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Welcome to the future! Welcome to "New L.A."! William Shatner's best-selling TEKWAR novels come to life in an ultra-realistic, ground-breaking 3D action-adventure. Battle corrupt Tek Lords and their minions... criminals destroying the population with "TEK", a mind-altering digital hallucinogenic. Engage in combat against these super-intelligent felons using high-tek weapons and equipment. Embark on hazardous, strategic missions to gather clues, unravel puzzles and interact with this virtual city. Your boss is Walter Bascom (William Shatner), the head of the elite Cosmos Detective Agency. He will guide you through the labyrinth of this metropolis. Learn how to use the intricate cyber-highway of the Matrix as you attempt to overcome powerful and relentless enemies.

*William Shatner stars in original full-motion video footage, assigning you on strategic missions and critiquing your performance.
*Jump, duck and move with speed! Using the powerful "Build" engine, exclusively licensed from 3D REALMS, TEKWAR has freedom in movement & perspective, along with strategic, interactive gameplay. It's the next step in first-person gaming!
*Watch your back! The advanced enemy A.I. in this world will keep defenses and apprehension high as you battle numerous digitized characters.
*A virtual, living, breathing metropolis of the future comprised of 7 distinct areas. Ride subways and buses. Explore offices, hospitals, alleyways, sewers and more in this massive gameplay field with intricate maps that transcend traditional 3-D game levels.
*Network play for up to 16 and head-to-head Modem play.
*Striking SVGA graphics and a fully-rendered 3-D cinematic introduction.
*Pulsating sound effects and original CD-quality music.

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