3D AnimationJeff Kember
3D ModelingTex Riddell
3D Modeling/3D Animation/Special EffectsDavid Henry
3D Modeling/Animation/3D AnimationAndrew James
3D Modeling/Animation/Video Cast: New York Posh Express AgentJeff Kuipers
3D Modeling/Programmer/Production Coordination/Video Cast: New York State MarshallMatthew Manuel
Additional ArtMark Ferrari
Additional ArtAdrie Van Viersen
Additional ProgrammingRobert Aitken
Additional ProgrammingRichard Ferraro
Additional ProgrammingMatt Gruson
Additional ProgrammingAaron Hilton
Additional Programming/Design Assistant/Video Cast: MonkPeter Taylor
Additional Programming/Video Cast: MonkMatthew Powell
AnimationJim Bridle
AnimationJacob Dewey
AnimationScott Douglas
AnimationGary Scott
Animation Design/AnimationStephen McCallum
Animation/Props/Video Cast: New York Taxi DriverGarth Buzzard
Animation/Video Cast: MonkCindy Johnson
Art Direction/Animation Design/Animation/Video Direction/Production Coordination/Additional Design Elements/Video Cast: MonkMike Gibson
Audio Cast: Baron von Seltsam, Butler, Lima Posh Express Agent, Temple of the Hidden Way Guard, MonksJohn Payne
Audio Cast: FarmerPeter Poon
Audio Cast: Feng Li, Shen Guo, Wolf, Danzig Posh Express Agent, Sikkim Posh Express Agent, New York State Official, Zeppelin Passengers, MonksMike Donovan
Audio Cast: GatekeeperMichael Choi
Audio Cast: Hall of Classics PriestTong Leung
Audio Cast: Kuang, Emilio Menendez, Pesky Peasant, New York Posh Express Agent, Danzig Taxi Driver, Zeppelin Passengers, MonksMarke Driesschen
Audio Cast: Old Woman (Easter Island)Cathy Weseluck
Audio Cast: Peiping Posh Express Agent, OfficialRicky Cheung
Audio Cast: Robert RipleyGarry Chalk
Audio Cast: Samantha TwelvetreesSaffron Henderson
Background Art/Additional Background Design/GUI and Detail ArtCalvin Jones
Background Art/AnimationBrent Arnst
Background Designer/Background Art/Additional Design ElementsRichard Hescox
Casting AssitantRuth Giverin
ConvEdit GafferKarl Johanson
CostumesRosemary McGrath
Designer/Producer/Video Cast: MonkFrancois Robillard
Designer/Writer/Video Direction/Casting/Voice Direction/Video Cast: MonkLee Sheldon
HairCaroline Woodbridge
Lead Game Programmer/Programmer/Demo Programmer/Systems Programmer/Video Cast: MonkPaul Lahaise
Lead Systems Programmer/System Design/Systems Programmer/GUI Programming/Video Cast: MonkNick Porcino
MakeupAnn Eng
Martial Arts ChoreographerMartin Hittos
Original Concept/Casting/Additional Design ElementsPeter Donnelly
Original Score/Sound Design/Audio ProducerDarren McGrath
ProgrammerPeter Costin
ProgrammerDavid Thomas
Programmer/Systems ProgrammerMichael Ellis
Programmer/Systems Programmer/GUI ProgrammingTinman
Programmer/Video Cast: MonkPardeep S. Athwal
Programmer/Video Cast: MonkRaymond Yee
Programmer/Video Cast: Sikkim Posh Express Agent/Video Cast: MonkTaranjeet S. Athwal
Systems ProgrammerXi Huang
Systems ProgrammerAndras Kovacs
Video Cast: AcolyteLorne Chen
Video Cast: Baron von SeltsamGraham Croft
Video Cast: ButlerRick Caulfield
Video Cast: Danzig Posh Express AgentEric Breker
Video Cast: Emilio MenendezRobbie Sheffman
Video Cast: FarmerDanny Cooper
Video Cast: Feng LiTony Eng
Video Cast: GatekeeperYong Feng
Video Cast: Hall of Classics PriestAnthony Towe
Video Cast: Japanese Soldier #1Jason Chen
Video Cast: Japanese Soldier #2Eric Lowe
Video Cast: KuangMatthew Landers
Video Cast: Lima Posh Express AgentErnie Foort
Video Cast: Mei Chen/Audio Cast: Mei ChenKaren Yip
Video Cast: MonkMichael Beninger
Video Cast: MonkAllan Cameron
Video Cast: MonkKathy Elder
Video Cast: MonkRobert Eryou
Video Cast: OfficialEric Coching
Video Cast: Old Chinese LadyMary Eng
Video Cast: Peiping Posh Express AgentCraig Cameron
Video Cast: Robert RipleyPhil Banton
Video Cast: Samantha TwelvetreesTara Moss
Video Cast: Shen GuoGerald Wong
Video Cast: Temple of the Hidden Way GuardMandeep Grewal
Video Cast: WolfTed Gaskell
Video ProcessingDuncan McCallum
Video Producer/Video ProcessingDevin Young
Video Production Assistant/Video Processing/Casting AssistantDanielle Cooper
Voice Recording Engineer (Airwaves Sound Design)Toby Carroll
Voice Recording Engineer (Airwaves Sound Design)Ewan Deane
Voice Recording Engineer (Airwaves Sound Design)Kirby Jinnah
Writer’s Assistant/Video Cast: Old Woman (Easter Island)/Audio Cast: Zeppelin PassengersHope Hickli


Data and credits for this game contributed by King Kool, odino, and misschu.

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