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FAQ/Walkthrough by N_Clement

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/31/11

  _________                 .___.__               __          
 /   _____/__.__. ____    __| _/|__| ____ _____ _/  |_  ____  
 \_____  <   |  |/    \  / __ | |  |/ ___\\__  \\   __\/ __ \ 
 /        \___  |   |  \/ /_/ | |  \  \___ / __ \|  | \  ___/ 
/_______  / ____|___|  /\____ | |__|\___  >____  /__|  \___  >
        \/\/         \/      \/         \/     \/          \/ 
                        / / /\ \ \__ _ _ __ ___ 
                        \ \/  \/ / _` | '__/ __|
                         \  /\  / (_| | |  \__ \
                          \/  \/ \__,_|_|  |___/

                             FAQ by
                        Nicolas L. Clement


Table of contents

1.1    Introduction
1.2    Controls
1.3    General Tips
1.4    Cybernetic Modifications
1.5    Weapons
1.6    Research

2.     Walkthrough
2.1.1  EUROCORP 1 - London
2.1.2  EUROCORP 2 - Detroit
2.1.3  EUROCORP 3 - Hong Kong
2.1.4  EUROCORP 4 - Beijing
2.1.5  EUROCORP 5 - Matochkin Shar
2.1.6  EUROCORP 6 - Geneva
2.1.7  EUROCORP 7 - Vancouver
2.1.8  EUROCORP 8 - Singapore
2.1.9  EUROCORP 9 - Phoenix
2.1.10 EUROCORP 10 - Rome
2.1.11 EUROCORP 11 - Beijing
2.1.12 EUROCORP 12 - Hong Kong
2.1.13 EUROCORP 13 - Phoenix
2.1.14 EUROCORP 14 - Rome
2.1.15 EUROCORP 15 - New York
2.1.16 EUROCORP 16 - Buenos Aires
2.1.17 EUROCORP 17 - Cape Town
2.1.18 EUROCORP 18 - Adelaide
2.1.19 EUROCORP 19 - Santiago
2.1.20 EUROCORP 20 - Church
2.1.21 EUROCORP 21 - Reykjavik
2.1.22 EUROCORP 22 - Nuuk
2.1.23 EUROCORP 23 - London
2.1.24 EUROCORP 24 - Tokyo
2.1.25 EUROCORP 25 - Bangkok
2.1.26 EUROCORP 26 - Hawaii
2.1.27 EUROCORP 27 - Johannesburg
2.1.28 EUROCORP 28 - Cairo
2.1.29 EUROCORP 29 - New Delhi
2.1.30 EUROCORP 30 - Sevastopol
2.1.31 EUROCORP 31 - Bahrain
2.1.32 EUROCORP 32 - Colombo
2.1.33 EUROCORP 33 - Oribital Station
2.1.34 EUROCORP 34 - The Moon

2.2.1   CHURCH 1 - Detroit
2.2.2   CHURCH 2 - Buenos Aires
2.2.3   CHURCH 3 - Tripoli
2.2.4   CHURCH 4 - Santiago
2.2.5   CHURCH 5 - Johanesburg
2.2.6   CHURCH 6 - Geneva
2.2.7   CHURCH 7 - Vancouver
2.2.8   CHURCH 8 - Hong Kong
2.2.9   CHURCH 9 - Rome
2.2.10  CHURCH 10 - Santiago
2.2.11  CHURCH 11 - Tripoli
2.2.12  CHURCH 12 - Johanesburg
2.2.13  CHURCH 13 - Buenos Aires
2.2.14  CHURCH 14 - Cairo
2.2.15  CHURCH 15 - Bahrain
2.2.16  CHURCH 16 - Singapore
2.2.17  CHURCH 17 - London
2.2.18  CHURCH 18 - New York
2.2.19  CHURCH 19 - Riyah
2.2.20  CHURCH 20 - Cape Town
2.2.21  CHURCH 21 - Bangkok
2.2.22  CHURCH 22 - New Delhi
2.2.23  CHURCH 23 - Beijing
2.2.24  CHURCH 24 - ChristChurch
2.2.25  CHURCH 25 - Reykjavik
2.2.26  CHURCH 26 - Cape Town
2.2.27  CHURCH 27 - Johannesburg
2.2.28  CHURCH 28 - Adelaide
2.2.29  CHURCH 29 - Colombo
2.2.30  CHURCH 30 - The Moon

3.     Afterwords



Syndicate Wars is an old game released on DOS on CD-ROM back in 1996 
and is the sequel of the fantastically acclaimed Syndicate from 1993.
Even though it seems like an old game by the time of this writing 
(2011), numerous rumors have surfaced that Syndicate 3 is in the works 
at EA and I felt it would be nice to play the first classic games 
before the release of the 3rd game. I feel many people might share the
same view, especially after Syndicate 3 is released.

Since this is an old game from the DOS era, this will most likely not
run at all under WinXP, Vista, 7, etc. So I would recommend that you
use DOSBox (www.dosbox.com) to play this game. It may require some fine
tunning to get it to run, but I managed to do it relatively nicely with
my latest release of DosBox 0.74 using those settings:

CPU Cycle 73000
Core      Dynamic
CPU Type  Pentium Slow
Memory    16 MB
XMS       True
EMS       False
Render    Ddraw (svga_s3)
Mouse     Force 2-button mode (sensitivity 80)

With this the menus might be a bit fast, but you get used to it and may 
even like it since it flows faster. As for the game itself, with these 
settings, you should be able to play it flawlessly. If not, using DOSBOX,
you can speed it up using CTRL+F12 or slowdown with CTRL+F11.

It is to be noted, that there was also a Playstation 1 version released
that does not follow the same exact mission and where the research
system is completely absent. This guide "may" help you if your playing
the PSX version, but it is by no means ment to address the PSX version.

The game itself is generally good and has a solid matrix-like story
mixed with some Blade Runner, so if your into that sort of things, it
will be right your alley. The graphics are better than the original
syndicate, the music is moody and fits well and the gameplay simple
but effective. Somehow it has less "charm appeal" than the original
syndicate but I cannot put my finger on as to why. All and all, a good
game that is a near-classic in it's own rights.

It has two scenarios : Syndicate Eurocorp (34 missions) + Church of New 
Epoch (30 missions) for a total of 64 missions. It is thus a long game 
to finish where some missions are easy as pie, while others may take you 
a few hours alone just to finish.



Even though these are explained in the instruction manual. Let's face 
it, this game is pure abandonware since the company that made it went
bankrupt and you probably have a copy without a manual. For the sake
of making things easy for everyone, here are the general controls you
will need to play the game.

Walk to:                       Left Click on ground
Run to:                        Double-Left Click on ground
Fire weapon:                   Right click on target
Continuous or Charge weapon:   Hold Right click on target
Drop weapon:                   Hold Right-click weapon, then Left-Click 

Supershield ON/OFF:            Left Click on the left ammunition bar
Select lead agent:             Left Click on agent's number (1-2-3-4)
Select/Group all agents:       Right Click on icon below ammunition bar
Turn on night vision:          Left Click on icon below group icon
Select weapon for one agent:   Left Click on weapon
Select weapon for all agents:  Right Click on weapon
Change Mood for one agent:     Left Click on Psychotropic bar
Change Mood for all agents:    Right Click on Psychotropic bar

Pause Game:      "P"
Restart Level:   "R"
Hide Buildings:  Hold "B"

I would then STRONGLY advice that you re-map the "Clockwise/Counter Spin"
and "Tilt View" keys to something more useful than the defaults. I
personally used WASD as keys for that and trust me, you will need to
spin and tilt your camera angles on this game (unlike Syndicate 1),
otherwise you will not see all the needed details or enemies.



#1 You control four agents. Although it can be strategic to disperse
   them around. It becomes a nightmare to coordinate, so try to always
   keep them grouped by four for extra firepower. Furthermore, always
   use those same 4 agents as they will get body upgrades and become
   supermen. If one of them dies, reload...

#2 Unlike Syndicate 1, you can control the camera angles on this game
   in full 3D fluidity. It becomes imperative to rotate your camera to
   see some enemies, so get used to it!

#3 You don't have "ammo" per say in this game for each guns but more 
   of a rechargable universal ammo gage. Some of your guns replenish
   your "ammo reserve" faster than others and your gage will 
   essentially "recharge" over time. So practice the art of frugality
   and only take small groups at a time and then wait to recharge your
   ammo. The last thing you want is to be without ammo in a firefight
   and since it recharge slowly, take your time to smell the flowers.

#4 The same applies for health. Even without cyber-mods, your agents
   are though and are equipped with regenerative shielding and health
   regeneration. When you get hurt (shot, hit by a car, blasted by an
   explosion, etc) your shields will first deplate and then your health
   will be next. So again, fight small groups of enemies, if you get
   wounded, then wait until your health/shield recharge back to 
   maximum and then move along.

#5 You won't "gain more experience" or money the more you kill enemies,
   policemen or civilians. So don't waste your time picking up every
   targets in view if it's not necessary. Furthermore, if you can let
   two rival gangs kill each others while you wait, then even better.

#6 At the end of each missions it will tell you how many enemies you
   killed (enemies, citizens, etc) and the ones you captured with the
   persuadetron of which as far as I can tell, this does not affect 
   your score, money or anything. The same applies for any buildings,
   structures or cars destroyed. Essentially, you don't need to be nice
   and careful in this game. You can kill anyone you see, shoot every
   innocent citizens, destroy every buildings and so on. In fact, it
   could often be considered a good idea to do so as your objectives
   will be easier to spot. What a mean game...

#7 Unlike Syndicate 1, you won't make money by "capturing territories"
   so you can forget about making extra moneys after missions. You 
   will make money solely by selling weapons found on the field and 
   by robbing banks while in missions. So scavenge what you can, 
   you'll need it.

#8 A note about banks. I'll mention them in this walkthrough but they
   are the best ways to get money in the game. The twist though is to
   rob a bank you need explosives, so as soon as you get one sample
   from an enemy agent, research those explosives and carry one at all
   times in the bank missions. You then need to blow up the bank and
   then quickly collect the money before any citizens pick them. You
   can obviously shoot any citizens you see before blowing the bank to
   allow for a safe pickup ;). Be careful though, lots of policemen
   will get on the scene to *try* to stop you...

#9 In your mission briefing if you want to cheat a bit and save some
   money, you can save your game... then buy the extra info about the
   mission... and then reload your game. You'll then know the extras
   and won't lose money.

#10 About research.. At first I tried to write this walkthrough based
    on my initial thought that each missions took a set ammount of days
    to complete. Which is *not* the case. I then thought that maybe it
    would be based on performance or mission time (either doing it very
    fast or reallllly slow) but this is not the case. In fact the time
    in days spent seems to be completely random!!! So you can only
    guesstimate how many days will have spent after the mission. As a
    result it becomes VERY DIFFICULT to calculate how much money you
    SHOULD spend in research since you have no clue how many days will
    pass as your mission proceed. 

    Furthermore, when you are not doing mission, time does not fly-by 
    like in the original Syndicate, so you cannot count on that to
    balance out the remaining dollars before you start your next
    mission. And since you can only do research while on mission, then
    you can only hope for the best.

    All to say is that due to poor thinking on the part of the game 
    makers, research becomes a bitch in this game since you cannot make
    any form of logical prediction on it. I would recommend that if you
    got the money, spend the max allowed on research and when your done
    with your mission, hope for the best. I have tried the second EuroCorp 
    mission multiple times with totally random results (sometimes 3 
    days 10 hours up to 5 days for a mission taking in fact about 10
    minutes to complete). I tried to do it faster, slower, kill more
    people, less people, persuade nobody or persuade 55 people, do it
    *exactly* the same way twice; but to no avail. This is random, so 
    spend as much as you can on research, the average of mission is 
    about 4 days, so that should be your aim. To play it safe, 3 days.
    Good Luck And CURSE the game designer that did that part!

#11 In case you didn't read the manual, left click is used to walk,
    enter vehicles, pickup objects, etc. Double left-click is used to
    run. In this game you will want to run about all the time. You do not
    have "energy" like in Syndicate 1 and your agents will never get
    tired of running, so practice running by double-clicking the ground.

#12 Just like Syndicate 1, you can drug your agents to make them more
    lethal. You have at your disposal "Red Mist" which makes your
    agents attack automatically on sight of enemies (also known as
    artificial intelligence). The other drug is "Blue Funk" which will
    make your agents more precise and deadly with their weapons. You
    can only use one or the other at a time, so I would generally go 
    for the red bar. To activate, left or right click on the agent's
    drug bar. When your done with your frenzy, try to calm your agents
    down by releasing the bar. Note that while drugged, your agents
    heal slower and lose stamina quicker. So don't abuse of it.

    PS: Unlike Syndicate 1, you cannot drug your agents to run faster,
        the only way to do that is through cyber-implants on legs.

#13 It took me a while to figure that one out, but you actually have a
    "supershield". If you click on the left bar (your ammo) then it will
    turn red. It deplates quickly, but as long as you got that on, your
    shield will not deplates and makes you essentially an immortal! This 
    can be great to escape or to sustain a major explosion.

#14 The zoom function depends on the weapons your using and their
    range value. The higher the range value, the more of the map you
    see, which is why I always try to go with the gun with the more
    range since the resolution sucks in this game and I want to see
    more of the map to see where I am going. Alternatively, you can use
    a long range gun for your main guy (say a sniper rifle) and anything 
    else you want for the others, as only the main selected guy affect the 
    zoom. ;)

#15 Here's an advance battle technique. Especially useful when you are
    using the Long Range Rifle or the Launcher or both. Since those take
    time to "reload", then a wise approach especially when fighting
    vehicles, cars, bots, etc is to fire with long range rifle, then
    right-click on one of your agent's weapon and switch to another gun.
    By right-clicking, you will select the new gun for ALL your agents.
    That way you could use a sniper rifle 4 shots, then quickly switch
    to a launcher 4 shots, then sniper, then laser, well you get the
    idea. This is the best way to not be a reloading sitting duck.

#16 The "Razor Wire" seemed at first like a shitty weapon but if used
    for booby-traps, it can actually become ingenious and deadly. Just
    place it on an area where you will lure enemies and as soon as they
    touch it, they will slow down and take damage! Make multiple layers
    of this and they will never get out of your deadly spider web. When
    you get the "Trigger Wire", damage becomes way more potent.

#17 The persuadetron works differently in this game (IMO it sucks) and
    will work according to this chart:

    |Type    | Points given | Points needed to persuade|
    Civilians    1            0
    Scientist    1            0
    Police       2            6
    Unguided     2            10
    Govs         3            15
    Agent        3            15
    Zealots      5            20*

    *Zealots can only be persuaded with the persuadertron 2

    NOTE: Brain mods increase the range of the Persuadertron, but don't
    decrease the points needed to persuade someone. 

    So essentially, if you want to persuade a police officer, you will
    require to persuade at least 6 civilians and/or scientists prior.
    Then when you get your policeman, it will give you 2 extra points
    (for a total of 8). When you reach 15 you can get an agent.

    This is mission based. So the easiest and safest approach is 
    obviously to persuade 20 citizens until you can persuade anything 
    easily after.

    I would advice having only one agent (maybe agent #4) equipped with
    a persuadetron and sometimes leave him behind with his crew of
    persuaded morons to avoid being in a crossfire.

#18 Regarding the cyber-mod "Epidermis", there are 4 and cannot be
    researched, you need to find them. Read my walkthrough for a more
    precise direction but... They are found in those levels:

    EPIDERMIS 1: Eurocorp Mission 5 (Matochkin Star)
                 Church Mission 9 (Rome)

    EPIDERMIS 2: Eurocorp Mission 12 (Beijing)
                 Church Mission 14 (Cairo)

    EPIDERMIS 3: EuroCorp Mission 16 (Buenos Aires)
                 Church Mission 21 (Bangkok)
    EPIDERMIS 4: Eurocorp Mission 26 (Hawaii)
                 Church Mission ???

#19 Without stating the obvious... read everything. Pay attention to
    the mission briefing and save your game at the end of every mission
    before you read your new mail.

#20 To quit a mission or the game, pause the game first (P key default)



There are 4 parts of your agents that you can upgrade and to start you
have no choice but to start with "body". Every parts have a rating in
terms of "Power Output" (the more the better) and in "Resilience" which
essentially is your defense rating. And then obviously the cost.

Body:  Increases health and defense against weapons. This is primordial
       since without this you cannot access the other body parts, so 
       you won't have much choice but to get this and beef up your 
       agents either you like it or not. :)

                 Power Output          Resilience           Cost
       BODY 1         3                    3                 5000
       BODY 2         5                    6                20000
       BODY 3         8                    8                50000

Legs:  Probably the second most important upgrade. This will increase a
       fair bit of health, but mostly will boost your maximum speed and 
       make you able to run for longer periods.

                 Power Output          Resilience           Cost
       LEGS 1         3                    2                 3000
       LEGS 2         5                    5                12000
       LEGS 3         8                    8                30000

Arms:  Third interesting upgrade. It again increases health for (a bit
       less than legs) and will improve accuracy and damage when using 

                 Power Output          Resilience           Cost
       ARMS 1         2                    2                 2500
       ARMS 2         4                    3                10000
       ARMS 3         7                    6                25000

Brain: This is useful especially if you leave some of your agents alone
       and unattended. They will react better (A.I.) against enemies.
       If you always control all 4 of your agents at once, this is not
       really necessary. Although it will give them a bit of health
       plus the added bonus to have protection against critical hits.
       Furthermore, it enhance the range (not strenght) of persuadetron.

                 Power Output          Resilience           Cost
       BRAIN 1        1                    1                 4500
       BRAIN 2        2                    3                18000
       BRAIN 3        4                    6                45000


There are also four secret epidermis found in the game. Only one can
be worn per agent so you will end up with four "specialists" of sorts.
Furthermore, the agent that picks up the epidermis is going to be the
one wearing it (and no you cannot have a super agent with all four
epidermis, sorry).

Here is what they do:

Epidermis 1: Bullet-Proof epidermis. It absorbs half the damage from 
             Uzis, Miniguns, Long Range Rifles and structural debris.
             Against punks, police or other weak enemies, it makes your
             agent nearly undestructable.

             Found in:   Eurocorp Mission 5 (Matochkin Star)
                         Church Mission 9 (Rome)

Epidermis 2: Fire-Proof epidermis. It absorbs 3/4 of the damage from 
             Flamers and explosions.

