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FAQ by Brian L.

Updated: 01/04/2000

You Don't Know Jack Volume 3
Basic Gameplay and Hints and Tips
written by Brian L. (brian09@aol.com)

Table Of Contents

I.   About You Don't Know Jack: Volume 3
II.  Game Instructions
III. Question Explanations
          a. Multiple Choice Questions
          b. Type It In Questions
          c. Impossible Question
          d. Special Questions
IV.  Hints and Tips
V.   Voice Actors
VI.  Coming Soon
VII. Thanks

I. About You Don't Know Jack: Volume 3

You Don't Know Jack (called YDKJ from here on in) is a series of trivia 
games created by Berkeley Systems and Jellyvision.  It is set up to look 
like a game show, and there actually will be a game show version of it 
on TV soon.  Although it contains standard trivia fare, its attitude is 
what has made it popular.  If you get a question wrong, the host will 
not be afraid to insult you.  The host also makes little quips after 
every question.  If you've never played it, go out and get it now.

II. Game Instructions

When you start up the game, Raul, the stage manager, will ask you how 
many people will be playing the game.  Press 1, 2, or 3, depending on 
how many people are playing.  Each person will then be asked to type in 
their name.  If you're too slow, a name will be given to you, such as 
Bunny Fart, or The Loser.  Then, you will have to decide whether you are 
going to play a 7 question game or a 21 question game.  Press A for a 7 
question game, and B for a 21 question game.

Raul will then begin telling you about how to play.  (Note: Any of this 
information in the game can be skipped by pressing the space bar.)  
First, he will tell you what player buzzes in on what key.  The keys 

1-Player Game

Player 1: B

2-Player Game

Player 1: Q
Player 2: P

3-Player Game

Player 1: Q
Player 2: B
Player 3: P

Then, he'll tell you the instructions for a standard multiple choice 
question.  (My instructions are later in this document.)  After this, 
the "show" will start, and you'll meet Cookie, your host.  (Cookie was 
the stage manager in the previous two games.)  He'll hand out screws and 
explain their use.  (Instructions on screws are also later in here.)

The next screen you'll see is the category selection screen.  Press 1, 
2, or 3, depending on which one you want to pick.  After you pick the 
category, the question will come up.  Most likely, on the first 
question, you'll get a regular multiple choice question. As you continue 
through the game, you'll receive different types of questions, which 
will be explained now.

III. Question Explanations

There are eleven different kinds of questions.  They can be broken down 
into categories, which are:


Standard Multiple-Choice Question
Picture Question
Super Audio Question
Game Show Guest Host

TYPE-IT-IN QUESTIONS (type in the answer)

Fill In The Blank Question
Whatshisname Question
Gibberish Question

MIGHT BE EITHER QUESTION (might be multiple choice, might have to type)

Impossible Question (worth $20,000)


DisOrDat Question
ThreeWay Question
Jack Attack (ends game)

They're not too hard to figure out.


These are the questions that you'll encounter the most.  The values 
range from $1,000 to $3,000 in Round 1, and twice that much in Round 2.
On all of these questions, screws can be used.  Screws force someone to 
answer a question.  When you think someone doesn't know the answer to a 
question, buzz in and press the S key to screw them.  They will have to 
guess, or lose the money.  If they guess incorrectly, then they lose 
that much money, and everybody else can try to answer the question.  If 
they are correct, then they get the dollar amount, and the screwer loses 
that much money.


Cookie will read off a question that will also appear on the screen.  
You do have to listen though, because he'll often provide some 
background on the question that's vital to answering the question.  Four 
choices will be shown.  If you think you know the answer, then buzz in, 
and press the correct number.  If you're right, Cookie will congratulate 
you, and the amount will be added to your score.  If you're wrong, then 
Cookie will make some mean remark to you, and the amount of money will 
be taken away.


How many Gregory Pecks would it take to make a Gregory Bushel?

1. one sixteenth
2. one
3. two
4. four (correct answer)


A picture question is almost identical to a standard multiple choice 
question, except you will have to identify what a picture is.  You get 4 
different choices.


