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FAQ/Walkthrough by Djibriel

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/15/12

The Last Express - Walkthrough and Plot Guide
Version 1.2
Djibriel, December 2010


No number: Contents
           Version History

 1.0    Foreword
 2.0    Walkthrough
 3.0    Loose ends
 4.0    Red Serpent
 5.0    Credits

Version History:

- Version 1.2  (04/15/2012)
      I finally got my hands on an official downloaded copy of the Last Express,
      The Gameplay Guide that came along with it was of extremely high
      quality, and I've incooperated several elements of it into my walkthrough.
      I've also made a distinction between days, and changed the lay-out
      somewhat. All for the upcoming iOS release!

- Version 1.1  (12/02/2010)
      Added section 'Red Serpent'. Also found out that Paul Verhoeven is working
	  on a movie based on a game set in 1914, a combination between Indiana
	  Jones and Hitchcock, while Mechner mentioned in a 2008 article that he
	  thinks The Last Express will be back in a different form, like Prince of
	  Persia (confirmed movie adaptation at the time). So, exciting times
- Version 1.0  (12/01/2010)
      Initial Release

 1.0    Foreword

The Last Express was created in 1997 by Smoking Car productions, a company
specifically created by Jordan Mechner (of Prince of Persia fame) to create
The Last Express. It was awesome. It was tremendously expensive. It got all
the awards. It was a commercial failure. The relevant marketing department was
disbanded a few weeks prior to the release of The Last Express, so there was
close to no advertising for the game. The PSX release was cancelled when the
company behind it, GameBank, quit. Its publisher, Brøderbund, was bought by
a company only interested in educational software; The Last Express was out of
print in less than a year.

The Last Express is a great experience. It captures a zeitgeist of what is,
at the time of writing, close to 100 years ago. It'll teach you some things
about European history. It's got a compelling story to reveal and some of the
most realistic characters I've ever seen.

Though the format of the game is very interesting and makes for a great amount
of replay value, it is not without its drawbacks. You, the player, move around
in a world that changes all the time without you being there to witness it.
Characters won't wait for you to pick fights with other characters, nor will
they politely start their incriminating conversations when you enter the room.
But the game must go on. So if you, the player, miss crucial parts of
information about how and why things are going down as they do, you may find 
your avatar Robert Cath draw wild conclusions you could never see coming, or 
see events taking place that don't make a lick of sense. Before you know it, 
you're catching beetles in matchboxes, unhooking train cars and fighting 
people before you really know what the hell you're doing.

But at the same time, it really immerses you. There are a thousand things
that you can miss in any given playthrough, I'm here to tell you all of those
things! I hope that this document can help those playing for the first time
and enrich the experience for those going in for later attempts.

Good luck!

 2.0    Walkthrough


 2.1   Several miles past Paris (France)  July 24th   7:39pm
 2.2   Epernay (France)   July 24th   9:16pm
 2.3   Chalons (France)   July 24th   9:41pm
 2.4   Bar-Le-Duc (France)   July 24th   10:45pm

 2.5   Strasbourg (Germany)   July 25th   3:38am

 2.6   Ulm (Germany)   July 25th   8:25am
 2.7   Munich (Germany)   July 25th   12:00pm
 2.8   Salzburg (Germany)   July 25th   12:45pm
 2.9   Attnang (Austria-Hungary)   July 25th   1:57pm
 2.10  Wels (Austria-Hungary)   July 25th   2:23pm
 2.11  A few miles past Vienna (Austria-Hungary)   July 25th   7:35pm
 2.12  Poszony (Austria-Hungary)   25th July   8:08pm
 2.13  Galanta (Austria-Hungary)   25th July   8:47pm
 2.14  A few miles prior to Budapest (Austria-Hungary)   25th July   10:30pm
 2.15  Several miles prior to Belgrad (Austria-Hungary)   26th July    4:40am
 2.16  Several miles prior to Constantinople (Asia Minor)   27th July    7:00pm


This is the walkthrough. It is, in the first place, a guide for you if you want
to finish the game from start and finish and obtain that much-coveted good
ending. However, the nature of the game is such that you can go down many, many
roads while often still appearing where you want to go, so I've also attempted
to list everything you can find in this game, bad endings included. Because
so many things are happening at once, I can imagine it can be difficult to
discern what actions are essential to the story and your progress. 

The Last Express plays in real-time, sped up times six. While certain NPCs at
some point in the story behave differently based on your actions, for the
most part the world will go about its business without paying much attention to
you. This means that at any given time, you can eavesdrop on multiple pieces of
dialogue. You cannot do it all in a single game unless you Rewind a lot. When 
you can catch the kid in the hallway, other NPCs are chatting in the sleeping 
car while still others are having a discussion in the restaurant.

You can always Rewind and Fast Forward. Rewind will take you back to an earlier
part of your journey; it allows you to see cutscenes again, or change your
actions at any given time. If you don't change anything, you'll keep the option
of Fast Forwarding to your latest point in the adventure; if you go back, and
do alter your actions (say, you trade something with an NPC where you previously
didn't), you can't Fast Forward anymore as the timeline will continue
differently from what you've see so far.

I've tried to portray everything that's going down in any given segment, but I
cannot give you the specific timetables for every NPC, so it's all a bit 'this
and that happens between Epernay and Chalons. If you try to visit a scene but
an NPC isn't there or you don't receive the option of interacting with that
specific NPC while I tell you that you can, you're either too late or too
early. Having patience or Rewinding solves those problems.

With such a complicated structure of events based entirely on your actions and
NPCs not waiting for you to go on with their actions, it's no surprise that
I cannot promise you that I've listed every possible scene. In fact, while I've
searched the internet for everything I might've missed personally, it would
stand to scientific reason that some things are missing. If you feel that you
can add anything to the walkthrough that starts below, please e-mail me at
djibriel at gmail dot com, and I will update this document. The fans will love
your contribution!

Let's start!

 2.1   Several miles past Paris (France)  July 24th   7:39pm

You'll start the game looking at a man who seems to be anxiously waiting for
some person. This man is Tyler Whitney, and he sent a telegram to his friend
Robert Cath to meet him, 7:00, in Paris' Gare de L'est where the Orient Express
will start its journey through Europe. But no Robert Cath, just cops.

Robert Cath arrives on the Orient Express, aided by a red-haired woman, around
7:39. You can examine two items in your inventory; a telegram and a newspaper
article. The telegram is from your friend Tyler Whitney, urging you to board the
Orient Express from Gare de l'est at 1900h. You did no such thing since you had
to circumvent the gendarmerie at the time, opting instead to risk jumping on the
train mid-travel shortly after Paris. You never got a ticket for the train ride 
here, so know that you're here illegally and can tolerate no inquires.

The newspaper article was cut from an English newspaper detailing a fugitive
believed to be in the vicinity of Paris; a fugitive matching the description of
YOU, Robert Cath. It would certainly explain why you're on the lookout for the
French police before you've even made a move in this game. That makes two good
reasons not to let the authorities near you. At any rate, it's time to find mr.
Tyler Whitney to ask what he means by "exceptional".

You find yourself located in between two train cars. To the left you'll find
the last train car of the Orient Express, but it's private and you won't be able
to enter at this moment. Tyler certainly didn't own his own car anyway. To your
right, you can enter the first sleeping car.

Had you not stopped to examine your wares, you could've seen a woman leave
the last compartment of this train.

On the chair of the first wagon, you'll find a copy of the L'Illustration (the
Illustration, shockingly), a French newspaper at the time (it no longer exists).
Within its pages you'll find the passenger list of both sleeping cars, which
contains a list of the Orient Express' chambers and its occupants. Should come
in handy! If you stick around for the conductor to reseat himself, you'll hear
him cursing about losing the documents... Robert won't bother translating it for
you either, since he's a family-oriented fellow.

Note that there are two strange items on the passenger list; Maréchal (Marshal)
Putnik, Serbian, in room 9 and mr. Jean Jaures, French, in room I. While the
latter is crossed out and cancelled, the former is not. Neither room 9 nor room
I exists to be filled though. Both are historical celebrities; Jean Jaures a
French philosopher who became a prominent socialist leader before he was killed
at July the 31th, only seven days after the start of this game. In addition,
there was a Serbian field marshal called Radomir Putnik who was, at the time
minister of war in Serbia. Recent political events would, if this really is the
same Putnik, absolutely have prevented Putnik from traveling. Strange stuff
(unexplained throughout the rest of the game as well, don't concern yourself
with looking for an answer).

After the conductor has seated himself, you can ask the good man (you probably
just robbed) where you can find mr. Whitney's compartment, which is #1. You
could've found that information in the Report you just stole obviously:

M. Tyler Whitney - Americaine - Paris / Belgrade

You can also read, depending on how good your French is, how the private car at
the end of the train belongs to a man called Kronos. Anyway, let's head to
mister Whitney's compartment, which from your vantage point is the last door in
this sleeping car.

If you don't get the passenger list, you can always pick it up as soon as the
conductor isn't seated.
Alternative actions:

At any time, you can knock on one of the doors of compartments 5 through 8.
Mahmoud, the Persian eunuch and bodyguard of the harem traveling on-board, will
come out and yell at you. Conductor Mertens will urge you to stop. If you
continue knocking, about fifteen times should do it, you'll end the game,
presumably because Mahmoud kills you with his sword or because you're thrown
off the train for your behavior. The game designers didn't even want to award 
your childish antics with a special cutscene. Still:

Game Over

As you open the door, you come across a grizzly scene; Tyler Whitney is dead,
and it's looking violent. What to do, what to do?

Outside, you could've followed the trainmaster who is collecting the
passenger lists. Coudert, the conductor in the second sleeping car, mentions
how the conductor of the first sleeping car is responsible for the lists for
both sleeping cars. When the trainmaster wants to collect the passenger
list from this other conductor, who turns out to be his nephew, he must confess
he lost it (since you stole, you no-good) a turn of events his uncle is not too
happy about. At a later point, you can return the passenger list to conductor
Mertens' copy of L'Illustration, which will unlock a dialogue in which
Trainmaster Mertens will insult his nephew again. Poor guy, can't do nothing
Alternative actions:

In the dining room, mr. Schmidt can be found, who seems very irate when you
inquire as to where you can find mr. Tyler Whitney; Robert will only introduce
himself as Robert and ask where Tyler is if you talk to mr. Schmidt before you
enter Tyler's compartment. Mr. Schmidt will then get up to find Tyler Whitney
himself. When he finds Tyler murdered in his compartment, he'll pull on
the emergency brake, police investigation will commence and you'll be arrested
maybe just for riding without a ticket, but likely for your part in the Ireland
murder discussed in the newspaper article. The large amounts of various 'bad
endings' are generally described by means of Rebecca Norton's diary, as can be
seen here.

Game Over

You can't be around during an official police investigation; you're already a
wanted man. What needs to be done here is simple. You need to get rid of this
body, nobody is to know. 
Alternative actions:

At some point, the trainmaster will approach conducter Mertens and, along with 
a discussion on the harem, will inform his nephew that herr Schmidt is looking 
for Tyler Whitney. Mertens will approach compartment #1 and knock on the door. 
If you haven't done anything to fix the situation, you're in trouble. You can 
pretend to be Whitney be talking through the door and send Mertens on his way. 
If you don't, Mertens will open the door to find you standing over a dead body. 

Game Over

You can do two things now, both of which are proper solutions.

1. Open the window, and pick up the body of your late friend. Then, throw the
body out. Not an elegant solution, but the best way of making sure nobody will
find him soon. The downside here is that the police will find his body along
the tracks. Members of the French police will enter the Express at some point,
during which you must hide. In addition, Francois Boutarel, a little kid,
will have seen the body of Tyler roll by the train and will chat about it to
his mother, who doesn't believe him.

2. Open up the couch to find the bed. Strap Tyler's body in, and close it.
The downside here is that conductor Mertens makes the beds during the journey;
you'll have to catch the good man in time before he discovers Tyler's body and
instruct him to leave your bed alone. Robert will learn about the conductor's
housekeeping plans when he gets into a row with the Persian eunuch who does
not wish him to enter the harem's chambers. Past that point, you can talk to
Mertens and make sure Tyler remains undiscovered for the time being.

