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FAQ/Walkthrough by Daedolon

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/26/12

===                            Take No Prisoners                           ===
===                         FAQ / Walkthrough v1.01                        ===
===                                                                        ===
===                               by Daedolon                              ===

=== Table of Contents ============================================== TOC00 ===

 00. Table of Contents ............................................... [TOC00]
 01. Introduction .................................................... [INT01]
 02. Version History ................................................. [VER02]
 03. Walkthrough ..................................................... [WAL03]
 04. Legal Stuff ..................................................... [LEG04]
 05. Final Words ..................................................... [FIN05]
 06. End of File ..................................................... [EOF06]

=== Introduction =================================================== INT01 ===

 Take No Prisoners has always been one of my all time favourite games and I
 found it sad to see that internet is totally lacking any guides for it.

 Therefore I took it up for myself to write this guide, since it's one of
 those games which might be totally unbeatable for some guys, since the game
 forces you to do alot of unexplained things in order for you to finish it.

 This FAQ/Walkthrough is, for the optimal route, based mostly on the
 walkthrough that was available officially on www.ravengames.com.

 What can I say?  I hope you'll make good use of what I've written down.
 Good gaming!

=== Version history ================================================ VER02 ===

 1.01 (26.01.2012)
    Some minor fixes.

 1.00 (20.04.2008)
    The first published version of the guide.

=== Walkthrough ==================================================== WAL03 ===


 As you start in the office, get out and take two elevators down, open the
 door and go into the library.  Pick up the Data Disc that's to your left.
 Continue forward and use the first computer to your left to gain access to
 the helipad.  Go back and take three elevators up or you can get some shotgun
 ammo from the armory and full health from the infirmary one floor down.  Go
 through the door to the helipad and use the helicopter to get to the Bradley
 Correctional Institute.


 Right away go through the teleport on your right.  Use the bigger computer to
 your right: These Map Stations grant you the map of the current level/area
 you're in, so keep an eye out for them.

 Enter the rightmost portal to get into the Mental Asylum.  Enter the door in
 front of you, use the computer to gain access to Cell Block 2 and exit
 through the portal.  There's also a map station in the cell area, east of the
 data computer.

 Get into the Cell Block 2, go up to the switches, unlock the cell door switch
 by using the switch to the right and then open the cells using the left
 switch.  Kill the human inmates to get a passcode.  Now exit through the
 leftmost portal to get back where you began.

 Go through the wooden door and proceed outside, then use the car to get to
 exit to the Crown Plaza.


 Exit the car park through the hole in the fence, go forward the road until
 you see a map station to your left.  Continue forward and a bit to the right
 until you see a post office, here's a good place to grab your Laser Rifle.
 Head back out and continue south on the road until you see a condemned
 building to your right, enter it.

 Work your way up the stairs and on top of the planks until you can see a huge
 open pipe below you.  Jump in to enter the Sewers.  There's a boat that goes
 to Waste Treatment Plant #4, but we're not going there just yet.

 Take a swim through the small corridor and continue left alongside the
 walkway: There's a Sewer Skimmer, using it makes it awhole lot easier to
 navigate through the sewers.  Grab it and continue onward until you get to a
 round metal lift, use it to get up to Alamo Fortress.

 Kill the enemies inside while watch out for the ceiling near the rubble since
 it has a tendency of falling down on you.  Before going through the teleport
 check the room left from the main entrance, use the computer to get a
 passcode [MMALL] to the Mall.  After getting the passcode, enter the
 teleport.  Now we'll be going to the Hord Munitions Storage Facility, so get
 back to the truck east.

 Use the truck again and enter Hord Munitions Storage Facility.


 Enter the front yard and dispose of the berets and Whiners, the easiest way
 would be taking down a Beret controlling a Whiner, then taking control of
 the Whiner.

 Either way, proceed inside the building and kill the guy in the first room to
 your right to get a Plasma Generator.  The second set of doors contain
 enemies with Flamethrowers and a map station.  Go back and take the first
 door on the left, jump on top of the crates and crawl down into the air duct.
 When you get to the other side, do not instantly drop down or you'll be dead
 meat since there's a Mech inside, use the Gauss Gun to take him down.