A picture of Santa Claus holding a pole and jumping over a bar is shown.  
This picture is the "North Pole Vault."


You will hear either a sound or someone talking, and you have to 
identify what it is out of the 4 choices.  These tend to be more 
difficult than the other multiple choice questions.


For these questions, Cookie will bring in a special guest to give you a 
question.  These are basically the same as other multiple choice 
questions, although some are prime screwing questions.  (In one of 
these, Cookie's mom asks you what Cookie was nicknamed as a kid.)
You should listen closely on these, because most of them give you some 
information you need to answer the question.


On these questions, you will be required to type in the answer.  


Cookie will read off a statement or a list, and you have to buzz in and 
type the answer out.   Some misspellings are okay, but the game's not 
going to give away the money.  


In this question, Cookie will gradually read off a list of clues.  If 
you think you know it, buzz in and type the answer.  Cookie will tell 
you if you're right or wrong, and in a few instances, will actually 
repeat your incorrect answer.


It's a satirical magazine...
Featured the crazy artwork...
Has that one weird guy in the cover..
Stanley Y. Smythe...

Answer: Cracked

If you answer Mad to this question, Cookie will actually talk for about 
5 seconds, and then tell you "And I am not holding a copy of Mad 
magazine in my hand."


This question is a rhyming game.  A bunch of gibberish is shown on the 
screen, and you have to guess what saying, cliché, song title, or phrase 
it rhymes with.  Make sure to ignore the punctuation.


Gibberish: A fiddle nerd sold pee.
Answer:    A little bird told me.

Example 2:

Gibberish: Hey!  Lenny craved his Ma Debby burned.
Answer:    A     penny saved  is  a  penny earned.

As time passes during a Gibberish Question, the monetary value goes 
down.  In Round 1, the starting value is $5,000, and $250 is taken away 
every second and a half.  In Round 2, the starting value is $10,000, and 
$500 is taken away every second and a half.


The Impossible Question will most likely be the hardest question you 
encounter during the game.  It might be multiple choice, and it might be 
fill-in-the-blank.  It is always worth $20,000, which can really help 
your game for you if you happen to know the answer.  Unfortunately, you 
lose $20,000 for an incorrect answer, so guessing isn't a good idea.  
There is one exception to the Impossible Question being the hardest 
though.  (Pick the category "It's a Dog!" if you see it for an easy 


Question: What number between one and nine I thinking of?

Answer: Five

There, now you can cheat and get $20,000 if you get that question.


These questions don't fit into a specific category, because they each 
require something unique.


DisOrDat Questions can be the hardest or the easiest question in the 
game.  Only one the person who picked the category participates in this 
question. Cookie names off 7 different names or things, one at a time, 
and then asks you to classify them by category. You will have to press 1 
if it is one thing, 2 if it is the other thing, or 4 to skip and come 
back to it.  Sometimes, you will have to press 3 if the thing falls into 
both categories.  You have 30 seconds to complete this.  For each 
correct answer in Round 1, you will get $500.  In Round 2, you will get 
$1000.  For each wrong answer or name you don't get to in Round 1, you 
will lose $500.  In Round 2, you will lose $1000.  This probably sounds 
confusing, so look at the example if you don't understand.


Cookie: If the name I read off was a Vice President, press 1.  If he was 
a funk musician, press 2.  If he was both, press 3.  To skip one, press 

1. Hannibal Hamlin
2. Spiro Agnew
3. Bnotsy Collins
4. Walter Mondale
5. Sly Stone
6. George Clinton
7. James Brown

Example of Scoring:

Suppose I get 4 of them right, 2 wrong, and I don't get to the last one.  
If it was Round 1, I would end up with $500, and I would end up with 
$1000 in Round 2.  That's $4,000 for the correct answers, and -$3,000 
for the other ones.


The ThreeWay Question is like a mini-Jack Attack.  First, three names or 
things will appear on the screen.  A clue will appear at the top of the 
screen.  When the member of the ThreeWay that matches the clue is lit 
up, buzz in and get $1000.  Unfortunately, if you're wrong, you lose 
$1000 every time you're wrong.  Everyone participates simultaneously in 
this type of question.  It will always appear on Question Number 10.


