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Player's Guide by CVash

Updated: 02/25/03

                                 Ultima Online Player's Guide
                                     By Mason Profit (Vash)

Table o' Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Beginner's Guide
  3.Young Status
  5.Armor, Weaponry, and Magic
  6.Fame, Karma, and Titles
  7.Building Up
III.Advanced Player Tips
  1.Magic Armor and Weapons
  2.Skill Gain Spots
IV. Moneymaking Guide
  8.Animal Taming
 10.Glassblowing and Masonry
 13.Bulk Items
 14.Killing Stuff for Money
V. Acknowledgements

   I. Introduction

	Welcome to the world of Ultima Online! Before you enter this confusing
realm, there are many things you need to know about. But first, let me tell
you about myself. I am not a long-time player of UO, but there are many things
I've picked up upon that I can pass on to others. Through the help of my
allies, and many other people that were at the right place at the right time,
I've gotten some good stuff. The thing about UO is, you can't get by without
other people. But I'm getting off subject. I play mostly on the Atlantic shard,
so if you looked hard enough, you could probably find me there. I have three
characters I use mostly: Vash, a Grandmaster swordsman with some light magical
abilities; Ky, a moneymaking character with no fighting abilities; and Elric,
an archer I have recently started. Anyway, when you first start, you need
to make a character. And that's what this next section is all about!

   II. Beginner's Guide

	Well, you bought yourself an account, have everything installed and
ready to go! So...now what? Here's where this guide comes in handy. I can
help you with whatever you need to know!

 Section 1: Stats

	There are three different stats your character has: Strength, Dexterity,
and Intelligence. Strength is how much damage you can give, as well as how
much HP(Life force) you have, and how much weight you can carry. Every
character can use this stat, in some form or another. Dexterity is relative
to a person's speed, and stamina. With high dexterity, you can attack more
often, and last longer. Intelligence is the power of one's magic,how often
it will actually cast,and how much mana (Magic points) you have. In the
beginning,you get to divide 80 points amongst these three stats. Also,the
stat cap is 225,meaning you can't gain more than 225 points total between the
three. You also can't go over 125 points in any stat. There are things called
stat scrolls,that depending on what kind they are,can give you a stat cap of
230,235,240,245,or 250. These things cost a LOT of money,so you don't have
to worry about it early on.

 Section 2:Skills

	Whoo boy! Now that you've got your stats,you have to choose what kind
of skills you want to persue. There are around 50 skills. You can go up to
100% in any skill,unless you buy a powerscroll. Depending on what kind,you
can get up to 105%,110%,115%,or 120% in any skill. Also,these things cost a
lot of money,so you won't be getting one anytime soon. Also,there is a skill
cap of 700. You can only divide 700 points among your skills,so no,you can't
GM everything. (GM {Grandmaster} means you have 100% in a skill.) You won't
be even close to your skill cap at the beginning,so it's no worry for now.
Anyway,here's a list of all the skills and what they do.

Alchemy:This is the skill of making potions out of magic reagents. You can
create agility,strength,poison,explosion,and many other types of potions.
Using a mortar and pestle,as well as some empty bottles,you can create
potions to use in battle,or to sell to others.With the use of the carpentry
and tinkering skills,you can create potion kegs to sell to people,which can
be filled with 100 bottles worth of a potion. Kegs are used by double-clicking
on them,which fills one of your empty bottles with the potion inside.

Anatomy:A skill needed by almost everyone. Anatomy can increase damage done
by attacks,increase the power of your own healing,and can even tell you how
strong and fast others are. With anatomy and healing both over 60,you can
heal poison,and if they're both over 80,you can resurrect the dead. Anatomy
increases the damage you do by up to 20%.

Animal Lore:This skill tells you about any animals you or others have tamed.
Needed for animal tamers. It can tell you many things about your pet,such as
its strength,what it likes to eat,and how loyal it is to you. Also helpful
to tame more advanced animals.

Animal Taming:This skill allows you to control certain animals you may find
in the wild. You can tame horses to ride,for instance. You can also control
things like dragons,and have them fight alongside you. Some tamers get to
be extremely powerful.