In both cases, you picked up Tyler's body and gotten blood all over yourself.
Grab Tyler's old green one and Robert will throw his old jacket out the window.
In your fancy new jacket, you can find a box of matches; take the matches out.
It is possible to meet Mertens in the hallway and have him approach you about
herr Schmidt waiting for you.
Alternative actions:

Walk out without changing your jacket. When you come across one of the
conductors (there's one on both sides of the first sleeping car), he'll
notice the stains of blood on your jacket and raise the alarm. You'll be
arrested for the murder of Tyler Whitney. Hey, fun to do once. Alternatively,
if either herr Schmidt or Milos catches you with the bloody jacket, it's 
all over as well.

Game Over

Having removed or hidden the body of Whitney and put on a new jacket, you're
safe for the moment. Let's have a look around. There's a flamboyant orange
suitcase resting on a chair. Opening it will reveal that two items were meant to
placed within, but both are gone. Did the murderer take them? Was the
"exceptional" discovery of Tyler the motive for the murder? Only time will

Below the orange suitcase lies an orange and purple scarf. Pick it up. A
woman's? It seems to be embroided with the letter 'W'. Paging through the
passenger list, you can at least find Mademoiselle Anna Wolff, Autrichienne
(Austrian). Maybe it's hers? You could've seen a woman leave the compartment
just when you entered the sleeping car, is she the culprit?

Look up. Tyler's suitcase can be found in the luggage nets. Opening it up
reveals two items of interest; the reply you sent Tyler and what appears to be
a kind of... Russian poem? Robert takes it with him but leaves the telegram
in there.

If the window's still open, you can opt to look outside. Afterwards, you even
get the option of climbing out! When you do so, you gain nothing that helps
you, but you now know you can spy on your neighbor should you ever want to.
Your neighbor is the Russian Alexei Dolnikov, traveling to Budapest.

By examining the glasses in your bathroom, the clicking on the upper rim of the
top glass, you get some kind of strange easter egg. I have no real explanation
for it...

Alternative actions:

By examining the emergency brake in your compartment, you have the option of
using it, thus alerting the authorities. This is like a suicide button, as
you'll just earn yourself a:

Game Over

In the hallway, it's somewhere around 19:45 and the first conductor will call
around that dinner is served. Let's walk out of here. Francois Boutarel, the
little brat, will run around blowing on a whistle. You can try to catch him and
ask what he's blowing on to see a very pricey toy. When he returns to his
mother in compartment D, and you chose to throw Tyler out the window right
away, you'll hear him talk about him seeing a dead man rolling along the

If you try to go back to the private car (owned by Kronos), you'll be stopped
by the conductor. Nothing for you there.

Lounge car: Monsieur Boutarel (French, compartment C) is minding his own
business at a table, and you have no need to converse with the man. Sophie de
Bretheuill (French, compartment E) and her friend Rebecca Norton (English, also
compartment E) are discussing current political affairs when you enter the
lounge car, but will eventually turn the subject to your striking looks. They
were discussing the case of madame Caillaux, second wife to the Prime Minister
of France who only about a month prior to the game's start shot a newspaper
editor who in her eyes wrong her husband. They compare the case to that of the
Dreyfus affair (a scandal sharply dividing the French populous about the
supposed treason of Alfred Dreyfus, who was later proven to have been framed by
the French military court). The reinstatement of Dreyfus happened eight years
prior to the events of this game.

Everybody's out dining. In the dinner car are sitting at the moment: mr. August
Schmidt (German, #3), mr. Alexei Dolnikov (Russian, #2), the four Serbians
from #G and #H and finally the old man Vassili Obolensky and his granddaughter,
Tatiana (Russian, #A and #B). You cannot converse with the Serbians or the
Russians. You can talk briefly with mr. Dolnikov, who appears to have rather
anti-governmental sympathies. When he leaves, he'll forget his book, which is
a copy of Nietzsche's "Also sprach Zarathustra". Within its pages, you'll find
Alexei's boarding ticket. While he according to the passenger list he'll be
traveling to Budapest, he marked the time of 10:40 just prior to arriving in

But it is especially your conversation with herr Schmidt which is interesting.

It seems Whitney made a deal with this man to exchange 'the gold' for some kind
of merchandise, which will be boarding the train at Munich. There certainly
didn't seem to be any gold in Whitney's compartment, and while Robert bluffed
his way through the dialogue, it's up to you to get his ass out of this
situation. He cannot pay for any merchandise, as there is no gold.

Note, by the way, that the maître d' briefly mentions to the Russian pair how
great an honor it is to serve them, calling the old man 'Excellency'. Russian
nobles, it seems. No wonder such a heavy look was passed between the girl and
the Russian liberal.

Stay a while. Herr Schmidt will order a roast duck and a bottle of Bordeaux,
and the Serbians will leave to make room for other guests at a later time.
Alternative actions:

Around this time, miss Anna Wolff will make her way to the restaurant car.
If you meet her in the hallway, you can stop her for a light; after that, you
can call after her to ask if the scarf you found in Whitney's room is hers.
She declines.

You can also ignore herr Schmidt for a long time. Eventually, he'll leave the
restaurant car and enter Tyler Whitney's compartment. If the body is there,
Game Over (the same ending you receive when you startle herr Schmidt into action
as Robert Cath). If you hid or dumped the body, you can visit him there for
the same dialogue as you would've had in the restaurant car. If you let him
stew in Whitney's chamber for a long time, he'll eventually give up and return
to the restaurant car, where he'll be there to get into a conversation with
ms. Wolff.

When Anna Wolff arrives in the restaurant car, you can walk over to her and
attempt to join her at the table. She is at first, obviously, welcomed most
warmly by the maître d', who she even calls Pascale. She must travel by means of
this train more often. Anyway, Robert will attempt to socialize with the young
woman. After she declines Robert's offer, you can ask her about the scarf if
you picked it up. If you asked her in the hallway, Robert will have inquired 
twice; she sticks to her answer.

When herr Schmidt is finished with his duck, he will walk over to miss Wolff's
table. They are old acquaintances from London. You have the option of mingling
with the two by talking to miss Wolff, at which point herr Schmidt will
introduce you as Tyler Whitney. You can also do this if you haven't spoken with
herr Schmidt earlier, introducing yourself as Tyler Whitney here. In this
conversation, you learn that Tyler was a champion of foreign liberty causes,
which is probably the cause of your disagreement surrounding Cuba. Miss Wolff
seems quite surprised at hearing your name. If you don't butt in, herr Schmidt
will leave the young lady alone when she reminds him of his English wife.

If you spoke with herr Schmidt earlier, he'll discuss miss Wolff's beauty and
Jewish heritage with you (the latter condescendingly, I might add). If you
interrupted the conversation as a stranger, herr Schmidt will make an
arrangement with you to meet him in his compartment in five minutes, though I
trust you did all this already.
Alternative actions:

If you still have not talked to Schmidt, he'll try waiting in your compartment
again. He'll leave it around 9:19, at which time you can visit you room again.

Outside in the lounge compartment, Alexei is having a smoke. If you picked
the Russian poem from Tyler's briefcase, you can give it to him. Robert will
ask for a translation, but aside from learning that it is a Russian fairytale
about something called a 'firebird', you learn nothing what you couldn't have
extracted from the first few pages of Das Kapital.

Outside in the hallway, you can walk up and down a single time to learn that
the second serving is starting in the restaurant car and that conductor Coudert
is a sketch artist; a notebook filled with artwork can be found under his
chair when he's up and about. Meanwhile, conductor Mertens will inform you when
you meet him that 'his Excellency' invites you to his private car. Kronos.
It sure is an honor, but we've got more to see at the moment. Head back to the
restaurant car.

Around the same time the Boutarel family takes a seat in the restaurant car,
the old man and his granddaughter decide to leave, though they must pass
through the lounge car where Alexei is waiting for them. If you're there with
them, you'll get to see Russian struggles personified before you. You can talk
to Alexei when the two have left, but you won't help much.

If you choose to linger in the restaurant car, you get to eavesdrop on the
Boutarel family (fun, but not too important) and later on miss Norton and miss
de Bretheuill. You can easily deduce that their relationship goes somewhat
further than mere friendship. As long as the ladies are here, and conductor
Coudert is occupied, you can enter compartment E and find Ms. Norton's diary
under her pillow to give some background story on the travelling companions.

Around this time, one of the Serbians will seek out Tyler Whitney in his
apartment, who will not be there. He knows Tyler's face, and spots you looking
at the blood stains on the floor. Then, he will brusquely introduce you to
the Last Express' combat system. Milos has two attacks; a low slash and a high
slash. He will always start with at least two low slashes. You can simply
press the action button to move away and avoid Milos' attack. When Milos tries
a high slash, grab his arm instead by holding the mouse over his arm and
Alternative actions:

If you hid Tyler's body in the sofa/bed, you can take it out before Milos
enters your room and lay his body on the floor. Somewhat illogical, but you
do get to see Milos' reaction on seeing Tyler dead; he pulls on the emergency

Game Over

When calmed down, Milos will warn you and talk about the Black Hand, a Serbian
military society responsible for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

If you chose to hide Tyler's body in the bed, you'll be in trouble once 
Mertens arrives to make your bed. You can talk to him in the hallway to
instruct him to leave your compartment alone, you can wait in your compartment
and instruct him through the door or throw out Tyler's body just prior to
Epernay, which won't alert the police. 
Alternative actions:

If you don't do anything, Mertens will find Tyler's body in the bed and you'll 
get a:

Game Over

 2.2   Epernay (France)   July 24th   9:16pm

When the Express touches briefly on the city of Epernay, most of the passengers
have retreated to their compartments. Only mlle. de Bretheuill and ms. Norton
are sitting fashionably late in the restaurant car. You can go behind the
curtain of the restaurant car to the kitchen (where the cook is chewing out
an apprentice) and beyond, where the luggage is stored. If the trainmaster is
there, he'll explain that luggage is off-limits to passengers during the trip,
and invites you back to the passenger cars. If he isn't there, you can nose
around his documents (not at all interesting) and proceed up until the
locomotive, where you can't find anything of interesting except for a cage
with some hay in it, probably for safe-keeping of animals during the trip.

There IS a hidden Easter Egg in the documents of the trainmaster, though. Flip
to the last page, then look at the line which starts with the word "mouvements".
A bit will be erased, then something French with an 'a' (I cannot discover what
it says). Click the 'a' to find a picture of, I believe, one of the designers.

Shortly after leaving Epernay, conductor Mertens will complain to conductor
Coudert about how little he's got going on. They'll talk about Robert a bit in
French, knowing for sure he can't understand them (which he can). You can use
the distraction provided by conductor Mertens to enter compartment E, though
you can't do anything there. Ms. Norton's diary is unavailable, and while you
can climb out of the window to take a look through the window of compartment
F (ms. Wolff's), the curtain is closed. You can't enter compartment F; it's
locked, and the growl of a dangerous-sounding dog is heard.

This is a good time to visit Kronos in his private car, since you got nothing
going on elsewhere. The painting you pass to your right is a painting called
'Sin' by Franz von Stuck, a depiction of Eve and the snake. Now nice. Kronos'
bodyguard Kahina opens the door for you. In your talk, it becomes apparent that
Kronos is a dangerous man. He knows you're Robert Cath and he knows the
authorities are after you. He had a deal with Tyler Whitney, and hints at a
'heavy briefcase'. Does he have the gold?

Ms. Wolff can be found in the lounge car, reading the newspaper. You can
engage in a short talk with her about ms. Caillaux and Rasputin, the Russian
mystic. Later, herr Schmidt will join her for some pleasantries, at which point
you can disturb neither of them.

Kahina, Kronos' bodyguard, will be up and about as well. She'll enter Tyler's
room, then try to enter ms. Wolff's (which is locked). Then, she'll nose around
in chamber #C, which is the room of mr. Boutarel. After that, she'll return
to Kronos' car. She doesn't really do anything in your room. If you're there
when she tries to enter, she won't. You can't open the door when Kahina is in
there, so there's no way to catch her snooping through Tyler's stuff. You can,
by the way, climb out the window and spy on Alexei now; he'll just be reading
through his Nietzsche though, nothing alarming.

