the hallway, STOP and look to the right. Use Detect on the sparkles
you see for [_HIDDEN KID 3 OF 5_]. Head south from there and you'll get a
series of scenes. Some really messed-up stuff.

 Once you gain control, you will have TWO JUNK MONOKUMA heading towards you
from each direction! Make one dance and get behind them so we can keep them
both in front of us. From there, take them down with dance and well-placed
nice shots. We can't enter the door Haiji is in anymore, so keep heading south
and use the save point here as well as the MonoMono machine before heading up
the stairs.

 Another messed-up scene here. Man, Toko is a freak! Both sets of stairs up
here are blocked-off, so enter the central door and we'll be in the "Throne
Room". Ignore the Bomber Monokuma here for right now and to the left (near the
Masaru monument) is [_SOCKI THE SOCK 10_], the last one of those in the game.
No more sock stories! *Sniff...

(-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide and getting all of the Socki the
         Sock collectables, this last one should unlock the "Socki the Sock"
         Silver Trophy. Congrats!

 Now, blow up the Bomber Monokuma and it will open up a secret passageway
nearby. Heh. Now, BEFORE you go down the new pathway, TURN AROUND and you'll
see a new Bomber Monokuma show up. We need to be a bit tricky here... go let
him see you and lead him to the UPPER LEFT CORNER of this rooms. You can do
this by running up there yourself, then after his bomb throws (his first few
won't be a threat), run around to his south and he SHOULD back up to the
corner you were in (they don't like being too close). From there, use a
Knockback Bullet to launch him into the corner. This blows up the left wall,
which leads to [_HIT LIST 14_], the last one in the game. We'll return these
later, so be patient for that trophy!
 Head down the right secret path-way now. You'll come to a ladder and after
that, a room that our hero's will enter automatically. Monaca is a little bit
obsessed... once you gain control, check out the desk here (the one against
the wall) for [_SCRAP NOTE 63_], then exit the room.

 Continue down the path and climb the next ladder you find. This leads to a
circular area up higher than the throne room. Use the save point and MonoMono
machine here, then head right for a scene. Seems we found the locked door
keeping Toko away from master... continue past it but DO NOT GO UP THE SPIRALED
STAIRS TO THE LEFT. Go past them and down the stairs to the right to find
[_SCRAP NOTE 64_]. With that in hand, go back and go up the stairs and enter
the elevator you find.

 In this new area we will have to fight SEVERAL waves of enemies. The first
wave is just a TON of regular Monokuma and Bomber Monokuma. This is the BEST
place to use Genocide Jack, to be honest but if you want to save it (you should
really use it, what with the free battery in the water), you can gather up the
enemies near the water and use Paralyze Shots to take out chunks of them at a

 The second wave of enemies is several Ball Monokuma, circling the area. For
now just dodge them and soon a Siren Monokuma will start circling the center
area in the water (I actually killed a few first by making them dance and then
launching them into each other, so I'm not 100% on the Siren but I believe he
is time-based instead of kill based). The Siren Monokuma is a god-send: hit him
with Dance and then once they are all gathered around, use Paralyze Shot to
take them out. A second wave will show up as well, with another Siren Monokuma
and a Bomber Monokuma, so use the same strategy to finish off this second

 Last but not least we have a third wave: Destroyer Monokuma. Go hide behind
the central elevator pillar and a Junk Monokuma will come at us. Use Link
Bullet on him and then send him after the Destroyer Monokuma. You should be
able to kill half of them at least. Once they are dead, there is a Bomber
Monokuma to the left we should link and place by the three Destroyer Monokuma,
then unlink. There is one last Junk Monokuma that we need to link. Link Bullet
him once he appears and go hit the Bomber Monokuma to kill everything off.
Wipe up any enemies with Burn Bullets if anyone is left standing.

 After the third wave is dead we are safe. BEFORE doing anything else, go
around to the back of the elevator pillar and look to the south. See the
sparkles? Yep, this is [_HIDDEN KID 4 OF 5_]. With him found, let's go to
the scaffolding the kids ran up and follow them. The camera pulls back here,
so climbing it is a bit odd, but keep going to the top and we'll enter the

 Head forward here and open the doors you find. Staring us in the face is a
giant rotating statue, with [_SCRAP NOTE 65_] under it. Ugh, completely
corrupted by Junko! Take advantage of the three MonoMono machines here and
the shop and save point. Buy whatever you can at the shop, prioritizing the
effect bullet if you can. These are EXPENSIVE and chances are you can only
afford one or two at max, so go with the recommended ones.