Archery:What you need if you plan to use bows or crossbows. A combat skill
that gets better whenever you use your bow. Remember,keep a steady supply
of arrows on hand. Bowcraft/Fletching,Lumberjacking,Anatomy,and Tactics
go hand in hand with this skill.

Arms Lore:With this,you can check up on the condition of your weapons and
armor. This is especially handy when you want to buy a weapon from another
player. That way,you know you aren't paying a lot for something that's
about to fall apart.

Begging:I've found this skill to be very useless. Using it,you can beg
an NPC for some gold. They can only give you up to 10 coins,so I
see no point.

Blacksmithy:Now here's a useful skill! With this,you can create armor and
weapons,as well as repair. There are many different types of metals and
hammers,so with the right stuff,you can make some good weapons. A blacksmith
is a good friend to have. With the new additions from AoS,blacksmiths can now
enhance weapons with the powers of other colored ingots,without the use of
a runic hammer.

Bowcraft/Fletching:A very useful skill for an archer. This skill alows you
to craft your own kindling for fires,and make bows,crossbows,arrows,and bolts.
Using wood,and having a good skill,you can make anything archer related.
GM bows are some of the best bows you can buy.

Camping:An ok skill I usually don't use. If you set up a campfire,and use
a bedroll,you can safely log out anywhere. Good if you're in the middle of
a dungeon,but HAVE to leave.

Carpenter:Allows you to make furniture and the like from wood. Great if you
have a house you want to furnish. Also great if someone hires you to furnish
their house.

Cartography:The skill for treasure hunters. You can hunt treasure for gold
and fame,if you have the cartography skill needed. Goes along with
lockpicking,detect hidden,and remove trap.

Chivalry:The skill of Paladins. Allows you to use spells of Paladins.
I don't know much about this skill,to tell you the truth.

Cooking:Cook raw food over a fire so it can be edible. Cutting up certain
corpses givesyou raw food,so you can get free food doing this. Cook large
quantities of food to sell to people for some quick cash.

Detect Hidden:Detect traps,and other hiding people. Good for thieves and
treasure hunters. However,once you get to the higher level treasure boxes
that you already know will be trapped,this skill is useless to leave above
50. 50 because that's how much you need to get remove trap.

Discordance:Skill for bards. Lets you weaken creatures with your music.
The strength of the weakening depends on your skill.

Evaluate Intelligence:The equivalent of Anatomy to a mage. A warrior needs
anatomy to assess an enemy's strength,and do more damage. A mage needs eval
int. to assess an enemy's intelligence,and add more damage to magic.

Fencing:A combat skill. Used for daggers,kryss',short spears,war forks,
and the like.

Fishing:With a fishing pole,you can catch fish to cut up into fish steaks.
Also,with a high enough fishing skill,you can pull up SOS messages or
treasure maps.

Forensic Evaluation:Not a very useful skill. Allows you to see who killed
what,or who picked what lock.

Healing:Skill used by most. You can heal others with bandages. With better
skill,you can heal more. With 60 skill in healing and anatomy,you can heal
poison,and at 80,you can resurrect the dead.

Herding:In my opinion,one of the most useless skills in the game. Lets you
move an animal from one point to another. I think it'd be better to tame
it,but that's just my opinion.

Hiding:Allows you to hide in the shadows,even in the wide open. Very useful
when you need to loot your body,but monsters surround it,or if you are a
thief. You cannot hide while you are in the middle of a fight.

Inscription:With the right Magery and Inscription skills,you can create
scrolls. Scrolls are needed to fill spellbooks,and cast spells without the
need of a book. Knights without much magery or intelligence especially like
scribes who create recall scrolls. With a high enough skill,you can create
runebooks. Runebooks are sought after by lots,and you can make a business
out of it.

Idem Identification:Allows you identify 'unidentified' items. You can find
out what magical properties they have before you use them. This skill is
useless if you have an identification wand. It does the same.  (Update:
This skill is pretty much offically useless now,with the changes made by AoS.)