 Replenish your Gauss Gun ammo from the ammo dispenser and head out from the
 door.  Straight ahead of you is a room with invincible Berets so be careful,
 throw a grenade to the pile of trash to reveal a secret exit to the sewer -
 just do not go there yet.  Go back to the corridor and take the first wooden
 door to the right.  Kill the enemy inside to get a passcode.  The last door
 on the left has a secret door behind the bookcase and a Cultist inside has a
 passcode [AONE] on him, grab it and go back to the pile of trash.

 Jump down to the sewer and continue along the path.  There's a Gondola to the
 right down the first intersection (which takes you to Waste Treatment Plant
 #4), but we won't be going there just now. When you get to ladders, climb up
 and use the Battale Saber to blow a hole into the wall.

 Use the Gauss Gun to take the patrolling Mech out to deactivate the lasers,
 be sure NOT to use the power console.  Get out from the door and proceed to
 the Loading Bay, kill the enemy on the cannon to gain control of it, use it
 to kill the nearby Berets and Mechs.

 After clearing out the loading bay, we're finished with this level. Bo back
 to the truck and take it to the Biessman Army Medical Center.


 Enter the building and clear it out of the berets.  Use the small computer in
 one of the office boxes to restore the power to the elevator.  Now continue
 north past the mental ward's cells and use the map station near the elevator.
 You can use the computer on the desk to open the ward doors if you want to
 check them out, just remember that it opens the doors on the second level
 aswell, so if you're low on health or ammo, be advised.

 Head up the elevator to the second floor.  If you opened the ward doors, you
 can drop down to the ward which was locked in the first floor. The room has
 an energy armor and two body armors inside, nice.  Now in the second level,
 go either east or south, they both lead to the same glass corridor.

 In the room with the two medical doors, take the grid lift up and kill the
 Mech. Now drop down and head for the door west, there's a rejuvenation
 station inside.  Go through the smaller door on the southwest side of the
 room and take the elevator down.

 Now you're in the main hall of the Medical Center and here will be alot of
 enemies, clear the room and grab the map station.  You can also visit the
 morgue and open few of the caskets to reveal a Robot Override and a Chain
 Gun.  Now we need to exit the Medical Center, exit the hall through the main
 door, watch out the hovering Whiner and berets outside.  Head south to the
 truck and leave back for Hord Munitions Storage Facility.


 Get back inside the loading bay and use the train to leave for MacArthur
 Intelligence Center.  Watch for the Berets since they probably have respawned
 in the Loading Bay.


 The entrance is guarded by two guard stations, get past them and continue to
 the medical station, go right from here.  Kill the pyros in the computer room
 and head down to the room with couple of berets.  Now, take the corridor to
 your right if you want to kill the beret with the cannon above you.

 Go east and take the stairs down from the computer room to the reactor room.
 Find the tower computer with a monitor on it, use it to turn down the lasers
 guarding the elevator up ahead.  You'll hear a "click" sound as a
 confirmation the lasers are down, but no text, so make sure you got it.

 Head south, up the second set of stairs.  There's a map station to your left
 here.  The next room is full of computers and berets, start going left until
 you an elevator in the middle of the topmost room.  Go up and past the berets
 until you see a big room with lasers surrounding it.  You're going to have
 to kill the Major now, he's in a power armor so he can withstand great
 damage.  Take him down.

 The middle part of the floor will rise up after you've killed him, jump down
 and crawl under to get some additional ammunition.  Get back down the
 elevator and continue forward past the computer room, take the stairs down
 and head for Bryce Transit Terminal from the subway.


 use the map station and get up the stairs to your right (south). Turn left
 and take the smaller steps (with walls) right.  Kill the Yuppies and get to
 the other side of the platform using catwalk.

 Now enter the main hall of the building and clear it out of Survivalists.
 There's a map station northeast.  The data terminal east from the map station
 has a list of the trains you can use.  Head down the stairs near the map
 station and drop down to the 4th track since it's not electrified. Head
 onward until you can go right from the hole in the wall, drop down and crawl
 back to the tracks to get some additional items.

 Jump over the train on the 3rd track and continue north until you get to the
 wall with two soda can dispensers.  Shoot the one on the right to reveal a
 secret room with a medical station.

 Now the level is complete and we need to head to the Marycrest Mission
 District, we have to take the train on the 1st track to Crown Plaza since
 we can't get there straight.


 Go south to the truck and leave for the Marycrest Mission District.


 Clear out the streets and head for the building near the chalk mark on the
 ground, southwest.  There's a crack on the floor, throw a grenade on it to
 reveal a passage to a sewer Gondola.

