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Reviewed: 05/10/01 | Updated: 05/10/01

If you don't like this game, then by all means, go back to your boring 3d enhanced games!

Well now, where to start on this game.....
Ah I know, how about the part where you start off getting your 12 soldiers butts SMASHED by 3 sectoid soldiers wielding plasma pistols, on the easiest difficulty.

Why Microprose would make such a horrific & demonic product is beyond me, but I'm sure all us monitor hugging, root beer drinking geeks out there have a special place in our house to worship them for it!

Ahhhh the old ''The Earth is in your hands, protect it oh mighty player.'' plot is here, but my oh my, what a difference it makes when your enemy actually presents a challenge! When did you actually wish you didn't start that mission to save a city from evil aliens intent on converting the inhabitants into mindless zombies? Well in this game, you'll never want to save those st00pid civilians! Believe me, the whole time your trying to cover your butt while protecting them, your merely wishing as follows '' Damnit Aliens! Kill them all & get it over with, I don't have the time to help them! Besides you just killed the first 3 soldiers that jumped out of the transport, then the next 6 that made it to that house got blown to hell by some blue smart bomb! You bastards!''

Then to top it off, 134 Soldier Graves Later, Innumerable Civlian Casualties & Saves/Reloads (your life-savers!), you have to STUN the aliens in order to progress & learn how to destroy them! Jeez... as though killing wasnt hard enuf! Luckily the entire U.N. has decided to fund your sorry butt in return for you protecting their sorry butts! ''All'' you have to do is build one of your possible 4-8 bases in part of their countries, then provide the neccessary patrols to keep the bad aliens away! Else they are taken over by the aliens & stop funding to you. Oh, and btw, you gotta protect pretty much every country on the Earth if ya want the best possible funding! Either way your completely & utterly screwed!

Now for the fun part, not only do you get to play with some fun (and explosive) stuff, you getta add on to your base, increase Stores, Living Quarters, Add Medical Bays, Vehicle Bays, hell, even get some scientists & Engineers to reasearch & manufacture the loot you get from the bad bad aliens! Alas, while you are allowed to do all this, you must not waste your $$$, for that would be very, very, very very very, BAD. Oh, you say you used all your money recruiting 30 soldiers? Well now, where are the weapons to arm them with? The armor to protect them? You thought they would magically apear for you? Well now, your in quite a doozy, guess its time to restart the game, for the 15th time.

Though I would love talking about this game for another 3 or 4 paragraphs, I fear that you may have already gotten bored with this review & have gone off to get a drink or something... so I'll get on to the rating thingy....

Gameplay : 9
If you got into this game from the first 4 hours of playing, then I have some bad news, the next 140 hours of your known gaming time will be spent trying to beat it & it's sequels. Sorry, guess sometimes the truth is too much to hear....

Sound : 9
Oh come on, this was made back in what? 1990? Give it a break, I just love the sound of an Ethereal (st00pid purple bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) pleading for mercy right before I fill him full of plasma!

Difficulty : 9
Wow, I have beat this game on Superhuman only once, and that still took me 4 weeks!

Graphics : 9
Back in 1990ish, these were top-notch, so I'm not gonna be a lame l33t (wtf did that come from anyways????) FPS gamer who thinks these games suck & need to be burned. :P

Overall : 9

Buy it, if you even think it might be on a cd, by that cd to check so! If you need to buy a copy off your friend for $50, then buy it! :>

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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