             Found in:   Eurocorp Mission 12 (Beijing)
                         Church Mission 14 (Cairo)

Epidermis 3: Energy-Skin epidermis. It absorbs half the damage from 
             Plasma Lances, Pulse Lasers, Electron Maces and Graviton 

             Found in:   EuroCorp Mission 16 (Buenos Aires)
                         Church Mission 21 (Bangkok)

Epidermis 4: Stealth-skin epidermis. This makes the agent almost 
             invisible to his opponents' firepower.

             Found in:   Eurocorp Mission 26 (Hawaii)
                         Church Mission ???



You can have an arsenal of weapons and tools at your disposal but a
few essential things are to be remembered:

- Each agents can only carry 6 items

- You can only carry ONE of each (so forget getting those 6 uzis off
  the floor in a mission hoping to resell them).

- Bombs, Grenades and those sort of things can stack up 4 of each on
  one agent (so with your four agents you could carry up to a maximum
  of 16 bombs, 16 grenades, etc).

- You don't need to have researched the weapon/tool to be able to use
  it during the mission. stolen items can be used, but unless they are
  properly researched, they have a 25% chance of malfunctioning which is
  quite a lot. You have been warned ;). That being said, you can probably
  deal with a non-researched bomb/grenade, since you only use it once and
  if you get the 25%, you simply drop all of your ammunition for this agent
  for a while. What's more dramatic is if you use a non-researched weapon
  (say a laser gun) in a firefight. Then everytime you shoot one round, you
  have a 25% chance of losing all your ammo. As a result, since you
  probably will shoot a lot, you may be in a very bad spot really fast!

- You can sell unwanted items for cash!

Which brings us to a small tactic to make more money. Essentially, the
game will provide you with all the guns and tools you need right on the
field so no need to buy ANYTHING!!! Furthermore, you should always try
to sell everything extra you got to make extra money. To the sad point
where my personal strategy is to normally go with only one agent armed
with an Uzi (or something else later on) and equip the rest of my guys
on the field after the first victim.

Each weapons have a "Type" which shows the sort of damage it does. A
"Power" value which is how much damage the weapon does. A "Range" which
shows how far the weapon can be fired and how zoomed out you can go on
the map (this is actually important). "Energy" consumption which shows
how fast it deplates universal ammo from your left gage. And finally
the cost.

Weapon            Type            Power      Range      Energy     Cost

Uzi               Kinetic         1          3          2          4000
MiniGun           Kinetic         3          4          4         12000
Pulse Laser       Electromag      4          5          1         37000
Long Range Rifle  Kinetic         7          8          3         30000
Launcher          Kinetic         5          6          6         75000
Plasma Lance      Energy          6          5          2        200000
Graviton Gun      Unknown         8          6          2             ?

Grenades          Type            Power      Range      Energy     Cost

Knockout Gas      Chemical        0          3          6          8000
Psycho Gas        Chemical        0          3          6         10000
Nuclear Grenade   Nuclear         7          3          7        100000
Satellite Rain    Nuclear         8          7          1        105000

Traps             Type            Power      Range      Energy     Cost

Razor Wire        Kinetic         2          0          2         10000
High Explosive    Kinetic         7          2          3         48000
Ion Mine          Electromag      1          2          3         62000
Cerberus IFF      Electromag      5          5          5         65000
Trigger Wire      Kinetic         6          0          2         95000

Gadgets           Type            Power      Range      Energy     Cost

Medikit           Biological      0          0          1          3000
Persuadertron     Psionic         0          1          0         15000
Disrupter         Electromag      0          0          1         20000
Automedikit       Biological      0          0          1         13000
Persuadertron II  Psionic         0          1          1         45000
Clone Shield      Biological      0          0          3        100000
Statis Field      Unknown         0          3          4        110000
Chromotap         Unknown         0          2          3        120000
Displacertron     Unknown         0          3          5        130000



Research (or R&D) is really a bitch in Syndicate Wars. I will quickly
re-write my point #10 from the tips to reinstate what I mean:

#10 About research.. At first I tried to write this walkthrough based
    on my initial thought that each missions took a set ammount of days
    to complete. Which is *not* the case. I then thought that maybe it
    would be based on performance or mission time (either doing it very
    fast or reallllly slow) but this is not the case. In fact the time
    in days spent seems to be completely random!!! So you can only
    guesstimate how many days will have spent after the mission. As a
    result it becomes VERY DIFFICULT to calculate how much money you
    SHOULD spend in research since you have no clue how many days will
    pass as your mission proceed. 

    Furthermore, when you are not doing mission, time does not fly-by 
    like in the original Syndicate, so you cannot count on that to
    balance out the remaining dollars before you start your next
    mission. And since you can only do research while on mission, then
    you can only hope for the best.

    All to say is that due to poor thinking on the part of the game 
    makers, research becomes a bitch in this game since you cannot make
    any form of logical prediction on it. I would recommend that if you
    got the money, spend the max allowed on research and when your done
    with your mission, hope for the best. I have tried the EuroCorp 
    mission 2 multiple times with totally random results (sometimes 3 
    days 10 hours up to 5 days for a mission taking in fact about 10
    minutes to complete). I tried to do it faster, slower, kill more
    people, less people, persuade nobody or persuade 55 people, do it
    *exactly* the same way twice; but to no avail. This is random, so 
    spend as much as you can on research, the average of mission is 
    about 4 days, so that should be your aim. To play it safe, 3 days.
    Good Luck And CURSE the game designer that did that part!

Alright, that being said, since there is virtually no logic with the
way research work (a real shame, because it would have highened your
strategy a LOT), here are the things you should keep in mind still:

-First thing to note is that it becomes available only after the first
 mission is done. After that, you can research either cyber mods or 
 weapons/tools that you found and brought back from your last mission. 

-You can also notably only research ONE thing at a time (you can 
 suspend your research and pick it up back where you left off but I 
 fail to see the point to do that).

-Two things will influence how fast this will go. First off the ammount
 of scientists on staff (you start with 4 and will get more as the game
 progress as you "persuade" techs to join you in the missions) and the
 money you want to invest in the research.

 There's not much you can do about the scientists other than keep your
 eyes open for them in missions to kidnap more, but as for money, the
 more you put in, the faster it will be researched....

But here's the catch:

EX: Take Body 2 with 4 scientists. The max you can theorically put on 
that is 20000c, but you *CAN* exceed it. In all honesty though, it's 
not worth it since if you analyse it, say you put twice more money, 
it will not be researched twice as fast. In fact in this case, at 
20000c it will take 10 days while 40000c will be about 6½ days (not 5).
In fact, even if you go for 70000c you still don't reach the 5 days 
limit. So don't over do it unless you REALLY need the research.


If you spend 20000c on research it actually means 20000c per DAY spent
on a mission! So if you had 67000c to spare, then for the first 3 days 
it will go steady with your perfect rate, then on day 4 it will use 
the 7000c remaining to climb at a slower rate and then on day 5 and
more, go to a flat nothing. What you want to avoid is the flat nothing 
since this is just wasted time!!

On the other hand...

Since there's no apocaplyse after a set number of days, you really 
don't have to care if your on a flat nothing for 4 days straight during
the mission. Essentially, the bottomline is that you want to reach the
point of 0c at the end of the mission so that you spend all your money
on research.

As a result...

The maximum that is allowed for the research is normally a good goal if
you can afford it. Over than that and your curb is actually not very
efficient. So if they tell you that 20000c is the max, then set it at
that and hope that you will spend it all at the end of the mission.

Before the next mission start, sell your unwanted stuff to get more 
cash and continue with the max recommended for research. Again hope for
a good ammount of days to spend it all.

Rinse.. Repeat.

In all honesty, only the begining of the game is hard to get on cash.
By mission 5, you should already have a steady income by salvaging the
guns (that get more and more valuable) and by robbing banks. A bank can
easily net you at least 100000c and up to 2.5 millions credits so at 
that point, you won't worry too much about money, all you have to worry
about is the random factor of how many days will pass. So when you have
the cash to spare, try to set your research to 3 or 4 days.

In my walkthrough, I will put a time goal that you should hope to get, 
to get maximum results. Ah yes, last thing. When they say that you
spend 4 days 22 hours during the mission, only the DAYS are counted in 
research, the 22 hours mean nothing.. again great design guys...



There are two episodes, EuroCorp and the Church. We will start with

2.1.1  EUROCORP 1 - London

Initial Research : None
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (3)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Uzi

You should start your first mission with only one agent wielding an
Uzi (yes I know, it seems underpowered) but you'll be fine. From your
start position, there are 3 guards roaming around, tackle them one
after another and from their dead bodies get their Uzis (see? you are
already equipped).

Then follow the flashing red dots on your mini-map to kill the punks
that are going crazy. Every citizens and police are expendable so kill
them all if you want. You can shoot lamp posts if you want for some
strategic explosions when enemies are grouped near them.

When all four punks are dead, you can return to your starting point.
On the way back though, you will be attacked with a few more punks.
Note that one of them carries a "Razor Wire" so you should get that off
his dead body for research and sales.

Return to point of origin and your done.

PS: You can play arkanoid/breakout on the podium big TV by using the
    persuadetron on the podium stand. It sucks as a game, but if you
    get good scores, you can get some epiderms, more score the better
    the epiderm. I guess this is some sort of cheat.

2.1.2  EUROCORP 2 - Detroit

Initial Research : Body 2 (20000c) (4 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (3), Razor Wire (1)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Uzi

At this point if you sold stuff up, you should have 67000c. Now is the
time do start on your R&D, so head to that icon and in the MODS 
subsection, choose Body 2.  Remember that even if you got 67000c, you
have to put the max at 20000c, which will only cover 3 full days, a 
lazy day and some day(s) wasted. Not very efficient, but hey, that's 
all we can afford.

Now for the actual mission, you again were wise to sell 3 uzis and that
razor wire for when you begin you got one guy with a UZI so kill off
your first nearby punk and steal his gun. You will have 3 other punks 
to deal with and when looted, your 4 guys are equipped with UZIs! Yay!

Now the real deal begins. Head all the way south to the parking lot and
two punks are there near a bike, kill them. Steal one of the cars and
head west. When you reach the last building to the west get out of the car
and go around the building. Now BE CAREFUL!!! Because there is a psycho
punk girl with red hair here that carries "High Explosives". Of two 
things, you don't want to get blown to pieces so don't kill the punk 
yet, and second you want to steal those bombs! Here's how:

It might help to liquidate a few citizens and cops around not to be too
confused and then approach the bomb punk slowly, DON'T ATTACK!!! As 
soon as she sees you, she should drop a bomb next to the nearby 
building. If it is about to detonate then it will make a beep beep
sound. So QUICKLY run to it (double-left-click) and pick it up. Now
quickly follow the punk by running behind her and she'll drop a second
bomb. Pick it up again before it blows and she'll do that for two more
bombs. When you picked up all bombs (worth 45000c each!!!) you can 
safely gun her down with your Uzi. Alright the hardest part is done.

Follow the blips on your radar and you will arrive next to a compound
that has been attacked (dead agent bodies everywhere). Be careful here
as there is a gun turret that will shoot you if you get too close. Just
enter the base from the east door of the south entrance and someone 
will blow up the turret for you (how nice). Among the dead bodies you 
will find a canister of knockout gas, so take it and wait on the left 
side of the road.

Shortly after, some Zealots (they have white capes) will do their 
rounds and attack you. One of them will try to blowup a structure on 
the left (the bomb goes FAST) so try to run for it to get it or kill
the zealot first CAREFULLY and then get his bomb, he also has a 
persuadetron to get when he's dead. Finally on the upper right side of 
the base there's a dead agent who had a gas canister, take it.

The last group of zealots (2 of them) will take a car and ride away. 
Follow the car on foot until it parks a bit to the south-west. Kill 
the Zealots when they exit the car.

The mission is essentially over from now, so make your way to the 
extraction point and your done. :)

In your debriefing you might get confused if you got some income and
expenditure. Unfortunately these are not the money you made by selling
slaves from persuadetron influence or bonus money for being cool or
anything of the sort. It simply re-state the money you spent during the
mission on R&D, buying any weapons and selling any weapons. You already
know all those numbers.. oh well. In the future though when you get
briefcases of money, it will also show in the income section.

Hopefully (since this is random) the mission took at least 4 days to
maximize the ammount of research done. At minimum, you want 3 days.

2.1.3  EUROCORP 3 - Hong Kong

Initial Research : Body 2 (20000c) (4 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (3), knockout gas (2), persuadetron (1)
                   high explosive (1)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Uzi, 4 High Explosives

Alright, if you followed along, your research of Body 2 should be at
around 30% to 35% done and you should have 0c on hands (or some bits).
We need more money if we want to keep this rate of research! So as 
usual, sell the 3 uzis, sell the persuadetron (yes we will get a new 
one on site), sell the two knockout gases and we will be at 21500c. Now
you might be tempted to sell those cool 5 explosives we just got. At 
24000c a pop that seems like a great deal! But keep in mind that to BUY
these things fresh will cost you 48000c each! And these bombs are 
necesary to use to blow up banks later on (which brings more money for 
each bank than the value of the bombs). 

Furthermore, this mission SHOULD only last 2 days or 3 days and we'll 
get two new scientists for our R&D so we will not need as much money as 
earlier. So... only sell 1 bomb to get enough cash to cover full 
research and you should now have a nice 45500c, amply enough for our 

Alright, ready for an easy mission? Let's go syndicate.

When you start, all chaos breaks loose nearby between agents. Let them
kill each others and only one or two should remain. Be careful as they
are armed with miniguns and you only have one dude with a Uzi! So
quickly run away from the fenced area and go hunt some cops to get uzis
first. Then go grab a parked car on the map for extra protection and 
then return to the begining to kill the agents with the miniguns. There
should be three agents armed with miniguns so kill them from the safety
of your car, they will never kill you that way :).

When they are done, make sure you equip three of your agents with the
miniguns (finally cool guns!) and for the fourth, make SURE you pick up
the  persuadetron there as you need it to finish the mission. Also
you SHOULD find a money briefcase here (if no damm civilian stole it)
and this count for a lot of money (50000c) so if you don't have the
briefcase, seriously reload.

Just before we go do that easy mission, we'll do a slight detour away
from the objective. The map is small so you shouldn't have trouble
locating them, but there are a bunch of white zealots around one corner
and they all got miniguns and a few other tools. You can again use the
car strategy to kill them easily (there's even probably a fresh car
right where you attacked the agents) to kill those zealots. When they
are all dead, grab all their loot and equip everyone with miniguns.

You now NEED a car for the next part so when you do, go to the 
objective points and kill/persuade the guards inside the compound. 
I'd go with killing since they have miniguns! When your done with 
them, switch to your persuadetron and go "persuade" the two tech 
with the lab coats. Make them follow you along to the car and let everyone 
climb aboard (how MANY people can actually FIT in those cars anyway?!?). 
Make your way back to your extraction point, get out of the car and your 

Good news, we now have 2 more scientists for our R&D. And an extra
50000c to spend!

2.1.4  EUROCORP 4 - Beijing

Initial Research : Body 2 (20000c) (6 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (3), psycho gas (2), Minigun (4), Razor Wire (1)
                   persuadetron (1)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Uzi, 4 High Explosives

This one gets interesting since we will finally blow up our first bank
and make a bundle of cash!!! But first, research. At this point, you
should have researched Body 2 to about 70% so we can wrap it up to 100%
at the end of this mission (thanks to our new scientists, it will
speed up the process and we'll save some money). We have 35500c at our
disposal but first thing to do is of course, to sell crap. 

Now you might be tempted to keep those cool MiniGuns (who wouldn't) but 
they sell for more cash than uzis and we'll get some more on sight. So 
sell the Miniguns (4), then 3 uzis, the razor wire, two canisters of 
unknown gas (psycho), the persuadetron and if you found it among the
zealots, the medikit (I personally kept it because you never know when
you might need a bit of health and it's only 1500c when sold...). All
and all, you should have 88000c at your disposal so no worries about
that research at 20000c.

On with the mission, you start with 1 uzi, a medikit and 4 bombs.

Your first targets are a group of punks. They shouldn't pose a problem
as long as you keep your distances, be careful as one of them have a
minigun. When dead, grab the minigun and the uzis and we can start.

Directly go west from the punks you just killed and you should see a
building with some cops nearby, that's the bank! So kill the cops, and
then set your bomb at the entrance of the middle door of the bank and
run away! It will blow it to shit. When the fire is cooled down, you
should see 2 moneybags (briefcases), grab them since they both are
worth a whooping 50000c each, this will GREATLY improve our finances.

Now to get our on-sight persuadetron, continue west on the road and 
make a fork south halfway down. On the west, you should see a spot
where you can squeeze among the rocks to go on the green area. Up north
is a house with some agents equipped with Uzis. One of them has a good
persuadetron, so make sure you grab that, you need it for the mission!

Now return to the bank and this time head south from it into the main
district. In there, you should find some punks patroling, be VERY very
careful here as one has a minigun and two have bombs! So kill them one
by one quickly and if you can, run to disarm and snatch those two bombs
for some good loot! Arm the minigun.

Head south-west for that statue and kill the gang of punks patroling it
without worrying much. No bombs this time, just some uzis and one has a
minigun. When dead, equip the minigun.

Now head south where there are cops (with miniguns) so shoot them and
when you get the chance equip your last guy with a minigun. Now be
careful in that area since some of the executives you need to capture
are among cops. You need to kill the cops but not kill the executives
so the best way is to shoot some innocents and whatever to lure the
cops to investigate. Also be mindful of a lone punk hiding in an alley,
she might be an unexpected annoyance. When every danger are cleared,
you can "persuade" the two executives in the area.

Now go back to the main street and go east, I STRONGLY suggest that
you leave agent #4 (or whoever that had the persuadetron) behind with
his hostages. Use your three other agents and optionally, go kill the
3 zealots next to the church. Be careful as they are armed with some
miniguns AND they will throw you a psycho grenade which makes your
agents totally stupid. Essentially, they will switch to their worst
weapons (like a medikit or a bomb) and loose team cohesion, so get out
of the cloud if it affects you, re-arm yourself and quickly shoot the
zealots. This was not necessary, but it sure is fun :).

Alright, now for a bonus. Head north toward your blip on the map and as
you arrive in the neighborhood pay close attention to a scientist in a
white lab coat next to a medic car. You guessed it, go persuade him!
You can then quickly hop into that medi car with your menagerie of
hostages in all safety.

