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    Walkthrough by DTimoney

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           The Dame Was Loaded
    The Dame was Loaded is made by Beam International Pty Ltd.
    This walkthru is based on the Australian PC CDROM release (which I   
    is identical to the US CDROM release and probably identical to the   
    CD-I version)
    JULY 29th
    You start at your desk. The wooden box to your right is a storage   
    I didn't find a use for the ring inside, but you can store other things   
    here. On your desk is a picture of Angela, a camera, and a fountain pen.
    The typewriter is your control panel.
    Take the picture of Angela.
    Click on the left side of the screen, where the cursor turns into an   
    This is your partner Ralph Spencer. Talk to him and he'll suggest a few
    things, mentioning Jake's.
    Grab a cigarette from the pack at the front of Ralph's desk.
    There's also a plunger hanging from the sink that can be taken, as well   
    a dirty postcard - neither were really needed. Look at the calendar above   
    sink - today's date.
    You have to go out the front door, where the landlord is waiting. He   
    $150 (see your online notes), but you can stall him by giving him only   
    This leaves you with $64.95, and you'll need to raise the rest within 7
    days or you get kicked out (which won't necessarily keep you from   
    But, you'll also have to spend money during the course of the case, so   
    need more than just $100.
    Exit out the front door (or back) and Anger goes to his car. The horn and   
    radio work here, but what's really important is the glove compartment and   
    the trunk latch. By clicking on the trunk latch to the left of the radio,   
    Anger goes back to the car trunk - a place where you can store things   
    what you want to put into the trunk out of your inventory first).
    By clicking on the glove compartment, Anger opens his map. When you start   
    the game, Scott knows about these locations:
    first map page:
     Anger's office
     Mac's Barber Shop
     Meg's Diner
     Police Station (Officer Denton)
     Newspaper Office (Frankie)
    second map page:
     Jake's Joint
     Boarding House (forget going here, it's just for reference)
    third map page:
     Client (forget going here until the end of the game)
    If you click on the map where nothing is marked, you go back to the car   
    When you're in the car, you can step back outside (to where you just   
    were) by
    moving the arrow to the left side of the screen, near the steering wheel.
    Open the map and click on the Barber Shop to drive there
    Barber Shop  (12:30 pm)
      Read the paper on the bench:
         Mayor Announces New Crime Reform
      Click on chair to get a shave
        note the comment about Periwig (a race horse) and the phone call
          (Mac is a bookie)
      Note that you can grab the hair on the floor here. You don't need it
         for awhile, so don't bother.
      Mac is very closed-lip; asking questions about the case will get you   
      Go to ......
    Meg's Diner ( 1:00 pm)
      Click on the menu and choose the donuts.
      Click on the coffee to drink it and the donuts to eat the first donut.
        Your next stop is the Police Station, so hold onto that second donut.
      Click on the receipt in the upper left corner to pay the bill
      Go back to the counter view. I saw no value to leaving a tip, so just
      Go back to the car and drive over to ....
    Police Station (1:45 pm)
       Ask about Dan Klein - never heard of him
       Ask about Angela Donald
       Give picture of Dan Klein to Denton
          Dan Klein is known around town as Dan Small (Klein...Small..get   
      Ask about Dan Small and Denton gets testy
      Give donut to Denton and he leaves the room to get some coffee
      Grab the raid roster in the box on the right
     Clubs to be raided on August 1...including Jake's "Dog Alley" club
     Be sure roster is in inventory before Denton comes back
      When he returns, ask Denton about Dan Small again
         low life, hangs around with bad crowd
      Head out and go to ....
    Newspaper Office ( 3:00 pm)
       Ask Frankie about Dan Small and Angela Donald - no real info
       Click on back door (the morgue)
          Ask morgue about Dan Small - no info
    Go back to office
    NOTE: Whenever Scott drops his hat, pick it up. If you fail to do this
    later in the game, you'll pay for it with his life.
    At 6:00 pm, head to Jake's Joint ("Dog Alley")
       You start with Jake's "speakeasy" door.
       Knock on it to get Jake to come to the door.
       Do Jake a favor and give him the raid roster from the Police Station.
       Inside, you meet your poker buddies:
            Red Randall
       This is where you can earn money, by playing poker.
       This is also where you can get info about what's going on around
       town - but you have to play a round of poker to ask a question.
       To start a poker game, Click on your wallet and drop a buck into
         the pile of cash on the table.
