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Reviewed: 06/24/03 | Updated: 06/24/03

The best turn-based strategy game that I have, as yet, played.

X-Com, a truly memorable game. The first time I saw this game, which was around the end of the 1990’s, I thought this game was mere trash, since I just looked at the cover. However, I quickly realized after having bought the game, that this was a true masterpiece. No game has ever truly immersed me deeply into its gameplay mechanics as this game has.


Sincerely, I am not going to give a vote on the game’s graphics because the game’s graphics are pretty outdated. This game was released in 1995, so in those times, I guess this game had pretty 24-bit color graphics. The graphics are nice, and they’re everything you’d expect from this game, they’re functional. For example, a rifle looks like a rifle, or the high-tech extraterrestrial weaponry looks pretty much like what you’d imagine. And, how could we forget about the sectoid? That creature is the symbol of this game. Everything thinks about aliens looking like sectoids, and they were done perfectly in this game. The base layouts and intercepting graphs are perfect as they are, not too complicated to completely lose you, but yet, simple and effective, like most of the game’s graphics are.


Like the above rating, I don’t think I can really give this game a grade. There is barely, actually, zero, no, music at all in this game (perhaps there is in the more updated version, or the playstation one), but anyhow, the only audio I have heard comes from the firing of the weapons, which have become impressed in my mind now, or the alien cries when they die. They sound extremely weird and not from this world, which is what you would like to hear, and they have repetitively plundered my mind with questions regarding how they actually made these sounds. Anyhow, the sound effects are decent at best.

Gameplay and Replay Value:

This game has so much depth it is unimaginable. The first time through, you’ll be playing the beginner mode, which introduces you to how the game works, how you intercept ufo’s and how you tackle the battles. First of all, your mission is to shoot down ufo’s with the interceptors (air craft) that is given to you at the beginning of the game, and then send down your soldiers to kill all aliens (or capture alive) and take back any alien technology you find, so your scientists can research how they work, and your engineers will be able to reproduce their technology with the appropriate material. Basically, your end goal is to finally have enough technology to attack the alien base, which is on mars, and do your final battle there. Now, I won’t go too in-depth with your objectives, otherwise I would maybe ruin it for some people, but anyhow, the game has many many options. First of all, there are 4-5 different types of crafts which you can use, however, the interesting part is outfitting them with different weapons, and attacking the ufo’s (unidentified flying objects). The best part of the game however is when you actually get to maneuver your soldiers around in the tactical battle screen. You move your soldiers according to time units, you and the computer (aliens) take turns, and your objective is to kill the aliens, without taking too many, if at all, casualties. The battles get harder and harder if you increase difficulty, and as the game progresses along. The third part of your actual xcom playing will be the base management screen. Here, you manage all the resources that the world government can manage to give you, researching, hiring specialized people, building new facilities, and so on. In the end, to be able to finally achieve the final goal is an extremely rewarding difficulty, which will push you to try the more harder difficulties until you can finally achieve completing superhuman (which I might say is pretty hard :)).

Rating – 10

Final Global Rating – 10

Rent or Buy?

Definitely buy, although if you have some friend who has it, you should really ask him to borrow it to you, since you don’t really need the cd, just install the necessary files.

X-COM: UFO DEFENSE – Certainly one of those games which belongs in the hall of fame of classic video-pc games.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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