Take the remaining 3 agents and team them toward the blip. You will 
face 4 cops, kill them. Everything is now clear, so use your agent 4
and go persuade the last 2 executives roaming around the BullFrog Inc

All done :) We got our 7th scientist, 100000c extra from the bank and
lots of stuff to sell. Hoorah! Just make sure that you did the mission
in 3 days, otherwise if you got 2 days, you probably will be at 99% 
done in your research and you will curse this videogame like you never
did before...

2.1.5  EUROCORP 5 - Matochkin Shar

Initial Research : Body 3 (20000c) (7 scientists)
Target to aim for: 5 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (3), psycho gas (1), Minigun (4)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Uzi, 1 Persuadetron, 4 High Explosives

At this point you have two emails to choose from. And multiple mission
choices, I strongly suggest you go for Matochkin Shar first.

FINALLY your Body 2 Research should be done and even though rather cool
it is 20000c which is quite expensive. With the 128500C you probably
have on hands, you *could* equip all 4 of your agents with it, but bear
with me on this one, we won't and instead we'll research Body 3 lol. My
personal reasoning is that 80000c (20000c x 4) is incredibly expensive
for something that is not the "top of the line". When we finally get
the Body 3 upgrade researched, you'll obviously want to upgrade to that
as well and we will have lost 80000c for nearly nothing. The point is
that now with 7 scientists and with a few more we will kidnap on this
mission, in only two missions we will have researched Body 3, so I 
don't really feel that it is worth wasting 80000c for two missions.
Especially that on this mission we will also find a *secret* Epidermis
boost which will more than make it up to you ;).

Alright, that being out of the way, time to sell crap. Sell all that
you got except for one Uzi, one persuadetron, the medikits and the high
explosives so that you should now have 163500c to play with. Put that
all in research for Body 3 at a rate of 27000c so that in 7 days this
will be done.

Ok, we are ready for the mission and this time, be careful around the
begining of the mission since there are some laser turrets around here
that can make a mess out of you.

Your first objective is to hunt cops on the main highway to get three
extra uzis. All men being now armed, you can continue your way on the
highway up north until you reach the buildings and then make a right
all the way until you find a higher bridge going south. This leads to
a parking lot filled with punks with uzis. Kill them quick since they
are targeting cars and you NEED cars to continue. So kill them, climb
in one of the cars parked and make your way west across the high bridge
to kill the other gang of punks. First objective done.

You now need to go kidnap some scientists, so keep in the car and go
back near the beginin to enter the building not guarded by laser 
turrets and enter with the car. Kill the four guards there (two of them
have miniguns, so equip those, you'll need them). Then persuade the two
scientists that are in that building. Get all 6 of you back in the car.

You can now go in the other building (the one with the laser turrets)
and since your in a car, they won't target you! Get in the building 
with the car and kill the nearby guards. You now have two extra techs
to "persuade" to join your worthy cause. By now the mission is complete
but if you want to get the *SECRET* epidermis 1 (and you do) follow

In this building there are two platforms with, FLYING CARS! So get all
of your people (four agents and four scientists) in one of the two 
flying cars and head to the zealot temples area nearby. Even though
there are about 8 zealots armed with miniguns and disruptors, your cool
flying military car can take QUITE a beating so just gun down every
zealot from above and when they are all dead land your craft down.

Make sure every agent get a minigun, a disruptor (yes a new tech) and
the briefcase of 200000c one of the zealots is carrying! Finally, you
can go into one of their temples to steal the epidermis 1 secret! If
your not sure how to do that, look on your map and you will see a small
gray dot in one of the temples, go in that temple and blindly try to
look for it on the ground. Click on it just like you would grab a money
briefcase. Now this is IMPORTANT as the person who picks up this
secret epidermis will be the one that will have it equipped!!! So if
you want agent #1 to have this, make this guy pick the precious thing.
In case you wonder what this bonus does, it absorbs half the damage from 
Uzis, Miniguns, Long Range Rifles and structural debris.

Get back in the flying car and go to the extraction point. Man what a
glorious mission THAT was! 4 new scientists, +200000c, a new tech and
a secret epidermis that will kick butt. Majorly cool.

2.1.6  EUROCORP 6 - Geneva

Initial Research : Body 3 (5000c) (11 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (3), disruptors (4), Minigun (4)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Uzi, 1 Persuadetron, 4 High Explosives

Alright by now you should have 228500c and should be practically done
with Body 3 with 90% of the research done (didn't I told you it would
go quick?). So first thing first is to lower the funding as you dont
need to put that much. In fact 5000C should be well enough and will
take the remaining 3 days for the next mission to do it. Now for fun
if you notice in the cryovat, the agent that picked up the epidermis 1
secret is now equipped with it, it makes this agent very though against
all form of ballistic attacks such as uzis, miniguns and long range 
rifles. Since that's about all we are facing anyway, you guessed that 
this will be perfect for a shield man.

You can obviously start selling crap, so again.. sell everything but
keep a uzi, a persuedatron, the medikits and the explosives. So in the
end you should have about 298500c which will come handy when it is time
to buy the very expensive Body 3 mods.

Ok we are ready for more missions, so let's continue our scientists
rampages and let's start! From your begining position, you will want to
go west where a zealot is preaching to a group of citizens among a 
field of flower. Disrupt his mass of followers by killing him and then 
equip his minigun.

continue west to the temple area, but be very careful here as the 
entrance is booby trapped with crazy gases. You should see two zealots
there, so lure them and shoot them from afar with the minigun and then
equip two agents with them. Try to lure the last zealot and kill him
(and equip minigun) but be careful of the gas.

Now head south around the building you'll need to go to, and as you
approachs ome punks might come and investigate, just gun them down 
like dogs and take their uzis for cash. When all the punks are dead,
enter the inner court of the building where the techs are, but QUICKLY
get out of there and go to the place where 2 cops just spawned (it
looks like a cross-building on your map) since over there, they just
gunned a citizen that had a briefcase of money, so get that first! You
can then kill the cops.

Now go persuade the two techs and your nearly done, slowly head to the
blip to finish the mission but wait as soon as you see a green dot
approaching you. Two punks with high explosives will arrive on a bike,
wait that they park and carefully gun them. Try to loot the explosives
before they detonate. Your now free to go to the extraction point.

2.1.7  EUROCORP 7 - Vancouver

Initial Research : Legs 2 (15000c) (13 scientists)
Target to aim for: 5 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (4)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 MiniGuns, 1 Persuadetron, 4 High Explosives

We now have 13 scientists, 478500c in cash and guess what? Body 3 is
finally researched (SEE? I promised you two missions). So obviously,
you've been waiting long enough, go equip all 4 agents with the Body 3
cyber-modification which will make you astonishingly resilient against
damage! Then research Legs 2 for 15000c. And you'll have 278500c to
spare. What do you think I'll say? Sell 3 uzis, sell 4 miniguns NO!!.
Now is the time to KEEP those miniguns. Trust me, from this point on,
we'll need them!

Let's start the mission and this time it will be real straight-forward.

You need to start moving QUICKLY on this one, so team up your 4 agents
and select your miniguns. Then directly go south-east and kill the two
punks walking toward you. Kill the guard wanting to join and then again
QUICKLY run to the south-west and cross the street from what I'll call
the "rampage area". You probably will have to play this mission once
before to know what I mean here, but essentially 2 cop cars will arrive
then zealots cars will debark, punks will arrive and guards will come
as well and they will gun it down like it was WW3. To make matter
worst, one guy will make the nearby building blowup. Ok so, now why did
I brought you here when this has nothing to do with the mission?
Because when all that carnage is done, you'll be able to find 3 fat
briefcases of money netting you 600000c (you read that right).

So from across the street, start targeting the 2 cop cars that arrive
and blow them up, it will kill all the cops inside. Then kill any cars
you see, kill the punks first, it is the zealots that have the money.
Stay clear from the exploding building and as soon as you see the money
bags, grab them since the punks will try to beat you to it. When that's
secure, just clean the rest of the shit. Take uzis from bodies if you

NOW for the mission, just go to the blip on the map and then kill any
cops you see around the building. Your two scientists are going to be
next to four cops, so lure the cops to avoid killing the techs and when
they are dead, persuade the techs by running up to them. Some punks 
will then converge in your direction, kill them if you want and head
for the extraction point. 

Two zealots wait for you, kill them. One may drop some sort of bomb,
do NOT pick it up as it will explode in your face! Just go to the
extraction point and you'll have tons of money and 2 more scientists.

Oh yeah, Legs 2 should be done by now. Done in one mission.. cool.

2.1.8  EUROCORP 8 - Singapore

Initial Research : Legs 3 (8000c) (13 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (4)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 MiniGuns, 1 Persuadetron, 4 High Explosives

From this point on, I'm sure you see that research goes WAY faster than
in the begining, so I will stop calculating money or tell you what to
sell and just say what to research. Just keep your miniguns, the bombs
and a persuadetron. Legs 3 at 8000c research.

This mission is a solid joke. At the level your at with your Body 3 and
miniguns, you can just start making carnage. When you start, you will
be attacked by two agents with long rifles, kill them and get the new
guns. Stick to your miniguns though.

To the east is the bank and you need to steal the money truck (the one
that has BULLFROG written on it). So it's heavily guarded? So what.
Just go to it, kill every agents, kill every guards, steal the truck and 
ride it to your destination.


You also have Legs 3 researched and that truck? Oh yeah, just gave you
a million credits ;).

2.1.9  EUROCORP 9 - Phoenix

Initial Research : Arms 2 (13000c) (13 scientists)
Target to aim for: 5 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (2)
Cyber Bought:      Legs 3, Arms 1, Brains 1
Recommended Guns:  4 MiniGuns, 2 Long Rifles, 1 Persuadetron,
                   4 High Explosives

First good news, we are millionaires! From this point on, money just
became too easy. So, you can go ahead and equip all agents with some
Legs 3, and notice how FAST you'll run and never get tired now. This
will make a monster of a difference. You'll also be more resistant to
damage. Since we are millionaires, why not go ahead and equip yourself
with Arms 1 and Brains 1 since they are so cheap. That's 28000c and
of course start researching Arms 2. Also keep those long rifles, they
are very strategic to keep, not only that, but they can show you more
of the map in zoom mode. In fact, it could be a good idea to keep your
agent 1 equipped with a long rifle (instead of a minigun) just 
to be able to see more of the map at once. I'm just sayin'.

Alright the first thing going on on this map is that you will start 
roughly  straight in front of a bank. You can start to snipe some cops 
and guards around it. At one point the bank will explode so QUICKLY run
to get 4 briefcases of money (total 500000c) before the punks get them.

Now is a good time to explore the map and shoot every punks and cops
out there. You can always grab some of their uzis/miniguns. On the map
there is also a scientist (yellow dot on the map) that roams the left
side of the map or in a car and will end up in the compound base on 
the right of the map. You should persuade him but I would recommend 
doing that after the main objective when you got nothing else to do.

Your main objective is to get to the church compound and first clear
out the zealots outside with miniguns. The zealots inside though will 
attack you with some weird lightning guns that are actually quite potent 
in their hands, but that I wouldn't recommend switching to since you 
didn't research them and might overheat quickly. Be careful as they will 
even arrive with a flying car. Miniguns should take care of all. When they 
are dead, pick up the briefcase with the prototype you came to get but be 
careful as psycho grenades will blast around.

Now is the time to persuade the roaming technician if you didn't do so
already and go to the extraction point.

2.1.10 EUROCORP 10 - Rome

Initial Research : Arms 3 (31000c) (14 scientists)
Target to aim for: 5 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 MiniGuns, 2 Long Rifles, 1 Persuadetron,
                   4 High Explosives

50000c more from the bank, you should now be a multi-millionaire. At
this point seriously, money is no more an obstacle so you can go the
way you want, but for me I suggest Arms 3 in research at 31000c to be
able to complete it in 5 days don'T worry you got the dough. As for
equipment, you should keep those two long range rifles (they come
handy in this mission) and your normal set of miniguns. You can also
start selling bombs if you want, you'll get some more here.

Now for the mission, be careful as this is one heck of a battle zone
mainly due to the punks that use a "satellite rain" which is more or
less an aerial strike that bombs from a distance a large area. And 
these guys are on the first "blip" of the map.

On the way there, you may notice a zealot stronghold in the middle of
the map. Start to snipe a zealot off the walls of the nearby base
and once dead all of his friends will come join him, they got their 
lightning guns and shouldn't pose much of a problem.

You can now go to the east and it might be wise to clear the punks in
the streets and the nearby building. Be mindful as some of them will
carry bombs so be careful when you shoot.

Alright now for those suicidal punks... There are a few that patrol 
the area (that you can snipe at a distance if you want) and two that 
do not move and carry satelite rain devices. If you climb up the ramp 
to go there, they will both press their buttons and the whole place 
will blow up, so run away from this fast. Now..... I've read rumors 
that it is possible to get the satellite rain from one of them by 
first sniping everyone you can, and then one strategy went along the
lines of shooting with your long rifle the wall nearby one of the 
satellite rain punk while another strategy tried to use a bug with a 
car. I've tried for 3 hours and did not manage to make any of these 
damm strategies work, so I can only presume they are bugs. If anyone 
manage to get the satellite rain, then more power to you, I just got 
fed up of trying to bug my way around some sort of cheat to get it.

Instead just climb the ramp, get out and the whole thing will blow up.
Clean up the rest of the shit and move on. When the punks are dead,
two spider bots (a new enemy) will appear from the corner of the street. 
Do NOT try to kill them when they are together, those things are deadly. 
Just kill one and then go for the other.

Now get out of this area and head for the police station to kill all 
police officers (red lasers) and the guards who will come assist from 
the parking lot using flamers. You can take all their gear after. Also
get yourself a cop car.

Your next step will be to courageously go into the agent's stronghold
that are equipped with laser gun (red beams). Be careful as these guns
pack quite a punch, not to mention that some of those bozos are in an
armored car so you need to destroy that car in their parking lot as

Continue searching for red dots on the map nearby (agents) as you need
to go kill one more agent on the corner of the map. This guy has the
very coveted "Cerberus IFF". To reach him, you will have to pass 
through buildings, so click on the map or on the area where he is and 
your agents will go through buildings to reach him. Be mindful that 
this dude is being guarded by 4 laser mini-turrets (that you can 

In the immediate vicinity is also a bank that you'll want to blow up.
It is the building with 3 big doors, use an explosive on it and when
destroyed, you can pick up all 4 money bags (400000c)!

Now go clear the west side of the map (new blip) as there are a few 
punks here and there. You should be able to get yourself a third long 
range rifle from one of them and a few bombs if you are careful when 
you shoot. Also be careful in this area, some buildings will explode.
Ah.. those damm unguided punks...

2.1.11 EUROCORP 11 - Beijing

Initial Research : Arms 3 (18000c) (14 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 MiniGuns, 3 Long Rifles, 1 Persuadetron,
                   4 High Explosives

Well unfortunately for me, Arms 3 was not research yet as this mission
was done in 3 days. Oh well, more research on it, you can lower the
fundings though to reach a 3 days minimum. Sell your crap and only
keep your good guns.

We have already been to Beijing, so the terrain should be familiar. At
the very start, 4 agents with laser guns should attack you, dispose of
them quickly and keep their guns if you want. Now, in this mission we
will have another *secret* Epidermis that you'll want to equip to your
agent #2. It is located in the center of the map inside a small 
building that is being patrolled by two agents. Again to get it, just
notice the gray dot on the map and go get the package on the floor in
the middle of the building.

The rest is a joke... Your target is on the left in the mountain area
and his guarded by a few guards and mini-turrets. Just kill everyone
and your main target, the cavalry of guards will then try to stop you
but they are no match. Return to your point of arrival and your done.

2.1.12 EUROCORP 12 - Hong Kong

Initial Research : Long Range Rifle (9000c) (12 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      Arms 3
Recommended Guns:  4 MiniGuns, 3 Long Rifles, 1 Persuadetron,
                   4 High Explosives

Arms 3 should be done by now, so time to boost your characters with
this lovely cyber-mod, I bet you feel badass now. Also note that agent
#2 has the second epidermis bonus, this one is good against fire as it
absorbs 3/4 of the damage from fire and explosions. For research we
will now finally go with guns with the Long Range Rifle at 9000c so
that we can put these things to good use without them constantly 
running out of battery. Note that for some odd reason we now have 2
scientists LESS (we are down from 14 to 12), maybe some of them judged
our ways too unfair. Oh well, doesn't matter.

Another familiar scene. Another joke mission (remember when this was
actually a difficult game?). At first you kill the four agents in the
familiar parking lot. Then make your way down the main road killing
guards as you go along. You can then go to the zealots area and kill
everybody (they have lightning guns) and one of them carry a briefcase
of 20000c cash (like we need it now..) and a Cerberus IFF. Note that if
you have trouble seeing objects when there are bodies on top of them,
you can always shoot the body with a laser or ligtning gun, it will
make the body disapear ;).

Finally, go to the far end of the map past the bridge and you will find
a yellow car guarded by 4 guards. Kill them, steal the car (you will
need it) to go to the area where there were the two scientists we
kidnaped last time we were in hong kong. There's a lone agent there
so kill him. Be careful as you cross the bridge to go out as it will
explode! So drive fast, get out of the car and run to the extraction
point. Job done and Long Rifle should be researched!

2.1.13 EUROCORP 13 - Phoenix

Initial Research : Pulse Laser (26000c) (10 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    Long Range Fifle (1)
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 MiniGuns, 4 Long Rifles, 1 Persuadetron,
                   4 High Explosives

Long Rifle is research and you should make sure all agents have one
from this point on. Miniguns are still a better idea for your normal
armament, but sometimes switch to Long Rifles for strategic sniping.
They pack one hell of a punch and have the longest range, but they
take a long time to reload between shots. As for research, it is time
to change our miniguns so we can go for either the church's electron
mace or the pulse laser. We'll go with the laser since it looks more
syndicate-ish, besides both weapons do roughly the same thing without 
the problem of Electron Mace's having trouble targetting your enemies
under certain conditions. Research your laser guns at 26000c and again 
look, 2 more scientists defected so we are down at 10... dammit.

Another joke mission, seriously I don't know why I'm writing this. So
you should start by killing everything on the map (zealots, cops and
punks). You will notice that there are a LOT of punks (green dots) in
one area, kill them all and get the yellow car they were guarding.