      After a round, ask about Dan Small and you learn a new name - Freddi   
      After the next round, ask about Freddi Creel - crushed in crusher.
    When done, head back to the office and go to sleep on the couch
    Day 2 -
       7:00 am
           read paper - heat wave
           get shave - Mac mentions Creel
            get donut
        Ask morgue about Freddi Creel - killed on June 15
           You learn about O'Brian's Foundry, Thumbs McKenzie, and
               Creel's widow Louise Creel
        Ask morgue about Thumbs McKenzie
           Pal of Freddy's, currently in the jail
        Ask Frankie about
           Louise Creel - closed-mouth
    Police Station
        Ask about Freddi Creel
        Ask about Thumbs McKenzie - caught at Creel's murder site.
    Go to Louise Creel's apartment (map 2)
       Click on door knocker
       Ask Mrs. Creel about
          Freddi - doesn't know what he did for a living
          Thumbs - said Freddi owed him money
          Dan Small - don't like him. Associate of husband.
                     She then asks who hired Scott
          Angela Donald - Louise Creel's sister, different fathers.
                          They didn't like each other
       Give Louise Angela's picture
       Give Louise Dan Klein's picture
       Move cursor to the left side so Scott can look at the room
    NOTE: This is going to be a timed event, so you have to be (reasonably)   
       On the fireplace mantle is a reddish blob that is a decanter of liquor
       Click on it and Louise will leave.
       Go back to the couch view and open her purse on the couch
           She'll notice if most things are gone, but you can grab a hairpin
       Exit the screen and quickly go back to the left room view.
       Grab the painting above the fireplace and you'll find a safe.
       Click on the safe to get a close-up view, then click on the screen
          bottom to go back.
       Click on the painting again to put it back.
       Click on the crystal cabinet to the left of the fireplace.
       If you open it now, you'll get caught.
       Go back and wait for Louise to come back.
       Once she leaves,
       Click on the crystal closet and use the hairpin on the lock.
       Grab the brown box in the back and exit the closeup.
       Put box on the small cigarette stand to the left of the crystal   
          Note the background where Louise is standing.
       Put the box back in the cabinet and wait until Louise comes back
       She'll check her bag but won't notice the missing hairpin.
      (alternately, to get to the cigar case or into the safe (once you have   
       combo, you can go back and talk to your partner Ralph - he'll offer to   
       call her (automatically) next time you visit, to keep Louise out of   
       room longer).
       You now know about a bank - The First National.
       Ask Louise about the diamond robbery there.
       Exit and head to....
    Jail (map 3)
       Thumbs will dummy up, until you give him the cigarette
       Ask about
           Dan Small - he, Freddi, and Thumbs pulled a job together
           First National - might know something about that.
                            Find Dan Small and we'll have a chat
          Freddi - tried to chisel me out of my part of the loot.
                   Said to meet him, but he was dead when I got there.
          Louise - sister of Angela
          Thumbs - I was set up
       Give Thumbs the photo of Dan
       Give Thumbs photo of Angela - Dan's girl
       Exit. So....who really did kill Freddie Creel and why?
    Foundry closes at 4:30 - I was too late
    Police Station
       Ask about First National - no clues, and a lot of diamonds
    Exit and open trunk
       Get the tire iron out of the trunk.
    After 6 pm Jake's Joint
       Ignore Jake but play poker.
       Ask about
           First National - we don't know nothing about that
           Thumbs - Said he had a score to settle.
           Give picture of Dan - they all call him Dan Small instead of Dan   
       Go back to office and sleep on couch
    New Day
       Head out to the Foundry (you lose $1)
       Click on reddish lever on two bronze disks on left of cage
          this is the lever for triggering the crusher
          NOTE: Do NOT operate this unless crusher cage is closed!
       Click on the cage to open the crusher
       On the bottom of the crusher is a loose board that can be examined.
         You'll see something red.
         Click on it and you see that Scott's fingers can't reach it
           You need something long and thin.
         Try the tire iron....too thick.
       But, exit the close-up
       Put the tire iron into the crusher, close the door and flip the   
       Open the cage, grab the flattened tire iron and use it to remove a   
         from that loose board.
       Go to car, put tire iron in trunk and get wrench if you don't have it
    Palm Tree Motel (map 2)
        Ask clerk about Dan Small
        Show Dan's picture to clerk
        Give him $10 and his memory returns
           Dan was in room 11, about a month ago.