 OK, time to collectable-hunt! From the front of the statue, head LEFT. At
the path-split, head RIGHT to find [_SCRAP NOTE 66_]... very sad. Turn around
and head to the end of the hallway (ignore the left path we came from and the
next left path) to find [_SCRAP NOTE 67_], another very sad one... Turn around
and go down the first right path. Turn the corner here and STOP. Look to your
immediate right to see sparkles on the wall for [_HIDDEN KID 5 OF 5_], the very
last hidden kid in the game!

(-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, that should be the last hidden
         kid. Getting him (her) nets you the "Hide-And-Seek Champion" Gold
         Trophy. Very nice!
 Head back to the spinning statue now and head RIGHT this time. At the path
split, head LEFT first for [_SCRAP NOTE 68_]. Turn around now and continue
to the far end, ignoring the two paths to the right. At the end we'll find
[_SCRAP NOTE 69_], which despite being sad is also the very last scrap note
in the game! Crazy, we found all of them!
(-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, that should be the last scrap
         note in the game, This will net you the "Ultra Know-It-All Girls"
         Gold Trophy. Congrats!
 Turn around now and take the first left path. Follow this to the end to
find [_BOOK 23_]. This is the last book in the game, but no trophy for this
collectable. Head back to the spinning statue now and save up, then head past
the statue to the door for a scene. Enter the door now.

 More scenes here but we'll soon gain control and be asked to pick the door
Monaca is sleeping behind! Heh. This MAY SEEM like a crap-shoot, but you
actually already know the answer... remember Monaca's Room? We had to CLIMB
up to it...

 Right, very tricky! If she has to climb up to her room... well, the bottom
and middle doors here are red-herrings. Pick the BLUE DOOR now and you'll get
several more scenes. So tricky...

 We'll get SEVERAL more scenes of course, but soon we'll have to face Monaca's
special robot in a boss fight. Are you ready for this!?

 ~ BOSS FIGHT START  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


 Monaca's Robot takes on quite a few aspects of all the previous robots. For
instance, you'll notice it has the drills, axe, gun and other weapons of the
other robots, making his variety and options to attack you with shoot through
the roof!

 Let's go over his attacks first and then how to kill him. The first thing
he will do is an axe slam, which has a bit of range and is fairly fast, so
never stand still right in front of him (whenever he comes to close, it is
time to move to the left or right). "Kotoko's Attack".

 His next attack is shooting out missiles with his blue gun arm. These things
follow you for a bit but then explode on their own, so if you stay on the move
you are ok. You can shoot them down as well, but its best just to run.
"Jataro's Attack".

 His next attack (and one you'll see a lot of) is his drill-charge. The robot
will put his drills out and charge forward. He often makes a bad drill pun
before he does this ("You know the fucking drill!"), so run off to the left
or right and be ready to counter-attack. "Masaru's Attack".

 One of his most annoying attacks (and the one that hit me the most, by FAR!),
is the fact that when he jumps up, he will spin around and fire bullets not
only underneath him, but around him. This move is QUICK and hard to dodge. If
you are too close, you are GOING to get hit, so try to keep your distance if
you are behind him. "Nagisa's Attack".

 The final attack is only done near the end of the fight: the robot causes
several diamond-shaped bombs to appear from nowhere, falling down into the
arena. Each one will blow if you get too close, but each one also has the
"Monokuma Eye" on it that you can shoot and make them explode. He will drop
four to five easy and , if you kill them all, he will just drop more. The
thing to do here is to pick ONE that is in the corner (out of the way) and
let it live, then clear the arena of all the other ones and continue fighting
like that.

 WHEW, OK, that is all of his attacks. Now, how to hurt him. This is actually
a very fun fight (my favorite in the game, to be honest). On certain places
of the robot's body, you'll see orbs light up. These are mostly on his arms,
but can appear on his chest, legs, and back. We need to shoot each of these
glowing orbs off. Once you do, Kurokuma will fall out the front hatch. Go
shoot him a ton.

 We'll need to do this about four times before we defeat the beast. Each
time we do this, even MORE orbs will light up, so each round is a bit harder
than the last. The hardest orbs to get are in the back, as the robot does not
like to have his back facing us. Focus on these whenever you can with good
access whenever he uses his axe and drill attacks.

 Keep up your attacks with Break and Burn bullets primarily and pick up any
ammo and hearts that you can once they show up. After four rounds of shooting
these pretty lights, you'll emerge victorious.

 ~ BOSS FIGHT END  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 After the fight, we'll have a TON of scenes of course and, eventually, a
choice to make...