Tatiana Obolenskaya brought her grandfather to his bed in compartment #A after
the nasty encounter with Alexei. After that, you can find her in the space
between the first sleeping car and Kronos' private car. If you find her there,
then try to leave, she'll ask you for a match. After that, you can ask her
about the Russian poem; she'll agree to make a translation for you. If you
never spoke to Alexei, but did witness the scene between the three Russians in
the smoking car, you can ask her about Alexei and her grandfather.

Around twenty past nine, if you dumped Tyler's body out of the car along the
tracks, two members of the French police will enter the train. The trainmaster
will talk about a 'routine check', but that needn't be the case; they may
actually be looking for you or investigating the case of the body along the
tracks. You cannot meet them, as you'll get a Game Over. Condcutor Mertens
will leave the car to discuss the situation with Coudert in the next sleeping
car. The smoking car will be locked, so you cannot go that way. If Schmidt was
waiting for you, he'll clear your room just in time. You can hide in three ways.
You can walk into Tyler's compartment, then open the window and go hang outside
until you hear the police leave. Another option is to walk to the next car and
entering compartment A, then go into the washroom. Finally, you could visit
Kronos now if you never did before; if you time it right, the coppers will have
left by the time your talk with Kronos is over.

What you cannot do is hide in your own washroom, or stay in your room and
simply lock the door. You'll just get the same cutscene you get when you meet
the police in the hallway, but I assume the conductor can provide them with a
key and they're thorough enough to enter your washroom when you find nobody

Alternative actions:

Meet the police, or stay in Tyler's compartment 'til the fuzz come and get you.
You're in trouble, friend.

Game Over

If you police arrived and left, Coudert is summoned by mme. Boutarel to explain
the situation. Coudert will explain about the body; Francois will make a fuss
since still nobody will believe him. After that, the trainmaster will make his
rounds and inquire with both conductors about the police and how it went down.

Past 9:20pm (immediately after the police leaving, should they have stepped
onto the Express), Milos the Serb will come looking for Tyler. You can wait
for him in the compartment or walk in there after you've seen Milos enter the
room, you'll get different scenes. If you chose to hang at the edge of the train
to hide from the police, Milos will walk in before you get a chance to leave.

 2.3   Chalons (France)   July 24th   9:41pm

It's approaching night-time, and the livelihood of the Orient Express is
rapidly decreasing. Tatiana will remain near Kronos' car for a while, then
head off to bed. In the red sleeping car, you can find mme. Boutarel complain to
conductor Coudert about ms. Wolff's dog. Conductor Coudert remains a perfect
gentleman. Milos, at this stage, can still be found in Tyler's compartment if
you chose to ignore him so far.

In the lounge car, ms. Wolff is still talking to herr Schmidt, and monsieur
Boutarel is enjoying a cigar in solitude. Nothing for you here. In the green
sleeping car, the conductors discuss politics. Conductor Coudert has socialist
sympathies; conductor Mertens is a young patriot. They would both turn out to
be right; the first world war would be a massacre without winners, but France
would take back L'Alsace-Lorraine after the war (after a short period of

After a while, ms. Wolff will leave, monsieur Boutarel will return to his
compartment and then herr Schmidt will leave as well. The two friends from
compartment E will enter the lounge car.

There's a newspaper here, which you can examine. Among the articles you can find
some thing of interest (related to this game). Tension between Serbia and
the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy is rising after the assassination of archduke
Franz Ferdinand. There's some things about mme. Caillaux, and another example
of the article printed on the Belfast murder. American doctor still on the run
from the authorities...

After a while, conductor Coudert will fall asleep in his chair, giving you
the opportunity to enter compartment E. Nothing here still (ms. Norton took
her diary with her to the lounge car), but you can now climb out the window and
spy on ms. Wolff tossing and turning in bed. It serves no purpose but to portray
Robert Cath as a peeping tom...

You can also enter compartment A, the room occupied by the old man Obolensky.
This room is always open because Tatiana needs to be able to have access; room
E is always open because the girls just aren't all that careful. All the
other doors remain closed to you.

At a later time, conductor Mertens will also fall asleep. At this time, when
you climb out your window to spy on Alexei, he will be building a bomb. A
young Russian revolutionary, on a train with an old Russian noble, while the
former is building a bomb? This looks like trouble.

 2.4   Bar-Le-Duc (France)   July 24th   10:45pm

Around 10:40, the girls from compartment E will head off to bed, and now all
is officially silent in the public rooms and hallway. You'd better head off to
bed as well. 

If you haven't talked to Milos, he will still be waiting for you in your
compartment. If you haven't talked to Schmidt yet, he will be waiting for you.
If you spoke to neither, Schmidt will get up to go to Tyler's cabin as soon as
Milos has left. Regardless, you can not get the option of sleeping if you've
still got one of the two left on your to-do list.

If you chose to hide Tyler's body earlier, now is the time to get rid of his
body by throwing it out the window. You will do so above a river. Tyler's green
jacket will remain untouched by Tyler's now-clotted blood.

You can choose to stay awake, but you'll have to wait until 3:30am until the
next activity takes place, and you have nothing to do in the meantime, so I
suggest you go to bed.

You cannot sleep on the mess, so make your bed and get some rest. You'll appear
to wake up, but you cannot look in your inventory or interact with anything
in your room. You can go out to the hallway to see that conductor Mertens isn't
there. Alternatively, you can unlock an easter egg; push the top bell near
the door three times; the third time, you should hear the bell ring. Enter the
hallway to see conductor Mertens. Try to walk towards him to see his head cloven
clean off and his body juggle three copies of his own head. Quite disturbing.
Mertens or no Mertens, try as you might, you cannot move an inch from where
you're standing, so you can only return to your  room, where Tyler Whitney has a
message for you...

You wake up.

 2.5   Strasbourg (Germany)   July 25th   3:38am

The Orient Express is currently waiting in Strasbourg, presumably for supplies
or whatever. Robert Cath isn't ready to continue his rest just yet, so let's
walk around a bit. You can check up on Alexei by climbing out the window, but
you don't see him. You can walk to Kronos' private car, and you'll hear the
piano being played, though you cannot enter.

In the red sleeping car, you'll hear ms. Anna Wolff play her violin. Knock on
her door to engage in some small talk that quickly takes a turn for the...
interesting. Your chatter is interrupted by upheaval in another compartment,
and ms. Wolff leaves to check up on it, forcing you out of her compartment as
well. You cannot return to it, as Max guards the door.

As you near compartment A, you see how Vassili is making a scene while Tatiana
doesn't know how to handle it. Robert expertly diffuses the situation. When all
is over, you can eavesdrop at the door to hear ms. Wolff mention how she feels
someone was in her apartment. It certainly wasn't you. Ms. Wolff asks Tatiana
if it's okay is Tatiana will safeguard 'it'. What is so important? Regardless,
when ms. Wolff leaves compartment A, you can  talk to her briefly before calm
is restored on the Orient Express. Ms. Wolff will walk to compartment B one more
time, but you cannot interact with her and you cannot hear anything through the
door this time. Conductor Coudert will remain awake for a good while.

Time for bed. Bonne nuit, monsieur Cath.

 2.6   Ulm (Germany)   July 25th   8:25am

Good morning! If you want to engage in a little morning gymnastics, you can
climb out the window to find Alexei reading again. *yawn*. If you stubbornly
neglected to collect the W-embroided scarf from beneath the orange box, Robert
will pick it up first thing in the morning, nothing you can do about that.

In the red sleeping car, conductor Coudert and the trainmaster will discuss in
French how the master key that opens all compartment doors was lost during
the ordeal with old man Obolensy. While they appear to suspect Robert most of
all, we know that he didn't do it. Tatiana certainly doesn't seem to be the
type, and apart from her and ms. Wolff, nobody was up at that hour. A strange
affair. In the red car, you can hear ms. Wolff practicing on her violin and
the ladies in compartment E having fun.

In compartment G, a very important cutscene is waiting for you. Mr. Milos
Jovanovic owes you an explanation. When you enter, a cutscene will make a lot
of things clear. Tyler Whitney got mixed up in the Serbain struggle for
independence. He was ordered to sell a national Serbian treasure, called 'The
Firebird' for money, then use this money to purchase weapons from 'the German'.
In other words, Tyler was to sell the treasure to Kronos, and use his heavy
suitcase of gold to purchase weapons from herr Schmidt. You found Tyler
murdered in his compartment, the treasure gone. No treasure means no gold,
no gold means no weapons for the Serbians. They're not pleased. You must
recover the treausre or obtain the gold in another way to pay off Schmidt, of
you'll find yourself on the bad side of the 'Black Hand', Milos' terrorist

In the restaurant car, breakfast is served. Herr Schmidt is dining, the Boutarel
family is there as well as Tatiana. Mme. Boutarel is angry with her boy, who
made contact with the harem. She must be in for hard times, being so suspicious
of Persian culture, seeing as to where she's heading.

If you talk to Tatiana, she'll thank you for helping out her grandfather and
she'll give you the translation to the poem if you gave it to her earlier. If
you didn't, Robert will give her the poem for translation automatically. In
any case, she'll walk over to Alexei and have an interesting chat with him in 
which it becomes apparant they were childhood friends once, when Alexei was a 
young noble himself.

You can briefly chat with herr Schmidt, who did not wake from his slumber during
the events of last night. Always good to know when somebody is a heavy
sleeper when you're a thieving rogue like Robert Cath :p

You can take a look at conductor Coudert's sketchbook when he's busy with one
of the passengers. He's quite an artist, and he's not too fond of little
Francois Boutarel... The kid can be found running around as well, blowing his
expensive whistle, talking about a black beetle he lost to his mother and
entering the harem's chambers, despite his mother's protests.

If you sit down in the lounge room, you can find the Francois Boutarel's
missing black beetle scurrying about. Use the empty box of matches found in
Tyler's jacket, and try to scoop up the beetle when he's near the edge of the
table. If you manage to catch it, Robert will put the beetle away with a
satisfied smile. You can trade the captured beetle with Francois for his
expensive whistle. When you meet Francois in the hallway, Robert will refuse to
give his prized possession, but later Francois will return with a suitable item
to trade it for. The golden scarab whistle can be placed in the orange box
in Tyler's room; this is one of the missing treasures! Keep it with you, just
to be sure. You can blow on it, but that gets annoying real quick. Note that
this is one of two possible solutions, so you need not do this; you'll find
the whistle just prior to you really needing it, but it's more satisfactory to
have it earlier.

In addition, a renewed newspaper is waiting for you if you are interested
in the latest developments. 

You can knock on Kronos' door this morning. If you heard about "the Firebird"
either from Tatiana's translation or from Milos, Robert will use it to persuade
Kahina to let you in. If you haven't, you won't get far just yet. 

After you've talked with Kronos (the datura stramonium mentioned by Kronos
which was used by Robert to sedate Vassili is a powerful hallucinogen), you
can eavesdrop at the door farther down to listen how Kronos instruct Kahina.
Kronos seems under the impression that ms. Wolff has the Firebird, but if that's
the case isn't it the Firebird that she entrusted to Tatiana? At any rate, it
seems Kronos will stop at nothing to obtain the Firebird. There's a book in
this room called 'The Sick Man of Europe', which was a common metaphor for the
Ottoman (Turkish) Empire at the time. It recounts a popular myth surrounding the
Firebird relic. 

When the ladies of compartment E are out in the restaurant car, you can sneak
into their room when conductor Coudert is kept busy or when another passenger
is between his sharp eyes and your dealings. You can read ms. Norton's diary
again; it's filled with impressions of the other passengers (calling Robert 
"quite uninteresting") and filled with, for her day and age, deviant feelings 
for 'her seductress' Sophie and ms. Anna Wolff. The ladies will have a chat on 
the subject of ms. Norton's diary in the restaurant car if you're there to 
listen in.