Lockpicking:Needed for rogues and treasure hunters. You can pick the locks
off treasure chests and boxes. You may want to find out if it is trapped

Lumberjacking:Very useful skill for some. Using axes,you can chop trees and
gather wood. Wood is needed for carpenters,tinkers,and bowyers. A high skill
in lumberjacking also helps in battle. You may notice an increase in damage
when wielding certain axes.

Mace Fighting:Combat skill needed for blunt weapons,such as maces,mauls,
war maces,staves,war hammers,and the like.

Magery:The skill for mages. Used to cast spells. The higher your skill,
the better spells you can cast. Reagents are needed for all spells,and can
be bought at magic shops.

Meditation:A must for all spellcasters. Increases the rate at which your
mana regenerates. If you use the skill actively,you go into a trance,and
it goes up even faster. However,you can't do any actions while meditating.

Mining:A must for all blacksmiths. Lets you mine ore from mountains,which
can then be smelted into ingots. Great skill to have. Also a good way for
mages to train in strength,or for merchants to sell in bulk.

Musicianship:The skill of bards. Use with other bardic skills to create a
powerful character. Alone,it doesn't do much.

Necromancy:The skill of Necromancers. Lets you raise the dead to serve you,
as well as let you turn into many different undead forms.

Parrying:The ability to deflect attacks with a shield. If you use shields,
get this skill.

Peacemaking:Bardic skill. Allows you to make monsters stop attacking you,
if only for a short time.

Poisoning:Lets you poison weapons or food. Poisoned weapons begin to wear
down if the poison isn't cleaned off with oil cloth. If you need oil cloth,
go to a popular tailor shop. It'll probably be lying around everywhere.
Don't drink the poison potion,by the way.

Provocation:Bardic Skill. Allows you to make enemies attack one another.
VERY nice.

Remove Trap:Lets you remove traps off treasure chests. You need a skill of
50 in both lockpicking and detecting hidden first,though.

Resisting Spells:Anyone who fights,needs this skill. Lessens the damage of
any spell,or nullifies it completely.

Snooping:Lets you look into the backpacks of other people and see what they
have. Looked upon as an act of aggression,and will lower your karma a bit
each time you do it.

Spirit Speak:Not particulary useful. Lets you see what the dead are saying,
as opposed to only seeing "oooooooo." (Update:Now VERY useful for
Necromancers. Increases the effect of necromantic magic.)

Stealing:Lets you steal items from others. You must be in Felucca to steal
anything. You must be a member of the thieves guild to steal from other
players. To join the thieves guild,seek out a thieves guild NPC guildmaster
in certain cities,such as near the Britain bank.

Stealth:Lets you move while hidden. VERY sneaky,yes? However,you must have
at least 80 hiding before you can even train for it.

Swordsmanship:Combat skill needed for swords. Used for all swords,bardiches,
halberds,and the like.

Tactics:Needed by any fighter. Increases the chance of you hitting your

Tailoring:Lets you create clothing out of cloth. Also lets you create
leather and bone armors,with higher skills. You can dye your clothes to
any color using a dye tub. There are different,rarer types of dye tubs,and
also rare undyeable cloths. Refer to the tailoring section of the moneymaking
guide for more.

Taste Identification:To me,useless. Lets you taste if food is poisoned.
If that's your thing,go for it.

Tinker:Create various tools,traps,jewelry,etc. Can make some very useful
stuff,like golems. Refer to the tinkering section in the moneymaking guide
for more.

Tracking:Lets you see where someone has gone,or where to find the nearest
of a certain type of animal.

Veterinary:Lets you heal your pets. With high enough skill in vet and
animal lore,you can cure poison or resurrect.

Wrestling:Hand-to-hand combat skill. Used mostly by mages. With high enough
skill,you can disarm an opponent,or stun them,in collaboration with other
skills,such as Arms Lore.

And there you have it,all the skills.Choose which ones you want,how much
you want to shoot for,and configure your character as you like.

