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Pearl of Wisdom
Beat First Royal Clam
Gobble Gobble
Eat 1,000 Balls
Barf 1,000 Balls
Break 1,000 Blocks
Nom Nom Nom
Eat 10,000 Balls
Barf 10,000 Balls
Smashy Smashy!
Break 10,000 Blocks
Save the Planet
Trash 50 Items
They're Not Toys!
Collect 10 Disguises
They're Collectables!
Collect all Disguises
No Smoking
Barf on 50 Torches
It's Polka Time
Beat Accordion Centipede
I Know This Great Sushi Place
Beat Octo Tako
Taco Tuesday
Beat Nacho Friend
Spiral Sliced
Beat Astral Boar
Mother Plucker
Beat Gooster
Hot Foot
Burn Pillbug
Dart Pillbug
Dart Pillbug very quickly
Boogie Woogie
Make Pillbug dance with Party Hat
Houston We Have a Problem
Launch 10 Pillbugs into space
Fill'er Up
Fill a Pillbug with Barf
Spit Pillbug into 3 Others
Suck 5 Spikeballs through straws
Barf Fest!
2 Minute pillbug barf-fest
Keep sliding on tempura shrimp oil for a while.
Tough Cookie
Clear Gold Clam
Down to the Wire
Spit Bomb Last Second
Rapid Fire
Spit 3 Bombs 1 Second
Heat Wave
Free 3 Yummies from ice in 1 second
Bounce Cue 7 Times
Far From Home
Run single bull around for a long time.
Self Reflection
Hit Self With Dart
Fast Food
Eat all yummies in a level in a single max boost.
Slow Ride
Eat all yummies in a level while not boosting.
Party Crasher
Win a Multiplayer Level
Gold Digger
Beat 10 Levels Gold
Gold Miner
Beat 20 Levels Gold
Self Improvement
Get Better Time
Gold In Them Thar Clams!
All Gold World
Solid Gold!
All Gold Game
Power UP
Use Powerup on Level Start
Super Power
Get 10 Powerups in Overworlds
Load Out Ready
One Each Powerup
Load Out Complete!
Five Each Powerup
Good Citizen
Help Kim
Make and save a level in the level editor
Hedge Trimmer
Break All Brambles in a level
Ghost Buster
Eat 10 ghosts
No Star For You!
Star Chase Perfect
Long Shot
Dart pillbug from off screen.
Noodles For Brains
Beat Spaghetti Yeti

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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