Herr Schmidt will join the ladies some time before Munich in the lounge car,
but will eventually scare them away when he gets a little too flirtatious. It's
a funny dialogue if you've read ms. Norton's diary which reveals her true
feelings on the subject of mr. Schmidt, in conversation polite though she
seems. Note how Schmidt will almost fall out of his chair trying to get a good
look at the ladies walking away...

When the ladies have gone off, herr Schmidt will start pacing up and down the
hallway. The Orient Express is almost at Munich, you see, and while he must
load the merchandise on the train in Munich, he still hasn't seen his payment.
Once you run into him, you'll get into a cutscene about the merchandise.

If your German is good enough, you'll learn the merchandise consists out of
weapons. You can also see mr. Abbot boarding the train, an Englishman. You find
Robert sitting in the lounge car, more than an hour past Munich.

 2.7   Munich (Germany)   July 25th   12:00pm

Tatiana and Alexei are playing chess. Their back-and-forth teasing is amusing,
but not really of any consequence to you. You can follow the trainmaster into
the restaurant car. Through the curtain, you can hear him discuss all kinds of 
matters and passengers with the man who got on in Munich, mr. George Abbot. In 
the meantime, August Schmidt seats himself for dinner. You can talk to him 
briefly and learn he's waiting for a young lady, something he seems pleased as 
punch about. It's no surprise this young lady turns out to be ms. Wolff.

You can follow mr. Abbot about, who will seat himself in compartment C next to
monsieur Boutarel. Mr. Abbot is not the quiet kind, and you can listen in on a
long talk during which mr. Abbot does most of the work.

The conductors are also sharing some routine water-cooler talk, conductor
Mertens complaining on his low amount of tips. You can take the opportunity
to check in on old man Obolensky, but he'll just lie there sedated. You cannot
enter into any of the other compartments in either sleeping car.

If you didn't give the russian Firebird poem to Tatiana until after the night 
of Vassili Obolensky's nightmares, she will have left a translation lying on
the floor in Tyler Whitney's compartment. You'll have to stand by the window
and look at the door to see it, though.

Back in the restaurant car, herr Schmidt and ms. Wolff share some fun moments,
during which Schmidt misses no opportunity to compliment ms. Wolff are display
his considerable knowledge on the subject of vinology. You would almost forget
the good man is married, considering his so very friendly demeanor around every
lady he encounters. A later talk will have herr Schmidt mention he's likely
to get off in Vienna, so he must not feel too optimistic about the deal you

The restaurant car will slowly fill. Monsieur Boutarel will eventually grow
weary of mr. Abbot and invite his family over in the restaurant car, where mme.
Boutarel will, you'll never guess this, complain about things. Talk from the
Boutarels will drown about talk between ms. Wolff and herr Schmidt and vice
versa. Mr. Abbot will seat himself in the restaurant car as well, giving you
the option of being talked at. It's a fun scene, I suggest you make his
acquaintance; it seems mr. Abbot is as perceptive as he is talkative.

Behind the curtain, you can catch some more of the cook giving hell to his
apprentice. Poor kid.

 2.8   Salzburg (Germany)   July 25th   12:45pm

While the second service in the restaurant car is being announced, ms. Wolff
and herr Schmidt, both proclaiming to be somewhat under the spell of the bottle
of wine they shared, will move into the parlor.

Around 1:04pm, prince Kronos will enter the parlor together with Kahina to 
invite ms. Wolff for a musical duet. If you overheard his instructions to 
Kahina earlier, you know this invitation serves another purpose; it will make 
sure ms. Wolff is out of her room, so Kahina can search it for the Firebird. 
Max is still guarding compartment F, though.

If you linger a bit in the lounge, you can listen in on Tatiana and Alexei and
their politically-laden chess banter, as well as watch, in succession, the exit
of ms. Wolff, mr. Abbot and eventually herr Schmidt. If you meet herr Schmidt
in the hallway, he will tell you that he's got a bad feeling about the deal, and
intends to leave the Orient Express at Vienna if he has no proof of the gold
before than. Should that happen, you're as good as dead at the hands of the
Serbians. Not good.

The ladies from compartment E will enter the restaurant, and will discuss
their resort. That Sophie, what a player. Compartment E is vacant!

In the red sleeping car, mme. Boutarel will complain some more. About Max,
Anna's dog this time. No! Mme. Boutarel, you're playing right into Kronos'
hands! When conductor Coudert meets the trainmaster after that, he'll mention
mme. Boutarel's wishes and he will be charged to move the dog. It seems Kronos'
plan is working out, and compartment F will be cleared of both mrs. Wolff and
Max during the concert.

In the hallway, all kinds of stuff is going on. The trainmaster was charged by
Kronos to communicate invitations to some of the travelers. Conductor Mertens
will invite you personally after the trainmaster has instructed him to do so,
even if you haven't spoken to Kronos before.

You can enter compartment E when nobody's looking. Diary's still there, not
updated since this morning. You can climb out the window; if you're early
enough you'll catch ms. Wolff changing. Later, you'll find her relaxing in
preparation for the concert.

 2.9   Attnang (Austria-Hungary)   July 25th   1:57pm

You can try and disturb August in his compartment, but he won't want to speak
to you until after the concert.

At some point, the Sophie and Rebecca will return to their compartment.

Shortly after arriving in Attnang after having crossed into Austria-Hungary,
conductor Coudert will knock on mrs. Wolff's door and take Max away into the
baggage car.

When the trainmaster is out, you can visit Max in his cage in the far end of
the train. Circumstances there are not as fine as conductor Coudert would have
mrs. Wolff believe. You befriend Max with a staring contest. If you release Max,
he'll run right up to compartment F, prompting conductor Coudert to return him.
You'll need him away anyway, so let the dog out.

 2.10  Wels (Austria-Hungary)   July 25th   2:23pm

At some point, Rebecca and Sophie will once again leave their compartment, and
will gossip in the smoking car. When Rebecca leaves briefly to anger mme.
Boutarel about the concert, you can attempt to talk to Sophie, who will answer
in French that she doesn't speak English. She does! What a tart! Later, Alexei
will join them briefly, not speaking a word. The ladies will leave the smoking
car just prior to the concert, and have an argument in their compartment about
Rebecca feeling like's she sacrificing a lot to go with Sophie to her magical
dream island.

Mrs. Wolff will leave her compartment to prepare for the concert around 2:30pm,
and will ask Coudert to lock her door. Go to compartment E. When Coudert is 
gone, enter the room. Nothing here but a girl's diary, but you can climb out 
the window and into the window of mrs. Wolff. Finally, we're into Anna's inner 
sanctum. Let's see what we got here.

There's a hat box with a hat in it. We can't really get her for that, that's
normal. There's a photograph of Anna with a strapping young Austrian man.
There's a bottle of perfume; nothing strange inside. Let's check out the big
cabinet. Clothes, sheet music... and a letter. A very important, incriminating

It seems Anna Wolff is a spy, working for the royal house of Austria-Hungary.
Her socializing with herr Schmidt seems more likely now that you know she was
after his dealings, not his personality. As an agent of the Austro-Hungarian
Monarchy, she is a direct enemy of the Serbian rebels and the continuation of
the deal between herr Schmidt and Tyler Whitney.

Finally, there's the jewelry box. You can examine it, but you'll also get the
option of examining the front of the box. You can press the three red rubes in
front of it; the middle one will open up a secret compartment with the master
key! This'll be really useful. We got what we came for and then some; let's
head out. You can leave just out of the front door; Coudert won't mind.

There are two compartments that were always locked and are now open to you.
Tatiana will be at the concert, as well as herr Schmidt. Let's attend the
concert to make sure everybody's there. At 3:00pm sharp (not earlier, not much
later), attend the concert in Kronos' private car. Kronos and mrs. Wolff sure
know how to sound like good guys while they're really bad guys. When you can
move, get up and leave the concert. Important stuff needs to get done before
Kahina starts moving, though she won't find the Firebird in Anna's compartment.
In the meantime, Kronos and Anna Wolff will get started on the Sonata for Violin
and Piano in A major by César Franck.

Kahina, somewhere around twenty past three, will leave the concert briefly to
enter Anna's compartment, then return to the concert. You can't really
interact with her.

When Coudert is out (he leaves his seat on occasion to check up on Max), enter
compartment B with your master key (or enter A and enter into B through the
washroom). You can search the room, but won't find much of interest; check out
the picture of the ballerina. In the washroom, there's a small space below the
sink. This is where you'll find something truly wonderful. As Tyler would say,
"extraordinary". This is the Firebird.

The Firebird as it appears now is a golden egg portraying the world. You can
examine the top of the egg to see a closed hatch of some sort with four red
jewels surrounding it. The top one opens to hatch to reveal a picture of a
woman; this picture is discussed in Kronos' copy of 'The Sick Man of Europe'.
At night, this picture should reveal something more sinister...

As soon as you pick up the Firebird, you'll hear Tatiana outside talking to
Coudert. She can't see you with the Firebird!

Since the Firebird is so large, you can't hide it on your person and you must
carry it. If you return the Firebird to its hiding place, Tatiana can find
you in her compartment empty-handed. Robert will bluff his way out of it, and
you can take the Firebird when Tatiana leaves again. Alternatively, if you 
leave through compartment A, the old man will temporarily regain 
consciousness and tell you take the Firebird with you. How delirious is he? 
If you leave, Coudert will ask you how you got in there, but you smooth things

Let's take the Firebird to our compartment.

Alternative actions:

When you try to leave through the door of compartment B with the Firebird in
your possession, Tatiana will catch you with the Firebird in your hands.
You can't weasel your way out of it, and Tatiana will take the Firebird back
from you. You can't find the Firebird afterwards any longer, so even though
the game goes on, you can't safeguard the relic before Vienna and you can't 
obtain anything but a:

Game Over

Equipped with the poem, you can deduce the secret behind the egg. The travels
of prince Ivan and the grey wolf go like this:

- In the desert heart of a southern land hangs a cage of silver bells on the red
  rock painted with the old shapes of dreamtime.

This is a reference to Uluru, or Ayers Rock, a large sandstone rock formation
in Australia, considered holy to the Aboriginals. Aboriginal mythology dictates
that the world was created during 'the dreaming', pictures of which appear on
and in Uluru.

- A world away lies a colder kingdom, ringed with blue, In a circle of ancient
  stones the Firebird guards a horse with a golden mane.

This is a reference to Stonehenge, positioned in England. Though the shape of
Stonehenge is said to resemble a horseshoe, no golden-maned horses appear in
legends. Since the isles of Great Britain and Ireland are so small, it's
possible the jewel is located on Denmark instead, though no megalith circles
of special interest appear there.

- On the Rooftop of the World Elena sleeps, under the Firebird's wing. One look
  at her and Ivan forgot his quest.

This is a reference to the Himalaya, commonly known as the 'roof of the world',
which contains the highest peaks of the world. Most of the Himalaya is part of
China at this time.

- In the warm seas, under a cross of stars, on a grassy island, stand the heads
  of silent gods, looking ever outwards.

This is a reference to the Moai, monolithic figures on the Polynesian island
of Easter Island, Chili.

- To the city of the temple built by the son of David

This is a reference to Jerusalem. Christian belief holds that David's son
Solomon, built the First Temple there, which would later by destroyed by the

So, the proper sequence will have you follow the journey of Grey Wolf, so:

- Uluru (Australia), aqua
- Stonehenge (England), blue
- Himalaya (China), red
- Easter Island (Chili), purple
- Jerusalem (Ottoman Empire then, Israel now), green

Once opened, the Firebird will respond to the Scarab whistle; if you have it on
you, you can use it to make the Firebird sing. How beautiful. If you interact
with the Firebird in any other place than your own compartment, you get a black
background since they would not create a background for every location. You can
unfold the Firebird everywhere, in the presence of everybody, without provoking
any reaction. Let's avoid this lack of verisimilitude and simply examine the
Firebird in private.

When you're done playing around with it centerpiece of this game, you must hide
it. Kahina has a master key, it won't be safe in your room. The solution lies
in the baggage car, past the trainmaster. Nobody will ever suspect it there,
nor will the trainmaster let people in easily. When the trainmaster announces
Amstetten, you'll want to make your move.