 Should I...
  - Break the controller.
  - Don't break the controller.
 This choice is obviously VERY IMPORTANT. We will be asked it multiple times
throughout the upcoming scenes, over and over. Needless to say, this choice
that I'm covering is full of SPOILERS, but hey... this is a guide after all...

 DO NOT choose BREAK THE CONTROLLER AT ALL. At any point. You can, if you
wish, choose it just to see what happens, as we'll be taken back to the
original choice afterwards (it doesn't affect the ending grade you receive,
either, so go for it).

 Continue choosing DON'T BREAK THE CONTROLLER, enjoying all of the scenes
between the choices (and there are quite a few). So much good story and
revelations here.

 There is one point where your choice will be "Break" or "Break", so here
choose whatever you wish and run forward with Toko afterward. You'll get a
cut-scene afterwards. Soon afterwards, we'll be in the game's final boss

 ~ BOSS FIGHT START  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


 Here we are, the game's final boss fight: Big Bang Monokuma!
 This fight is all about recognizing the color of the attack that the big
robot is using and countering it. This is indeed the only way to damage him
after all. "Is this old lady just out of touch? ...No, it's the children who
are wrong." Ah, you gotta love the Simpson Reference...

 Note that none of these attacks follow a pattern, so recognize the color he
is using and counter it with the advice below.

 OK, let's go over his attacks and how to damage him! First up is his Dark
Blue Eye! The only way to hurt him here is with the Break Bullet, but be sure
to dodge his attacks first! When he uses this eye, he will make words appear
on the arena and, shortly afterwards, will slam his rod down. Run away from
the words (just a short ways away... the words appear multiple times, spread
around) and after he is done attacking you have time to shoot him 3-4 times
in his eye afterwards.

 The next attack is the Light-Blue Eye. When you see this eye, get your
Knockback Bullet ready. Big Bang will twirl his rod, making a large Monokuma
bomb appear and home in on you. Shoot it back with Knockback to avoid damage
yourself and hurt him. Lovely! This will also likely knock him down to the
ledge, so if you get the chance, switch to Genocide Jack and lay into him
with Toko.

 Next up is the Yellow Eye. This one is a pain. as I'm not sure how in the
world you're supposed to NOT get hit by this attack. Once he gets his eye
yellow, he will fill the arena with a shock attack. You can get in 3-4 shots
on his eye with Paralyze Shot, but you are BOUND to be shocked about twice
yourself, taking damage. You COULD always let Genocide Jack take the hits if
you want, but I'd only do that if I had no health...

 Next up is the Red Eye. This is the Burn Bullet of course, but Big Bang
Monokuma gets pretty active here. He will jump back quite a ways and then
rush at you. Load his eye full of Burn Bullets to stop him, or he'll hit the
balcony and hurt us. Later on in the fight (the later half), he will turn red
and jump back, but then turn LIGHT BLUE and launch two mobs at us. Here, we
need to use the Knockback Bullet to knock these bombs back. Do that and there
is a good chance you'll be able to use Genocide Jack, so be ready.

 Last but not least is... the attack with no eye... this attack has Big Bang
Monokuma twirling his rod and making a no-color attack appear that will, to
my knowledge, hit the entire arena and hurt you no matter what. The only way
to dodge this attack is to switch to Genocide Jack right before it hits so she
can dodge it automatically for us.

 Keep identifying all of these attacks and picking up the health and item
drops that they give us and soon we'll take Big Bang Monokuma down. At the
end, you'll need to pass TWO "Despair Mode" button presses and then you'll
obtain a new bullet type: [_HOPE BULLET_] that you'll just need to shoot to
win the fight.

 "Hope Lives On!"

 ~ BOSS FIGHT END  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
 Enjoy the many scenes afterwards. We'll get our chapter ranking soon, but
after that there is even an epilogue to watch, so enjoy all of the dialog and
soon the game will be over!

(-NOTE-) For getting A RANK, you will get the [_INNER POWER GENERATOR_] SKILL
         BOOK and a bonus of 500 Monokuma Coins. We need to get an A RANK for
         every chapter, so if you didn't get it this time we will have to wait
         until after we beat the game to re-play the chapter.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "This Horror Will Grow Mild" Bronze Trophy as well
         as the "An End That Repudiated Optimism And Pessimism Alike" Silver
         Trophy after clearing Chapter 5 and the game as a whole.

(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email! Us Danganronpa fans gotta stick
         together, right!? Phuhuhuhuh...

