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First Phase
Enter the Professor’s Crystal Lab
Survive the boat ride
...and don’t forget to water the plants!
Revive the plants in the Gardens
Friend or Foe?
Meet Gamana for the first time
White is the New Orange
Create a purified energy crystal
Too Lazy to Climb
Get access to the tower in the Main Square
Good Audience
Listen to the story of the Seekers
Deeper Underground
Going deeper underground
Taste Them All
Taste all the berry juices
All Things In Place
Return the professor’s most precious item to its place
The Follower
Follow the Professor’s guidance
The Sacrifice
Follow Gamana’s guidance
The brightest of all scholars
Draw at least 19 sketches in your notebook
William Says
Solve the melody repeat puzzle on your first try
I’m Blue
Open the lower part of the Crystal Lab without using blue light
Find What is Hidden I.
Find a secret near the Watchtower
Find What is Hidden II.
Find a secret near the Mine
Find What is Hidden III.
Find a secret in the Corridor underground

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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