Use to car to go inside the gates where your target is. When you get
in, two agents will try to stop you, followed by two zealots that will
arrive in flying cars. Kill them all. Finally you got 4 guards to kill
and then the target.

Take a flying car and ride back in style to extraction point.

PS: The bank is already destroyed since we did it in the past mission.

2.1.14 EUROCORP 14 - Rome

Initial Research : Brain 2 (41000c) (10 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    Pulse Lasers
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 1 Persuadetron,
                   4 High Explosives

The Pulse Laser should be researched by now so time to put those good
ol' trusty miniguns to the shed and switch to lasers. Some might still
prefer miniguns since they are easy to use (simply hold the trigger
and watch people die). But the laser is +1 stronger, +1 range and has
an energy consumption of 1 instead of 4! Not only that, but you can
charge-up the laser by holding the mouse button to blast like crazy.
On the other hand mini-guns have such a fast rate of fire that it in a
sense "freezes" enemies in place. I guess it's a matter of personal
preference, when in doubt carry both ;). As for research, spent it on
Brain 2 at 41000c.

Alright ANOTHER familiar level and make sure you have a persuadetron
for this one AND a high explosive bomb (if you dont have a bomb, the 
first punk you'll see will have one so don't worry too much).

It's actually really easy to do, albeit a tad unconventional. First
start to mop up the map from enemies while persuading a horde of 30
civilians. Then go to the barrier where your target is (dont search
for a car to pass it, there's no available car on the map). Instead
use a bomb on the gate to make it explode.

Finally persuade the agent (if you have a zombie horde of civilians
you should be fine). And then bring him back to extraction point. On
the way home, just make sure you deal with two punks that will try to
stop you.

PS: You will also gain a new agent (Madren) that is equipped with 
    Level 2 cyber-mods. Cool but your 4 agents are better...

2.1.15 EUROCORP 15 - New York

Initial Research : Brain 3 (44000c) (10 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      Brains 2
Recommended Guns:  4 Miniguns, 4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 
                   1 Persuadetron, 4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits

This map is a LOT crazy, make sure you have a persuadetron and some
high explosive bombs (2). Also upgrade to Brains 2 for every little
bit of armor you can scrap. Finally, a difficult mission! In fact, even
if normally I wouldn't advocate it much, I would advice that every
agent get a medkit, you'll need it!

It all starts with a stupid little animation of your target that walks
around next to a gun/ammo shop and enters a door. When you regain
control, switch to your 4 agents and equip the Long Rifles.

Your first task is to go in the "front" of the shopping area where there
are a few pink dots. Use your sniper rifles to kill the approaching
guards, but don't go too near or you'll get overwhelmed. When they are
dead, an armored flying car shooting red laser will come get you and
trust me, they mean business. Continue shooting with Long Rifles at it
(maybe switch to minigun or laser as your sniper rifles reload) and you
will probably use a medikit or two. When this is done, relax and get
healthy again.

Your second objective should be the bank that is a bit east of here.
Snipe the cops and blow up the bank. Pick up the 3 moneybags and then
stay there as tons of cops will converge in your direction on foot or in
flying cars. When you disposed of them all, then go back to the place
where the pink guards were. A flying taxi will drop and some guards will
emerge, kill them and blow up the taxi.

Phew, it only started and it's already smoking. You can now go toward
your objective but as you arrive near your target's building, tons of
guards and agents get out of the nearby buildings and start shooting at
you. Be extra careful here as the agents carry explosives and may well
blow up the building where your friend is, so it might be wise to lure
them away from his house as you arrive from the "parking lot" and shoot
with the long range rifle the first agent and LEAVE his explosive there.
It will create a trap where every other agents and soldiers will blow up
and set aflame mwahaha ;). Be quick though to pick up the explosive that
one of the burning agent just left. When they are all dead, you can 
finally go "persuade" the guy in the shop. At this point, he can die, 
you dont care as you got his secret codes.

Final bit before we go on the real mission is to go back to the area
where the pink guards were. Another pink guard should be patrolling the
streets, shoot him with a rifle and get the "clone shield" that he's
carrying, it's no good for now, but will proove great eventually.

You can now return to the shop area where we just persuaded our contact
and a green car is parked there. Get inside and just nearby you should
see on your map some pink dots, these are a bunch of guards in two cars.
So use your car to get inside the gate but BE CAREFUL as this is your
only way out (unless you got explosives) so just open the gate and get
out of the car so they don't blow it up. Use the long range rifle to
make both cars explode. Take your car back outside when done.

The final annoyances in this level are zealots on the top corner of the
map, just snipe them and they will never get the chance to gaz you.

Alright, ready for the finale! So use your green car (or else get a
bullfrog truck that is parked under the bridges) and drive back where it
all began. There is a ramp there to go up on the bridges. You should
first go not in the base where there is jennifer, but on the other base
where there is a flying car. To do that, take the RIGHT exit and follow
along until you enter the base. Get off the vehicle and head for that
flying car, shoot it down with the long range rifle and it will take off
but don't let that stop you. Once it is pulverized we can finally end
this long mission. Go back the way you came and then take the LEFT exit
which will take us to the building with Jennifer in it. Also make sure
that you have a car/truck with as much armor as possible.

When you arrive in the compound DO NOT GET OUT as there are those deadly
laser turrets around. As long as your in your vehicle, they will not
attack. So use your rifle, minigun or whatnot on the agents and cops
that want to stop you. When all's dead, continue driving until you reach
the building where Jennifer is walking along and now you can safely get
out. "Persuade" her and then you can take her flying car to get back to
the extraction point, get out of the car and DONE! Man that was hard.

2.1.16 EUROCORP 16 - Buenos Aires

Initial Research : Brain 3 (14000c) (10 scientists)
Target to aim for: 2 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Miniguns, 4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 
                   1 Persuadetron, 4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits

If your lucky, Brain 3 will be researched. If not (like in my case) just
let it run some extra time while lowering the funds, you probably only
have one or two days left only. Also in this mission will be the 3rd
*secret* epidermis. Finally don't forget your persuadetron.

This is pretty straightforward and you will mostly use your sniper rifle
all along. First get rid of the 4 zealots around and then go east and
kill the remaining zealots on the streets. Notice a parked car nearby 
but for now continue a bit more until you see some zealots in a cemetary
just waiting to be buried. Finish them and then go back to get the car.

You can then drive toward the blip and you will be attacked by two
flying cars (your own car provide some protection for a while) and then
when it's about to blow, get out and finish the last car.

You can now enter the base where the scientists are located in and snipe
everyone (there's a LOT of them). When everyone's cleared out, go toward
the blip to "persuade" the scientist. Before we leave this area, there
is a metalic building just nearby the tech inside this base which holds
the 3rd Epiderm secret. Locate it on your map and then grab it with your
agent #3.

You may have a good bunch of zealots to finish, but you may want to keep
the scientist behind so he doesn't get killed. Go to the last blips,
snipe everyone while keeping your distance (there's a lot of zealots)
and then go to the extraction with the scientist.

2.1.17 EUROCORP 17 - Cape Town

Initial Research : Disrupter (41000c) (11 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      Brain 3
Recommended Guns:  4 Miniguns, 4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 
                   1 Persuadetron, 4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits

Finally buy Brain 3 to complete your full cyber body. At this point of
the game, you cannot become more resistant than this. You will also have
the 3rd Epidermis on Agent #3 which makes him resistant against lasers,
lightning and other energy weapons. You got one more scientist and
since all the essential research has been done for now, you can now go
for the Disrupter (an anti-persuadetron). Make sure you put enough
money on it so that it's done in 4 days and also cross your fingers that
your mission is going to be done in 4 days+. Reason being that starting
from the next mission, you'll want to research the rocket launcher.

Now if you thought New York was crazy, be ready for some madness. You
will curse my friends, I guarantee it.

In this mission you will face the terrible "Launchers" which are rocket
launchers. The bad news is that it make this mission difficult, but the
good news is that when done you'll be able to research this deadly gun.

It starts with a stupid little animation of the scientist walking and
then you arriving by flying car that takes off! (I hate those animations
as they slow you down especially when you reload). Another thing you
will hate about this mission is that due to the many buildings, it feels
very cramped and makes it difficult to see what's going on.

First tag your 4 agents and equip long rifles to attack that cop flying
car that will be right there (be fast) then run south toward the gate
as this will be a decent stop for a showdown against the punks that will
start to pour toward you like flies. Long Rifles work best here and be
ready for some waves of punks with some cop flying cars that might join
the fun. Like always some punks have bombs on them, so be careful when
they blow up. You can either take the bombs or blow them up for tactical
advantage. If your getting too overwhelmed, run south.

When all's dead, it's possible that the gate will have blown up in the
carnage, if not, blow it up with a bomb. I know you "could" take a car
or bike to reach the other side, but blowing it up is a more permanent
solution. More to the point, in this section there is a car you could
take that is being guarded by two zealots. They are easy to snipe, but
if you try to approach the car, about 5 or 6 zealots appear from a
nearby building and shoot you with long rifles and lightning guns. Not
only that, but if you manage to kill them, two flying cars come to get
you as well! The best way to dispose of those guys if you really insist
is to put a bomb next to the building they are in, and as soon as the
bomb start to tick then run to the car, as soon as they get out then the
bomb will explode and they will all die. Of course, now you have to deal
with two flying cars... This is an extremely though battle for nothing
as you really don't need a normal cheap car, ESPECIALLY since there is
an unguarded bike just nearby too!

When this whole area is cleared, you can start making your way to the
other side of the compound armed with sniper rifles. Be careful as some
zealots are equipped with rocket launchers! Your first concern though
should be the two flying cars that will arrive as soon as you cross the
gate, so back off to the industrial area and wait for them near the
metal fence. For some reason when you are too close to the metal fence,
the cars do not target you so use that to your advantage. To battle them
shoot with long rifles and when it reloads quick-switch to lasers, then
quick-switch back to long rifles, etc. Remember this technique for the
rest of the game, you'll use it often!

When the cars are gone, equip your sniper rifles and head into the base
by sniping the zealots. The ones near the doorway only have lightning
guns so they are easy picks, but the other patrolling the fields have
rocket launchers, so be careful for those. When they are dead be SURE to
pick up those launchers. A flying car might come great you, destroy it.

There should be a flying car making a patrol, just keep your distance
(the pathway on the green grass area is a good place) and shoot it as it
pass along, the driver is an idiot and should just continue his pass. 
When he return, snipe to finish him.

Now for the people inside this base, first you should kill the zealots
patrolling the green grass field. Then I recommend you get the two
lonesome guards patrolling a building near the bottom. They are easy to
snipe and both have launchers! So snipe them before and all agents 
should now have launchers (this will now be part of our standard 

There are two parked flying cars, keep your distance and either snipe
them or use those new launchers (launchers are GREAT against vehicles).
If you move too close, they will fly up and you'll probably die so do
this from afar. Note that if you went for that cheap car guarded by two
zealots and their cavalry, the two flying cars that came to reinforce
were those two precise cars, so they might be destroyed already! When
both cars are destroyed, snipe both zealots nearby and take their bombs 
before they blow up.

You can now FINALLY approach the main gate where there are two zealots
armed with ligthning guns. If they are not dead by now, snipe them cold.
The other zealots inside are as easily killed, so snipe them and then
you can finally get your scientist with the persuadetron. Just walk back
to the extraction point and your done.

PS: You might now wonder why the HELL did that flying car in the very
    begining didn't drop you in the courtyard of the zealots when the
    main difficulty were all these punks OUTSIDE. Oh well...

2.1.18 EUROCORP 18 - Adelaide

Initial Research : Launcher (46000c) (12 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Miniguns, 4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles,
                   4 Launchers, 4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits,
                   1 Persuadetron.

Alright, finally we got launchers (If you remember Syndicate 1, those
kick ass). We are already equipped with 4 and from now on this is going
to be part of our standard equipment. Problem is, that since it is not
researched yet, we can have some problems with overheating. Obviously,
put launcher in research at 46000c to make it in 4 days.

Adelaide is a very simple mission in comparaison, so don't worry too
much about it. You deserve a break. At first you will be greeted by 3
punks with long range rifles, kill them and take their position. A wave
of punks will arrive, just snipe them all (two have bombs). A flying cop
car might arrive, shoot it.

Then carefully go toward the white dots (zealots) and snipe them one by
one. They are though and two flying cars will probably join. Switch to 
the launcher if you must. When they are all clear, you only need to
persuade the scientist. But since there is a slight bug when you arrive
next to the extraction point (the scientist dies if you arrive on foot)
then I suggest the following optional move.

Go to the police gate (opposite of where you started) and blow it up
with a bomb. 4 guards will arrive, just kill them. Then you can take the
green flying car which you will use to ferry the scientist more safely.

So simply go to the scientist, persuade him and bring everybody in the
flying car. As soon as your above the area, the mission ends.

PS: Yes you can use the flying car to go kill those army guards in the
    middle, but there's no point. All they have are laser guns.

2.1.19 EUROCORP 19 - Santiago

Initial Research : Clone Shield (48000c) (11 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Miniguns, 4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles,
                   4 Launchers, 4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits,
                   1 Persuadetron.

Finally the launchers are researched and your equipment should be rather
standard with 4 long range rifles, 4 launchers and 4 sidearms (lasers
and/or miniguns). A persuadetron and explosives are always a must and
for the next mission, 4 medikits are recommended.

WHERE are our scientists going?!?! We had 12, we just got a new one and
now we are back down to 11!!! Oh well...since all the essential research
has been done for now, you can have fun searching what you want. Me I 
went for Clone Shield.

Alright I won't lie to you, this mission is HARD if you did not follow
this walkthrough, especially if you don't have launchers. So be ready 
to use your medikits and retreat when things go for the worst. You may 
even considering hiding in houses in this one. With launchers though,
the difficult is about medium, in fact I might even say.. EASY.

When you start, your next to a train station, you could go in to go
into the "inner city", but it really serves no purposes. So your first
step is to start a carnage in the cops and police vehicles that you see.
It may just be me, but it seems that in this mission, the more people
and agents/zealots you kill, the more the police arrive so better get
rid of most police right off the bat otherwise you may be overwhelmed.

Then make your way west toward the white dots (zealots inside a fence)
but as soon as you get too close... SURPRISE... and a bunch of agents
with long range rifles erupt from a building and start shooting a deadly
offensive on you. Miniguns worst best here to keep them from shooting.
Alternatively, you could blow up their building with launchers (yes you
can FINALLY do that).

When dead, make sure your reloaded and healed and then tag the zealots
that are in the fence. Some have long rifles while others ligthning guns
and it may well be possible that cops will arrive to make your life more
problematic. Notice that those zealots were guarding a flying car and
you NEED this car in good condition to proceed.

But for now, when these guys are dead, probably the biggest battle is to
be fought. Continue walking toward the north until you see two flying
cars, shoot and they will converge to you. Seriously this is deadly
because you have not much protection, those cars are though and they
shoot lightning like crazy. I'll give you two relatively "save spots"
to attack. Either walk south a bit and stay close to the fence, for some
weird reason they cannot seem to target you when you are too close to
that fence. Or return to the building where the agents came out, and go
inside to relax. All and all, the idea here is to shoot them until your
health gets too low and then go lay down (fence or building) until you
regenerate. Then go attack again. If you have the launchers and long 
rifles though, you will blast them off the sky easy. When they are down, 
you can pat yourself on the back and continue north to kill off some 
zealots before we move out of the "outer city".

They have a base there and shouldn't be too problematic, just kill all
zealots and then notice that INSIDE their base (some sort of pyramid)
there's lots of gray dots on the map. Essentially it's a stach of items
such as psycho bombs, health kits and long rifles if you need any. If
you want to really have some fun, you can blow up the church complex
with your launchers, man this is fun.

Alright, finally the "outer city" is cleared, now go back to that flying
car to the south I mentionned earlier. Get in and since it is the only
way to cross the bridges, fly west to the "inner city" and fly to the 
center of that building where they have an "inner court".

4 Zealots are guarding a scientist, so equip your long rifles and as you
fly the car, snipe the zealots (be careful about that scientist!!!).
When the zealots are dead, get down, off the car, persuade the tech and
then everybody back in the car and fly QUICKLY to your extraction point.
The reason why you want to escape quickly is that two flying cars will 
try to stop you and with the scientist around, they might as well fry 

This last surprise is one hell of a bad one, so make sure you end this
fast and press "spacebar" as soon as the message appears. Alternatively
you could always leave agent #4 and the scientist behind and try to
blast those cars off, but good luck on that!

2.1.20 EUROCORP 20 - Church

Initial Research : Cerberus IFF (32000c) (10 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron.

The scientists REALLY don't want to stick around, we got a new one but
instead we are down to 10... geeze our lab must stink. Regardless, the
clone shield is researched and you could go for Cerberus IFF for now.
At this point I got rid of my miniguns and kept my lasers.

OK, we are about mid-game now and enemy agents come equipped with nasty
launchers, but we got those too so it's no problem. :) On this mission
try to take your time, because there are a lot of zealot flying cars
around that will annoy you throughout the map. Your first target should
be the 4 red dots on your immediate map. These are Cerberus IFF turrets
and they are no problem to kill with sniper rifles. But first, four
zealots will come from a nearby church so shoot them all. Then a flying
car will arrive, make it go kaboom.

Now simply wait where you are and regenerate, at one point a second
flying car will attack, gun it down and wait some more. A third car will
finally fly by, kill it and now you are safe to roam around.

You should now head to the bank up north that is guarded by a bunch of
IFF turrets. When you come about, 4 agents will come out from their
bank robery. Snipe them and then take care of the cop car that arrives
after. You don't need to blow up the bank as the 4 bags of money are on
the agents themselves! 200000c more.. like we need it.

You may want to have some fun going the opposite side of the blip as
there is a major church there with some zealots. The front guards simply
have lightning guns while others have launchers. You shouldn't have much
trouble sniping them all. One of them has a clone shield which is worth
a lot of money. You can also shoot a volley of 4x3 launcher rockets to
burn that cathedral to rubble, awww it felt good. :)

Now for the main mission, follow the blip but attack from the south 
(where there are less guards). You may have to get rid of some IFF 
turrets first, but it's the best approach. Snipe the first zealots that
you see (these guys got rocket launchers) and some more will investigate
the kill. They are again armed with either launchers or lightning, so
do not take risks and snipe, retreat, snipe, retreat, until all are cold
and stiff.