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                         CHARACTER PROFILES                           >==O
 (-NOTE-) This Character Profile section is FULL of spoilers. DO NOT read
          this section before seeing what happens to the characters in here,
          or you do so at your own risk!

 |   Height: 5'4"      |   Weight: 108 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 33 in.     |   Blood Type: A      |
 |   Date of Birth: May 31st                  |
 |   Likes: Girl's Manga, Whatever's trending |
 |   Dislikes: Lightning, Rainy season        |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : A "normal girl," little sister to the "Ultimate Hope" Makoto    |
 |        Naegi. Doesn't have any special talents. Has been imprisoned    |
 |        in a Towa City apartment for a year and a half.                 |
 |                                                                        |


 | TOKO FUKAWA     |
 |   Height: 5'3"      |   Weight: 104 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 31 in.     |   Blood Type: O      |
 |   Date of Birth: March 3rd                 |
 |   Likes: Byakuya Togami, Romance novels    |
 |   Dislikes: Light novels, Manga            |  ULTIMATE WRITING PRODIGY
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Former student of Hope's Peak Academy and the "Ultimate         |
 |        Writing Prodigy," famous as a young novelist. Currently a       |
 |        Future Foundation intern. In love with co-worker Byakuya Togami.|
 |                                                                        |


 |   Height: 5'3"      |   Weight: 104 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 31 in.     |   Blood Type: O      |
 |   Date of Birth: March 3rd                 |
 |   Likes: Byakuya Togami, Adorable boys     |
 | Dislikes: Unadorable boys, Unadorable girls|
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : The other personality that lurks inside Toko Fukawa. A former   |
 |        serial killer that solely targeted "adorable little men."       |
 |        Eccentric, energetic, and also in love with Byakuya Togami.     |
 |                                                                        |


 |   Height: 6'1"      |   Weight: 150 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 32 in.     |   Blood Type: B      |
 |   Date of Birth: May 5th                   |
 |   Likes: Coffee, French                    |
 |   Dislikes: Plebeians, Microwave meals     |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Former student of Hope's Peak Academy and successor to Togami   |
 |        Group. Survived the school killing incident along with Makoto   |
 |        Naegi and Toko Fukawa.                                          |
 |                                                                        |


 |   Height: 5'2"      |   Weight: 115 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 30 in.     |   Blood Type: A      |
 |   Date of Birth: February 5th              |
 |   Likes: Curry, Trendy things              |
 |  Dislikes: Dried mackerel, Dried bean curd |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Former student of Hope's Peak Academy and older brother of      |
 |        Komaru Naegi. By defeating the "Ultimate Despair" during the    |
 |        school killing incident, he earned the title "Ultimate Hope."   |
 |                                                                        |


 | Servant         |
 |   Height: 5'9"      |   Weight: 143 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 33 in.     |   Blood Type: O      |
 |   Date of Birth: April 28th                |
 |  Likes: Beautiful things, Beautiful people |
 |   Dislikes: Noisy places, Ugly people      |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Ever since he was captured by the Warriors of Hope, he serves   |
 |        as their "Servant". However, he appears to have ulterior        |
 |        motives. He believes hope to be the most precious thing on      |
 |        Earth.                                                          |
 |                                                                        |


 | MASARU DAIMON   |         "THE HERO"
 |   Height: 4'3"      |   Weight:  77 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 24 in.     |   Blood Type: A      |
 |   Date of Birth: May 7th                   |
 |   Likes: Soccer, Vaulting                  |
 |   Dislikes: Math, Cigarettes               |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Hero and "leader" of the Warriors of Hope. The "Li'l Ultimate   |
 |        P.E." Super skilled at physical activities and sports. Though   |
 |        he is boastful, the others rarely take him seriously.           |
 |                                                                        |


 |   Height: 4'3"      |   Weight:  66 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 21 in.     |   Blood Type: O      |
 |   Date of Birth: February 29th             |
 |   Likes: Being hated, Washing machines     |
 |   Dislikes: Being liked, Himself           |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Priest of the Warriors of Hope. The "Li'l Ultimate Art" who     |
 |        can handle any arts and crafts. Acknowledges and encourages     |
 |        being greatly disliked by his friends and himself.              |
 |                                                                        |


 |   Height: 4'4"      |   Weight:  64 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 26 in.     |   Blood Type: A      |
 |   Date of Birth: June 13th                 |
 |   Likes: Peeled chestnuts, Adorbs stuff    |
 |   Dislikes: Unpeeled chestnuts, Regular    |
 |             cute stuff                     |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Fighter of the Warriors of Hope. The "Li'l Ultimate Drama"      |
 |        who used to be a famous child actor. Loves "adorbs" things      |
 |        and actively collects them.                                     |
 |                                                                        |


