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Paint the floor!
Spin the revolving door very fast!
Destroy a rocket in flight.
Survive a shot from the Uzi.
All levels completed.
Complete all levels.
Complete all masteries.
Unlock all achievements.
Double Knife
Kill two enemies with one knife swing.
Never Lucky
Die 1000 times.
One-Man Army
Pick up 200 weapons
Not Even Close
Kill the last enemy and yourself at the same time.
Combo Expert
Perform a quindecuple (15) combo.
Hold this!
Give an enemy your gun, then kill him with your knife.
Kill yourself with a double bounce shot.
Combo Master
Perform a vigintuple (20) combo.
5 Masteries
Complete 5 mastery challenges.
10 Masteries
Complete 10 mastery challenges.
15 Masteries
Complete 15 mastery challenges.
20 Masteries
Complete 20 mastery challenges.
25 Masteries
Complete 25 mastery challenges.
First Mastery
Complete one mastery challenge.
360 No Scope
Perform a headshot with the sniper after a quick 360 degrees turn.
The real Juan
Perform 7 headshots with one revolver.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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