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Man is a slave race on a planet run entirely by machines. A small group of cyborg freedom fighters, calling themselves Mayhem Soldiers, wage a liberation war against the machines that hold society in a death grip. Using high technology weapons and strategic combat tactics, you control up to six soldiers simultaneously as you fight for survival.
Total Mayhem combines the best of shoot-to-kill action and brain-draining strategy.
- Jump right into the action and lay waste to anything and everything around you.
- Wage a violent war against the enemy as you control up to 6 Mayhem soldiers simultaneously.
- 20 action packed missions in superb SVGA graphics.
- Rip into your enemies with your choice of 5 different weapons: grenade-launcher, laser, rocket-launcher, mini-gun and plasma gun.
- Modem, serial and network play for up to 8 players on Windows 95.
- 13 different enemies, armed with 5 different skill levels.
- Fight for your life in both interior and exterior environments including desert, jungle and arctic.
- Zoom-in option for an up close and personal view of the action.
- Original CD soundtrack by Xymox.

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