 |   Height: 4'5"      |   Weight:  73 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 23 in.     |   Blood Type: AB     |
 |   Date of Birth: October 23rd              |
 |   Likes: Dictionaries, Monaca              |
 |   Dislikes: Earthworms, Needles            |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Sage and vice leader of the Warriors of Hope. The "Li'l         |
 |        Ultimate Social Studies." Is more mature than the other         |
 |        Warriors of Hope, and thus often plays the role of babysitter.  |
 |                                                                        |


 | MONACA          |         "THE MAGE"
 |   Height: 4'4"      |   Weight:  62 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 26 in.     |   Blood Type: B      |
 |   Date of Birth: April 1st                 |
 |   Likes: Free period, Warm futons          |
 |   Dislikes: Alone time, Cold meals         |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Mage of the Warriors of Hope. The "Li'l Ultimate Homeroom"      |
 |        who loves to exchange opinions with everyone. She cannot        |
 |        walk and thus uses a wheelchair.                                |
 |                                                                        |


 |   Height: 5'6"      |   Weight: 115 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 35 in.     |   Blood Type: A      |
 |   Date of Birth: July 5th                  |
 |   Likes: Cigarettes, Alcohol               |
 |   Dislikes: Mother in Law,                 |
 |             Men with no balls              |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Woman hiding from the children in the underground base.         |
 |        She's impatient with the other adults for not doing more to     |
 |        help, but she understands their hesitation.                     |
 |                                                                        |



 |   Height: 5'8"      |   Weight: 150 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 31 in.     |   Blood Type: AB     |
 |   Date of Birth: November 8th              |
 |   Likes: Laptop, His child                 |
 |   Dislikes: Snakes, Frogs                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Man who Komaru and Toko met at Towa Tower. Was killed by a      |
 |        Beast Monokuma after activating the elevator. His only regret   |
 |        is not being able to see his child one last time.               |
 |                                                                        |



 | SHIROKUMA       |
 |   Height: 3'3"      |   Weight:  ?? lbs    |
 |   Chest: ?? in.     |   Blood Type: ?      |
 |   Date of Birth: ??                        |
 |   Likes: World Peace, Flower meadows       |
 |   Dislikes: Fighting, Verbal Abuse         |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Idol of the adults and loved by the Resistance members.         |
 |        Whenever he goes outside, he rescues injured adults and brings  |
 |        them to the secret base. A pacifist who believes in peace.      |
 |                                                                        |


 | KUROKUMA        |
 |   Height: 3'3"      |   Weight:  ?? lbs    |
 |   Chest: ?? in.     |   Blood Type: ?      |
 |   Date of Birth: ??                        |
 |   Likes: Good Vibes, Dope things           |
 |   Dislikes: Wack things, Shit rhymes       |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Bear-shaped robot who pushed the idea of killing all the        |
 |        adults. Wears gold accessories to be more "hip hop." A          |
 |        rapid-fire talker who doesn't shut up once he starts talking.   |
 |                                                                        |


 | HAIJI TOWA      |
 |   Height: 6'2"      |   Weight: 159 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 34 in.     |   Blood Type: O      |
 |   Date of Birth: August 9th                |
 |   Likes: Young girls, Quiet girls          |
 |   Dislikes: Old girls, Noisy girls         |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Leader of the Resistance that hides inside the underground      |
 |        secret base. Though he claims to always be working on a plan,   |
 |        he never executes. Son of Tokuichi Towa.                        |
 |                                                                        |


 |   Height: 5'5"      |   Weight: 130 lbs    |
 |   Chest: 33 in.     |   Blood Type: O      |
 |   Date of Birth: September 4th             |
 |   Likes: Sweet bean paste, Track and Field |
 |   Dislikes: Math, Boredom                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | INFO : Boy who Komaru and Toko met at the bridge. Attempted to swim    |
 |        across the gap, but was caught in an explosion and lost to      |
 |        the sea.                                                        |
 |                                                                        |



         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                             TROPHY LIST                              >==O
 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game. You can expect to
replay and grind a bit to get everything, but go get that Platinum!

(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .——————————————————————————————.                         .——————————————.
 __|   Pragmatism's Last Reward   |_________________________|   Platinum   |__
    Description | Earned every other trophy in the game
  How to Obtain | This will quite simply be the last trophy you get in the
                | game. Once you have all of the other trophies, this one will
                | unlock. The ultimate reward for the ultimate fan.