2.1.21 EUROCORP 21 - Reykjavik

Initial Research : Nuclear Grenade (52000c) (10 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron.

We should have the Cerberus IFF by now. It's a sucky device, but you
never know you may need that extra firepower eventually. You should now
have access to the nuclear grenade, so research that at 52000c. Be
mindful that you need to have at least an empty inventory slot for this

You will get VERY confused by this mission, because they give you a
FALSE OBJECTIVE! Well, kinda... They ask you to go persuade scientists
to join our cause, but the truth is that the zealots guarding the power
plant actually want to destroy it! So you will need to stop them at all

Equip all 4 agents with the sniper rifles and quickly run to the front
entrance of the power plant. Two guards with lightning are there and
a 3rd zealot with a launcher will pose a bomb just near the pyramidal
building (it's an hospital). First snipe the two zealots, quickly grab
the bomb before it detonates and then shoot the launcher guy along with
two more zealots that arrive. Note that there is a razor wire on the
entrance floor in case you never got one.

You gotta move quick, so go inside the base where there are more white
dots and snipe all the zealots (some have launchers, be careful). As
soon as they are dead, one of them will walk toward the north of the
base to try to make it blow up, snipe him and take his high explosive
to make sure it doesn't detonate. Wait around and recoup while a flying
car arrives with a lone miniguner zealot. Snipe him and take his bomb
that he wanted to use. Keep the car in shape as you'll need it.

As soon as this guy his dead, a gang of zealot will come from the city,
so shoot them down and NOW you can take a break.

When your health/ammo is back, you can clear the two zealots next to the
turrets. Then you hop in the flying car and from a safe distance, snipe
every zealots in the inner court. You can then drop safely on the floor
and make your way to the first scientist in the building, but WAIT.
There's a zealot left next to the scientist! You can shoot the ground
next to the building with a rifle to get his attention so hopefully he
will get out. If not, try to risk it inside by persuading the scientist
and then take care of the zealot after. Chances are the tech will die
though. When done, get back in the flying car and with your persuadetron
still activated, go to the last tech and drop just nearby, even from
the car, he should get persuaded. Hit Spacebar to end this debacle.

2.1.22 EUROCORP 22 - Nuuk

Initial Research : Automedikit (29000c) (12 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron.

You now have nuclear grenades (how badass does THAT sound?). In all
honesty, they somewhat suck because they are like super powerful high 
explosives (as a result you can only use a limited ammount of them and 
they are extremely dangerous to use). Anyway, research the new 
automedikit for 29000c and we are back at 12 scientists (just wait as 
they will leave soon ungrateful bastards..).

Now if you always wanted a destruction, kill and destroy mission, this
one was made for you! Your mission is to kill every zealots on the map
and there's a lot of them! It's very openned-up and actually quite fun
and easy. Start with your four sniper rifles and snipe both zealots that
are nearby. That will attrack a flying car, of which you'll shoot.

Zealots will continue stupidly to see what's going on, but as long as 
you stay in your starting position, they will never really pose any 
real danger. You can then easily snipe them all. You can wait to see if 
more of those bozos will arrive, if yes, then snipe them. When nobody 
else is curious enough to come see you, the map should already be 
cleaned up a fair bit. So snipe the rest, use the launcher on the 
others, have fun! The best place to stay is always the starting spot so
always return there to avoid being overwhelmed. Essentially, the big
strategy here is snipe, retreat, snipe retreat, etc.

Even when you get against the big spider robots, only 4 snipe shots will
put one down, so nothing to be worried.

Alternatively, you could always put an high explosive on the ground and
blow everyone up as they come see you, your choice.

2.1.23 EUROCORP 23 - London

Initial Research : Heavy Explosives (38000c) (12 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron.

Your research on automedikit should be done, so replace your old medkits
with this new improved version if you want. As for research, better go
for something we held for a long time since punks always provided us 
with a fresh supply of them: High Explosives. Whatever you do, you will
want to have a good supply of these things for mission 26 in Hawaii.

Back in London! The first mission was here, and now it's our home ground
for a reason. The most interesting factor here is that the police is on
your side! So don't shoot them, they will "try" to help you. Alright the
first thing to understand here is that this is a scripted mission that
is set on a timer. Basically, you cannot speed things up here.

You start with your two groups separated (don't know why, maybe they
wanted to give you the illusion of making a strategy using two groups
but it is not necessary). Simply group everyone, equip with snipers and
then run north (where group 3-4 were). There will be a male punk with 
a psycho grenade so shoot him and take his grenade if you want. As you 
did that you probably noticed a high flying bike passing through, go 
where it landed (to the west) and a female punk will get off the bike, 
kill her. You can then take her bike as it is a sweet ride that flies 
but be careful about the health of that bike, it cannot take many hits.

Immediately fly to the east where you should see a first group of punk
(green dots) on the map. Snipe them, and then head for the second group.
Yep, snipe them. You can park your bike on the street where you attack
the second group and be ready to blowup a bike and a third group of
punks. You gotta do all of this relatively fast, since a lab assistant
lady will be walking on that street to go fetch her boss the doctor. You
don't want anything to be done to the missy.

From this point on is a VERY BORING waste of your life as you need to
wait for the assistant to see the doc, then they both walk to a car,
drive a bit, get off the car and start walking toward a building where
a briefcase is. Note that you can take the briefcase (or even blowup
that building if you care) and it doesn't affect anything. 

While all of this is taking place, you may want to facilitate your job 
later on since we got time to waste and go south-west where you will 
find a parked car in an alley. Blow it up, there was a punk with a 
rocket launcher inside.

The second thing you could do while waiting would be to blow up two
buildings where punks will leave eventually. If you don't, at about the
time the doc and assistant are about to go get the briefcase (or lack
thereof), two groups of punks will arrive from the south. Those two 
small buildings are directly south of the podium area near a big...
oil rig? Anyway, just blow them up and once you destroy one, all the
ants (I mean punks) will run out. You can snipe them up.

Finally, your last group of punks will arrive from the same area they
all seem to come from in the north-east. Intercept and snipe them.

That's it. You can return to the podium and watch TV on the big screen 
because you only have to wait for the doc and assistant to return there,
give a speech, then everyone go home. The mission ends when the doc and 
his girlfriend take the car and drive off the map. What a boring 

PS: You can play arkanoid/breakout on the podium big TV by using the
    persuadetron on the podium stand. It sucks as a game, but if you
    get good scores, you can get some epiderms, more score the better
    the epiderm.

2.1.24 EUROCORP 24 - Tokyo

Initial Research : Heavy Explosives (8000c) (12 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron.

Heavy Explosives not done? Then run it for a few extra days.

This mission is a total battle zone. As you start you can notice the
St-Patrick's green parade of punks on the other street... scary. Just 
let them walk as they will go to kill some cultists.

Your first order of the day is to rob the bank (which nets 2.5 millions)
at the middle of the map. It's easy to spot, so put some explosives at
the door and blast the mofo. You got 5 money bags to grab, but you best
do it quick, or at least to do it afterward with some loss because about
a dozen cops will arrive along with some flying cars. Best snipe them at 
a distance and retreat. The cars need some good launchers too. It's 
though but not impossible. There's a cop truck left in next to the bank
when you are done if you want to clean them all up.

When everyone's dead, you should head to the green punk parade and wait
to see what they are doing. Yes, they are going to actually "help" you
by converging to that north-eastern temple and attack every zealot in
sight. Let both of them thin themselves out and in the end all that
should remain are a few punks and one or two flying cars. Clean what's
left of this bloodbath and notice that one of the bodies have a nuclear
bomb on it. It's a swell idea to keep.

Your final target are those numerous zealots in the other base. But fear
not, there's a strategy to get them easy. Just approach from where you
are (the punk bloodbath) and follow the street. Snipe the first zealot
you see to catch their attention and then they will all start to WALK
toward you in a pretty line. Simply place an explosive on the middle of
the street under that billboard and wait for them to arrive. The blast
should take most of them, anf the billboard should finish some more. The
last remaning ones can be sniped easy.

As for the base itself, two flying cars will attack, just snipe/launch
them for good measure and finally you can get rid of those big laser
turrets without any fear with sniper rifles.

As for the big spider bots, no problem again, get their attention and
get out back in the streets, as they arrive snipe them (4 hits each).

For the sake of completion, you could always also go snipe the two
zealots on the west and destroy the two flying cars (careful those silly
guys carry bombs).

You can then easily persuade the scientist and then run back to the
extraction point.

2.1.25 EUROCORP 25 - Bangkok

Initial Research : Satellite Rain (14000c) (12 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron.

Heavy Explosives should finally be done which is good news because the
next mission will require those a lot. We will now go for something 
quite deadly. Remember the Satellite Rain from a previous mission? We 
can finally research that, put it at 14000c. In term of inventory, 
notice that you finally have access to a persuadertron II without even 
having to research it! You should switch your old one for this new 
improved model (it can persuade zealots but you probably won't do any 
of that).

Ok, this mission is easy as pie. The only "difficulty" might be the
beginning where you have to take care of a lot of zealots in tight spots
before they get the scientist you are protecting. The good news is that
they are using lightning guns which gets absorbed by nearby buildings.

So arm your snipers (laser gun works decent too) and start killing the
zealots that initially "try" to attack you. When they are disposed, get
rid of the others that are nearby the other buildings. Then two more
will arrive from the riverside, kill'em.

The scientist walks slowly, so you don't have to worry much about him
as you clean up the other patch of buildings on the west. These are 
small alleys, so they are annoying. Then there is another block with
a bunch of zealots. Finally there is a car that you can snipe a few
times until it explode.

The scientist will finally arrive and the mission is over... or is it?

Yes, you could spacebar end this at any times, but I recommend that you
continue a while longer because you can kidnap a few extra sceintists
on this mission. Essentially, simply take the train on the west which
will take you to the power plant where you can "persuade" 6 scientists
to join your cause!! That's a nice bonus.

PS: This is optional, but if you want to have fun, you can persuade a
    bunch of civilians, and then since you are near the eurocorp 
    building filled to the rim with friendly guards, why not bring
    them along by persuading them? Worst, you can then go to the church
    on the east and even persuade some zealots! Or blow the shit out of
    everybody :p. Sadly, even if you persuade zealots, it doesn't give
    you anything cool, not even new agents. Oh well.

2.1.26 EUROCORP 26 - Hawaii

Initial Research : Ion Mine (21000c) (18 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron,
                   2 Clone Shields.

Satellite Rain is done, we got 18 scientists. We can now research about
whatever we want, I choosed Ion Mine for 21000 Alex.

Ok... You are going to CURSE this mission like you cannot imagine. First
because the intro animation take 1 minute to run and you CANNOT SKIP IT
for some dumb reason (the best you can do is press "r" to restart the
mission where there will be less animation). And then, your characters 
are separated, and for again another insane reason, agent #1 will start
running frantically directly into a pack of zealots that will kill him. 
Ah yes, and after that, waves of punks and zealots will overwhelm the 
others and kill your exectutives you are trying to protect. Did I
mentioned that TANK that also joins up? Yeah.. ok.. JOY! And that is
only the begining...........

But this mission can be incredibly hard, or incredible easy. I'm not
joking, the hard way took me about 10 hours of my life trying to finish
this damnable mission, and the easy way? Well about 2 minutes.

To do it the easy way, simply take agent #1 equipped with two bombs and 
make him run right off the start to the intersection where the tank and
all the zealots and punks will converge. Drop your first bomb just a bit
below the blue lamp and the second bomb a tad left on the western 
corridor. Then run back south. The explosion should take care of every
punks and zealots. If not, you can tag along with agent #2 to snipe the
few remaining. Then with agent 1 and 2, snipe/launch that tank until it
is destroyed.

Then take agent #4 and make him go to the intersection where the bombs
blew. Activate his clone shield and run to the south east, right into
that zealot base with tons of people. You are simply going to steal the
*secret* epiderm off the dead body of an agent. This agent is located
near the entrance inside the base on the left. Quickly run back to your
intersection as soon as your done. You can de-activate the clone shield.

Finally take agent 3 and go to the intersection. All your croonies will
follow you. When everyone's around, activate the clone shield and run
toward the extraction point. You should make a stop though at the spot
where a male punk is guarding. Let your agent escort laser him to death
and continue running to the extraction point. Mission accomplished!


This mission is so difficult it's not even funny. But it's not totally
impossible if you follow these first survival steps:

1) Your idiot executives seem to only want to follow agent #3, so as
   long as you keep agent #3 behind, the executives are going to be
   safe. The good news is that if you leave everyone by the pool, then
   you don't have to worry since the executives are going nowhere and
   agent #3 has a few agents as bodyguard to boot. The bad news is that
   we are having one agent less for this crazy mission...grr.

2) You *NEED* High Explosives on this one, so I hope you got a bunch of
   them and/or you researched them so you can buy at least 4. Strict
   minimum you need two. Since this is how you will dispatch the first
   wave of enemies. Your best strategy will always be to place a bomb on
   the floor and call upon the group of enemies so they can blow up all
   together when they are on top of the bomb. You can then pick the rest
   by snipe/retreat.

3) Go slowly and take one group at a time since there are a LOT of bad
   guys in one wave and you only have 3 agents to deal with them. Snipe
   will you be your best friend here, but even then it's not enough.

4) If you want the fourth *secret* epiderm, you better be ready
   for some insanity... or if you have a clone shield, you can steal it
   without any problem. If you want to take on that base, your on your
   own. You must be crazy.

5) Medikits or auto-medikits are a great idea here!

OK So this is how it starts. Quickly group agent 1 and 2 together and
run to the "tunnel" areas up north. You want to drop a bomb right at the
intersection of the tunnels (a bit below the blue lamp) and then a 
second bomb a bit into the west corridor. Retreat back south and wait 
for the few punks that made it with a sniper rifle. When they are dead,
you can go after the tank.

The tank either has retreated in the tunnel (don't worry it will come
back) or is stuck in the little corridor leading to the pool. Simply
Snipe/Launcher and retreat until it blows up.

The next step is going to be harder, because of the damm flying car and
the crazy snipers and demented rocket launcher shooters. Continue your
way up north and put a bomb next to the first zealot that is on the 
left corner but be ready to retreat quick! From a distance, snipe him.
You will get hit a few times by him but that's the price of success. A 
bunch of zealots will run after you but the bomb should take some out.
Your main concern though is the flying car that arrives, snipe/launch it
as your priority, but seriously, he will probably depletes all the 
energy of one of your men so heal or auto-heal him if needed. Take care
of the rest of the zealots by snipe and retreat. Be careful, some have 
sniper rifles while other launchers. This is a really difficult fight. 

When all of this bunch of zealots are dead, go where they used to stand
and cross the bridge up north to reach that building on the other side.
The way that I prefer to take care of this is to snipe the first two
zealots nearby and then to blow up the building with launchers. It takes
a lot of hits, but in the end, it will kill the nearby zealots when it
colapses. There should be one or two zealots left here so snipe them.

You can now take care of the punk family on the other side, start by
sniping the blue punk that patrols the entrance. And then go in front of
that entrance and drop a bomb. Everyone should get out of the house and
blow up as they reach the tunnel. Snipe the rest.

Ok, we are nearly done, at least the way is now cleared! Now if you want
to get the 4th *secret* epiderm (and I would recommend it since it's so
easy to get). Simply use agent #4 and activate his clone shield (it
doesn't last forever) and quickly go steal the package on one of the
3 dead agents near the entrance on the left. Quickly return back when
you have it.

Switch back to sniper rifles and this is going to be the final showdown.
When you got the epiderm, the last waves of enemy will pour on you. In
clear, this triggers two waves of zealots and a huge wave of punks. And
if you thought that this is because of the epiderm, even if you didn't
get it, the same waves would appear as soon as you move agent #3 and his
gang of loosers. 

This is the moment of glory to see if your good at this game or if you
suck. Again bombs work the best here and snipe the rest. I won't lie to 
you, this is very difficult again. And the best strategy here might be
to blow the shit out from satellite rains. The punks in particular come
in too great a number and you barely will have time to recoup from the
first waves of zealots. Maybe try to use a launcher instead since it
affects more people than a sniper and it reloads faster.

PS: I have afterward noticed that if you use wire trap and put it in
    layers across the corridors, this mission becomes very easy. But you 
    would have had to research the sucky razor wire first. Unfortunately 
    I did not. Oh well.. :p Go the easy way if you can't do it the hard 

As for the base, if you want to tackle that, your crazy. They got tons
of zealots, flying cars and tanks. If you notice though, they do have a
scientist walking around, I wonder if you could persuade him to join you
if you destroy everything else... Maybe an extra challenge for a rainy

2.1.27 EUROCORP 27 - Johannesburg

Initial Research : Ion Mine (8000c) (18 scientists)
Target to aim for: 2 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Long Rifles, 1 Persuadetron.

Before anything, replace your heroic agent #1 by some loser agent. Due
to some bug, when you finish this mission, your agent #1 will be lost
permanently. So if you had say BOURNE as agent #1 and he has all the
cyber-mods at level 3 and an epiderm 1 and great weapons, makes sure to 
replace him for another loser agent (say MAKIN) who has nothing. You 
won't loose your cool agent BOURNE but you'll lose the worthless MAKIN. 
For the next mission, you can replace BOURNE again back in place. You 
have been warned!

This is my favorite mission in the entire game. You start off with a new
character called "Wu". He's an old agent from Syndicate 1 that is 
controlled by London's A.I. and will be your sole character for the 
mission. This is a though one since you only play one agent that is not 
fully cybered and equipped with only a long rifle and a persuadertron. 
All of the items you can get will have to be acquired by killing zealots.

You have two ways to play this, either going like a solo assassin or try
to persuade cops to join your side. First off, if you want to get cops
to play along, you will need to persuade 6 civilians first (and keep
them alive) so you can get your first cop. Remember the persuadertron

    |Type    | Points given | Points needed to persuade|
    Civilians    1            0
    Police       2            6

So in other words, when you persuade 6 civilians, you can then persuade
a cop. And once you do, you got 8 points so 2 civilians could well die
and you still would have 6 persuadertron points (since that cop is worth
2 points). In essence, if you want to go that way, as soon as you get
an extra cop, you can have two other civilians die (you'll have 2 cops
and 4 civilians), then a 3rd cop and only 2 civilians and finally a 4th
cop and no need to bring civilians along anymore. The reason why you do
not want civilians is that they are so weak that one bullet will kill
them (in fact just a car hitting them will kill them). Cops on the
other hand have shield like you and can take a bit more of a beating.
Don't expect miracles though, as a long shot sniper bullet will kill'em
in one shot and launchers will blow your whole group away. On top of 
that, they come unarmed and can only carry one weapon, so make sure that
the gun they get from dead zealots will please you.