        Give him another $14 to pay Dan's bill and you can examine his   
           Take stethoscope
           Take picture of Dan and Angela - examine it once it's in your   
        Exit close-up and clerk says he knows something...but can't remember   
        Give him $2
            Another P.I - Carl Brewer - was asking around about Freddy.
        Click on keys behind clerk - room 11 is occupied.
        Go up stairs.
        Knock on room 11's door.
        Click on his face with your P.I's license
           (or use the camera from your desk).
        When you wake up (you get knocked out for 2 hours), the room is now
           unoccupied (if you use the camera, it's busted - it isn't needed   
       You can either use the hairpin to enter the room, or pay for the key   
       Note that the hairpin can only be used three times before it will   
    Hotel Room 11
       Click on the light switch to the right of the closet (& below the   
       Something up in the lamp shade. Walk over to the left and move the   
       Now go back to the right and click on the ceiling lamp and you get a   
       locker key #29B.
       Move the bed back and go to the left.
       Flip the switch to the right of the bathroom door.
       Go into the bathroom.
       The sink is stopped up - use the plunger from your office sink if you
          have it (not essential).
       Use the wrench on the pipe underneath the sink and you'll get a   
       This ties Freddy in with the First National Bank diamond theft.
       Exit room, drop off key with clerk, and exit to car.
       Open map - you now have locations for Carl Brewer's office and Railway   
    Railway Station
        Use locker key on 2nd door from the left, on the top.
        Inside you find a small book with some odd numbers and letters
           the last page is significant.
           F.C stands for Freddy Creel - this is his safe's combo.
           The combo is  FC: L-5 R-8 L-1  which translates to:
               Turn the lock left 5 times
               Then turn the lock right 8 times
               Then turn the lock left 1 times
       This locker can be used to store things, although there is a really
       good chance you could lose it all later. Nothing that will prevent you
       from finishing, though.
    It wouldn't hurt to wait here, so you can check Louise Creel's door until   
    she's not home (knock twice to be sure). Then you can use the hairpin on
    the lock, and open the safe. Top open the safe, move the picture over the
    fireplace, click on the safe to get close, and use the stethoscope on the   
    safe. You should now have an arrow on either side of the safe dial.
    Per Dan Small's notebook, click on the left side 5 times, then on the
    right side 8 times and then once again on the left. Inside the safe is an   
    insurance form on Freddy Creel.
    This isn't germane to the case, but adds useful color on Louise's
    personality - especially later.
    Newspaper office
       Ask about Carl Brewer and you learn he's dead (Scott apparently   
          knew that)
       Ask about First National - held up by 3 men, diamonds never found.
       Ask morgue about
            Carl Brewer - last person to talk to him was his landlord
         First National - 3 goons held up bank & robbed them of diamonds.
                         Just as police showed up, so did 6 other armed   
                         These 6 were arrested and are now in jail.
       After you ask about First National, Frankie kicks you out.
       Waiting in the car are two goons (if you've seen safe and cigar box,
         and have found diamond).
       They take you to ....
    The Warehouse
       When you wake up, click on the map to get a closer view.
       Click on it again to flip it over.
       When you wake up, send them somewhere.
       Once Dumb Charlie and Smart Charlie leave,
          Click on the step to stand up,
          Click on the step again to go forward.
          Examine the red box - a fire alarm that works by breaking the   
          Go forward twice more to get closer to the alarm (and glass!).
          Now click on the alarm button 3 times so Scott rocks close enough   
             break the glass.
          Click down at the bottom of the screen and you'll see glass.
          Click on the piece closest to his right hand.
          Take the crumpled map.
          Click on the brown box on the left and take a bottle of whiskey.
          Exit warehouse.
       note from Louise.
       Ralph tells you that the case you were going to be on was given to
          Pinkerton's Agency, so you now have more time for your current   
       However, there was a break-in here ...guess what's missing.
          Right - anything useful, like the diamond
    5:45 pm Go to Louise's
       Her place has been ransacked - she says by Big Joel Jones.
         The cigar box is missing
         The safe is open (yep, those goons took Dan Small's book)
            the safe is empty
         NOTE: (if you had already cracked the safe, you know there was some
               jewelry _and_ a life insurance policy on Freddy Creel there).
       Click on the back door to go into....