 Section 3:Young Status

When you begin your journey,you will begin in Haven,the city for beginners.
It's a very good place to gain skills and knowledge. There are weak enemies
around to kill to get money and stats. Also,when you begin,you will notice a
tag next to your name that says (young). That lets people know you have just
started,and could use some help. The only bad thing about young status is
that you cannot trade pets with those who aren't young,so you can't buy a
horse for cheap from a more experienced character. However,there are people
out there willing to help you get stronger. You just have to find em! Also,
when you die,you are automatically teleported to a healer,with all your stuff.
Well,that's about it for young status. It really doesn't mean too much.

 Section 4:Interaction

As previously stated,you can't get by without meeting people! They will help
you,they will sell stuff to you,they will swindle you...ok,so they aren't all
good. You gotta pay attention. Also,if there's something in particular you're
looking for,someone else probably has it. Ask around. Also,there are guilds,
which are good to join because they will usually help you get stronger. If
you need a sword,find a blacksmith. They usually do it for free,but like to
accept tips. Need repairs?Once again,find a blacksmith. Naked? Find a tailor.
Need a golem? Find a tinker. It's important to know the right people. Well,
the only way to know is to figure it out for yourself. The way I met a lot
of people was through inviting random people to the tavern. People like to
get drunk!

 Section 5:Armor,Weaponry,and Magic

First of all,armor. There are several different types of armor:Leather,
Studded Leather,Ringmail,Chainmail,Platemail,and Bone. There are several
different types of each of those,but you can find those out by yourself.
There are different places on the body for armor. Helmets,tunics,leggings,
arms,gloves,gorgets,and the like. There are many different kinds of weapons,
too. Maces,swords,knives,staves,wands,etc. They require different skills to
wield,also. Some weapons and armor require a certain amount of strength to
use. For instance,you need at least 40 str to wear a chainmail tunic. There
are also 8 circles of magic,with 8 spells each. They all require different
amounts of reagents,time,and magery to use. For more info on those,go to
UO's offical website at www.uo.com. It's helpful to create macros for
different spells. A macro is when you push a button and something is
programmed to happen. For example,if I push shift+f5,it casts Energy Bolt.
Macros can be made in the options menu.

 Section 6:Fame,Karma,and Titles

Next to most people's name on their paperdoll,you'll find a title,
whether it be 'Notable','Glorious','Evil Lord','Outcast','Subjugator of
the Vermin Horde',or whatever. These titles are based on the character's
fame and karma. (Except for that last one,don't worry about it.) You gain
fame by killing enemies with higher fame than you. You get karma by killing
something evil. You lose karma by killing something good. See,you can choose
to be good,evil,neutral,or whatever,depending on what you kill and get
your karma at. If your karma goes below 0,it will lock,meaning it cannot
be raised again no matter what you do,unless you go to a shrine. Titles are
really just honorary,they don't mean much of anything. Check the offical
website's section on Fame,Karma,and Reputation for a table listing all
the titles you can get,depending on fame and karma.

 Section 7:Building Up

Now,you have all the armor,weapons,spells,and knowledge you need. Now,
it's time to raise skills! How you raise your skills depend on what skill
you want to raise. Wanna raise fencing?Go attack something with a fencing
weapon. It'll raise. Wanna raise carpentry? Make something. Wanna raise
mining?Go mine something. You see,you raise your skill by using it,and
using it often. The higher your skill gets,the more and more you have
to do to continue raising it. You can't keep killing Headless Ones and
hope to GM swordsmanship,it just won't happen. Most skill raising is self
explanatory. To raise hiding,hide! To raise resist spells,get hit by a spell.
To raise lumberjacking,chop a tree,or attack something with an axe.
Any questions?....good!

III. Advanced Player Tips

You've got your skills,you know what you're doing,you have some money,
and you are no longer branded a 'stupid n00b.' Now,you have much more to
learn,young grasshopper,so pay sharp attention while your Lord and Master
COMMANDS YOU!!!....*ahem*

