• ATX mod cheats

    Get the ATX mod for Trespasser at or This mod adds a slew of new cheats to the console that can be brought up using CTRL+F11. It also re-enables some of the cheats that disappeared with the Trespasser 1.1 patch and demo. Here are a few examples:

    AIMAimdot for weapons
    REC [filename]Begins and ends video recording
    MAPBrings up a 2D map with player cursor (maps must be downloaded for individual levels)
    FOLLOWDINOCan follow dinos. Use B and N cheats to switch between dinos.
    THIRDPExperimental third-person mode
    FLY [speed multiplier]Fly-mode
    CLOAKMakes player invisible to animals
    MDINOShows dinos on 2D, if displayed
    TIMEShows elapsed game time
    FPSShows framerate
    FLYTELETeleports player to current FLY location and makes player invincible (INVUL)

    Contributed By: treshacks.

  • Freeze all dinosaurs

    Hit CTRL and F11 and then type Dinos then hit enter then escape

    Contributed By: GRadek.

  • Gain X-ray vision

    Hit CTRL and F11 then type in Bones then hit enter then escape. To deactivate go through it again.

    Contributed By: GRadek.

  • Go straight to the ending

    Hit CTRL and F11 and type Win.

    Contributed By: Jaksiel.

  • Invincibility, but slower running

    While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [F11] and type in invul.

    Contributed By: Garfield200.

  • Lots of gore

    Press CTRL and F11 and then type Gore 2.

    Contributed By: Jaksiel.

  • Shows coordinaes

    Ctrl+ F11 when cursor comes up type: loc

    Contributed By: They Call Him Shadow.

  • Slow motion

    Hit CTRL and F11 and then type Bionicwoman.

    Contributed By: Jaksiel.

  • Teleport to a new location

    Hit CTRL and F11 and then type Tnext.

    Contributed By: Jaksiel.

  • Unlimited Ammo

    Hit CTRL and F11 and then type Woo.

    Contributed By: Jaksiel.

  • Unlock all levels

    Hold CTRL, SHIFT, Q, and W, and then release the W.

    Contributed By: Jaksiel.

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