 Head back outside for the rugged out building north.  Kill the rats inside
 and throw a grenade to the pile of trash to reveal a passage.  Enter it to
 find yourself inside the bank.  Deal with the Survivalists here, use the map
 station and take the westmost ladders (tinted green) up to the bank's vault.

 Here you will find two switches, which control the catapult on top of the
 bank, which is accessible from the second ladders.  The green switch controls
 the direction of the catapult and the red one activates it.  Use the green
 switch and set the catapult to 2 o'clock and arm it by hitting the red

 Climb down the ladders and up to the roof from the second ladders.  Go stand
 in the middle of the catapult and hit the use key to throw yourself onto the
 freeway.  If you set yourself perfectly on the catapult, you'll land on some
 soft matressess and won't take any damage.  Go right and jump on the metal
 plank to get on the other freeway, go left and jump onto the other edge of
 the road. Espinoaza is waiting for you here, armed with a plasma generator,
 get rid of him and enter the building to your right.

 Jump down and use the medical station if necessary, the data terminal
 contains the data of Master type enemies.  The door next to the medical
 station takes you down to the subway, before going there, unlock the door
 behind the counter.  Use the rightmost subway train to leave for St.
 Wilbur's Salvation Station.


 This area is swarming with Cultists and some Masters. Use the map station
 inside.  The room to your left holds a pool with a secret door that's
 inaccessible until you kill a cultist who drops a Personal Log.  The door to
 your right has confession booths that act like medical stations, use them
 well.  Get to the projection room (that's the middle corridor, straight up).
 Jump through the window and head for the screen, you can hear a elevator
 going down behind the pulpit.  Jump down.

 Now you're in a room full of teleports.  There are four dark ones which are
 always the same, but the brighter ones change and teleport you to different
 places each game. The dark one to your left teleports you behind the
 confession rooms, the one in front of you to a balcony upside the pool and
 the one on the right and on your back teleport you to the balconies on top
 of the main theater.

 Start randomly going through the lighter teleports until you teleport to the
 chamber of Rhoid.  He'll instantly attack you so get ready.  After you
 dispose of him, you'll get an Enhanced Chaingun, a Hover Board and an Energy

 Use the teleport behind the chair to get back to the teleport room, enter
 one of the teleports to get back to the main building.  Now we need to get
 to the Waste Treatment Plant #4.  Use the subway to get to Marycrest District

 Head out of to the streets and inside the building which leads down to the
 sewer, use the Gondola to travel to Waste Treatment Plant #4.


 At the first intersection, head forward until you go past a blast door.
 Welcome to the sewer hub.  Go walk on the metal platform to the right so that
 it falls down, this way you can get back up here any time.  Go down and use
 the map station here.  You can blow up the metal gratings here with a grenade
 or the rocket launcher.  The one near the map station has a medical station
 inside, but for some reason can't be blown up all the time.

 Now get back up and go through the blast door back to the intersection you
 came from, take the left corridor (east) and get to the end.  Use the button
 on the wall to explode the fake wall.  Continue east (going west would take
 you back to the sewer hub).

 Head for the platform north and use the map station.  Jump onboard a Sewer
 Skimmer and back to the way you came from, you can either go through the
 small corridor or get to the sewer hub and go south from there.  Either way,
 go to the second small corridor (west).  At the end of the corridor, use the
 button to blow off the wall and jump on the nearby Skimmer.

 At the intersection, there's a brick wall on the west side wall, you can
 blow it open with a couple of hand grenades, beyond the secret corridor is
 a metal grating that can also be blown away.

 Back at the intersection, head north and use the map terminal that you'll
 find.  Start going east to get back to the sewer hub.  Now get on top of the
 second level of the hub and go north past the blast door, at the end of the
 corridor, there's a Gondola which will take us to the Metropolitan Zoo.


 Use your energy saber to blow away the metal fence blocking your way, and
 enter the Zoo.  This area is big, so you'll better head out hugging the wall
 on the right to get to the map station.  Just right from there is the truck,
 which we won't be needing.  Continue hugging the wall north until you get to
 the medical station.  Use if needed.  There's a crocodile pen in the middle
 of the zoo, with a Commando manning a turret on top of it, get rid of the guy
 and get his Personal Log.