   .————————————————————————————————————.                     .————————————.
 __|   Rented Rooms, Nightmare Hotels   |_____________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Finished the Prologue.
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .—————————————————————————————————————.                    .————————————.
 __|   Human Beings Can Be Awful Cruel   |____________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Finished Chapter 1
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .—————————————————————————————————————.                    .————————————.
 __|   The Mask Was A Thing On Its Own   |____________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Finished Chapter 2
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .——————————————————————————————.                           .————————————.
 __|   You Merely Broke My Life   |___________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Finished Chapter 3
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .———————————————————————————————————————————————————————.  .————————————.
 __|   They Call Us Children And They Treat Us Like Mice   |__|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Finished Chapter 4
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .————————————————————————————————.                         .————————————.
 __|   This Horror Will Grow Mild   |_________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Finished Chapter 5
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

 __|   An End That Repudiated Optimism And Pessimism Alike   ||   Silver   |__
    Description | Finished all chapters.
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Ms. Monoku-Man   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Played a MONOKU-MAN machine for the first time.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is... well, probably impossible NOT to get.
                | Simply play a challenge room and look at the arcade machine
                | for the first time. You'll have this by Chapter 2.

   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|   Burning Your Bridges   |_______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Escaped the collapsing bridge.
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .————————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
 __|   Shirokuma Rescue Squad   |_____________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Rescued Shirokuma
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   Secret Base Defenders   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defended the secret base from attack.
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .——————————————————————————————.                           .————————————.
 __|   Keeping The Ratings Down   |___________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Cleared the Motivation Machine event.
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   A Woman's Battle   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Komaru vs. Genocide Jack cleared.
  How to Obtain | Story-related. You really can't miss this one as long as
                | you play through the game.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Monokuma Fighter   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeated your first Monokuma.
  How to Obtain | Impossible not to get. You'll get this one soon after you
                | gain control of Komaru, I'm sure. One of many!

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Monokuma Hunter   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeated 100 Monokumas.
  How to Obtain | You will get this trophy naturally as you play through the
                | game. You'll likely get it somewhere around Chapter 3 or so,
                | but definitely before finishing the game itself.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Monokuma Genocider  |__________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Defeated 1,000 Monokumas.
  How to Obtain | This one is going to take you some time, as you must grind
                | for it after the fact as we won't get this trophy naturally
                | through the game.
                | If you plan on going for the "A Vault" Trophy and the
                | "Blinged Up" trophy, this WILL come in time though and can
                | safely be forgotten as you work towards the platinum.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Combat Veteran   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeated every type of Monokuma.
  How to Obtain | This trophy will come naturally... in time. It will come
                | later in the game, as you must kill one of every type of
                | enemy in the game to collect the trophy. Still, you will do
                | this for sure, so just give it time!

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Shinin'   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Found half of the Bling Bullets in the game.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is yours once you buy half of the Bling Bullets
                | in the game. This is rather easy to do, as long as you don't
                | solely focus on Genocide Jack that is. You should get this
                | naturally as you play through the game.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Blinged Up   |_________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Found all of the Bling Bullets in the game.
  How to Obtain | This one will cost you quite a bit of money. It is best to
                | just grind money while you work towards the "A Vault" trophy
                | and rack up the dough. You're going to want 16K + coins, as
                | one bullet costs 10K alone. Plus don't forget about Jack's
                | scissor upgrades!
                | So just keep on gathering money and once you have a ton go
                | visit a shop and buy away. Remember that once you beat the
                | game, two new Bling Bullets show up in the shop so this is
                | definitely a post-game trophy. I had to make several trips
                | to the store as I didn't have enough money, but keep at it
                | and this trophy will eventually be yours!

