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Sky Scraper
Touch 100 clouds!
Shear Leader
Shear 100 sheep!
Sheep Counter
Get 10 sheep!
Wooly Jumper
Let a single sheep jump 100 times on the trampoline!
Wooly Looping
Let a sheep do a full swing!
I Don't Give A Lamb
Try to hit a lamb with lightning bolts 10 times!
Sheep Impact
Toss 100 sheep!
I Love Ewe!
Match a loving couple!
Sheep Happens!
A sheep died and became a cloud!
Cloud Burst
Split 100 clouds!
Rain Maker
Let 3 clouds rain at the same time!
Sheep Hit The Fan!
Roll a sheep against a pinwheel!
Lawn Mower
Let your sheep eat 100 tufts of grass!
Baad Hatter
Give your sheep 10 hats!
Painting By Numbers
Spend 100 balls of wool on painting sheep!
Captain Blackbaa
Equip a male black sheep with a pirate hat on Treasure Island!
Billy The Sheep
Equip a male white sheep with a cowboy hat in the Prairie!
God Of Thunder
Let your sheep get struck by lightning 25 times!
Art Collector
Purchase 10 decorative objects!
The Good Shepherd
Solve 100 quests!
Snowman Squad
Build 11 snowmen!
Snow Lamb
Build a snowman using two baby sheep snowballs!
Conifer Forest
Plant 100 conifers!
Find the Fountain of Youth!
Great Egg Hunt
Find 100 hidden Easter eggs!

Originally Contributed By: KeyBlade999

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