    Louise's Bedroom
       Get photo that spilled out of blue jewelry box in lower left
           Freddy and your poker buddy G-G. G-G is a gambler.
       Click twice on fur in back - silver fox fur
       Click twice on hat on closet - wide brimmed hat
       Click on yellow blobs on right side nightstand - Scott takes sewing   
       Go back to main room and ask Louise about
         Big Joel Jones -  said he had unfinished business with Freddy.
                           Wanted to look around the apartment
         G-G - associate of Freddy's
         Dan Small - he was Freddy's friend
         Angela Donald - I don't know anything about her death.
                         Possibly related to this case
         First National - Don't know anything about diamonds
       Show her picture of G-G and Freddy
    Jake's Joint
       Red Randall is missing from game
       Ask about
          Big Joel Jones:
             runs this town. A racketeer.
             1 in 3 crooks works for him...(notice where they look)
          Angela Donald - let her go, or you might join her
          First National - diamonds stolen and no one's found them
          Show 'em Freddy and G-G shot -
       go back to office and go to sleep.
    August 2
       When you awaken, you get kidnappers' note:
         they have Frankie and want diamonds within 5 days
       Put the ransom note in the desk box (you won't need it).
       Pick up fountain pen out of holder on left side of desk
       Read paper
          Thumbs is dead, killed by same 6 guys that showed up at bank
          after diamond heist.
       Grab some of the hair on the floor between the chair and Mac
       Get a shave - Mac comments on your bruises
          He gets a call betting on a horse called Periwig - odds are 28:1
       Get a donut
    Police Station
       Answer "Diamonds" and Denton promised to have the warehouse checked   
      (the next time you come here, he'll say they found nothing at the   
      After giving him the donut, click on the box on the right
          List of raids of off-track betting shops, including Mac the   
      When he comes back, ask Denton about
          Joel Jones - owns part of the force
          G-G  nothing
          Thumbs - Frankie's article got him killed.
      You get kicked out after asking about Thumbs
    Newspaper office
       Click on drawer on right
           Click on large makeup container - Scott hides his bruises
           Grab gun and laundry ticket
       Click on phone to call the morgue
           Ask about Joe Jones - get address of Blue Angel club and mansion
           Ask again - has hunting cabin, but no address known
           Now that Frankie isn't here to stop you, ask about Angela Donald
               Angela was sole witness to arson of Sweet Dreams club, which
                 burned down. The Blue Angel club built on same location.
           Ask about Frankie - went with a big guy and a little guy in a
               green sedan. Something about fresh mountain air.
               NOTE: If you know about the description of Angela's death from
                     Denton, I believe Scott will realize this is the same   
                     used when Angela was killed.
           1st National - diamonds stolen on June 15th.
               one bandit wore a brown jacket with leather patches.
               Man in brown had the diamonds.
     NOTE: If you broke into Carl Brewer's office,  you don't need to deal   
    with the
    laundry ticket
    Here's the basic scenario for Brewer's office
       Carl Brewer's office
          Brewer's door is locked. If you ring the buzzer on the side of the
          door, you know he's not there.
          There's nothing in here you _need_ (you can find what you need   
          somewhere else) and you'll have to use the hairpin to pick the lock   
           - the hairpin has a limited life of  3 uses.
          Inside are three items, including a tuxedo in the closet on the   
          (the other items might be useful, but I didn't need them)
    However, I'm taking the alternate route, which involves getting the   
    via the laundry ticket so I didn't go into Carl's office.
      Look at the laundry ticket - the '10' is written in red ink.
    Red Dragon Laundry (map 1)
       Give the man the laundry ticket and you get a dress.
          Note that there is also a tuxedo (although I can't
          figure out how you're supposed to know this) here and a
          yellow-green bellhop's. Go back to car.
    Mickey (middle poker player) is in the car
       Both G-G and Red have been nervous since this case started
       Ask about
          Joel Jones - owns cops. Has two goons: Smart Charlie and Dumb   
          G-G - very jumpy. Been asking about you
          Red Randall - Don't trust him
          1st National - No one's tried to sell them yet
          Thumbs - Thumbs & company heard about diamonds and pulled heist
                   before other gang could.
       Click on closet and put dress in there.
       Click on the dress and choose the left icon - Wear.
         Scott finds Frankie's notebook and learn about the Blue Angel Club.
       Take the dress.
       Talk to Ralph - I played the second choice
           (I don't know if first choice is really an option, but it might   
       Put Frankie's notebook in storage - you won't need it again.