The other passenger you'd like to check up on is our good, somewhat round
friend August Schmidt. Well Mertens is otherwise occupied (the harem does a good
job of sometimes blocking you from his sight, or you can knock on one of the
harem compartment's doors to provoke Mahmoud into coming out and blocking
Mertens' view for a good long while), enter compartment 3. There are
several items of interest. August's cigar case features a hidden gun. Nice.
Opening up his suitcase reveals two of August's secrets. First off, you can
click on the pictures (though the game won't tell you you can) to see how
August fights off loneliness on his long trips.

Second, it seems even August is not without a hidden agenda. August is reporting
back to some Baron of the Fatherland. What a patriot. Why would Germany benefit
from August's transaction? Germany has ties with Austria-Hungary, would therefor
as a nation be opposed to Serbian uprisings.

The last person aboard the Orient Express who requires further investigation
is 'his Excellency', prince Kronos. But you cannot go beyond the concert, as
Kahina protects the door. Or can you? With the master key, you can locate the
space between the last sleeping car and Kronos' private car, and open the door
to the outside. Here, you can climb up top of the wagons. You can go both
ways; towards the locomotive (passing the both sleeping cars, the lounge car,
the restaurant car, the kitchen, baggage car and eventually the locomotive.
You can manage to sneak a peek at the workers toiling away on the locomotive.

Alternative actions:

You can manage this once. Do it again, and you'll be noticed by the Slavic
workers, spelling bad news for you.

Game Over

But your business lies elsewhere. Move away from the smoke and pass over
Kronos' car. Eventually, you'll reach some colored glass. Kick it in; the
sound of the concert will muffle both the glass breaking and you landing in
the car.

In plain view is Kronos' report about both and late your friend, mister Tyler
Whitney, by a private detective called Maurice as well as the feedback from 
one of Kronos' agents, a British art dealer called Perlmutter working for him.
Well, that's not nice. If you put two and two together, you can deduce that 
Tyler learned about the Firebird's curse, and postponed the sale until after 
he had your opinion on the subject.

Aside from the finer things in life, Kronos' bedroom has little more to offer at
first glance, but go check out the large painting on the wall. This painting
is called 'Beethoven frieze', by Gustav Klimt. You may need some expert 
maneuvering, but when you position yourself in front of the left side of
the painting, you can see a button near the edge of the painting. Press it to
reveal a hidden compartment, featuring a... heavy briefcase.

You could at any point have climbed out into broad daylight, but you cannot do
so with the briefcase. You can, however, simply enter the concert with the
briefcase. You can say a lot about mr. Robert Cath, but he shows some stones
here. Kahina and Kronos cannot break character at this moment, so must let you
walk away with full knowledge of your break-in and theft.

The conductors, in the meantime, will continue their political discussion.
At half past three, Alexei will seat himself in the lounge and mr. Abbot will
stretch his legs a bit and go read the newspaper there. They will not talk to
you, but after a while mr. Abbot will get up and attempt to chat with Alexei.
They do not click.

Mr. Abbot will return to compartment C, quite defeated. There's a small bit
of dialogue between him and mr. Boutarel before both settle down with their
newspapers. The Boutarel kid will spend most of his time in compartment D
with his mother, but if you meet him in the hallway, and you're carrying the
Firebird, you can show it to him. He'll be out much more often if he still has
the Scarab whistle. You'll bust out a real nasty grin as well while showing off
to Francois, but your high hopes are dashed when he simply mocks your stupid
yellow egg.

You have nothing to do until 4:50pm, at which point the concert will be over.
For fun, just get back there and finish the concert. You may start to fall
asleep, no worries. You'll have a dream-flashback about Tyler asking you why
you're not making it sing. We get it now, Tyler. Let's make the Firebird sing.
After the concert, Tyler.

You'll be kicked out of Kronos' car after the concert. The ladies from
compartment E will be the first to leave; after which mlle. Wolff will seek
out her room. Herr Schmidt will want to continue his contact with her, but
gets a cold shoulder for the moment. You can try to talk to the German at this
point, but he won't want to speak to you. And you went through so much trouble
to get his gold!
Alternative actions:

You can sneak into ms. Wolff's compartment, and wait for her arrival there.
She won't be pleased with finding you in her room, but you'll be able to

In a similar matter, you can get caught by Tatiana, but you'll distract with
your medical talk about her grandfather. Smooth sailing there, Robert. If you're
found with the Firebird in your hands, though, Tatiana will be extremely upset,
and you'll get a Game Over.

Before you join him in compartment 3, wait in the hallway for Kahina, who will
kindly invite you to go see Kronos. At gunpoint. We'll be right there, sunshine.

When Tatiana finds the Firebird gone, she will run to Anna's compartment and
cry her heart out over having lost it. You can overhear this conversation.

The ladies are feeling frisky after the concert, and can be heard enjoying
themselves in their compartment. By which I mean family-friendly enjoyment,

There a multitude of options at this point. You have, at this moment, both the
Firebird and a heavy briefcase filled with gold. Kronos' is looking for either
the Firebird, or his briefcase back. Schmidt is waiting for the gold, and you're
almost at Vienna at which point he will leave if you have not shown him the
goods. Whatever you do, do not leave your room unlocked if you're leaving the
Firebird behind.

Kahina will patrol the hallway at this point. If you leave your room unlocked
with the Firebird in the orange box or below the sink, you may find it missing
later; Kahina will have taken it. They will later act is if you've given the
Firebird to them out of your own free will; you may keep the gold, but the
Firebird escapes your grasp and with it answers about Tyler's murder and the
game's best ending.
Alternative actions:

You can try to convince August Schmidt with accepting the Firebird itself as
payment for the weapons. He will not, as he is no, and this is a quote:
"Jewish pawnbroker". What a charmer.

First off, let's diffuse the situation with herr Schmidt, as it will cost you
nothing; he merely wants to see the gold. Take the briefcase to compartment 3,
and Robert will do the work for you. Good, Schmidt and his cargo will remain
on board until after Vienna. If you meet Milos in the hallway after this, he
will be very happy with you. You can seek Milos out in his compartment as
well. If Vesna, the Serbian woman, is out, Robert will ask Milos who murdered 
Tyler Whitney while sharing a drink.

Alternative actions:

If you do not show August the goods, he will be true to his word and leave the
train at Vienna, together with his merchandise. With the weapons gone, the
Serbians simply execute the man who made an unforgivable mistake.

Game Over

Second, there's Kronos to consider. You stole a large amount of gold from this
ruthless man. Kahina will not hesitate. Events tell us that Robert wants to
keep the Firebird. We can use this as leverage to wring some information from

It's very difficult to get the gold to Kronos, since Kahina must be present and
she spends most of her time prior to Vienna looking around in the hallway for
an opportunity to get into your room and steal the Firebird. Neither the
orange box nor the space below the sink will be safe from her prying eyes. You
can hide the Firebird in Max' cage, all the way up in the luggage car. Take
the Firebird there while the trainmaster is away shouting about Vienna. While
you're here, do NOT yet nose about the luggage, it will trigger a cutscene
you're not ready for yet.

After you've shown the gold to Schmidt, take it to Kronos. He will require
something from you; he takes the scarf from you. Note that from this point
on, you can keep the Firebird on your person rather than having it hidden
in Max' cage, but since it's safe there, there's no need.
Alternative actions:

If you wait to long with the visit to Kronos, Kahina will kill you.

Game Over

Around half past five, both Schmidt and ms. Wolff will leave their chambers.
Schmidt can be found in the lounge, where you can discuss politics with him.
Why DOES he seem to be helping the enemy? He will not answer you just yet.
Later, mr. Abbot will join you in the lounge, and will start a conversation
with August. He will prove to be a more suitable man for Abbot's antics than

Ms. Wolff will move strangely; she will go beyond the curtain in the restaurant,
where only staff can be found (and you, on occasion). Is she seeking Max?
As an agent for Austria-Hungary, she cannot be allowed to find the weapons herr
Schmidt loaded onto the train if the Serbians are to succeed. She will have the
whole deal blown wide open. You can follow her, but will find only emptiness
until you reach the luggage. A single wooden crate catches Robert's interest.
Examine it for a cutscene.

When you're done, the Serbian woman, Vesna, is attacking you. Simply keep
avoiding her until Anna gets her gun back and helps you out. Vesna has two
attacks; a slow one and a quick one. Try to anticipate; if you lose it's
curtains for Robert, but you'll get all the retries you could ever use. After
a while Vesna will make a run for it, threatened by Anna's gun. Anna leaves
you when she realizes they're at Vienna station. Your dialogue here references
information you picked up from the letter you could have read in Anna's
compartment. If you didn't read the letter, your dialogue will be different.
Alternative actions:

Vesna was after Anna, who is a spy for the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy the
Serbians are trying to fight. If you're too late, you can either catch Vesna
killing Anna, or you can find the body of Anna lying there. If you wait even
longer, the trainmaster will find Anna's body. In any case, you get a:

Game Over

If you didn't show August the gold, you'll get a scene about Vesna sticking
a knife up Robert's stomach for betraying the Serbian cause.

Game Over

If you showed Schmidt the gold and gave the Firebird to Kronos, you'll get an
ending where Robert leaves the Express with his suitcase full of gold while
Kronos leaves the Express with the Firebird. A decent ending, I suppose, though
not in the long run. You betrayed Schmidt, and if he tries to pull out of
the deal, the Serbians will not be glad. In addition, with Kronos gone and
you forced to leave the train, you will never figure out the true cause of
Tyler's death. You started out poor and on the run, and are now rich and on
the run, so the ending's somewhat acceptable, but you skipped about before the
last CD even started.

 2.11  A few miles past Vienna (Austria-Hungary)   July 25th   7:35pm

We'll probably find Robert seated in the restaurant. If you entered Vienna
with the Firebird on your person, you'll start in Tyler's comartment. If you
find yourself in the restaurant, George Abbot and two of the Serbians are also
there, but you cannot converse with them.

In the red sleeping car, you can hear mrs. Wolff instruct Coudert to cancel
her plans with herr Schmidt. Her mission is over; she found the weapons, she
knows who are involved. You can walk up to her compartment and discuss the
situation. It seems that while August is unaware, he's in deep trouble.

In the restaurant, when herr Schmidt has seated himself, he will acquire the
bad news of mrs. Wolff not joining him. The bottle of champagne and the bottle
of wine he had planned, he won't cancel. He'll be in good spirits before long.

At first, Tatiana's in her room, the Boutarel family is keeping itself
occupied the ladies in compartment E are having fun. A bit later, Tatiana
will leave compartment B and head over to Alexei, who is waiting for her
in the space after the green sleeping car. The Boutarel family will enter the
restaurant car in the place of the Serbians. The Boutarels have no lines this

 2.12  Poszony (Austria-Hungary)   25th July   8:08pm

Tatiana and Alexei will not talk with you present, but you can overhear them
if you loiter near Mertens in the green sleeping car. It'll just be politics.
Breaking into a room, be it B (Tatiana), C or D (Boutarel) or 3 (Schmidt) will
have no impressive results since nothing changed there.

You can, however enter Alexei's compartment; you won't even need the master
key as Alexei foolishly kept his compartment unlocked, distracted by Tatiana.
You can try when the trainmaster calls around Poszony, or create your own
distraction with the harem. Alexei's copy of Nietzche will be there (with his
ticket detailing 10:40pm if you didn't take it earlier), as well as a suitcase
up high. Open it to find the detonator Alexei was working on last night. Remove
it from his possession, he's got no peaceful plans for it. When you're done
with that, mr. Abbot interrupts you. What was George Abbot doing opening up
Alexei's door when he's not around?

When the Express has entered Poszony, Alexei will reveal his plan to Tatiana
to use a bomb to blow up the Orient Express. Tatiana, suffice to say, will be
shocked. Not long after that, Tatiana will depart for her compartment as
Alexei will for his. At the same time, the Boutarel family will return from
the restaurant car (cue another amusing dialogue between monsieur Boutarel
and Abbot), and Sophie and Rebecca will leave for the restaurant (where they'll
discuss social dynamics and marriage). Rebecca will leave behind her diary,
with an update about the concert, your actions and Rebecca's past. The young
lady does not like Robert very much. Also, some explanation about her affair
with Sophie. After conductor Coudert has made their beds for the night
in their absence, the diary will be hidden under the pillow on the top bed.