 Now we need to get to the train cart at the northeast corner of the map.
 Use the computer and guide the train cart down south first, then take speed
 and crash it to the wooden beams up north to make it passable for you. Get 
 in from the newly made route and use the computer inside to gain a passcode.

 After clearing out the way to the subway, we need to get to Hook-Star
 Nuclear Works, which means getting back to the sewer Gondola.


 Go left on the catwalk to get to a healing station if you need one, and
 continue forward until you go past a blast door.  Go right and continue past
 all the lifts until you get to a big blast door, go through it, up the
 stairs and use the airlock to get into the control room.  Use the Medical
 Station and Stealth Device Recharger if necessary.

 Use the rightmost console twice, first time it'll pop up a message, the
 second time it'll make a small click sound.  Use the two other consoles after
 that as well.  Check the rightmost console for the last time to make sure
 the rods are cleared.

 Now get back to the main corridor and take the first lift to your right, and
 another right as you see the lift down.  Continue forward to get to the map
 station. It'll help you understand the level more easily.  There's also a
 truck exit here but we'll be using it later.

 Now find the orange reactor rods in this room and drive a car beneath them.
 Nudge one of the rods on top of the car, then drive back to the lift and
 turn left and another time when you see the lift to your left.  Drive near
 the pipe to deposit the orange rod. Get back to the rod storage and grab a
 red rod this time.  Go up the lift, turn left and go past the orange deposit,
 turn right to the next lift and deposit the red Rod.

 Go back to the storage.  The green pipe is two rights from the lift, and the
 yellow one is one right, past the green and red elevators, the door to the
 sewer and next one to the left.  There's a Commando with a Plasma Generator
 waiting for you in the yellow deposit so be careful!

 After having put all the rods in place, head back to the control room, past
 the orange deposit.  I should warn you, if you accidentally hit the wrong
 console, you will have to restart all over again, so save before touching
 anything!  Use the leftmost console ONCE to get reactor power online.  If you
 accidentally use it twice, you'll have to place the rods again.  Good luck!

 Get out of the control room and continue along the corridor, go through the
 first door on the left to enter the turbine room #1.  Use the console on the
 right and leave.  Continue left to the other end of the swirly corridor,
 enter the pump room #2 and use the console.  If everything went right, the
 game will say that the water pumps have been activated, this means we'll
 have access to the River Walk.  We need to go to Lone Star Remedial
 University firstm, so get back to the Rod storage and exit the level with
 the truck.


 There isn't much points of interest here, a medical station and a Map
 Station.  There'll be tons of Yuppies and Nerds though.  Keep going south
 until you get to stairs leading down.  Get down and continue until you get
 to an intersection, go left and get the map station from there.

 Go straight across the intersection, down the stairs and past the boiler.
 There's a passage you can crawl under near the reactor.  Recharge your
 hover belt in the next room and continue crawling under the second corridor
 until you get to a room.  There's a stealth device recharger to the left,
 sewer exit in front of you, and stairs on the right which we'll be taking.

 Watch the hole in the floor and continue to the room with the console
 inside.  Recharge your health if necessary.  Select the Martech disc you
 found in the library and use the computer.  The disc will disappear from your
 inventory and you will get a Personal Log of a Dr. Hollis.  To exit the room
 press the switch behind you twice.

 Get back to the sewer Gondola and leave for River Walk Park.


 Straight of, walk a bit forward and swim to the other side, you can't get on
 the stone ledge so you have to jump on the wood on the other side.  Use the
 the map station.

 Go north east from the map station until you get to a road, use it to cross
 the river up north and you'll see a junkyard to your left.  There's a pile of
 cars there, jump on top of the one on the bottom and crawl under to reveal a
 secret area.  Destroy the crates to reveal a Portable Force Barrier.  Get
 back and out of the junkyard.

 Continue down the road until you get to another bridge.  Use the wooden lever
 to drop the stone down from the bridge.  This will reveal a new pathway which
 is where we're going.

 Explore if you want, but we'll need to use the subway (which will be to the
 right from the newly made hole in the wall) to get to get to Mastamall.


 Shopping spree!  Watch out for the other customers, since the Mall is full of
 Nerds and Yuppies. Use the map station in the first hall and the Medical
 Station on the first store to the right if required.  Then use the trampoline
 in the main hall to jump up to the second floor.