    Red Dragon Laudry
       Give back the dress - you get Ticket 10 again (and lose a quarter).
        Put ticket on desk.
        Fill your fountain pen with the red ink in the middle bottle on the   
        Click on the ticket with the pen and choose 20 - the tuxedo
           (I'm cheating here, because I've know I need it for the Blue Angel   
        Click on the glue bottle in the upper left with the hair from Mac's
          and you make and wear a mustache
    Red Dragon Laundry
        Give ticket 20 and get tuxedo
    Blue Angel Club 4:40 pm
       Old location of Sweet Dreams nightclub
       If you wait until 7 pm and then go back in, you can get in the back.
          With no moustache, you get punched out. If you have the mustache   
          you don't get hit but if you don't have the tux on or didn't have a
          shaved that morning you're told to leave. For now, just leave.
       If you go back to the office before 5 pm, Ralph leaves and is shot out   
         the alley, telling you with his dying breath that he was shot by   
         wearing a brown jacket with leather patches. You can take his gun   
         keys, but do it quick before the cops get you as they'll get mad if   
         find a gun on you. If you learned about the 1st National diamond   
           info at the police station, Scott might link the brown coat.
       If you stay away from the office, then two policemen tell you about   
         being gunned down when you return - you'll get his keys, but not his   
         gun (which you don't need). Either way, you spend two hours at the
         police station.
       Back at the office, Scott guzzles down the whiskey bottle and passes   
    August 3
       Go to the closet view and click on it. Put the tux in the closet and
         try to wear it - the trousers need to be stitched up.
       Using the sewing kit from Louise's, it's a snap.
       But, since it's morning, he can't wear the tux.
       Exit the closeup and look at Ralph's desk.
       Use Ralph's keys on the green filing cabinet (once).
       Look up:
          Angela - singer at Sweet Dreams, which burned down on June 15th.
                   Red-headed man left club via back door before fire.
                   On June 18th, a green sedan with 2 men in it shot Angela.
       Read paper - Ralph's death
       Ask about Ralph
       Give Raid Roster to Mac
       Although you're wearing mustache, get a shave (or you won't get into
         Blue Angel Club)
       Get more hair off the floor
    Police Station
       Ask about Ralph - goes to get file on Angela
       Click on the evidence box
          Click on the matches - Sweet Dreams matches
          Click on paper - tenement fire in building owned by Joel Jones.
                           Red-haired man seen standing around, enjoying the   
                           One of the bodies was Mickey Murphy, your poker   
          Grab lump of charcoal at bottom of box
       When Denton comes back with file
          3 .44 caliber bullets found in wall.
          Witness saw woman, wearing silver fox fur and large hat, running
             from the scene.
       Ask about
          Mickey Murphy - gas bomb set off fire
       Make another mustache (makeup is still ok)
       Ask copyboy (morgue) about:
          Mickey Murphy - died in Aug 4th fire
    Office 6 pm
       Wear tux by clicking on it and choosing the left icon ( if you haven't
         used the sewing kit from Louise's back room, do that now)
       With your tux, makeup, and mustache, go to
    Blue Angel Club.
       Wait until 7pm (when it turns dark) and exit the car and you'll get   
    Back Stage
       Open Janitor closet and wear janitor's jumper suit
       Click on dark, burnt area to left of door if you didn't get any
          charcoal in the evidence box at the police station. You can get a
          piece here.
       Click on office door
    Club Office
        NOTE: You have only a limited time before you will be caught -
              if you're fast, you get away _Scott_ free  (pun intended!)
       Here you meet the esteemed Joel Jones
       Note 3 pictures behind desk - one is a cabin called Pinewood
       Open filing cabinet
            Angela - Sweet Dreams was losing money
            Red Randall - receipt for "consulting" work as a wrecker - keep   
            G-G - real name: Ashley
            Francine - a file of all her stories on him
            Thumbs - wasn't on Jones' payroll.
       Click on desk
           Use charcoal on white notepad - racing tip. Take it.
       Exit Club and go to
    Jake's Joint
       G-G's there by himself, on the run. Will sell info for right price
       Ask about anything and he clams up.
       Give him racing tip from Club Office - you're now set up to meet him
          here tomorrow night.
       As always, be sure to pick up the hat when it falls.
       This time, it will be shot at.
       Remove tux by clicking on the inside of the closet, then take it.