Schmidt will quickly leave his room for the lounge and a bottle of brandy.
Alexei will also find himself in the lounge, leaving his room unguarded once
more should you still require entrance.

After Schmidt has had his brandy, you may talk to him. He'll talk about his
feelings for Anna, quite affected. It'll culminate in a dance; it's a hoot :)

Just prior to Galanta, the Serbians will leave their compartment, one by one.

 2.13  Galanta (Austria-Hungary)   25th July   8:47pm

In the hallway, Tatiana is looking for you. A cutscene will trigger when she
is waiting near your door and you're in. She reveals Alexei's plans with the
bomb to you. If you did not pick up the detonator earlier, now is definetely
the time!

The night is almost there. Schmidt will retreat to his chamber, snoring quite
loudly. You cannot wake him up. Sophie and Rebecca will retreat to their room
as well, leaving the car derelict except for the conductors and Alexei, who
will stare out into the night where he talked with Tatiana earlier.

After the departure from Galanta, the Serbians will return to their chambers,
but Milos won't be there anymore. In addition, you are now free to pull on
any emergency brake that you can find; they won't work...

If you wanna see something neat, search out the Firebird in Max's cage, and
open the hatch on the top by pressing the correct jewel. At nighttime, you'll
see the body of a woman, throat slit.

At this point, you can take a look at conductor Coudert's sketchbook and see
all the drawings he'll ever do in this game. I just want to point out that
Coudert has a fascination for the working man, and aside from the married
mme. Boutarel and the exotic Kahina and harem members has not bothered to
sketch any of the three beautiful ladies that have entered the Orient Express,
neither does he mention a family involved in his retirement.

Alternative actions:

If you did not steal Alexei's detonator, he will not have been averted by
Tatiana. A bomb will go off in the night.

Game Over

 2.14  A few miles prior to Budapest (Austria-Hungary)   25th July   10:30pm

You will have a strange, somewhat romantic dream. The location mirrors the
image on your signet ring, and is the same as the building seen in the very
beginning, when you chose to start a new game. The dream is cut short by a mid-
night meeting between Alexei and Vassili; a meeting with dire consequences.
When you're awake, hurry to compartment A, where Alexei utters his dying words.
Long live Anarchy...

You can also choose to not go to compartment A and go for the bomb immediately
instead. You'll get company while diffusing the bomb, but it makes no sense
for any of those character to be there when you were just in an empty hallway.
After diffusing the bomb, you cannot enter compartment A anymore.

Abbot will smooth things over the trainmaster for some reason, then invite you
to a drink in the smoking car. If you get to the bomb before Abbot turns his
attention away from the trainmaster, you'll get to diffuse the bomb with the
trainmaster, Abbot and Anna staring at your fingers.

Alternative actions:

You natural reaction obviously would be to go to Abbot to talk things over. He
will reveal he was sent to keep an eye out for a young Anarchist. He knows about
your assumed identity and lack of ticket, and while you give him the
detonator he asks if you've found the dynamite? At which point the dynamite
makes itself known with a bang.

Game Over

The clock! The ticket sound comes from the conductor's seat, but not quite
there...  the clock is missing from the restaurant car, if you go and look for
it. Go to the conductor's seat in the red sleeping car, and turn around to see
a panel. If you waited until after Abbot invites you for a drink, you do this
in private, otherwise you've got half the Express looking over your shoulder.
You can close a little wooden bit to reveal the dynamite. Push up the cigar box
to reveal the wires. Use a match to burn those wires, taking out the cigar box
the panel. You can rotate the box to look at it; do so twice so you're looking
at the back of the cigar box. Open the hinges, and you'll see the interior of
the bomb. Use Tyler's message and put it between the relays. Bomb defused!
Alternative actions:

Pull out the cigar box without burning the wires, open the cigar box from the
front or try to destroy the bomb by hand will all result in the bomb exploding
under your fingers.

Game Over

In compartment B, you can Tatiana's failed attempts at goodbye letters to
Alexei. So sad.

In the smoking car, Abbot reveal himself to be not a businessman at all. He
offers to clear your name in that nasty Irish cop business and tries to recruit
you for the English side. When mrs. Wolff walks by, Robert excuses himself.

You can talk to Anna in the hallway, then provoke another reaction by following
her closely. She'll tell you you'll talk in the morning, but when you walk
to your compartment, Robert won't want to sleep. Robert's got his own plans.
Knock on Anna's door for long cutscene during which in the beginning everything
is going just fine and then everything is going wrong.

 2.15  Several miles prior to Belgrad (Austria-Hungary)   26th July    4:40am

Blasted Serbians! Kronos gone, Serbians got their weapons, Anarchist plot
foiled, girl obtained, everything was done! What the hell is this? They got
what they were coming for, right? Last time you talked to Milos, he was 
friendly enough.

Robert wakes up somewhere in the baggage car, hands tied. Pressing any
directional button will make Robert assume a more comfortable position which
he can use to turn around slowly. Press down and then up again to struggle some
more and turn around in a good position. Now, you can interact with the floor
to have Robert dump out his collection of matches and strike one to burn the
ropes. You can now get up by going up.

You may notice that Alexei's detonator, the master key and possibly the black
beetle have been removed from your possession, along with Tyler's telegram
you used to diffuse the bomb and the matches you used to burn the ropes. How
do you stop four terrorists with an empty box of matches and a piece of paper?

When you try to walk out, you'll be stopped by one of the Serbians, unarmed.
Ivo is his name. He'll try to punch your lights out. You can take four punches
before the fifth takes you down. Working Ivo to the floor also takes five
punches. Keeping your cursor on the bottom half of the screen will have Robert
avoid Ivo's punches; at the top half, you'll try to strike Ivo. Click to the
left for a left-handed punch; to the right for a right-handed punch (both are
equally strong). The best advice I can give you is to avoid, then quickly
choose to punch. Only very rarely will Ivo get in a punch before you do, and
you'll win the fight. Robert will always finish with a right-handed punch.

With Ivo down, go further to rescue Anna. Depending on your actions, Robert
either tells Anna about his theory (both Anna and Schmidt were set up to
expose the Black Hand's weapon purchase so the Germany/Austria-Hungary alliance
had an excuse for invading the Balkan), Robert makes a charming joke that has
Anna kiss her savior before running off, or Anna will leave without much

You'll appear in the green sleeping car. Doors 9 to 4 are locked. In an example
of suboptimal game design, you know there's a gun in Schmidt's cigar case,
but Robert will not give you the option of picking it up. In Alexei's room,
Nietzshe's book is gone. In Tyler's room, the Firebird and the Scarab beetle
remain untouched if you left it there (but you really shouldn't have, you're
going to get into trouble later).

Onto the red sleeping car. Now that the situation is dire, Robert will suddenly
feel too good for crossing personal boundaries, and you cannot examine or
open anything in Anna's compartment. Coudert's sketchbook is gone. In rooms C 
and D, nothing interesting is happening. The Obolensky compartments hold 
nothing for you.

In compartment E, the last diary entry of the game can be found. The diary
lies on the pillow of the top bed, and discusses the death of Alexei and the

Facing the restaurant car, take the door to the left, which has access to the
roof. You'll want to go to the front, towards the smokestack.
Alternative actions:

Walk into the restaurant car like an idiot and watch how Vesna slices you up
real good.

Game Over

On the roof, you'll run across Salko, armed with a large crowbar. Also, you're
on top of a moving train (though not just any train!). Salko's proficiency
with the crowbar is impressive; only two hits with the thing and Robert's
down. After three punches to Salko's face, you'll get the option of the open
hand rather than the closed fist, and you'll be able to wrestle the crowbar
from Salko, letting the young man fall in the process.

Very shortly after Salko's drop, you'll hear a sword being unsheathed behind
you if you chose to linger or move forward. Turn around immediately (or turn
around after defeating Salko) to face Vesna, armed with a sword.

Vesna's a killer with that sword; one strike and it's done for you. For every
successful hit with the crowbar you manage, Vesna will perform one less attack
before the tunnel becomes a problem for the both of you. She has two swings.
She prepares a stab, you go downwards to avoid. You can choose to hit Vesna as
a counter-attack. If Vesna tries an overhead slash, go up to block. After
eleven (minus your # of crowbar hits) attacks, Vesna will suddenly lie flat on
her stomach. Immediately press down to do the same, or you will get a tunnel in
the neck. In the ensuing cutscene Robert will take care of Vesna for you.

You can walk up to the smokestack and spy on Milos, who runs the locomotive
and has one of the workers shoveling coal for him. There used to be two...
Alternative actions:

Go check up on Milos twice. The second time, Robert will jump down and confront
Milos. It seems he leapt into action after concluding from the Anna/Vesna deal
that you were on the Austria-Hungary side and were probably going to screw him
over in the arms deal. Anna shows up and kills Milos. You can pull the brake
or not, but Anna will convince Robert that even though he wants to get to
Jerusalem, taking the entire Express with him on a risky border crossing isn't
the right thing to do.

Robert Cath will be given a medal for stopping the hijack, but Rebecca's diary
suggests that past that point, things don't go well for Cath. In addition, he
never found out the culprit behind Tyler's murder, nor did he make it to
Constantinople or Jerusalem.

Game Over

Go back to the space between the red sleeping car and the restaurant, and just
waltz right in there knowing nobody is behind the door. In a cutscene, it
appears that all but Abbot and the Obolenskies go to the passenger cars,
including the staff. Where Anna is, who knows.

There's a lot of fun dialogue to be caught at this stage of the game, though
none of it is important as far as continuing the game is concerned. A list:

The trainmaster will instruct Coudert to keep all passengers in their
compartments. Monsieur Boutarel will completely lose it, which is good fun.
Mertens was in compartment C with the Boutarel family, but will leave to
enter into compartment 4. From then on, he'll tell you to return to your
compartment if you knock on the door. You can annoy Schmidt by knocking three
times, which is fun 'cause he's still a bit drunk.

Coudert will explain the situation to Rebecca and Sophie, then seat himself
in compartment G. It's great fun to rap on the door op compartment G at least
two times. The kitchen staff will discuss the situation at least once more.

A - empty
B - empty
C - empty
D - Boutarel (all three)
E - Sophie and Rebecca
F - empty
G - Kitchen staff
H - Coudert

1 - empty
2 - empty
3 - Schmidt
4 - Mertens
5 - harem?
6 - harem?
7 - harem?

The harems is somewhere in those compartments, but won't respond to your
knocking. Remember, they can't understand anybody and have lost their eunuch
bodyguard Mahmoud to Serbian bullets.

Eventually, the two sleeping cars will lapse into tense silence. It's time
to do something Robert already knows he wants to do, but you don't yet. Lucky
you got me!

In the smoking car, if you haven't traded the black beetle for Francois'
expensive whistle, you can find it lying around near the table near the clock.
Or, where the clock used to be until Alexei used it to make a second bomb.
Robert will still notice the empty space. Francois must've lost it in the

In the restaurant car, the Obolenskies are in shock. Tatiana will mention
how everybody back home is dead. Old man Obolensky will blame it on the
Firebird. Though a lot of strange stuff is happening, at least this can be
attributed to Tatiana being mentally damaged by the quick succession of Alexei's
death and the hijacking by the Serbians and the old man's superstition.

Before you proceed, make sure the Firebird is located in Max' cage and not
anywhere on the passenger cars, you'll get in trouble for it later.

Between the red sleeping car and the smoking car, you can now look down in
the space between the two wooden doors to reveal the hook attacking the two
cars together. Interaction with it will have Robert unhooking the passenger
cars, making the Orient Express that much lighter and freeing most passengers
from whatever plans Milos' has in store for them. At this stage, you'll have
your final (and quite victorious) chat with herr August Schmidt. If Robert
did not explain his theory to Anna Wolff earlier when he rescued her, his
little speech will be somewhat of a surprise to you. If you never read 
August's letter in his comparment, the dialogue here will be different 
because Robert doesn't know about herr Schmidt's background.