 Section 1: Magic Armor and Weapons

There are more than just different kinds of armor and weapons. Actually,
there are nearly endless combinations of them! Not only can they be made of
different metals,they can also be infused with magical powers. That's right!
Different magics affect different armors and weapons. For example,'Durable'
means your stuff will last longer. There are two different normal magics for
armor,and three for weapons. For armor,it will last longer if it has the
magic powers of either durable,substantial,massive,fortified,or indestructable.
They are better magics,in that order,durable being the worst,indestructable
being the best. They can also offer extra protection,if it has defense,
guarding,hardening,fortification,or invulnerability added to it. Again,left
to right is worst to best. There are different metals for armor and weapons:
Iron,Dull Copper,Shadow Iron,Copper,Bronze,Gold,Agapite,Verite,and Valorite.
Valorite being rarest and strongest,iron being common and weakest. To find
a indestructable,invulnerable platemail set of armor for cheap is quite a
blessing. For weapons,they also have durable,substantial,massive,fortified,
and indestructable. But instead of adding extra defense,like armor,
they add extra damage. They have ruin,might,force,power,and vanquishing.
They add +1,+3,+5,+7,and +9 damage,respectively. Vanquishing weapons usually
sell for quite a good amount. Also,there is another factor. Accuracy.
Through extra magic,weapons can add accuracy. Accurate,Surpassingly accurate,
eminently accurate,exceedingly accurate,and supremely accurate,add 5,10,15,
20,or 25% to your tactics,respectively. If you have your tactics at 120
through the use of a powerscroll,it's possible to get up to 145% in tactics!
You won't be missing very often. An indestructable,vanquishing,supremely
accurate,valorite weapon of your choice is the best you can get. One more
magic. Some weapons have extra magic,such as burning,ghoul's touch,poison,
clumsiness,lightning,and the like. These actually cast magic spells on the
enemy when you hit them with it. Very useful,but they can run out of charges.
There's one last one,on wands. Some wands have identification charges,which
can tell you what magics an unidentified item carry. Very useful to have
if you pick up an unidentified item from an enemy. One last note:Some weapons
are virtue weapons,and say 'Earth shatter' or 'water dissipation'. These are
for killing certain elements or monsters. 'Arachnid doom' does good damage
to any kind of spider. Also,there are silver weapons,another magic that
could be on any weapon,no matter what magic it had. Silver does double
damage to undead creatures,but if you use it against a living creature,
they do double damage to you,so watch it.

(Update:Magic armor and weapons have been drastically changed. Magics such
as ruin and fortification are no more. Instead,there are percentage stats
for different types of damage and resists. To find out more,go to uo.com,
because I really don't understand it either.)

 Section 2:Skill gain spots

Your combat skills are high,but just not raising like they used to. It seems
your swordsmanship just WON'T go above 90%,and it's really frustrating. Well,
I know how you feel. But,there are several different places you can go
to help with that problem! Here are some good places I like to go to.
Keep in mind,I play on the Atlantic shard,so these places may not be as
active on other shards.

1-Shame Dungeon

Ah,I like this place. On the first level of shame,there are Earth Elementals
and scorpions. Earth elementals are pure strength and stamina. They have no
magics,but have high attack. These are good for building combat skills early
on,as well as anatomy and healing. They drop around 300 gold each,so they
are good for money early on. (Update:Thank you OSI,for screwing us again.
Earth Ellys only drop around 120 gold now.) Then there are scorpions. Their
attack isn't nearly as high as earth elementals,but they have a trick up their
sleeve....er,stinger. Poison. And pretty potent stuff,too. These are really
good for healing gains,since you'll be doing your best to nullify the poison.
On the second level,it gets tougher. Dull copper,air,and water elementals
flood this area. Air and water elementals are heavy-magic users,great for
gaining resist spells. They drop around 300 gold each. Dull copper elementals
are beefed-up earth elementals;however,they give only 100 gold,so they're
good for skill gaining,and not much else. On the third level,there's more.
Water,air,dull copper,and fire elementals are abound,as well as reds. Reds
in trammel are NPC's that are evil. They are humans,and sit in a fortress in
the water. Heavy magic-users here,folks. Avoid them unless your resist is
pretty high. Also,in the water,there are sea serpents and krakens. Sea
serpents have weak attacks,and weak magics. You can skin their corspes for
sea serpent scales,which can be used to craft scale armors. Krakens are a
different story. They are powerful. Do not even attempt to fight one unless
you know someone is nearby to ressurect you,should you underestimate it.
I'm not kidding; I'm pretty strong and I had a hell of a time with it. Anyway,
in that third level,you'll find a gray moongate. Go through it,and you'll
find yourself in a hall,with two other rooms. Inside these rooms spawn elder
gazers,extremely powerful magic users. This is mostly where tamers train
their nightmares and dragons,but powerful warriors can sometimes be found
here too. These things drop 1k gold usually,so it's well worth the effort.
They also give lots of fame and karma. But it's not easily earned!

