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Topped from the bottom and now I'm here
Reach the ending having spent five or more nights with the Beauty.
This could be us but you playing visual novels
Reach the ending having spent five or more nights with the Stalker.
I'll be your Beast of burden
Reach the ending having spent at least two nights each with the Beauty and the Stalker.
Playing grab-ass to win
Finish all five scenes of the Swimmer's route.
Moth to the Flame
Finish all five scenes of the Photographer's route.
Helpful Best Friend
Finish all five scenes of the Athlete's route.
Aim for the Ace
Finish all five scenes of the Nerd's route.
Everybody Wants To Bang The President
Finish all four main scenes of the President's route.
Baked Egg
Finish all five main scenes of the Boy's route.
HETEROSEXUALITY! Finish both variants of day 6 on the Ladykiller route.
The Better Man
Win first place in the Game.
Every time you see this screen we have to pay Jordan Mechner $1 in royalties
"No, no, that's not the way it happened." Get a game over from five points of suspicion.
"I only play them for the story"
Finish a single playthrough.
Seven Minutes In Outer Heaven
Finish two playthroughs and learn about the philosophy of Escapism.
Feel ashamed of your words and deeds
Finish three playthroughs and learn the true history of the Prince's organization.
Born to run
Get your motorcycle back and drive off into the sunset with your love.
This is an evil generation
Take the Prince's place permanently.
It's over, isn't it?
Go separate ways from your lover in the end.
Please Destroy My Pussy
Finish all fifteen sex scenes.
Achievement Slut
Unlock every achievement.

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