Time to stop Milos. Head up to the roof and go towards the smokestack. Leap
down towards Milos, and a long cutscene. It seems Milos leapt into action after
concluding from the Anna/Vesna deal that you were on the Austria-Hungary side
and were probably going to screw him over in the arms deal. Anna shows up and
kills Milos. Anna will then order the Slavic worker to stop the train, but
Robert can't have that. He needs to get to Jerusalem. He's unlikely to be
pursued in Serbia by those still after him for the Belfast thing. In the brief
instance you get to act, click to the left once to find... some lever that
makes the train go on, Robert seems to have more knowledge about steam trains
than I do.

Robert Cath will be given a medal for stopping the hijack, but Rebecca's diary
suggests that past that point, things don't go well for Cath. In addition, he
never found out the culprit behind Tyler's murder, nor did he make it to
Constantinople or Jerusalem.
Alternative actions:

If you do not let the train continue, the front half of the Orient Express
will stop in Austria-Hungary, just short of the Serbian border. If you did
not lose the passenger trains, something similar will happen as you are too
heavy even if you do try to keep the train going.

Robert Cath will be given a medal for stopping the hijack, but Rebecca's diary
suggests that past that point, things don't go well for Cath. In addition, he
never found out the culprit behind Tyler's murder, nor did he make it to
Constantinople or Jerusalem.

Game Over

After a long, exciting cutscene during which Abbot appears again and seems
content to go along with it, you escape a Serbian general's train (likely the
one sponsoring the Black Hand and the mastermind behind Tyler's plan to sell
the Firebird).

When done, you can examine the locomotive again for some fun (Da! We run train!)
but nothing spectacular. You're on your Express route to Constantinople, you
got the Firebird, Anna is waiting for you, all is well. Let's find Anna. She
can be found in the baggage car near the locomotive, in the passenger seat.
That's over the rooftops all the way to the end, back down, through both the
smoking car and dining car, behind the curtain and just prior to the
trainmaster's office there's a door to your left.

Let the scene play out...

 2.16  Several miles prior to Constantinople (Asia Minor)   27th July    7:00pm

Hey, looks like you got some action! Good for you. After Anna leaves, you
can check your inventory; same as before.

As soon as you enter the smoking car, life has a nasty surprise for you.
Kronos and Kahina have taken Anna hostage. Crud. That's the deal with trains; 
your enemies will always know where you're going next. Luckily, you left the
Firebird in Max' cage.
Alternative actions:

If you were not so lucky and left the Firebird wherever on the passenger
cars, Robert will say so and you will disappoint Kronos. Kahina does not like
it when you disappoint Kronos.

Game Over

If you try to re-enter the smoking car without the Firebird, death by Kahina.

Game Over

Go into Max' cage and retrieve the Firebird. It's approaching nighttime; a 
picture of the dead woman greets you should you look at it. Return to the 
smoking car only to find that the three have moved up into the restaurant 
car. Kronos will order you to open the Firebird. Do you still remember the 

The proper sequence will have you follow the journey of Grey Wolf, so:

- Uluru (Australia), aqua
- Stonehenge (England), blue
- Himalaya (China), red
- Easter Island (Chili), purple
- Jerusalem (Ottoman Empire then, Israel now), green
Alternative actions:

If you take too long, Kronos will grow restless. Kahina does not like it when
Kronos grows restless. A shot is heard.

Game Over

A scene will play in which Anna will play the violin for the Firebird. At
gunpoint, no less. After Kronos has finally seen the Firebird in all its
splendor, he is ready to take it with him. He orders you to close the egg.

Alternative actions:

If you take too long, Kronos will grow scared with the hour growing late.
A shot is heard.

Game Over

Do as Kronos says, and close the egg. Content, Kronos will leave, and take
both the Firebird and Kahina with him. Not without gratitude, he gives you
the advice of asking about the 'thirteenth tribe' when in Jerusalem. Robert
embraces Anna, finally at the very last stop of the Orient Express and safe
from all pursuers. Then, the Express explodes. From the island she was
traveling to with Sophie, Rebecca recounts that nobody ever cleared up who
was responsible, and that all aboard died in the explosion.

Game Over

Rather than closing the egg, aggravate the Firebird further now that the sun
is gone Blow that Scarab whistle, and Firebird will finally show its dark
side. It will attack Kronos, then Kahina after she draws its attention. Before
the Firebird can lunge at Robert or Anna, they are gone. The Scarab whistle
scuttles away, a tiny clockwork automaton of its own.

So this was the answer. The Firebird killed Tyler. He must've blown the whistle
prior to sunrise between Paris and Robert boarding the train. The Scarab whistle
scuttles into the hallway, found by Francois who did not know how extraordinary
it really was. When he mentioned to his mother how the Scarab whistle died,
he did in fact mean that the whistle had stopped moving. How was she to know?

Mentally scarred, Tatiana Obolenskaya uses Alexei's lighter to, in her mind,
stop more bloodshed from happening. Blowing up the Orient Express kills her
grandfather, George Abbot and the Slavic worker on the locomotive. Max leaped

Anna leaves you. She must report in Austria-Hungary. When she's done, she will
come to Jerusalem after WW1. She will not be able to use the proposed travel
plan for more than twenty years.

So, in conclusion:

compartment A, Vassili Obolensky, deceased
compartment B, Tatiana Obolenskaya, deceased
compartment C, Claude Boutarel
compartment C, George Abbot, deceased
compartment D, Mme. Boutarel
compartment D, Francois Boutarel
compartment E, Rebecca Norton
compartment E, Sophie de Bretheuill
compartment F, Anna Wolff
compartment G, Milos Jovanovic, deceased
compartment G, Vesna Savin, deceased
compartment H, Salko Popivoda, deceased
compartment H, Ivo Biskupovic, deceased

compartment 1, Tyler Whitney, deceased
compartment 2, Alexei Dolnikov, deceased
compartment 3, August Schmidt, arrested
compartment 4, Mahmoud Makhta, deceased
compartment 5-8, harem

Private car, Kronos, deceased
Private car, Kahina, deceased

The good ending...

 3.0    Loose ends

 3.1    Who killed Tyler Whitney?
 3.2    Who is Robert Cath?
 3.3    What's the deal with Robert's conspiracy theory?
 3.4    Whuh... dreams?
 3.5    What is the Firebird?

 3.1    Who killed Tyler Whitney?

The most obvious answer lies in the game's most complete ending, where you
reach Constantinople and you don't die. When you blow the whistle on the
Firebird after sunset, the Firebird functions not as a beautiful clockwork
musical box shaped like the Firebird of Russian folklore, but as a weapon.
Tyler Whitney was supposed to sell the Firebird to Kronos, but before he got
around to it, he must have gotten curious. Tyler blew the whistle, the Firebird
attacked and killed Tyler. The Firebird then curled up again, being found
only moments later by Anna Wolff, who took the Firebird.

There is one strange plothole here; Tyler was killed between leaving Paris
(7:00 pm) and Robert Cath boarding the train (7:39 pm). That's quite late,
but in July that's not quite nighttime. Blowing the whistle during the day
should only have resulted in the music playing.

An alternative theory would be that Tyler was, in fact, murdered with the
Firebird. The only person, at that time, to understand the Firebird's dual
nature is Kronos. Kronos could have instructed Tyler himself or Kahina to blow
the whistle at the appropriate time, thus killing Tyler. Before the Firebird
could be taken from Tyler's body, Anna Wolff took it away, prompting Kronos to
enlist your help to find the Firebird again. But this is a more intricate and
less plausible theory than the previous, accidental death, and still does not
explain why the Firebird behaved like it did. In addition, there is no motive;
Kronos was more than willing to pay the gold necessary (he gives the gold
away for no reason in a bad ending), and as far as we know Tyler was willing
to sell the Firebird; was even counted on to do so by various members of the
Black Hand he swore an oath with.

Note also that from various bad endings, we know for sure that neither Schmidt
nor Milos is the culprit, since both pull the emergency brake in alarmed
state when finding the body of Tyler. Anna Wolff had no reason to kill Tyler,
and would not have known how to operate the Firebird. None of the other NPCs
make any sense as the murderer.

 3.2    Who is Robert Cath?

When you play the game from start to end, and you choose to believe everything
mentioned in the game that is not contradicted later, the only character to
keep any secrets from you is Robert Cath.

- Cuba

Some sort of disagreement took place between Robert Cath and Tyler Whitney.
Tyler was sympathetic to the Cuban cause, and tried to raise money back in
America. Cuba gained official independence from the United States in 1902,
too soon for Whitney to have been involved. Civil struggles following, and
America returned to install a Governor from 1906 to 1908, which the Cubans
were not happy about. Past that point up til 1914, Cuba was officially
independent but America continued to meddle in Cuban affairs. Where you want
to place Tyler is up to you; no further information about it is given.

- The Belfast Murder

In a newspaper article Robert carries around with him - a copy of which you
can find in the newspaper in the smoking car during the 24th of July - you
can read why exactly Robert Cath on the look-out for the police. Ireland was
struggling for independence at the time, occupied by Great Britain. In a
case not well-documented in the game, a policeman's body was found. Its main
suspect was fleeing Ireland together with a man matching your description,
but was later found dead.

Quite late in the game, mr. George Abbot talks about how Robert really should
not have helped the wounded man fleeing from the scene. You can interpret
this as Abbot stating the truth, or you can see mr. Abbot painting the picture
of what the 'truth' will look life if Robert decided to join the British
secret service.

- Hypnosis and other occult interests

There are three moments during which Robert Cath gets into a troublesome
situation he expertly diffuses with a long stare the game specifically points
out by first showing Robert's eyes, then that of the other party. When old
man Vassili has an attack, Robert calls him down by taking a good hard look in
the man's eyes. When Anna Wolff's dog, Max, is as threatening to Robert as he
is to everybody else, all it takes is an eye-to-eye moment to make the dog
severely attached to Robert. Last but not least it's the ending during which
Robert fixates his gaze on the 'dark' Firebird, which kills indiscriminately,
to send it not at the closest foe (Robert himself) but at Kronos, in the corner.

Given the fact that we already know that Robert delves in non-European medicine,
it is not a strange leap towards hypnotism. Note that at the time, several
practices now recognized as unscientific by western medicine were, at the time,
still subject to serious research. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), author
of the Sherlock Holmes stories and medical man of profession, was not above
trying to speak with the dead, hypnosis and magnetics, an interest shared by a
large segment of the medical professionals at the time.

The quasi-real is a known interest of Cath; with this in mind, the unusual
treatment of Vassili Obolensky, the "more your line than mine" bit from Tyler's
telegram and possibly the manuscript in Jerusalem can be explained this way.

- Jerusalem

As the story progresses, we learn that Robert Cath has motives beyond escaping
his pursuers and solving the mystery of Tyler's death. He wants to get to
Constantinople badly, as he needs to travel to Jerusalem from there. He wants
to get to Jerusalem because a man has a manuscript he wants to take a look at.
In one of the two bad endings in Constantinople (you comply with Kronos' wishes,
and he leaves with the Firebird), he tells you to inquire after the "13th
tribe", but before Robert can pursue this lead, Tatiana blows up the Express.
In addition, there is the signet ring Cath himself dismisses, but Anna seems
to recognize. Since Robert dreams about the image at one point, it is unlikely
he is being truthful about his lack of connection to the ring. In addition, the
image appears during the game's opening, so it must have had some significance.
Robert is truthful to Anna about going to Jerusalem; why lie about the ring?

