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It's not a game; it's an obsession!
Dive right into a new batch of quick missions for the world's most explosive strategy game! Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics features smaller, quicker battles to satisfy that nagging Total Annihilation fix. Blast through 100 rapid-fire ambushes where the action is fast and furious. New maps provide fresh opportunity for ambush. Varying degrees of difficulty give new Total Annihilation players a chance to learn the ropes while offering advanced players a new challenge.
The units, the maps, the worlds and many of the elements that made Total Annihilation such a rush are here. Because when you need to satisfy that Total Annihilation urge, any little fix of heavy artillery will do.
- 100 quick missions drop you into the heat of battle
- New, never seen before maps
- New scenarios with multiple paths to victory while still forcing you to develop a strategy
- Text boxes give beginning and advanced tactics
- Varying degrees of difficulty to challenge everybody; from the beginning real-time strategy player to the advanced pro

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