 Enter the main hall, grab whatever you want from the gun store and use the
 map station before leaving for the escalator stairs.  Get the map for the
 first floor and flip the switch in the GameFreak store to power down the

 Enter JonJon's Surf & Sport and dispose of Biff.  You'll be rewared with the
 PTP Cannon he used against you.  We need to get back to Bryce Transit
 Terminal to get to TCM Labs.  Use the Subway train to exit the level.


 Get over the catwalk and use the train on the other side to reach TCM
 Industrial Park.


 Go straight down along the corridor.  The first door to your left leads to
 the control room, continue past it along the corridor until you get to the
 first big intersection.  To your right is the truck exit and to your left is
 the blast furnace.  We'll be still continuing forward the corridor until we
 get to an intersection with stairs up to the left and down forward.

 The stairs going down lead to a sewer Gondola.  Go up the stairs to your left
 and clear the room. Use the console to put main power back online.  Leave the
 room and go back to the top of the long corridor and turn right before the

 This is the main control room, which is guarded by a Colossi, which is a
 more powerful version of the Mech.  He'll be rather easy to take down with
 the Gauss Gun.  After getting rid of him, update your map by the Map Station
 and get to the console.  This console controls the lift in the Blast Furnace
 room and we need to remove the middle turret that's blocking our way into the
 Blast Furnace.  Use the fire key to pick it up and control the crane to go to
 the furnace that resides top right from the turret's location.  Turn it so
 that the laser beam destroys the furnace and the metal pours into the pit

 Now turn around and go to the opposite end of the Blast Furnace room. Turn
 the turret so that it fires northeast and move around the end of the room to
 explode the liquid nitrogen tanks which will freeze the molten metal in
 place.  You can now cross the pit safely.  If you want, this is a good chance
 to rid of all the enemies in the Blast Furnace room with the turret you have
 in the crane. Exit the turret and get into the Blast Furnace room.

 Jump over the pit and get into the room on the other side, stay on the
 catwalk and get into the second room.  Use the computer to obtain a passcode
 [HPGTRAN] which allows us to get to the Halsted Proving Grounds by subway.
 It also brings four Blue Mechs by the lift behind you so be ready!

 You're now free to exit the level through the subway we entered it from.


 In the first room, which also acts as an intersection which has four
 computer displays of the upcoming traps that await you.  The room to your
 left is a room which is currently inaccessible, the lift to the right goes
 down to a sewer Gondola. We'll be taking the corridor forward.

 The first room is a "gas trap" which basically forces you to be in a tight
 space filled with gas for just a few seconds, use your gasmask and you'll
 be okay.  The next room (which looks a bit like a junkyard) is full of bots.
 After you've killed them all, the metal door in the center area will move
 and reveal a teleport. Get inside.

 This next room has a teleport which takes you back to the junkyard area
 (you just have to hit the wall with the Laser Sabre to reveal a passage)
 and a corridor with swirling blades ahead of you.

 The blades are easy to dodge, just run forward and repeatedly hit the jump
 button and you'll be at the other side without any health loss at all.  The
 following five rooms will have one Mech in each. Green, Red, Blue,
 Yellow and finally a Colossi in the last one.

 After getting rid of the Colossi, you'll be rewarded with a Medical Station
 and more traps.  Getting past these traps might be a bit tricky.  Check your
 timing on the crushing walls, jump over the flamethrowers and stay on the
 opposite sides of the walls that fall down.  After getting past that section
 you will find yourself on top of a huge lava pit, walking on a tiny catwalk.

 You'll be facing few Mechs again, kill them and follow the catwalk until you
 get to a teleport.  It'll teleport you to a room with two teleports and a
 subway exit.  The left teleport will take you back to the lava room onto the
 catwalk, where the right one will take you back to the beginning of the area
 behind the door that was locked before.

 Go through the right teleport to unlock the door and return through the
 teleport that's there to use the Subway, we need to get to the Colossus


 You'll see that the door ahead of you is locked, but someone left a stack of
 crates to a convenient place.  Jump on top of the train and enter through
 the hole in the wall.  You will find yourself in a cave full of Mechs.  Go to
 the smaller corridor to the right and fight your way past the Mechs until
 you get down some stone steps to a Medical Station.  Use it if necessary and
 venture into the room full of wires and metal parts.
 If you follow the river of radioactive waste to the left, preferably using a
 hover belt, you'll find a Medical Station or a sewer Gondola if you venture
 to the right.  There's a secret room at the back of the room, behind the two
 metal crates near the river, left from the generator.  You can find a Stealth
 Device inside.
 Your mission here is to kill all three Colossi in this room.  They're up in
 the air, so your best chance to hit them is to use the Gauss Gun or lead them
 back to the stairs and kill them there.  After you've killed the last one,
 you will be rewarded with the Dome Device and your Med-Kit limit will be
 raised to 5000.