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   A Piggy Bank   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Collected 100 Monocoins.
  How to Obtain | This is child's play! You will gain far more than 100 Coins
                | throughout the game, so this will come naturally in the
                | first chapter for you.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   A Vault   |____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Collected 10,000 Monocoins
  How to Obtain | This is definitely a bit of a grind, as you must have all
                | 10,000 coins AT ONCE. There are several trophies that require
                | you to spend tons of money though ("Blinged Up", "Just Don't
                | Rune With Them"), so it is a great idea to make and horde up
                | some money.
                | In regards to grinding money, we are going to do this POST
                | GAME. The best way I've found is to go to the START of
                | Chapter 4 and follow Nagito. His first battle with the
                | Monokuma is perfect as they don't target us AND there are
                | Siren Monukuma to distract the normal ones. Use the Siren
                | Monkuma and "Nice Shot" everything. You'll gain 150 Coins
                | on "Despair Mode" per bear with the three "Coin Up" books
                | equipped, for about 14 bears per run. Once you are done, go
                | BACK TO THE SAVE POINT, save, and re-start from the beginning
                | of the chapter.
                | This is fast, but we'll need to do a TON of runs and rack
                | up around 16K Monokuma Coins in total, so keep at it. I did
                | this while watching TV to help pass the monotony, but keep
                | at is and this trophy is yours (and you set yourself up for
                | those trophies above!).
   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Hit The Lists   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Handed over your first Hit List to Hiroko.
  How to Obtain | This is another trophy that is easy to get. All you need to
                | do is find your first Hit List and then choose to give it
                | over to Hiroko once you reach her. You'll get several chances
                | to do this as well. Just choose to do it once and this
                | trophy is yours.

   .—————————————————————————————————————.                    .————————————.
 __|   Your License To Kill Is Revoked   |____________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Handed over all Hit Lists to Hiroko.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is tied to finding all of the hit lists in the
                | game, which can be a bit tricky. There's not too many, but
                | follow the guide and collect them all. You DO NOT have a
                | chance to hand them all over before the game ends, so we
                | will have to visit Hiroko after we beat the game. Do so by
                | going to Chapter 5, as she is right at the beginning.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Found You!   |_________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Found your first Hidden Kid.
  How to Obtain | The game basically hands this trophy to you in Chapter 1
                | with a tutorial, so this trophy is all but yours if you
                | play that far. Nothing really to add here...

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Back To School   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Found your first Reference Book.
  How to Obtain | Another trophy the game will basically hand you. All you
                | need to do here is to find your first SKILL BOOK and pick
                | it up to get this trophy. Just one! That basically guarantees
                | you'll get this trophy!

   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|   The Road to Literacy   |_______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Found your first book and saw your first bonus conversation.
  How to Obtain | Yet another trophy the game is just giving us. There are
                | twenty-some odd books (23 I believe) in the game, and this
                | trophy is ours for getting just one of them! You would have
                | to avoid sparkles to not get this trophy!

   .——————————————————————————————.                           .————————————.
 __|   Just Don't Run With Them   |___________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Maxed out Genocide Jack's scissors.
  How to Obtain | You will likely have to grind a bit for this one. You will
                | need some serious money to upgrade Genocide Jack to max,
                | but with a bit of grinding you can afford all of her upgrades
                | in time. Since this requires money, be sure to check out
                | this advice I put in the "A Vault" box for grinding money:
                | In regards to grinding money, we are going to do this POST
                | GAME. The best way I've found is to go to the START of
                | Chapter 4 and follow Nagito. His first battle with the
                | Monokuma is perfect as they don't target us AND there are
                | Siren Monukuma to distract the normal ones. Use the Siren
                | Monkuma and "Nice Shot" everything. You'll gain 150 Coins
                | on "Despair Mode" per bear with the three "Coin Up" books
                | equipped, for about 14 bears per run. Once you are done, go
                | BACK TO THE SAVE POINT, save, and re-start from the beginning
                | of the chapter.
                | This is fast, but we'll need to do a TON of runs and rack
                | up around 16K Monokuma Coins in total, so keep at it. I did
                | this while watching TV to help pass the monotony, but keep
                | at is and this trophy is yours (and you set yourself up for
                | those trophies above!).

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Redemption   |_________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Raised Komaru to level 20.
  How to Obtain | This should be another guaranteed trophy for you once you
                | beat the game... or by the time you beat the game anyways.
                | I was around level 70-something by the time I beat the game,
                | so 20 is nothing. You will likely see this in the middle of
                | your game-play time.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Socki the Sock   |_____________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Found every page of the Socki the Sock book.
  How to Obtain | Yeah, there is a book called "Socki the Sock". This is
                | truly a Danganronpa game afterall! There are 10 of these
                | collectables in the game and once you find every one of them
                | this trophy will pop. Check the guide to find out exactly
                | where they are (they are literally labeled "SOCKI THE SOCK".

