Review by Lord_migit

Reviewed: 08/24/06

This game is FREENEN AMAZING!!!

Game play: 10/10
The game play is absolutely amazing! The game runs smooth with simple controls and is easy to learn. There is no battle that you can’t win with strategy. It is one of the very few games (especially Warhammer games) that still rely on strategy. Dawn of War is a good strategy game when building things but when it comes to the conflict there is little strategy involved and whoever has the larger force will pretty much always win. Dark omen has that great aspect that you can out wit the computer or another player online and win the game even with 1 unit! The game is very hard not as hard as its predecessor “Shadow of the Horned Rat” but still has some difficulty in keeping you units alive and keeping the gold manageable. This mixed with the hidden magic items and access to several mages and their powerful spells or great cannons and archer units as well as the hoards of undead, orcs, goblins and other races makes the game all that could be wanted in great strategy game.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are good for its time and the game allows a whole 360 degrees camera with moving capabilities and zoom function to make for a good graphic user interface. There is ample detail, although it may not compete with the games nowadays. Game has some good cut scenes which demonstrate a good level of graphics which were very good for its time and still by our newer standards.

Sound: 9/10
The sound is good it has music to fit in all the battles. It has the sounds of dying men, goblins and all other manner of creatures. There are sounds for charges retreats wich vary in saying for different units and all the dialog in the game is spoken with good voices.

Story: 9/10
The story is very good and it includes damsels in distress to vampires with huge funky powerful games with skeletons and necromancers and hoards of orcs and goblins. The story is a little short but that may be just to me because I love the game so much. However some people find that they don’t even bother or care about the story they are just eager to get to the battle field.

Replayability: 7/10
The only factor that lets the games down is the replayability. This is the one bad thing and is what pulled the mark down from a 9/10 to an 8/10. There is no skirmish mode and there is, as far as I know, no mods available on the inter net. The game has a multiplayer mode but finding people to play with it hard, what I had to do was buy a copy of the game and give them to a few of my friends so I could play them online. The online playing is very very good though. It is not so much normally but when you activate the cheats you are able to increase gold and buy a much bigger army that you could usually buy. This is a very good multiplayer game but it lacks a skirmish mode.

Rating: 8

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