All and all, I would perhaps consider the cop persuading tactic, but not
at first. Note that cops are neutral in this town, so you can just let
them roam around until your ready to persuade them.

Ok, so the first zealot will arrive directly at you, snipe him and get
his minigun. There is a car on the south east parking, but it is rigged
with a boobytrap bomb, so much for that idea.

Your first targets is actually really a difficult bunch. Follow the
blip on the map, the woman you need to persuade is inside a closed down
area that is only accessible by a new transportation device: The 
transport tubes. They are located near where you started, one of them
goes toward the closed area, another goes back (the one in the middle
doesn't work, it is only for cargo). To activate them, you need to go
directly in the center of the device and it will "tube you out" to the
arrival point. But first, note that these guys will quite probably kill
you unless you read the manual and understood that your agents actually
come equipped with a "super shield". Use the transporter and snipe the
first zealot. Then click on the ammo bar of the left (it will turn red)
and this is your super-shield. Make a run for it on the "out" tubeporter
to go back in the streets, then simply snipe-retreat them. One of them
has a razor-wire (which can be good for booby-traps) while another has
a medikit. I would recommend leaving the kit there and keep it for a
moment you really need it (as it takes an extra inventory spot and
cannot be dropped once picked up). 

You will have noticed that your target ran away and we need to chase her
around, great. Your should start to clean up the map first to make your
progress easier. First, go westward and snipe every lone zealots that 
you see. They only require one bullet and shouldn't be a problem. All 
the way to the south-west is a group of 5 zealots. You can snipe the
first two easily, and then lure the last three by the snipe/retreat
technique. They are guarding a bike, but we don't really need that.

From the west, continue north until you come at the back of a big
building. Be CAREFUL here as there are two zealots armed with launchers.
You want to snipe/retreat them until they are both killed. They notably
take two sniper hits each! But once dead, you finally got a launcher! 
Be careful now if you want to enter this building from the back as three 
zealots armed with lightning guns will erupt and try to get you. The 
reason why this is hard is that you don't really have the space to 
retreat, but try to anyway so you can snipe/retreat them in the streets. 
Be mindful that this whole pack of zealots in this building take two 
sniper shots each! 

To clear things up from that building, you should consider blowing up
the building the 3 zealots came out with the launcher. You can then
make your way you just made and a zealot will come forth. Snipe him and
finish with the minigun quickly because he carries 3 explosives! You
will want those. This will trigger a lightning zealot to investigate,
just snipe him. Your main concern though will be the two long range
snipers that will arrive from the side of the building. Your two options
are to wait for them from the corner and snipe/minigun them as they may
arrive one after the other. Or you could blow up the nearby building
with your launcher. The blast of the building will kill both.

The other 3 occupants of this building can be taken out easily with some
sniper shots. One of them carries a flamer, but it's a sucky weapon so
don't take it.

At this point, you may consider persuading cops since you finally got
better guns available than those cheap ass lightning guns. With a few
cops, you could have one armed with a launcher, two snipers, a flamer
for short distance and maybe one with lightning. Essentially, you stand
much better chances now but at the same time they shoot everytime you
do, so they might cause more harm than good. Your choice!

You can now go northwest completely where there is a small ramp that can
lead you to some buildings and as you curve east, to a new group of 
zealots. Start by sniping the first one and then retreat. One of them
have a launcher, so be careful. If you really want to play it safe, you
could always blow up the buildings in this immediate area first to have
a better range of snipe/retreat, but that takes a while and is not at
all necessary.

The next part is going to be challenging and if you don't have cops with
you now, you might seriously consider getting some. Alternatively, you
can go with the "bomb strategy" below. You need to go where the zealots
were and unfortunately, you cannot snipe the other zealots on the other
side, since they have a gate between you and them. You can however shoot
a blast from the launcher on that gate to weaken them a bit. Located a 
bit east is another tubeporter that will bring them to the area where
your target is. The danger here is that as soon as you arrive, 3 zealots 
(one armed with a sniper long shot) are waiting for you and there's 
nowhere to run. So if your alone, you probably won't survive long. With
cops you might surive a bit more, but still it's a hard fight. The best
way is to simply place a bomb right next to the wall on the street level, 
and the blast will kill the zealots. If it doesn't, then place another bomb 
for good measures. Chances are that it will blow up the tubeporter, but 
that's no problems as your target will run away from the destruction and 
after a bit, the mission will end as a success.

2.1.28 EUROCORP 28 - Cairo

Initial Research : Razor Wire (34000c) (18 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron.

You got your agents back and hopefully you followed my important advice
for the past mission about your agents. If so, put agent #1 back to his
rightful place. As for research, seeing that Razor Wire actually can (and
will) have a tactical advantage, we should go for Razor Wire.

Again this mission can be done the easy way or the hard way:


As the mission starts, your agents are in some sort of statis and can
barely move, don't worry, group them and switch to launchers. A bunch of
zealots will arrive and try to attack you. Just shoot them with your
launchers until they are dead. Now for an IMPORTANT strategy twist here,
blow up that platform just near you. It will not only blow up that thing
but also the entire railroad going north! And the railroad will fall on
a ton of zealots, AND if you timed it right, will fall on your target's
car and kill her instantly. Mission is practically done. You just need
to evacuate up north.

So go up north and two spiderbots and some zealots will come for you,
just snipe/launch and retreat until they are all dead. Continue north
and kill maybe 2 or 3 more zealots, and go to extraction point. Wasn't
THAT easy?


As the mission starts, your agents are in some sort of statis and can
barely move, don't worry, group them and switch to launchers. A bunch of
zealots will arrive and try to attack you. Just shoot them with your
launchers until they are dead. Now for an IMPORTANT strategy twist here,
blow up that platform just near you. It will not only blow up that thing
but also the entire railroad going north! And the railroad will fall on
a ton of zealots, AND if you timed it wrong, will NOT fall on your 
target's car. She will drive to the base next to a big tank, making 
things more complex.


Now go west until a flying car attack you, make sure you go enough west
because you don't want to have that car fall on the highway bridge you
just crossed (it will blow it up). Just destroy the car at a safe

You will then get attacked by a bunch of zealots, you can snipe and/or
launch them to death. You can continue west of that street and snipe
the parked flying car. A bunch of zealots and guards will then pour in
your direction, snipe/retreat them or use the launcher.

There is finally a flying car next to some IFF mini-turrets inside some
opened buildings. You can easily snipe the turrets. But once you try to
approach the flying car, some zealots will pop from nowhere and try to
stop you, kill them. The flying car is cool, and armored, but still is
not very maneauverable so you should leave it behind.

Let's continue:

One street done. Go back to main street and proceed north. Be careful as
you will trigger two spider bots and a few zealots. Just snipe/retreat
until everything is dead. Be careful as on that street corner, a huge
tank patrols, we'll get back to it in a second, but first if you want
you can CAREFULLY blow up the storage area where the spiderbots came
from by SNIPING one of the barrels. It's a risky and uncessessary move
since it blows up with the effects of a nuclear blast!

You'd better leave that tank behind, even if you can blow it up with a
lot of sniper or launcher blasts. Your real objective though should be
to go on the next street that leads to the base. There are a good bunch
of zealots here, so snipe/retreat them. Once near the base, snipe the
bitch. You can also take the tank if you want, but be careful since two
spiderbots will come attack. 

Just kill everything you want until you reach the extraction point.

2.1.29 EUROCORP 29 - New Delhi

Initial Research : Trigger Wire (61000c) (18 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron.

Research Trigger Wire.

This mission begins real easy. You simply have to snipe every punks in 
the city. As long as your being careful. I don't really have much 
advices to offer since there are punks everywhere and they are easy to 
kill. The only detail is that there will be a taxi that will drive near
your origin point, one of the punks has a nuclear grenade if you want

Once you cleared the punks of the city, you have to make your way east
on the only road you can take. Be careful as there are 3 punks with
rocket launchers that are driving a firetruck. Blow it up as quick as
you can!

Your next target is going to be crazy. You need to find access inside
those gates. You cannot walk since there is a fire blast at the entrance
so your options are either: Blow the metal gates with an explosive or
a nuclear grenade (best idea) or use the flying car where the pink dots
are (friendly guards). You should blow your way in because you'll need 
the flying car after and you don't want it damaged.

So get in and snipe the punks inside. The crazy part comes from those
3 flying cars that drop nothing else than nuclear grenades on your ass!
So when you see one drop, run like the wind! Those cars are the priority
but don't forget the other punks since some have sniper rifles while
others launchers. What a warzone!

Finally, you can go south toward the warf. Snipe the punks as you make 
your way. Finally there will be a smal building filled with punks, just 
launch it and they will come out. Continue launching them until they are 
dead. Also a flying car is in the area, you know what to do.

Your final challenge can be approached two ways. Either through the 
traditional tubeporters but that brings you right in the middle of some
punks with nasty firearms. Or you can use a flying car and slowly snipe
them as you approach from the water.

All and all, don't forget to take the trigger wire from one of the punks
but most importantly, take the Plasma Lance from one of them. This is
going to be our next research! Go to extraction point and celebrate.

2.1.30 EUROCORP 30 - Sevastopol

Initial Research : Plasma Lance (61000c) (18 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Pulse Lasers, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron,
                   1 Trigger Wire.

You will NOT find this mission funny. They should have called this one
"The Revenge of the Punks". Seriously, the timing is bad because we are
now researching "Plasma Lance" and we cannot really use it yet. But you
will be facing an army of punks all equipped with it... For this mission
make SURE to bring a trigger wire (you should have gotten one from the
previous mission) and your normal arsenal of long rifles and launchers.

As you start out, you will be behind a gate and 4 punks (armed with the
super deadly Plasma Lance) are waiting for you. Just take them one by
one with long range rifles and you'll be fine. Be sure to take their
plasma lances for everyone (I know you are not proficient in them, but
you will nevertheless need them against tanks).

There are a few punks in the close distance that you can snipe with
rifles, you can do so. But be careful as if you walk too close, a bike
with 5 punks all armed with Plasma Lances will arrive. Either shoot the
bike with a launcher or Plasma Lance, but better yet, just retreat and
they will park their bike and come one by one. Snipe them out before
they can kill you.

At this time, one of 3 flying cars should arrive to bug you. Let them
come to you and snipe/launch them. Luckily they don't have plasma lances
but "only" launchers.

Also note that there are punks that will come to you from time to time
to try to kill you. You can wait for them in that spot and snipe them
as soon as they get close enough.

Your big problem now though are those two tanks that just got activated.
Note that it is *possible* to shoot their drivers before they take the
tanks, but it's a risky business, especially with the flying cars and
other dangerous punks around. What you should instead do is arm your new
plasma lances and shoot the tanks one after the other. They are very
clumsy and the lances make short work of them. Just make sure to have
the ammo recharge since the lances might drain your entire ammo in one
shot (since it was not researched yet!).

The immidiate danger should be cleared. We will now tag this problem on
the side with two huge platoons of punks (and one tank). Again if you go
too close to this area, they will all start walking toward you and 
seriously, there is no way to tackle about 25 punks armed with plasma
all at once, even if your good. So we will set a booby trap. Here's the
reason why we got and researched that trigger wire. On the left side
of the "corridor entrance" has some black and yellow markings. You will
set your trigger wire layers there. Make a good number of them (maybe 6
to 8 layers in lines) and that should be enough. Then walk along the
side of the rampart and that will trigger the 2nd team to move and then
the 1rst team as well. They will all get into your spider web trap and
die! Remains the tank that you can destroy using plasma lances.

There is a flying car you could use if you want nearby, but it's not a
good idea since plasma lances would destroy it in a snap.

Instead, move back to the begining area where the punks parked their
motorcycle and cross that big bridge to go across. You can then either
blow up the buildings where the punks area with launchers (chances are
that this will only make them get out of the building) and snipe them.
Another good plan is to again set a few layers of Trigger Wire on the 
only staircase that they can use and then make them move toward you.
Snipe the rest and your done here.

If you want, you can go back to the flying car area and get the money
bag in the middle of the park. If you did it before, it triggered an
alarm, but now that everyone is dead, nobody can come stop you ;).

2.1.31 EUROCORP 31 - Bahrain

Initial Research : Statis Field (27000c) (18 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Plasma Lances, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Launchers, 
                   4 High Explosives, 4 Medikits, 1 Persuadetron,
                   1 Trigger Wire.

If the last mission was a revenge of the punks, now it's revenge of YOU!
You now have the plasma Lances and should replace your laser guns for
this deadly weapon. Place research on Statis Field.

As we start the mission, we will play the domino effect first. Group
everyone and switch to those new Plasma Lances. Now go east just across
the street and shoot the building with the plasma lances until it blows
up (yes it's very destructive). This will blow up the building and as a
result, many punks on the other side will die. Worst, many of these guys
have high explosives on them, so when they die, the explosive triggers
and blows up, killing more punks and practically destroying the tank and
the flying truck! You can plasma lance the truck and the tank easily 
after and clean the nearby punks.

You should then proceed to mop up the vast number of roaming punks on 
this side of the river by sniping them and blowing up buildings around
so they get caught in the explosions.

The only point that is to be noted is that there are 6 flying cars near
two buildings. Simply snipe them from a safe distance and they will 
never bother you (it takes a while, but it's worth it. It is possible
though that some of them wil attack every now and then, just use the
plasma lance on them).

At the end, I admit that there was absolutely nothing left on this side
of the river, I had destroyed all the buildings, killed all enemies and
even finished every civilians...

You can then cross the river three ways, either by the pedestrian bridge
that is guarded by two punks that you can easily snipe (one has an
explosive so be careful). The other way is through the main bridge road
that is guarded by a ton of punks and tanks (not recommended). Finally
you could use the train from your starting point. What you SHOULD do is
blow up that train station near the begining since it will blow up the
entire railroad which will fall on a LOT of those punks near the tank
on the other side of the river. A high explosive bomb is preferable to
use due to the danger of the railroad falling on you as well. With those 
punks thinned out, you can then use the pedestrian bridge and snipe the 
two punks easily.

On the other side of the river, we will start getting rid of the punks
that remained (and the tank). A good idea is to blow up the nearby small
buildings (they look like shops) so that the few remaining punks die
and the tank gets damaged. You can then finish it up with plasma.

You may notice there is a church nearby with tons of dead bodies. Inside
that church are 4 money bags worth 3.5 millions (who cares at this point
but for the sake of completion). You are adviced to blow up the building
first to see those bags and once you get them RUN LIKE THE WIND since
a satellite rain will be triggered.

The final and real objective is to kill those agents, the best way is to
snipe/retreat as you go back where the punks were. For the tank, just
plasma lance it. Go to extraction point and your done with your carnage!

2.1.32 EUROCORP 32 - Colombo

Initial Research : Displacertron (7900c) (18 scientists) who cares...
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Plasma Lances, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Clone Shields, 
                   4 Auto-Medikits (each), 2 Trigger Wires,
                   2 Statis Field, 1 EMPTY SPACE (each).

Only three missions left! And from this point on, this is the last time
you can equip, buy stuff, etc for your agents. All three following
missions are 3 parts of the same mission. If you fail step 2, then you 
will have to restart from step 2. But you cannot save anymore, this is
the moment of truth! As a result, research is useless.

You better equip your agents in consequences then, look above for the
recommended equipment, what is a must though are clone shields. You
should also make sure you got 1 empty space on each character.

When you start the mission, you have a stupid animation (press "R" to 
skip) and you notice that your four agents are separated, are on the 
four corners of the map, and each come with a team of agents. I hate 
that sort of situation where we are separated.

Ok now one thing you need to understand here is that the goal is not to
destroy everything and everyone. You need to INFILTRATE the elevator in
the center of the map, so the best way to do it is via Clone Shields.

So the idea is to first select agent #4 and drop him from his flying car
and then select the Clone Shield for every agents. Then zoom to the 
center of the map where the blip originates and with agent #1 selected,
double click that blip. Do the same for agent #2, #3 and #4. In the end,
all four agents will be in the center of the elevator and all their
worthless escort will be dead.

You can now deactivate the Clone Shield for everyone and the mission
should end right there. If not, blast the few Zealots with your Plasma
Lances from the relative safety of the elevator. When all are dead, then
the mission is sure to end.

Your treated to a movie cutscene!

2.1.33 EUROCORP 33 - Oribital Station

Initial Research : Displacertron (7900c) (18 scientists) who cares...
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Plasma Lances, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Clone Shields, 
                   4 Auto-Medikits (each), 2 Trigger Wires,
                   2 Statis Field, 1 EMPTY SPACE (each).

You will soon learn to DETEST this mission. It takes place on a space
station (the frame rate is terrible here also btw, if your using an
emulator such as DOSBox, you may want to climb the frame rate here using
CTRL+F12 and drop it back with CTRL+F11).

The main problem is that if a bomb explodes, then the mission's over. 
And since nearly every zealots have a bomb on their bodies when they
die... when you can see the frustration. Oh worst! Most of the space
station is covered with metal frames and whatnot making your field of
vision a nightmare to even SEE those bombs!!! Final thing to worry about
is this little yellow cart that drives around. Do NOT blow this thing
up as it will destroy the orbital station.

All enemies should be taken care by Plasma Lance and a very good tip
here would be to use the Statis Field on the enemy zealots before you
attack them as this will render them as docile as sheep. Perfect to
grab the bombs they are trying to plant everywhere!

So first head east on the corridor and shoot the two zealots on that
corridor (one of them has a bomb when he dies). When they are both dead,
you can proceed toward the blip. On the way another zealot with a bomb
will fight. Never forget to take those bombs or else all is lost.

At the blip, it looks like a difficult fight, but break their ambush by
using a statis field in the center. Both zealots will be hopeless and
you can shoot them quick. Then QUICKLY take both of their bombs! Take 
the codes from one of them (a briefcase) and your objective changes.

You need to disable 4 eletric fields that generate temporal walls. So
you will need to split up soon. First, go to the white dot on your map,
it is a spiderbot. Kill it and then go to the control station, a little
animation will play. Leave agent #4 here.

Then go back to the main tunnel and head all the way to the opposite of
where you came from. There's a zealot there that will drop a bomb. Take
the bomb and kill him. Behind is another control, so leave agent #3 at
this point.