The words Tom, Dick, and Harry are the members of the ThreeWay.  The 
clue "private detective" appears at the top of the screen.  Dick is the 
correct answer, so you would buzz in when Dick is lit up.  (You know, 
Dick Tracy.)  If the clue is "male cat," you would buzz in when Tom was 
lit up.  (A tomcat)


The Jack Attack is almost identical to the ThreeWay question, except the 
stakes are higher.  When you begin the question, you will see a word in 
the middle of the screen, and other words will fly by.  When the word in 
the middle matches the other word that flies by, buzz in for $2000.  If 
you're wrong though, you lose $2000 every time that you're wrong.  Make 
sure that you're match fits the clue though.


Category Name: Who's Your Little Friend?

The word "Earth" is shown in the center of the screen.  When "the moon" 
flies by, you would want to buzz in for $2000, because Earth's "little 
friend" is the moon.  If "Jupiter" was showing, buzzing in when "really 
big" is on the screen would cause you to lose $2000.  Although Jupiter 
is really big, the match doesn't fit the clue.

IV. Hints and Tips

While there are no cheats that I know of for this game, other than 
picking a question you've already had, there are some things that will 
help you in the game.


- Use your screws wisely.  Never screw on a $1000 (or $2000 in Round 2) 
question.   Even if the screwed person gets it wrong, it's not enough 
cash to make it worth your effort.  

- If you know the answer to a question, don't risk screwing somebody 
else.  Just take the cash. 

- The Guest Host questions are some of the best for screwing.  They are 
either niche questions or impossible to know the answer to.  If the 
question is about cars, and your opponent doesn't know any thing about 
cars, screw them!

- WARNING: You cannot screw on the following types of questions: Fill In 
The Blank, Whatshisname, Gibberish, Impossible, DisOrDat, ThreeWay, or 
Jack Attack.  So don't buzz in, planning to screw, and end up having to 


- Wait for others to buzz in and guess if you're between two or three of 
the answers. If someone else knocks one choice out for you, you might be 
able to get it.

- Wait for clues on Gibberish Questions and Whatshisname Questions.  
They're very useful, and often give away the answer.


- On a Gibberish Question, type in f*** you, without the asterisks.  As 
long as you keep a sense of humor, this will be quite hilarious for 

- Try and get as many people as possible to play.  3 player games are 
much better than playing on your own.

- Don't take the game too seriously.  Don't be insulted by anything 
Cookie says, or anything that might happen to you.  Just enjoy yourself.  
It's not like it matters if you lose.

- If you play on certain holidays, you'll receive a special message from 
Raul.  These days are listed in the usd.txt file on the YDKJ3 CD-ROM 
under the YDKJ3 folder.  They'll be put up here soon.  There are some 
very obvious ones, such as Christmas and New Year's, and some not so 
obvious ones, like The Great American Smokeout.  As soon as I test all 
of them, I'll have a list up.

V. Voice Actors

Not all of the voice actors are listed in the instruction manual, so I'm 
just going to put the ones it lists.

Cookie       - Tom Gottlieb

Raul         - Joe Janes

Mavis        - Ali Davis

YDKJ Singers - Bob Filler
               Phoebe Fuller
               Kelly Halpine
               Rebecca Kaufman
               Larry King
               Dave Metzger
               Pamela Rose
               Brandon Scales

VI. Coming Soon...

- A list of all the dates and times that you'll get a special message 
from Raul when you start the game

- What the singers sing when you get a new question

- Better examples of some of the question types

VII. Thanks

Much thanks goes out to all the people who worked to make this game.  
You did great at making an absolutely hilarious, stupendous trivia game 
that never gets boring.

Thanks to CJayC at gamefaqs.com for posting my YDKJ FAQ, and to Al 
Amaloo at about.com for putting it up there.

Thank yous also go out to my family for playing the game with me, and 
not getting mad when I beat them all the time. :)

This FAQ is the unpublished work of Brian L. (Brian09@aol.com)

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