2-Solen ant holes

In the areas out side of Britain,can be found solen ant holes. Solen ants
are fairly powerful creatures. The workers are weak,but the warriors are
strong. What makes the warriors so powerful are their acid sacs. They spit
acid,which HURTS. They also spill acid all over the ground once they are
damaged enough,and if you aren't paying attention,it will kill you. Inside
the ant hole,is a complex section of tunnels. Inside can be found giant
beetles,which tamers are fond of,and antlions,which are difficult to defeat.
They like to burrow underground and appear elsewhere,making them hard to
follow. In the depths of these lairs,are solen queens. Very powerful,
watch out.


Go to a public moongate,click on 'Ilshenar',then 'Compassion'. (You can
only do this if you have Lord Blackthorn's Revenge installed.) This place
is where many fighters and blacksmiths make their home. Inside compassion,
in the forest where you first come out,live ratmen. Ratmen warriors are weak,
and can actually be found outside of Haven. Ratmen archers are difficult to
defeat,because they attack from far away,and run around a lot. They are
powerful. Also,there are ratmen mages,also very strong and good for resist
gains. Beyond these and to the northwest,lies a small gypsy encampment.
If you happen to die,run here,or back to the moongate. You'll be ressurrected.
You can sell gems you may have picked up,stable an animal,or place your gold
in the bank at the gypsy encampment. This place is VERY good for those who
want to train mining and blacksmithy. Surrounding the encampment is all
mountains,where you can mine. Then you can go to the iron workers,and forge
your ore,then sell to the worker. This encampment is fairly safe,with the
occasional ratman wandering in. But many people come in and out of here,so
if you can't kill it,they probably can. If you skip the encampment and go
southwest,you'll hit the snowy part of the mountains. Here,gargoyles and
ice trolls can be found. Gargoyles are good for resist gains,and ice trolls
for combat skills and anatomy. If you don't go that far,and instead go
southeast,you'll come across a break in the mountains. If you are not near
perfect,DON'T GO IN. Inside this small pathway is the lair of the Ancient
Wyrm,one of the strongest creatures in the world of UO. DO NOT fight this
thing alone,should you choose to. Going back,near the encampment,is a break
in the mountains,that looks like a cave. If you go through it,you see a
castle. It is filled with golems,enslaved gargoyles,basically anything
strong. Don't go in here alone. Beyond this and to the north,is a break in
the mountains. Through here is a large open area,home to Earth elementals
and fire elementals. To the east of that,is a desert,and inside there,is
the beautiful city of the gargoyles. They are friendly,don't worry. If you
are followed by something you cannot defeat,you can call for the guards.
You can buy some interesting books here. By GM'ing carpentry,you can buy
a book for 10k that lets you learn a new skill,masonry. Then you can create
statues. To get stone,you'll need to buy another book. Then you can just
mine it out of the mountains,if you are a GM miner. Or,you can buy a book for
glassblowing,used by GM alchemists. Anyway,that's about it for compassion.
You can go to several other places from there.

4-Lich forest

Ask for a rune or a gate to the lich forest. Someone will know what you're
talking about. This forest is filled with liches,VERY powerful undead magic
users. If you're going to take them on with weapons,make sure it's a silver
weapon. They give good fame and karma,even later on. Many people usually roam
this forest,so if you die,you can usually get help getting your stuff back.
There's not much to say,except kill kill kill,gain gain gain.