    Day 7 Aug 6
       Makeup and mustache have worn off
    9:00 am Newspaper
       Ask copyboy about Joel Jones again now that you know more about the
       If you get to the newspaper early enough (it takes 6 hours), you'll
          have enough time to find the address for the cabin. Else, come   
       When you do, you'll now have a new address on map 3.
    Try Louise Creel's  4:30 pm
       Ask about
         Angela -
    6 pm Jake's Joint
       G-G stays just long enough to tell you that there's someone at the   
         Seville, room 78 that you want to talk to.  (now have Seville on map   
    Hotel Seville
       If you try to get in without a mustache, the manager calls the house
         detective and you're thrown out. If you have a mustache or no   
         you are asked to leave. You must be clean-shaven, have makeup to   
         your bruises, and be wearing a bellhop's uniform (I could have   
         and got it earlier, but Scott had no reason to want it so I didn't
         get it).
    Go to sleep back at the office
    Aug 5
    Red Dragon Laundry
        Give tux back to man and you get dress
        Give dress back to get another Ticket 10
        Get shave (don't get hair to make mustache)
    Newspaper   9:00 am
        Use makeup again
        Put ticket on desk and use pen on it - choose #18 - bellhop
        NOTE: If you rescue Frankie before changing the laundry ticket,
              you can still sit at her desk _sometimes_. You'll have to
              keep checking her office until she's not there. And the only
              place I found to modify the ticket is her desk.
    10:00 am Head to Big Joel's Cabin
        Drive to cabin - car crashes but you end up there anyway.
        Click on wall to right of door to change your view
        Click on Frankie's hair and you get hairpin and pick locks
        Click below fireplace, on floor, to turn view back
        Grab the bear trap on wall just to left of window, then use the trap
           on the window
        Quickly, click to right of the door so that you're hidden from view
           when the goon comes in within a second or two later
        Big Joel is arrested
    Now 5:15 Go to Red Dragon Laundry
        Give the counter man Ticket 18 and you get the bellhop uniform
    Back to office (save Temp)
        Knock at door - it's the landlord looking for his $100. If you don't
           have it, or you blow him off, you'll be told you're being thrown   
           in 3 days (no loss). I didn't have enough money in either of the   
           games I played.
    At 6:00 pm, go to Jakes Joint
        Red Randall is here
        Ask about Red Randall - he spouts off and says there's no evidence
        Give him Red's Receipt and he's arrested
    Back at office, it's now 8 pm.
       Put bellhop uniform in closet, then click on it to wear it.
    Hotel Seville
        In lobby, without mustache but with shave, bellhop uniform, and   
          to cover the bruises, you're given the passkey and head upstairs
        Use key on door's lock (above knob)
    Hotel Room
       Once again, you have a limited time.
        Click on the closet on the left
           Click on the brown jacket twice
           If you were at office when Ralph got shot, you'll make
              connection to his murderer.
        Click on the nightstand in the lower right
           Click on Oregon directory - falls open to the Smalls
           Take postal receipt
        Click on nightstand on other side of bed just to note bullets
        Click on bathroom door
        You need to hide - click on curtain
        Now wait until curtain opens
           you'll first hear someone enter the apartment and then they'll
           come into the bathroom.
        When the curtain opens, quickly punch the guy in the face by
            clicking on his head (not body!).
           (If you do it wrong, he escapes and you get arrested)
        Use shaving kit (on wooden box next to tub) on man to discover he
            is really Freddy Creel
      Exit the hotel room
         Freddy Creel is booked on Dan Klein/Small's murder
      When Mrs Klein shows up
         I gave the money back
         Ask about
            Angela - you learn why Brewer was on the case.
            Dan -
            1st National - she leaves diamonds on floor, by desk
       Click on bottom of screen when done
       Change to view of desk/closet/couch and get box of diamonds
    Go to car - Louise jumps in
       She can't be trusted - click on her door
       Quickly click on her purse to grab her gun
       Your call:
                  is she unaware of what went on (click on the door)
                  or part of the scheme (click on the steering wheel)?
       Either way, take the diamonds to Denton at the Police Station
       For me, the ideal ending was that Scott decides to take Denton's   
    and go vacation up in Oregon.... near a former client.
    If that's your choice, there's a map location for that.
    Copyright 1996 by Dave Timoney. All rights reserved.
    Permission is given by the author for distribution of this file for
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