Some temporal gates will have closed so with two agents go back to the
way you began the mission and then go on the other side. Make sure you
use temporal statis on the agent as he drops a bomb and if not pacified,
he makes it hard to disarm it. Then kill him.

You now need to go left, statis the zealot arriving, kill him and take
his bomb. A bit further is the 3rd console, so leave agent #2 there.

With only one agent (make sure he has statis field), go to the last
remaining place and statis/kill the zealot. Be careful for bombs. The
last console is there and you will have disarmed the temporal walls
permanently. The objective change where you need to kill two zealots and
deactivate the satellite. You can now group your four agents and go
toward the blip. To kill them easy, statis them and snipe them or use
the plasma lances. I believe they have bombs as well. Deactivate the
control and you will have one last objective.

Head toward the blip and wait in the corridor. When zealots arrive, use
the statis field and kill them quick. You need to disarm some bombs once
more... A final zealot should arrive, same tactic. Now for the two IFF
Mini-Turrets, switch to long range rifles and blast them.

The final enemy is a twist since he hides behind a temporal wall and
the only way to kill him is via sniper long range rifles. So snipe him
which will kill him and lower the temporal wall but QUICKLY RUN to his
body as soon as you can to disarm the last bomb (this one is in the nick
of time!). Take his briefcase, and then head to the end of the corridor.
Make sure all agents are at the very end (you may need to degroup) and
the mission will FINALLY end!!!

2.1.34 EUROCORP 34 - The Moon

Initial Research : Displacertron (7900c) (18 scientists) who cares...
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      -
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Plasma Lances, 4 Long Rifles, 4 Clone Shields, 
                   4 Auto-Medikits (each), 2 Trigger Wires,
                   2 Statis Field, 1 EMPTY SPACE (each).

Final Mission!!! First, group and run off a bit, the lift you came on
will blow up and damage your agents if you stay too close. Go to the
corridor down below and statis/plasma the 4 zealots there. When dead,
wait for the remaining zealots and spiderbots and kill them. This is a
great spot since they only arrive from one side. 

You can now walk on the moon! Go Syndicate! Go toward the west where two
scientists and their guards are located behind some walls. You should dispatch
those with an explosive of some sort by breaching the wall for easier access.
Kill the zealots and spiderbots that will go for you and obviously the two

When dead, you are ready for the other 7 scientists, so arm your plasma
lances and a statis field and go exterminate them. They are armed as 
well so be careful. When the last scientist falls, you won.

That's it for Syndicate EuroCorp Missions, Enjoy the lame ending!


2.2.1  CHURCH 1 - Detroit

Initial Research : None
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (3)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Uzi

Here starts the Church of the New Epoch walktrough. Technically the bad
guys of the game... or are they? As we start we cannot do research, and
we start low in cash. Your should sell all three uzis from agents #2, #3
and #4 to only keep one agent equipped.

As you start, group your zealots and kill the two guards that are in
the immediate area. Take their uzis so you should have 3 zealots with
guns. Try to hunt for a cop and kill him to get his uzi, all four of
your guys are equipped now.

Directly go south and climb in that cop car that is parked there. You
can now drive to the syndicate compound and pass the gate. Once inside,
stay in the car (as it protects you from the big laser turret) and do 
drive-bys on the syndicate agents (most look like guards). When they are
all dead, get inside the building by click on the blip on the map. When
the objective change to "depart", then get back in your car and drive
back to your point of origin. Get off the car to get in the extraction

2.2.2  CHURCH 2 - Buenos Aires

Initial Research : MiniGun (18000c) (4 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    Indecrinator
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (3)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Uzi

Back at the office, you got 3 new messages. Even if the first one they
recommend is Tripoli, we will do Buenos Aires first to get two new 
scientists. There is also a bank here to blow up to boost our finances
considerably, and conveniently 2 bombs we can steal from a punk's corpse
that will be used in this mission. So start by selling 3 uzis (only one 
zealot will be equipped) and start researching minigun at 18000c. 
Unfortunately, we need to buy an indecrinator (the zealot clone of the 
persuardertron) for 15000c.

As you start the mission, your first goal should be to kill 3 cops to
get their uzis. Afterward, even if facultative, it would be a good idea
to start persuading civilians and then cops because it will make things
a bit easier that way. There are lots of cops on this map, so you can
easily get yourself a cop army. You now need to head to the first blip
on the map which is an enclosed area guarded by two cops. 

One of the reason why I recommended persuading enough civilians is to
be able to quickly persuade those two cops without being slowed down.
Your real objective here is to get the 2 bombs that are from a dead punk
and you need to move quick. As soon as you enter the area, a small shop
will blowup on the left and a male punk will get killed by the blast.
He has two explosives (and a minigun) on him and you want to take those
bombs asap. Then quickly go kill the female punk and look-a-here, she
had a moneybag, so grab that. Now you might be tempted to go persuade
your target, but don't go there yet. He's safe where he is.

You can then take care of the bank which is just a bit north-east of 
your current position. So go blow it up with one explosive and as it
falls, go grab the 4 moneybags. Proceed north-east a bit and you have
a few guards here armed with miniguns (and one has a long-range rifle!)
so be careful about him and make sure to get those weapons. There is 
also a scientist in this compound, so go persuade him. You can now 
return more safely to persuade your original target on the south-west.

Your last target is guarded but not too heavily, so you shouldn't be in
any trouble. Go over where the blip points and head north-west to kill
a few guards. Once dead, search this area as there is a scientist that
roams, perusade him. Your last guy to persuade is the blip.

Be careful here, as when you reach his position, two punks will pop from
nowhere and shoot canisters of knockout gas. Kill them quickly even 
though you have a very bad angle of view and when dead, persuade your 
target and get the two canisters of gas from the dead punks.

Only bring your menagerie of persuaded fools back at the extraction and
you are done.

2.2.3  CHURCH 3 - Tripoli

Initial Research : Long Range Rifle (11000c) (6 scientists)
Target to aim for: 5 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (4), Minigun (4), Knockout gas (2)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Long Range Rifle, 1 Endocrinator, 1 Bomb

What a payoff! 2 new scientists, 1 million dollar and already access to
long range rifle right off mission 2!! We will halt the minigun
research for now and switch to long range rifle at 11000c hoping it will
be done in 5 days. You can also sell everything but keep one long range 
rifle, the bomb and the indocrinator.

This mission is easy, start by using the long range rifle to kill your
first punk and pry the uzi from it's dead cold hands. Even though you
might be tempted to continue using the long range rifle, remember that
without research, you cannot take advantage of it much. So when you are
comfortable with it, switch to uzi and hunt more punks for them.

Of all of them, only one has a minigun worth taking, the bank has no
money in it so don't waste your explosive here. There's a zealot here
also that is friendly and don't do much more than guard his church.

All and all, it's just a punk extermination mission and in the end you
should have long range rifle researched (if not reload).

2.2.4  CHURCH 4 - Santiago

Initial Research : Minigun (12000c) (6 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (4), Minigun (1)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Long Range Rifle, 1 Endocrinator, 1 Bomb

Ok now with long range rifles researched we got one of the best guns in
the game right at the begining! What's best is that in this new mission,
we will be able to equip all four agents with one! So in the meantime, 
you can go back to minigun research which is always a good sidearm. Keep
the long range rifle, explosive and endocrinator.

This mission SUCKS! It feels like fighting over ants and some other
douchebag is trying to win your ants back from you. Anyway... You start
next to a church complex in a car, stupid little animation to tell you
that you have a car.. woo ooo.

Use the car and ride it east (aka, away from the action) and start
persuading as many citizens as you can (you'll need over 30 in this 
mission). Problem is, some punks will start to exterminate citizens and
4 guards will move also will disrupters to make you loose control over
your citizens! If you do this part too late, you'll end up with a dead
city full of corpse and an impossibility to win this mission.

So as you persuade, your priority should be to snipe those damm guards
with the disruptors and obviously kill every punks in sight. When the
outer city is cleaned up of the 4 guards (you can get their disruptors
btw) and killed the punks and you got about 30 citizens persuaded with
zealot #4, then your ready to get more power.

On one of the corner of the map are a few cops armed with mini-guns. You
don't *have* to, but it will really simplify your job if you persuade
them all to join your side. This can be tricky since they will shoot you
real quick with the miniguns, so you may want to rush them from a corner
and/or activate your supershield (click on the ammo bar so it becomes
red) for a short burst as you persuade them.

You should now put a bit of distance with your 30 idiot citizens and
climb on a car to drive faster. All zealots + all cops will get in,
leaving the citizens in the dust where they will be safe. You want to
reach that train station before the citizens follow you. Get in the 
train with the cops and be ready for a battle.

As soon as you arrive to the inner city station, you get greated by a
squad of guards armed with miniguns (here's why having cops even the
fight a bit). Shoot'em all and get their miniguns.

Among the inner city, you have a bunch of guards armed with either long
range rifles or miniguns. They are easy to snipe, but the dangerous
factor here is mostly the flying car. You can easily save yourself by
hiding in one of the parked cars laying around while you and the cops
blow up the flying car. When all the enemies are dead, leaves us with
our actual target.

Again make sure that you had at least 30 citizens persuaded (and still
alive somewhere on the map) otherwise persuading the agent won't work.
The big frustration though is that as soon as you get close to the agent
he will panic and run away. His goal is normally to go for a flying car
or a normal car and then you cannot persuade him at all. If he ever gets
in a car, the mission is essentially a failure. So to prevent that, it
could be a wise idea to blow up every cars there is, park them as FAR as
possible and be ready to have enough energy to run. Try to surprise him
by charging him from the corner of a building and pray that you run 
faster than him!

When done, go to extraction point.

2.2.5  CHURCH 5 - Johanesburg

Initial Research : Body 2 (51000c) (6 scientists)
Target to aim for: 5 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (4), Minigun (4), Disruptor (4)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 1 Endocrinator, 1 Bomb

Your research for minigun should be done. Let's just keep using the
long rifles though, and put the research for Body 2. Sell every weapons
you don't need and let's get started.

The idea here is that a truck will depart from a bank and drive to their
base. Instead of going for the bank that is guarded with tons of cops
(the current blip spot) you should instead start running north-west to
their base. You can then easily snipe all the guards there and as you
wait, loot their uzis and miniguns. Just wait and lay low for a couple
minutes until the truck finally show up. The reason why your doing this
in this order, is that once the money is in their building, you cannot
get it back seemingly.

After a while, the convoy should arrive (two cars and the truck). Wait
that they park their vehicles and then kill as a priority the purple
syndicate agent that carries the briefcase (I would suggest using the
miniguns for him since he's a quick sneaky bastard and the miniguns will
slow him down). You can then kill the remaining guards the way you want.

Just nearby to the south is a powerplant with a scientist in there, a 
nice little bonus for you to persuade. Then you should take a ride in
the convoy truck (since it's well armored).

Two waves of guards will try to stop your escape, but just snipe them
and laugh at their corpses. Make your way to the extraction point and
kill the guards that try to stop you. Get off the armored car and at
the extraction point the mission ends.

PS: The bank cannot be robbed, the content of over 1 million credits is
    already in your hands when you took the briefcase.

2.2.6  CHURCH 6 - Geneva

Initial Research : Body 2 (35000c) (7 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (4), Minigun (4)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Long Range Rifle, 1 Endocrinator, 1 Medikit

If Body 2 is not done, reduce the funding a bit since we now have a 7th
scientist on board. Sell the crap but always keep your long rifles.

This mission is original, cool albeit a bit frustrating. You don't get
to play your zealot agents this time around, but you play a civilian
armed with a sniper rifle and an indocrinator. So I'm sure your glad
that we researched long range rifles! The difficulty here though is that
you have no armor, no shields, so you can die real easy. You NEED to
rely on your sniper rifle and to run away when needed as your gun take
it's sweet time reloading.

The mission is really straight forward though, you simply need to snipe
every purple agents on the map north of your starting point (you will
have to retreat a few times as you reload). When they are all dead, you
can then persuade the civilan in the building.

As you make your way out, two agents will surprise you by coming out
from the building across the street. Snipe them both and then walk to
your extraction point, that's it.

2.2.7  CHURCH 7 - Vancouver

Initial Research : Body 3 (61000c) (6 scientists)
Target to aim for: 5 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      None
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  1 Long Range Rifle

Body 2 is done, and although we lost a scientist due to magical fairy
reasons (or whatever), you can research Body 3 at the price of 610000c.

Another Mission with our civilian Mirabelle De Saio, this time equipped
with only a sniper rifle. It all starts with a worthless little animation. 
Be careful here as the constant rain and purple coats of the 
agents make them really hard to spot, rely on your map a lot to see the 
red dots.

There is not really an order of whom agents to kill first as they roam
a bit in loose paterns. You should just focus on the red dots on the
map and kill the closest to you. 

Your objective is to go grab a briefcase on a building up north. It is
guarded with a bunch of agents (one of whom has a laser gun if your
interested, but you won't keep it for research). When you got it, you 
can return to extraction point, there may still be a few agents trying 
to stop you in the process, so just snipe them.

2.2.8  CHURCH 8 - Hong Kong

Initial Research : Legs 2 (30000c) (6 scientists)
Target to aim for: 5 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      None
Cyber Bought:      Body 3 (4)
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 1 Endocrinator, 1 Bomb

If your lucky, Body 3 will be researched by now and you can finally
start boosting your four zealots with body 3 cyber-mod. This will make
you tanks, which will be especially important for this mission. You can
then start researching Legs 2.

As you start, you will be attacked by a group of punks armed with a
combo of miniguns, uzis and long range rifles. Snipe them all and if you
want, quickly take their guns. Notice the taxi here, you will need it 

Run to the main street and if you get attacked by green cars drove by
punks, just snipe them until they blow up. Be careful as those carry
explosives, so when the car blows up, so does the explosives.

Your goal is to quickly go at the second road intersection where waves
of punks will arrive. The male punks have miniguns while the red haired
female punks have long range rifles AND High explosive Bombs. The most
dangerous are obviously the females, especially that you want to get
those bombs when they die and the male punks make that pickup quite
hard. The best strategy is to lure the female punks to you as you snipe
a few male punks. When the females are isolated enough, snipe them and
then quickly grab their bombs before they blow up. There's a total of
four bombs you can get here.

When those are taken care of, finish off the remaining male punks and
the mission will say it's done, but WAIT! First off we'll kidnap two
scientists before you press that spacebar.

Simply go to the begining and get in the parked taxi. Use it to go to
the vehicle door in the compound with a few guards. Snipe the 3 guards,
then persuade both scientists. You can then press the spacebar to end
the mission.

2.2.9  CHURCH 9 - Rome

Initial Research : Legs 2 (11000c) (8 scientists)
Target to aim for: 2 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (4), Minigun (4)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 1 Endocrinator, 7 Bombs

Legs 2 is maybe not finished so drop the funding a bit and continue that
research. For equipment, only long range rifles are necessary (you can
even acquire some on site if you want to sell some, also there is a
bank to blow up for 400000c, explosives are also found on site if you
need more).

This mission is a butchery. Using Long Range rifles, you can essentially
just snipe every punks, police and agents that come your way. Chances
are that they will all converge toward you slowly and you can pick them
out from the crowd as they come to you. Miniguns are also a good valid
option if you don't mind butchering civilians in the process.

Be careful about explosions on this mission, especially when you reach
the north-west section (you'll know it by the ammount of dead bodies
all over) where a satellite rain bomb will bring it to hell, so on this
place, just go to the area and then back off until the fireworks are

Another point of notice is the police station that will blow up by two
bombs set by punks. Don't try to get those bombs since they are hidden
behind the building and chances are you'll blow up along with the police
station (hey, it ain't bad to have a few less cops right? ;) Only prob
with that is that they also blowup the cop car you may have used to go
inside the guard base. But we'll use explosives, it's better.

When all punks are dead, you can technically end the mission, but let's
not. Instead put a bomb at the vehicle doorway where there are lots of
pink dots (guards). By blowing it up, it will also kill a few guards. A
lot of them will start to pour but do not be afraid, just snipe them
and minigun the rest. In that base, are also 3 syndicate agents guarded
by 3 IFF turrets (seems like a weird place to put them). When everyone
is dead, you can do three things.

One is to persuade the two scientists roaming around this place. Two is
to blow up the bank on the north-east side and get the 4 moneybags when
it's blown. Three, on the west inside that base (just south of where the
3 syndicate agents were with their turrets) is a building with the hard
to spot *secret* 1rst Epidermis (you can see it by a single dot on the
map). You can get it if you move your mouse around the building doors
a bit, or if you get exasperated, just blow up the damm thing and get it
where you can see it!

When all's that done, you can end the mission.

2.2.10  CHURCH 10 - Santiago

Initial Research : Launcher (53000c) (10 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (4), Minigun (4)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 1 Endocrinator, Bombs

Legs 2 should be done and looka here, Launchers is ALREADY available in
the research section! The zealots really know how to research things 
blazingly FAST! So of course go for that. Sell your crap, all you need
is long range rifles.

OK you start next to a train station and a bunch of punks and agents 
(with the occasional cop) will converge to try to overwhelm you. Just
snipe them and it should stop them in their tracks. There's a lot of
them throughout the outer city, so just go carefully and snipe every
vilains you see. 

Your goal is to go save the two churches (on the outer city) in the 
north-east. There are a few guards and IFF mini-turrets there so just
lure the guards away from the turrets and snipe them. Be careful as they
all carry bombs, so when they die, run to get them. You don't want those
bombs to explode in your church right? Then snipe the turrets and
believe it or not, the mission is done.

PS: For an extra worthless challenge, you can take the train to the 
    inner city, where an army of punks are waiting for you. When you get
    off the train, RUN south-west (maybe even activate super shield)
    and then snipe every punks from the streets. There's a lot of them
    with strickly no point to do that, I guess it's just for fun.

2.2.11  CHURCH 11 - Tripoli

Initial Research : Launcher (26000c) (10 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Uzi (4), Minigun (4)
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 1 Endocrinator, Bombs

Continue researching launchers if it's not done, we'll need them for the
next mission. Sell the crap, all you need are long shot rifles.

This mission is weird... You essentially have four zealot friends who
are walking along the masses with indocrinators and convert tons of
civilians/cops/agents to their flock as they walk along. No enemies
really seem to want to attack them, so they should be safe unless you
suck at killing the tons of punks, cops, cop cars and syndicate agents
that are hiding among the crowd. The most annoying ones are the guys
that hide with clone shields. Just focus on your map to spot red dots and 
try to kill any targets that come your way.