In my opinion,the BEST place to raise any combination of the following:
Anatomy,healing,tactics,swordsmanship,mace fighting,fencing,wrestling,or
archery. To get here,go to a moongate,click on Ilshenar,then humility.
Near the moongate,you'll find an ankh. This brings you back to life if you
die,and heals poison if you double-click it when you're close enough. If
you see a small mess of people near the ankh,this trick will work. If not,
leave and come back later. You see,here in humility,to the southwest of the
gate,is a small building. Inside lie some nasty undead creatures. One of
these creatures is a rotting corpse. Rotting corpses have over a whopping
5000 HP,and have some of the deadliest poison you can imagine. It can kill
the strongest man in around 10 seconds or so. So you can see you don't have
the time to heal yourself before it kills you. Sounds like somethin you don't
wanna mess with,right? Wrong. Heh heh,you see,there's a trick to this.
Remember the ankh that dissovles poison? Remember the large crowd?Starting to
get the picture? Yes...you see,people lure those rotting corpses over to the
ankh. Then they gang up on it,and slowly beat the hell out of it. But,they
are using normal weapons. Why do they not use silver or magic,you ask?
Because,they don't really WANT to kill it. You see,they want to hit it
as many times as possible before it dies,to get the most gains out of it.
You see the trick now? Here's a good scenario for you,one I go through almost
daily. When I first learned of this place,I wore full plate armor,and wielded
a normal broadsword. Later on,I figured out this slowed me down. So here's
what I do now. I go there,wearing no armor,just my normal clothing. Nothing
to lower my dexterity. I wield a normal katana,the fastest sword. If a
large crowd is ganged up on one,I go after it. Once it is killed,we all see
who can grab the 650 gold coins or so the fastest. Then,someone goes and
lures two more over to the ankh,and we do the whole process over again. If
it decides to attack me,I stay near the ankh,so when it poisons me,I can
double-click it and be fine,while constantly healing myself with bandages.
If I get seriously hurt,someone else usually heals me. This is how I got
from 92% to 100% in swordsmanship in a very short time. Now,after using a
scroll,I'm working on raising it above 100. RC's are only good if your
skills are high. If it's below 80,raise it first before you come here.
If you're raising swordsmanship,use a katana. If you're raising fencing,
use a dagger. If you're raising mace fighting,use a wand. Archery? Use a
normal bow. Wrestling? Well...nothing. Don't wear armor,it only makes you
slower. Any questions? Ask someone there. They know how it goes.

 Section 3: Felucca

Three are four facets,accessable from any public moongate. Trammel is
the most populated one,where you are safe from PvP combat,as well as being
stolen from. Felucca,however,is much different. People will try to steal
from you,plus,they can just flat out kill you. Especially reds and grays.
You see,when someone's name is blue,that means they are not doing anything
against the law. If they are gray,that means they just did something bad,
and any blue can kill them with no penalty. If they are red,that means they
are a murderer,and have killed one too many people. Blues can kill them too.
If you see a red,look out. They may wanna kill you. Ah...watch out.
That's all I can tell ya. I don't go to Felucca much.

(Update:The fourth facet is Malas,the newest world. I know nothing about
it,because I can't go there. I haven't bought AoS yet.)

IV. Moneymaking guide

Money is always good,yes?

 Section 1: Tailoring

The best way to make money by tailoring is to fill out BODs,Bulk Order Deeds,
that give very good rewards. You can get rare cloths,like blaze,ice blue,
ice white,ice green,and several others. Or,you may even be lucky enough
to get a bless deed,which,last time I saw,sell for about 900k. Not bad,not
bad at all. The less effective way,but good way to get skills,is to skin
sheep for their wool,then spin it into yarn,then use a loom and turn it
into cloth. Make clothes out of it,and sell them to NPC's. Tailoring is
useful,but not much for moneymaking in the early stages. However,later
on,you can sell sets of leather armor. These go for a lot when you use the
better types of leather,like horned or barbed.

 Section 2: Blacksmithy

One of the better moneymaking methods. Craft weapons and armor to sell
to NPC's,or if you're really good,sell good suits of armor and weapons to
other characters. Another way to raise skills is to repair for others.
You can ask for tips if you wish. Once you get runic hammers,you can craft
magical weapons and armor and sell them. People likey the magic stuf.

