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Reviewed: 02/18/05

Man, one of the best classic games of all time

Yes right off the bat, there are very few games that have earned the 10/10 rankings for being brilliant, and X-com was one of the nice early ones that earned it in strides.

The basic game play of X-com is that you are a planetary force of resistance fighters trying to protect your planet from invading aliens. You start out with basic equipment and knowledge of the aliens, and during your progress fighting them you learn new technology, tactics, and knowledge on how to fight them. By the late days of the invasion, you are developing into well trained and stoic soldiers, easily equal to or surpassing the aliens that are invading.

I will not go into the game play of X-com, that should be saved mostly for playing it, but I will skim over a few topics that go along with my review.

GRAPHICS: 10/10. For a game of its era, the graphics of Xcom were great. The landscapes were very nice, the ships great, and the best of all were the aliens and your soldiers that fought each other throughout the land. From laser cannon tanks to flying armored suits, they graphics were simple, nice, crisp, and very entertaining. If you use a pistol you would have it in your hand. If you switched to a heavy plasma rifle ,there would be a nice big rifle in your hand.

SOUND: 8/10. The original sound for the game was fun and exciting, especially the aliens. Blasting down a alien in a blaze of gunfire was rewarded with a terrifying death scream that had you laughing and cringing in your seat. Sadly remakes have had problems in the sound department. If you can, make sure to get some type of "fix" so you can enjoy the original sound of the game.

CONTROLS: 10/10. Excellent You had nice menus allowing you to do basically anything you wanted with your characters. Gunners could kneel, save their movement so they could make snap shots, characters could easily be switched or targeted. A few buttons required some experimenting to figure out what they did, but once you found that out, the game progressed very smoothly. Speed buttons allowed you to pass the time faster or slower, depending on what was happening in the world. No need to go through 10 days minute by minute if nothing was happening.

GAMEPLAY: 10/10. The major kicker. Here is what made the game shine. Like most great classic games, the game play was tops. Top of the line graphics and sound do not make a game. Great game play does. X-com was a combination strategy/action game, where you could spend time researching new technology, equipping your soldiers and ships with different weapons, and then take it all and blast some evil aliens in their alien ship sitting on the ground in the desert, or tundra, or where ever else they were stupid enough to land at. There was always something to do, be it hunting down larger alien ships, to making sure your squad was up to date with the strongest and fastest warriors.

REPLAY VALUE: 8/10. X-com is a fun game. Most people don't replay it right after beating it because it is a very long game to beat. But over the years you will play it again and again, and again, and .....again. It will never get old, and never get boring. The only reason I don't give it a 10/10 is that your progress really doesn't change from game to game. You basically do the same things, use the same weapons ,etc. But hey, can't have everything.

FINAL WORD. Yep, thats right, 10/10. There are a few games that earn the great perfect rating, and usually by reading the reviews you can spot them right off the bat. Perfect games are those that 10 years from now you will be playing even with rotten old standard graphics, and still enjoy. Can you say Pac man? Missile command? If I had those right now I'd be playing them. The same with X-com. It will always be a old great classic in the same folder as the Wizardry series, FF7, Masters of Orion, Baldurs gate, and a dozen other great titles. The great thing is that X-com is a free oldie classic now, just find a website that hosts the game, download it, and play your heart out. Sadly other versions of X-com were real junk compared to the first and best original. But thats ok, we still have the first.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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