 Now we can exit the level through the subway, we need to get to the Bryce
 Transit Terminal first so get going.


 Get up to the second level to the track A.  Use the train to get to the Dome.

 25. DOME

 As you enter the Dome, you're only given a teleport to go to, enter it and
 you'll be in a room with one long corridor and three switches.

 Here is where we need that disc we found from Martec and encrypted with the
 computer in Lone Star Remedial University.  Check the Personal Log of Dr.
 Hollis, the code should be the following: 1RL2GR3GC4BC5RL6GR.

 Now, let's break that down into segments of three and we will get a cute way
 of explaining how to survive the corridor.  For your first run (1), press the
 Red switch (R) and go to the Left corridor (L).  Repeat until the code has
 finished.  If you fail at one point, you will be teleported to the subway and
 have to restart.

 When you enter the right portal for the last time, you'll be teleported to a
 Martech building.  Turn right at the first intersection, go past the holding
 cells and search all the rooms.  The first room on your right has a computer
 that will shut down the laser barriers for both the holding cells and the
 lift that goes down to the sewer Gondola.  The other computers have either a
 personal log or data file in them.  Remember to get the map from the Map
 Station aswell.  The bookcase in the northwest corner will open a secret
 passage to a lift which goes down to the subway.  Go clear the barracks and
 recreational room back on the main corridor if you want, but when you're
 ready, enter the teleport in the office area (northeast corner) to enter the
 Dome Generator.


 You'll be entering the Generator from the main yard which is guarded by a
 Whiner and few guards.  Take them out and enter the building down the stairs.

 The room is full of "slowly" moving tesla coils which will kill you instantly
 if you try to get into the room without proper protection.  Enable your
 Stealth Device and get in.  Use the computer panel on the right to shut down
 the laser beams blocking your way, and enter through the door.

 Use the Medical Station and ready yourself to kill the Master Guardian.  Use
 a float disc to reach down without losing any health and ready your PTP
 Cannon, it will get charged by the nearby reactor so it's your best choice
 of weaponry here.  Shoot the Master Guardian from far, far away since he'll
 use plasma shots similar to those of the Plasma Whiner, and they will hurt
 really badly.  Best way would be keeping him behind the reactor at all times.

 When you kill him, go to the opposite direction where you came from and use
 the lift to get up to the Dome.  Walk forward until you get to a HUGE room
 filled with cooling liquid.  Use your Hover Belt to float forward and drop
 yourself on the lift with the yellow railing.  Use it to rise up to to the
 Crystal and use your Dome Breach Device. Grab the Crystal while the device is
 still on, then wait for the device to shut down and grab it back aswell.  Use
 the lift to get down and hover back to the pipe.

 Get back through the tesla coils by using your Stealth Device and use the
 teleport to enter back to the Dome.

 27. DOME

 Turn right and go to the northwest office room and use the bookcase to
 reveal the hidden elevator, go down and take the Subway back to Martech.


 You'll be instantly facing lots of Martech guards which have orders to shoot
 you on sight.  Enter the building and you will find yourself in the Martech
 Library.  Ride the elevators on the left down to the bottom floor.

 Enter the pipe and hover down to the lift just like in the Dome Generator.
 Take the lift up and use your Dome Breach Device, put in the crystal and
 get back to the two computers near the main elevator.  You can leave the Dome
 Generator Device back since it's no use to us any longer.

 Now you must decide whether you want the Good or the Bad ending.  Use the
 left computer two times to get the good ending, or the the right computer
 once to get the bad ending.
 Go four levels up with the elevator and enter through the door into the
 office, use the computer to finish of the game!

=== Legal Stuff ==================================================== LEG04 ===

 I based the route of my Walkthrough on the officially available walkthrough
 from www.ravengames.com

 Item and enemy names are from the game manual.

 The guide was completely written by myself.

=== Final Words ==================================================== FIN05 ===

 First of all, thanks for reading the guide. I hope it's been of some help to

 Thanks to Raven Software for putting out alot of my favourite games!

 - Daedolon

=== End of File ==================================================== EOF06 ===

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