(Update: You can also enhance weapons,if you have the right ingots,as
well as the skill to use those ingots.)

 Section 3: Carpentry

You just bought a new house,using the last of your money. You arrive
at your new home,but then you realize...it's empty! Oh no! You have
no money to buy any furniture! What to do? This is where the carpenter
makes his money. They can be hired to furnish a house for someone. They
can be paid very well for this too. Other than that,there ain't much you
can do with carpentry.

 Section 4: Tinkering

The other part of furnishing a house are the little things a tinker can
craft. But the best thing a tinker can do to make money is make golems.
Some people like to have golems. They're strong. People buy them for around
10k if they're GM made.

 Section 5: Bowcrafting

Make a bow for someone,or for yourself. Craft arrows and bolts in bulk
for others to buy. Help out your guild's archers with extra supplies. A
good amount of money here if you know what you're doing. Use an axe and
lumberjack skill to chop logs from trees,then use fletching tools to turn
them into shafts. Kill a bird and pluck it's feathers. Then use the
fletching tools to put shaft and feather together into an arrow or bolt.

 Section 6: Cooking

The best way to get money by cooking is in collaboration with fishing.
Get a crapload of fish steaks,cook em and sell em. 100 fish steaks for
400 gold is usually an acceptable price.

 Section 7: Cartography

Become a treasure hunter,or decode maps for aspiring treasure hunters.
You can make some good money off the best treasure maps,not only from
the gold that comes from the chest,but also the interesting items just
waiting to be sold.

 Section 8: Animal Taming

At the beginning,you should tame horses and sell them cheap,like 200
gold coins. When you get better,sell ostards. When you get really good,
sell fire steeds,dragons,white wyrms,unicorns (if you're female),nightmares,
etc. Tamers can get good money for the good stuff.

 Section 9:Alchemy

Make potions. Make potion kegs. Sell potion kegs. The end. GM made potion
kegs can be sold for around 3-5k.

 Section 10:Glassblowing and Masonry

Make stuff most people can't. Make money. Hey,I didn't say it was an
in-depth guide!

 Section 11:Inscription

Make recall,gate,resurrection,and other scrolls. Also,make runebooks.
People like them when they have bad magery. Make full spellbooks,too.
Most sell for around 5k,so to keep up with competition,sell a little lower.

 Section 12:Stealing

My favorite. Take stuff from other unsuspecting people,then drop it
in your bank box before they know what hit them. Sell it later,or give
it to another character.

 Section 13:Bulk Items

Make craploads of boards,ingots,arrows,cloth,you know,stuff like that.
Then fill a commodity deed with them,and sell em. Watch other people
sell them to see their prices,then drop your prices slightly lower so
that people come to you instead.

 Section 14:Killing stuff for money

'nuff said.

V. Acknowledgements

A simple guide,yes? Go to the offical site at www.uo.com for anything
else you may not understand. Here are some people to thank:

OSI. You know,the guys who run the damn thing. They made a lot of
mistakes,granted,but still.

CJayC. How many other people care enough to post a multitude of FAQs
in one place? I know of no one else.

Sir Korlic,Rusty,Ronto,and the Knights of Holy Flame guild (:U:) My good
friend D,who lives two blocks away from me,for introducing me to the game,
getting me started,and now heads the guild I used to play in. Briana (Rusty),
his wife,and Cy (Ronto),a good friend.

Caric,Kerman,and Harmony Moonsong. A good group of people from UWF (United
We Fight,second largest guild on Atlantic,I believe) I met early on. Caric
now trains with me every once in a while. We make a good team. Kerman,I
haven't seen ya in a while,but you're a good guy. Harmony,be good to them

Dalamar. For telling me I'm an idiot for using a silver weapon the first
time I went to humility. I had no idea,bud. Please don't hurt me.

One last thing. Do not post this FAQ on your site without asking me first.
You can e-mail me at fei3587@hotmail.com,or ICQ me at #165347392. If you're
just starting out on the Atlantic shard,and need supplies or help,ICQ me.
Vash will help you train,or Ky will get you what you need. Just ask,and you
shall recieve.(Maybe.)

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