Jerusalem appears within the game as being the last stop of the Grey Wolf from
the in-game Firebird legend. Clicking on Jerusalem's gem unfolds the Firebird.
The poem cryptically describes Jerusalem as the place where the son of David
built a temple, a reference to the First Temple built by Solomon. The 13th
Tribe is likely a reference to the Biblical twelve tribes of Israel; though
which tribes are included in this list is not handled with consistency in the
Bible. Up to fourteen different tribes are mentioned throughout the Bible,
since Joseph himself begot no tribe, his two sons did (though one of those is
later left out where Joseph is named), Reuben lost his right as a tribe leader
of a transgression, Levi's tribe never got any land but serves as temple
servants, and Dan is left out in one list without any specific reason given
aside form a remark in Genesis insulting the lineage of Dan. This is Biblical
nitpicking though; symbolically, the 13th tribe would most easily be given to a
group of Jews who do not trace their lineage to any of the twelve Biblical

The building on Cath's signet ring and in his dream reminds me, in architecture,
to the tower of David as it stands in Jerusalem. In addition, it may be a
representation of Solomon's lost First Temple which was destroyed. The
manuscript in Jerusalem (in 1914 under Ottoman rule) makes me think, given the
Biblical setting surrounding the case, of manuscripts such as the Q source or
the Nag Hammadi scriptures and other gnostic texts that started to pop up in
the area at that time. You can search the internet about those if you're
interested, their nature is too complicated to summarize here.

The truth is, since no further information is given, nothing definite can be
said about these things. They could have served as an opening for the sequel,
which would probably have been religious in nature as the Last Express was
political. In section 4.0, I discuss the unfinished prequel 'Red Serpent', 
which features Robert Cath (and Tyler Whitney) five years prior to the events
of The Last Express, and religious conspiracies and a certain ring DO make an

 3.3    What's the deal with Robert's conspiracy theory?

While snooping around in their apartments, Robert Cath learns that neither Anna
Wolff nor August Schmidt are without their political agenda. Anna is an agent
for the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Schmidt is reporting back to a German noble,
mentioning how he is proud to serve the Fatherland. Schmidt's mission is to
sell weapons to the Serbians; Germany, as an ally to Austria-Hungary, should NOT
be sponsoring Serbian rebels. And while Austria-Hungary suspects that Schmidt
is dealing with Serbians, they don't stop it but send Anna to investigate.
Schmidt, when asked why a German would help the Serbians, does not respond with
an answer.

Robert concludes that Germany and Austria-Hungary are in cahoots about the
deal. Their mission is to find a reason to invade Serbia. After the
assassination of Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist, tension is rising.
The plan was this. Schmidt sells weapons to the Serbians. A secret agent of
the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Anna Wolff, discovers this act of war. Schmidt
is left to hang dry by Germany. With the Serbians exposed to the world as
violent terrorists preparing to arm themselves for international conflict,
the alliance would have sufficient reason to invade Serbia and to root out the
Black Hand, the military secret society of which the murderer of Franz
Ferdinand as well as the four Slavic rebels on the Express are a member of.
While Robert explains Schmidt's part to Schmidt and the player after he has
read Schmidt's letter, he does not necessarily explain Wolff's part to either
her or us, which makes Cath's theory appear to fall out of the sky to some

 3.4    Whuh...dreams?

Dreams have a curious place in the Last Express, as they divulge information
that the dreamers do not have or otherwise help the plot forward. A list:

Robert Cath dreams about Tyler sitting up in his bed, removing an egg from
his mouth and saying "Why don't you make it sing?" At this point, Robert does
not know about the Firebird while the dream can only be explained with the
relic in mind. In addition, his nightmare comes at the same time as Anna Wolff's
nightmare, and the fact that they're awake on the same time is the only reason
Robert will learn that the Firebird is sent to Tatiana; he would've never
found it otherwise and would have died in Constantinople regardless of his
actions otherwise.

Vassili Obolensky, at first, has an attack mid-night where he dreams about
a man coming to kill him, hands covered with black fur. Of course, he has just
met Alexei that evening, and may suspect something wrong. But he has no reason
to expect the events that will later transpire; Alexei is indeed after the
man's life, but will be slain with the knife Vassili is asking for that night.

When Robert steals the Firebird from the washroom next to Vassili's room, the
old man wakes up. He recognizes Robert from his dream, urges him to take the
Firebird with him, and say "maybe it will sing for you". Vassili knows about
the existence of the Firebird and its curse as we will later learn, but what
dream did he have about Robert? Why does he urge him to take it?

Finally note that when Milos is running the train and Cath comes to free the
passengers, Vassili will say "those passengers will never arrive in
"Constantinople". He has reasons to be down at the moment, but he sounds very
sure about the situation and Vassili has no reason to either know of Milos'
plans or Cath's decision to abandon the passenger cars shortly after that

 3.5   What is the Firebird?

The Firebird must be placed in a tradition of musical boxes at the time. With
the lack of musical media as we know it today, music was the monopoly of
people playing it up until the invention of the musical box. Pricey and of no
practical use, they quickly became a status symbol among the rich and famous
of Europe, and those in a suitable position would pay great sums of money to
help those skilled to invent ever more intricate musical boxes. Boxes with a
little orchestra with moving parts on top of it, musical boxes that would play
a turn every hour, boxes resembling large monuments, etcetera.

The Firebird is a fictional relic, coming from the old Ottoman Empire. Its
curse is somewhat well-known by those in the noble market; the Firebird means
death. It's design was based on a Russian folk tale, which actually exists.
I'll give a short transcript here, but you can read more on-line:

The legend of the Firebird

A brave hunter finds a golden feather in the forest. Despite his horse's warning
that the feather will bring bad luck, the hunter bring the feather to the czar
to gain favor. The czar orders the hunter to find the golden bird, lest he
has the hunter killed. Crying, the hunter returns to his horse to bring the
bad news, and the horse tells him the real bad luck is still to come.

The hunter captures the Firebird and brings it to the czar, who thanks him for
the catch and orders him to find a bride for the czar, lest he has the hunter
killed. He has a specific princess in mind. Crying, the hunter tells the new
mission to the horse, but the horse warns him that the real bad luck is still
to come. The hunter rides his steed to a faraway country, finds the princess
and gives her his foreign wine. She falls asleep, and the hunter takes her to
the czar. The hunter is well-rewarded for his services, but the princess is
very unhappy.

The czar mentions how he wants to marry the princess, and she tells him she
cannot marry without a bridal gown. It is located at the bottom of the sea
at the end of the world. The czar sends the hunter away for the gown
to be rewarded upon success or killed upon failure. Crying, the hunter returns
to his horse, who mentions that once again, real bad luck is still to come.
When the hunter finally arrives at the end of the world, he forces a lobster
to get the gown from the sea. Succesfull in this endeavor, the hunter returns
to the czar.

The czarwena, still unwilling to marry the czar, mentions she will not do so
unless a brave hunter bathes in boiling water for the czar, surely killing the
hunter. The czar orders his hunter to do so. Crying, the hunter returns to
his steed one last time, but the steed enchants the hunter so he will not die.
The hunter takes a dip in the boiling water, but is transformed instead into
a perfect picture of beauty and health. The czar, envious, also takes a dip in
the boiling water, but is killed instead. With the czar gone, the hunter becomes
czar instead and marries the princess, to live happily ever after.

The End

In the game, the legend has the hunter replaced with Prince Ivan, the horse
with the Grey Wolf and all the stuff about bad luck and the mean czar removed.

Kronos has a book about the Ottomam Empire (at some point lying around in his
car) which details the Firebird relic. The relic is said to have caused the
death of a maiden, since the egg displayed her face upon death; frightened, she
threw the egg away, angering the king who killed her for the transgression.
At least Vassili Obolensky knows about the Firebird's curse. The Firebird made
its way to Serbia at some point, where 'the General', a leading man in the
Black Hand, has it given to Tyler Whitney to sell it to buy weapons.

From Kronos' investigion, we know that Tyler at first showed the Firebird to
various art dealers in Paris. We know also that between the 20th and the 23th,
a strange change in Tyler's attitude took place; at first he was forthcoming,
he now seems guarded, but not unwilling to sell the Firebird. He suggests to
make the trade on board of the Orient Express. Though there is no proof, I
believe that during the period Tyler heard about the curse of the Firebird, and
was unwilling to handle the Firebird personally until he knew more. He contacts
a friend who deals in the strange and occult, a mr. Robert Cath to come meet
him in Paris on the Orient Express and analyze the Firebird. Though with Cath
not appearing on the Express, and Tyler pressed for time, he simply tries it
out. A curse is, after all, merely a spinster's tale...

The Firebird, at first, appears like a golden egg displaying the world. Several
major cities are marked with a jewel. With knowledge of the legend of the
Firebird as displayed in the game, one can open the egg by pressing the jewels
in a certain order. Once opened, the Firebird responds to music with his own

During nighttime, however, the Firebird displays a darker side. The face on the
egg is that of a dead woman. Blowing the accompanying Scarab whistle (or
possibly any kind of music) will turn the Firebird into an automaton that
kills anyone nearby. It responds to loud noises by redirecting its attention
to its source, and it can be argued it responds to visual input as well.

There is a severe plothole in the discussion about the Firebird. The above is
what the game tells us is the case. However, the Firebird killed Tyler during
daytime. In addition, Robert Cath can choose to blow the Scarab whistle during
the night, and the Firebird will not respond with violence but with music.
The plothole can be solved by arguing that the Firebird does not rely on 'time'
but on visual input, that Tyler Whitney had the curtains closed and that
Robert is always in well-lit areas when he attempts to awaken the Firebird,
even at night.

 4.0    Red Serpent

Red Serpent is the name of the manuscript Jordan Mechner wrotein 2002; it can 
serve as a prequel to The Last Express. The story features both Robert Cath 
and Tyler Whitney, respectively 21 and 20 years old. Robert Cath comes to Paris
to find his old heartthrob, Pandora, and his half-brother Tyler Whitney. 

The manuscript portrays Robert Cath as the older, more serious and more
naive but more inquisitive of the two while Tyler Whitney serves mainly as a
self-serving dandy. The mystery of the story revolves around religion, art
and a big conspiracy orchestrated by the church. The mystery is almost
identical to that of Dan Brown's DaVinci Code, though they were written at
the same time. 

The Red Serpert (an evil society) and the Good Men (a good society!) quarrel
over the centuries. The Red Serpent is after the Holy Grail. Pandora was sent,
by her mother (agent of the Serpent) to uncover information kept by the Good
Men. She succeeds, and the cover isn't blown until it's too late. Pandora is
kidnapped by the Serpent. Cath figured it all out, and trail the Serpent, but
after an attempt to rescue Pandora are captured instead. The Holy Grail is,
in fact, proof of the continuation of Jesus Christ's bloodline. While the
Serpent tries to dig up the proof (along with the body of Jesus Christ), Cath
does some quick thinking and realizes that it's going to end badly. When a 
booby trap kills all members of the Serpent, Cath, Tyler and Pandora escape.
In the aftermath, Robert obtains a ring from the Good Men and is asked to
join, but he gives the ring to Pandora instead, who remains behind in Paris
along (but not together) with Tyler. 

Mr. Mechner has said that he is glad the manuscript never came into fruitition
as he is not pleased with everything; specifically, he would not have made
Tyler and Robert half-brothers. If you want to accept the prequel as canon,
you could conclude that Robert's signet ring is the same as the ring offered
to him by the Good Men, and that the manuscript in Jerusalem has something to
do with the Holy Grail as it is described in Red Serpent. 

 5.0    Credits

I am severely indebted to many people, though none of them know it. This game
has too many odds and ends for one person to discover, so I searched the world
wide web for cutscenes I missed and other rare material from the game.

The three easter eggs (juggling Mertens, Schmidt's naked pictures and the
hidden photograph in the trainmaster's office) were not found by me. Neither
were several cutscenes, including the ladies from E quarreling, an update in
ms. Norton's diary, finding the whistle without trading the beetle for it,
aggravating Mahmoud into a Game Over, letting Milos discover Tyler's body and
most distressing of all, how to avoid police investigation by dumping Tyler's
body during the night.

Questions or comments? Additions to make, an error to report? E-mail me at
djibriel at gmail dot com, and I'll update the document. Probably!

 Disclaimer and legal necessities

This was written in 2010, by Djibriel, and is copyrighted by me.

You are unauthorized to present this document, partly or whole, as written
by somebody else as the authors of the respective bodies of text. You are
unauthorized to change anything in this document for any other purpose
than personal use without my explicit permission.

All rights reserved.

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