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Hopeful   |____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Earned a B in every chapter.
  How to Obtain | You will get this trophy if you can get a "B" in every
                | chapter. Things that decrease your score include:
                | o Retries
                | o Challenge Failures
                | o Not finding Hidden Kids
                | Therefore, you want to never retry and use the guide to
                | pass all chapter challenges and to find all Hidden Kids.
                | Be sure to save often to make sure you can re-load if you
                | need to for a high score.
                | Also it is worth noting that this trophy is given to you
                | automatically if you get an "A" rank in every chapter.
   .———————————————————————————.                                .——————————.
 __|   Best Partners Forever   |________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Earned an A in every chapter.
  How to Obtain | You will get this trophy if you can get a "A" in every
                | chapter. Things that decrease your score include:
                | o Retries
                | o Challenge Failures
                | o Not finding Hidden Kids
                | Therefore, you want to never retry and use the guide to
                | pass all chapter challenges and to find all Hidden Kids.
                | Be sure to save often to make sure you can re-load if you
                | need to for a high score.
                | Also it is worth noting that earning this trophy will net
                | you the "Hopeful" trophy as well.

   .————————————————————————————.                               .——————————.
 __|   Hide-And-Seek Champion   |_______________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Found all of the Hidden Kids.
  How to Obtain | This trophy requires you to find all of the Hidden Kids in
                | the game. These are quite challenging, so be sure to check
                | the guide to find them all! Quite worth it for the A Ranks
                | AND a Gold Trophy!

   .—————————————————————————————.                              .——————————.
 __|   Ultra Know-It-All Girls   |______________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Found all Scrap Notes.
  How to Obtain | This one will take awhile unless you carefully follow the
                | guide. There are... just a TON of Scrap Notes to find, some
                | of them are hidden as well. To add injury to insult, there
                | is no way to point them out in a list, as the game's main
                | menu list is quite jumbled.
                | Thankfully, most of them are easy to find, but there is one
                | that I have to imagine MOST people are missing if they didn't
                | follow a guide: at the ned of Chapter 4 (from the last save
                | point), in the assembly room, walk BETWEEN the MonoMono
                | machines to find a hidden Scrap Note.

   .—————————————————.                                          .——————————.
 __|   Skill Queen   |__________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Found all Reference Books.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is given to you once you've found all SKILL BOOKS
                | in the game. Note that this also means that you need to get
                | an "A" rank on all chapters, as that gives you a skill for
                | each chapter as well, making this trophy an off-shoot of the
                | "Best Partners Forever" trophy. You should get this to pop
                | once you meet all those A Ranks at the end of Chapter 5.

   .————————————————————————.                                   .——————————.
 __|   Never Stop Growing   |___________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Raised Komaru to max level.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is for getting Komaru to level 99! Sheesh!
                | Now, this will come naturally if you go for the "Blinged Up!"
                | or "A Vault" trophies as they require grinding for money and
                | you'll be raising levels at the same time. I actually got
                | this before the trophies for buying all Bling Bullets and
                | maxing Genocide Jack's scissors.
                | Combine this with the tip for grinding money in "A Vault"
                | and getting max level will come in time.
         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 0.90: Sept. 8th - Sept. 23rd

 This guide is ALMOST done. I just want to... finish up the trophies section
and get the platinum so I can be more knowledgeable on some of the best places
to grind these trophies out. Plus, I have the extra novel to read and whatnot.
However, I want to put SOMETHING out as this guide has taken me quite awhile
to do (Real life and all that other stuff!).

 Version 1.00: Sept. 30th

 Finally finished up the platinum and typed up the rest of the trophies.
Added them in and some tips as well. Pretty happy with the guide overall,
the only thing it could use in my opinion is shop lists, which may come in
time but no promises!

         ___                          _                 ___ 
        |   \                        /_\               | __|
        | |) | A N G A N R O N P A  / _ \ N O T H E R  | _| P I S O D E
        |___/______________________/_/ \_\_____________|___|__________
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o TheFinalEmblem over at psnprofiles.com, who wrote up a FANTASTIC trophy
   guide for this title. With screenshots and everything! Very good job,
   fellow Danganronpa lover! I've put his guide up in my tips section, but
   you can check it out here:
   o http://psnprofiles.com/guide/3293
   (The full name is http://psnprofiles.com/guide/3293-Danganronpa-Another
    -Episode-Ultra-Despair-Girls-Trophy-Guide , but that is too long to fit
    in this guide and the shorter link above works well!).
 o Alex 'vin' Kleinheider for helping with the logo for this guide. Also
   many thanks to my Facebook Page fans for helping me pick it out as well!
   You all rock!
 o All my people over at the GameFAQs Contribution board. The people who
   take the time out of their lives to give back to this hobby we all
   love so much.
 o My fabulous family for giving me the time to work on this! I love you
   guys! :)

 o Maybe you? Send me an email!

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