Eventually, the four zealots will all flock to the church and once in
there, the mission will end. Now as a fun twisted ending, it appears
that when the targets are in the church they "awaken" and then turn
berserk, killing each others. In fact, it goes as dramatic as having
them blow up explosives so everyone dies in one go!

Tragic. But hey, steal the stuff they were carrying (clone shields!!, 
guns and persuadertrons) and call this a day.

PS: Even if they state the bank can be robbed, there's no money in it.

2.2.12  CHURCH 12 - Johanesburg

Initial Research : Legs 3 (11000c) (10 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    Launchers (4)
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 1 Endocrinator, 
                   Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

Launcher is done! We got Long range rifles, launchers and miniguns. A
super nice combo to tackle most everything. Let's research Legs 3 then.
Sell the crap you don't need, but hey, keep those 4 clone shields you
got in the past mission (if you got them) since you will get a bonus in 
this mission if you did, or at least make your life a lot easier.

Start off and closeby will be 3 agents, just dispose of them. On the map
are 3 taxi cars with punks in them, if you want to simplify your life,
just shoot them with snipe or launchers.

The real mission starts when you arrive on the premises of the zealot
base (where the blip is). But we ain't gonna do that! Instead we will
arrive dressed up with our clone shield and a persuadertron (you can
activate the clone shield and THEN the persuadertron and you will still
be cloned). The reason why we do this is to snatch a scientist for our
team (otherwise he'll probably die in the carnage) and to KILL the spy
scientist that place the bombs across the complex just before his agents
arrive. To distinguish between both is easy, one can be persuaded while
the other cannot. So as soon as you got your tech persuaded (say with
agent #4) you should bring agent #4 and the tech far away from the base
and away from streets, just in case.

with your remaining three agents, wait that your in sight of the spy
dressed up as a scientist and switch from your clone disguise to sniper
and snipe him! Grab his bombs so they do not explode, and from this 
point on, you will have the full support of your zealot base and no
building destroyed! The agents will arrive by flying cars, just snipe or
launch them and their cars, it doesn't matter how many of your fellow
zealots die. 

When all agents are dead, the mission will tell you to return to your
point of origin. But when you get there, you will have the bad surprise
of a car and 4 extra agents waiting for you. They are easy if you start
by sniping the car from a relative distance (it should not even move)
and then snipe the remaining agents.

Seems like the coast is clear, but it actually isn't (especially since
you are escorting a scientist). They placed razor wire traps at the very
entrance of your extraction point between the entrance of the gate. You
can either leave the tech a bit behind and make a run for it, which will
damage your zealots a bit but not kill them and then quickly press the
spacebar before the tech joins you. Or if you want, you can simply blow
the entire gate off and make your own damm way in.

All and all, you got a new scientist if you followed the plan above.

2.2.13  CHURCH 13 - Buenos Aires

Initial Research : Arms 2 (21000c) (11 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      Legs 3, Arms 2, Brains 2
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 1 Endocrinator, 
                   Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

Legs 3 is researched, so time to equip that for everyone. We are finally
going to run fast! You can research Arms 2 now. This mission is rather
difficult, so I would suggest that you get arms 1 and brains 1 on your
agents since it's so cheap. Furthermore, if you want to get a finacial
boost at the lost of an agent's life, it could be an idea to exchange
one of your good agent for a crappy one (only for this mission, the crap
agent will serve as a scapegoat).

Now for the mission, start by going east from your position and before
attacking the main compound, try to clean up the normal and flying cars
that are driven by guards (pink dots) in the main city otherwise, you 
will surely be overwhelmed.

When your ready for some serious action go straight for that base and 
then wait for the enemies to arrive. Snipe them one by one and use the 
launcher when there are too many enemies in a pack. Just be careful as 
there is a scientist in the area that you don't want dead. Seriously,
there are a LOT of enemies at once here, so be careful. If you want,
you can then persuade the scientist (or wait when phase 2 is done).

Phase two consist of destroying another base filled with guards. And 
again there's lots of them. There is another scientist roaming around
from one building to another, make sure that he is out of the way (when
he is up north) when you attack. You can blow up that building on the 
south of the base to kill many guards at once, but it's tricky. When
everyone is dead, you can persuade the second scientist. 

Finally in the northern building of this base is a money briefcase (you 
can see it from the single dot on the map). If you want to really see 
the briefcase, you can blow up that building first. But the problem is 
to get it. Since the briefcase is booby trapped with a bomb, chances are
that anyone who try to get it will explode and die. Here's why we were
clever to bring along a cheap agent that will be the scapegoat for this.
Simply bring your cheap zealot to the briefcase (he'll die) and then
safely take the briefcase with your second agent.

When your done, go to the extraction point with your 2 techs. For the
next mission, you can switch back to your good agent and enjoy the
200000c extra you just made.

PS: Weird bug, if you did the zealot sacrifice tactic above, the name
    of your zealots will have all changed to other random values. Don't
    worry as nothing else changed, just their names. Weird...

2.2.14  CHURCH 14 - Cairo

Initial Research : Arms 2 (5000c) (13 scientists)
Target to aim for: 1 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 1 Endocrinator, 
                   Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

I was rather disapointed that my research was not done, but since the
previous mission was such a bitch to do, I went ahead. One more day of
research for Arms 2. Switch your agents around to be back to your good

A real joke mission this one. After the stupid worthless animation of
you driving a car, just go to the top north and follow the super-thin
alley between the houses as you go toward your objective. If you were
lucky like me, the target is in sniping distance from this vantage
point. Snipe him and go back to the extraction point to end this joke.

If you want the second epidermis though, it is located in one of the
small buildings guarded by a row of guards. Just use a clone shield to
get it.

2.2.15  CHURCH 15 - Bahrain

Initial Research : Arms 3 (47000c) (13 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 1 Endocrinator, 
                   Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

Arms 2 is done, now research Arms 3.

Technically, you can have a tank here, but it sucks for this mission, so
don't get too excited about it. You can "liberate" it though by killing
a few cops and punks but do it just for fun. If you played the EuroCorp
missions, you'll remember this tactic. Since the bridge ahead is blocked
by a bunch of enemies, just go to the North-West train station and blow
it up with an explosive. It will create a chain reaction where the train
rails will blow up and kill about all the guards blocking the bridge!

You can then cross the bridge and snipe everyone that comes your way.
All enemies are equipped with either launchers or lasers which don't
have a range as good as your sniper rifles, so simply snipe/retreat and
when done, go to extraction point.

2.2.16  CHURCH 16 - Singapore

Initial Research : Brain 2 (34000c) (13 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      Arms 3
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 1 Endocrinator, 
                   Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

Finally Arms 3 should be done. You can buy that for everybody and start
feeling like a bad ass with your metal biceps.

Yes those animations sucks ass, you cannot even skip it grrrr. As soon
as you FINALLY get hold of your characters, group and equip long range
rifle. Start by sniping the guard and the punks around (loot their gear
if you want). Then steal the flying car.

Approach the bank to the west and start sniping the guards as you hover
above the water. Soon a car will arrive with two guards inside, do NOT
destroy that car or else mission failed. But you should snipe the two
guards. Continue having fun sniping those idiots guarding the bank and
eventually a second car will arrive (don't destroy that one either) with
one driver you need to shoot. 

When the coast is clear, land your flying car down and steal the first
bullion car. Drive it to the extraction point and after run all the way
back to the back to steal the second bullion car. Drive that back to the
extraction point and mission's over with 2 millions credits more in your
greedy pockets!

2.2.17  CHURCH 17 - London

Initial Research : Brain 3 (36000c) (13 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  Nothing! (Eventually Long Range Rifle)

Brains 2 should be done, go for Brains 3. Unfortunately we won't go with
much brain or brawl with the next mission because we start off again
with the civilian Mirabelle that is unarmed and unarmored! Shit, this
will suck.

Alright, first step is to head north where a fight will occur between
a super agent and a few punks. The agent always win and should down some
punks with miniguns and long range rifles. You can take a minigun but
you definately want a long shot rifle. Ok finally we have a decent gun,
but don't equip it yet! You don't want to alert the cops or the agent.
The agent will spot you even if you have a gun that is not equipped!

Instead wait until the real assistant arrives by car, quickly pull your
longshot rifle, kill her and DROP THE GUN! If you carry it (even if it
is unequip, the agent will see through it and shoot you).

Hopefully nobody saw you do the deed and you can now walk up to the
professor. You will get a new objective to escort the professor to go
get his briefcase at his lab. Take the car the assistant came in and
drive south-west with the professor toward the blip. Park the car and
you can access the lab (blip) toward a ramp. First time this happens, 
you will be surprised, so I'll tell you right away. When you climb up
that ramp, terrorists will bomb the first round building with a deadly
satellite rain assault. So quickly climb the ramp and quickly climb it
back down to street level. Wait and see the explosions take out one or
two buildings. You can then safely climb back up the ramp and head for
the blip. You need to take the briefcase inside the building. It's hard
to see (since it's inside a damm building!) but it's directly in the
center of the double doors.

This will trigger the 3rd objective which is to go to the podium. Run
to the podium with the doctor in tail (or take the car for the little
drive if you want, somtimes punks attack your car if it is unatended) 
and the trick is to go "in front" of the podium when your looking at the
screen (essentially put yourself in between the crown and the podium 
while being on the stage).

Your fourth objective is just to.. wait. Yep, you gotta wait for the
doc to make his damm speech. Finally when he's done, the fifth and last
objective is to take back the green car and use it to drive the doc off
the map to the east at the end of the road.

All and all, a super easy mission WHEN you know what to do. But man was
it boring...

2.2.18  CHURCH 18 - New York

Initial Research : Pulse Laser (22000c) (13 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      Brains 3
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 1 Endocrinator, 
                   Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

Finally and hopefully, Brains 3 will be researched which means we can
equip all of or zealots with brains 3 and we are done with researching
cyber-mods. You can then focus on weapon research and at this point, I
would suggest Pulse Laser.

For the mission itself, don't bother escorting your friendly zealot and
go straight south of your position to attack the bank. There's a few
cops here and as soon as you attack them, a bunch of them will arrive
on foot along with two police flying cars. Just snipe them all. Then
blow up the bank using an explosive and grab the 4 money bags for a very
quick 2 millions credits! (Man the zealots are rich compared to the
syndicate scenario!).

We can now go for the real mission: Make your way south west and you will
see a major temple with lots of your zealot friends. A bit north of that
is a building patrolled by 4 guards, snipe them. When that is cleared
continue north to the streets and look at that beautiful carnage. Bodies
everywhere (mostly citizens) courtesy of your zealot friends. There are
a few more guards to snipe, among which two flying cars and a parked
car filled with guys with explosives (be careful about those as when the
car blows up, it's baghdad all over again).

You can then take the green car parked nearby and head to the center of
the map at the heliport where a flying car is in waiting. Don't go too
close and snipe it until it explodes (there were a bunch of guards in
there with long range rifle that would have been annoying afterward).

Get back in your car and this time go to your objective blip inside the
eurocorp base. Snipe the few guards around or use a minigun on them. You
can then take the briefcase from the building (again WHY THE HELL do
they constantly put those things INSIDE A BUILDING WHERE WE CANNOT SEE
IT!!!!!!!). Pweew... When you finally locate the briefcase, either take
your car or the truck parked here and drive back out toward the blip.

At the blip (which just happened to be the big church full of zealots),
when you reach it a huge army of guards will converge. It looks quite
impressive but in fact there's not much to worry about since your army
of zealot is stronger. You can assist by using the sniper rifle if you
want. When the coast is clear, run for it to the north-west back to your
initial starting point and be careful as it is now guarded by two guys
with rocket launchers. If your not quick enough, a second wave will be
on your tail, but hey with Legs 3, who can catch you right?

2.2.19  CHURCH 19 - Riyah

Initial Research : Pulse Laser (7000c) (13 scientists)
Target to aim for: 2 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 1 Endocrinator, 
                   Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

For me lasers was not done yet, so a few extra days of it... I hate this
research system.

for the mission itself, right when it start, make sure you snipe the
guard that tries to sabotage the bridge and RUN to get that explosive
before it blows up. If you fail that, restart...

When that occurs, two flying cars and a couple'o guards will arrive to
attack, blow them off the sky. You may notice some cars in the street,
you should blow them up.

When that's cleaned, your first target should be the building up north
behind the vehicle gate. With your launchers (or a bomb) you can blowup
that gate and then kill everyone inside. Blowup the building and that's
one down.

You can now attack the main base in the middle by sniping the guards and
cars around. In the flying car, there is one guy with a bomb so backoff
when the car crash and land. On my game, when that car blew up, it was
close to the base so the walls crumbled down. You can also replicate
that with an explosive or launchers if that did not happen to you. It
makes sniping the rest of the guards easier.

Notice that there is a scientist among all that so when everyone is dead
you would be wise to *persuade* him to join you. Then bring the zealot
that persuaded him away from the base to lure him off the premises. With
your remaining 3 zealots, switch to launchers and blow up the two silos
to hell.

You can then go back to extraction point and your done.

2.2.20  CHURCH 20 - Cape Town

Initial Research : Clone Shield (42000c) (14 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 1 Endocrinator, 
                   Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

Finally lasers are done so if you feel like it, you can carry that or
miniguns. These should not be needed, since you will get your hands on
laser guns and eletric guns right at the start of the mission. Of course, 
keep your trusty sniper rifles and launchers. I would then suggest 
researching clone shield in the meantime.

As you start, you will obviously be treated to a stupid animation in
which your agents decided to take a joyride in a flying car. It is hard
to follow and you will actually be attacked by tons of punks while you
cannot do anything to defend yourself... Oh well. Finally you land in 
the MIDDLE of a gang of punks (so much for a tactical approach) so, 
simply shoot them all down. They are not hard at all. If you need laser
or electric guns, loot them from their dead bodies.

When the initial set of enemies are done for, you can proceed to clean
the rest of the green dots on your map, preferably with the Long Rifle
and with Red Mist psychotrope on as there are a LOT of green punks up
north and you may start to get over-run. Most of them have lasers or
electric guns, but there are a few with rocket launchers, flamers and
maybe even one or two with sniper Long Rifles (those are the worst).

When the carnage is done, you may notice that you got some help even
further north by a few purple agents that arrived in a flying car. But
since punks were crawling in that area, chances are all those agents are
now dead and a few punks went to hell with them.

Ok, now if you downloaded this FAQ, it is probably because of this 
mission. The objective tells you to go toward the blip on the map to 
"proceed to IML Link", but the problem is that this is the SECOND
objective. The first is to secure De Saxo which is NOT cued by a damm
blip! So.. I will try my best to tell you where she is.

First off, she should not be in any danger since she is safely inside
a building and as a result, no punks got to her. The building you are
looking for is north of where you started (where there's a lot of dead
punks now), in close proximity of the flying car parked up north. If
we start from the flying car, you should see 3 long buildings just south
of the car. A bit south of those long buildings, you should see 3 tiny
square buildings with doors that can open and close. De Saxo is in the
left-most tiny square building. Enter that building and she will follow
you automatically.

Since every punks are dead, you can now bring her to the SECOND objective
on the red blip next to the train station and end this mission. Easy to
win, but fix your damm objectives please... geeze.

2.2.21  CHURCH 21 - Bangkok

Initial Research : Satellite Rain (11000c) (14 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 1 Endocrinator, 
                   Bombs (4), Clone Shield (4).

Hopefully for you, Clone Shield will be researched. So we can go for the
deadly Satellite Rain. You can sell extra guns you don't need, but keep
your standard equipment, especially the Long Range Rifles and obligatory 
one Endocrinator. A few bombs (4 would be good) are also quite utilitary.
In the mission you will quickly be able to get miniguns  and lasers if 
you want them, bombs are also aplenty if you feel cocky enough to get them 
from dead punks.

Ok, this mission is a true battlezone! Lots of punks, many of them booby
trapped with bombs as soon as they die. But that's the least of your trouble
as the entire city is being bombarded by Satellite Rains plus the ground is
plagued by invisible mines. What this all means is that you will probably
have to restart this mission many times since it is nearly impossible for
me to tell you exactly where all the bombs and satellite rains are going to
erupt. Just expect a lot of bombs going off everywhere and punks having
bombs on them for extra bam bada booms. 

An advice I can give you though is about the Satellite Rains: Before the 
area gets bombed, it will make a small "weeeeez" noise. When you hear that 
noise, simply return to an area that has been previously bombed and you 
will be safe there until the rain of explosions is done.

As for those DAMM invisible mines. You cannot see them and if you touch one, 
you die. As simple as that. Sadly enough, even with supershield ON, you will
still die. So there is nothing to be done about those stupid things (even
bombing the area where it is will not make it blow up!!), only trial and 
error will prevail here. I will try my best to inform you of the ones I know 
of though. The best advice I can give you here is to avoid going in the
middle of the map. Try to stay on the edges, no mines are there.

Ok, so here we go. Group your team and equip Long Range Rifles. Don't stay
where you start as a Satellite Rain will start in a moment. So quickly make
your way south, while killing the immediate punks in the area. Your safe 
zone will be on that alley in between the edge of the map and the church.
Wait until the Satellite Rain is done and that the immediate punks are dead.
If you want Miniguns and/or Lasers, they should have some laying around here.

When the bombing is done, return where you started. Now be careful NOT to go
where the Satellite Rain just expoded (the blasted ground) since there is a 
mine straight in the middle of that!

From your starting point, you can head north in between the river and the
train station to snipe the pink dots on the other side of the river. Some
of them also sport Long Range Rifles, but if your quick (turn on Red Mist
if you want here) you'll be able to kill them all in no time. When that is
done, return to the starting position.

Next, you will want to travel alongside the river that separates you from 
your objective. This area is mine-free and what we want to do is start 
sniping the guards on the other side of the river (pink dots). A good sniping 
spot is just nearby the starting point alongside the river, before you reach 
the buildings next to the river. From that road, you can turn on Red Mist and 
wait and snipe the guards that will come in and out of that door when their 
patrol leads them there. They cannot kill you, but you can kill them, so take 
advantage of that. Be aware that some punks might converge to you while you 
do that, so keep an eye open.

When this squad of guards are dead, then you can go toward those buildings 
next to the riverside, but QUICKLY run back where you were since you will 
surely hear that "weeeez" sound and a nice Satellite Rain will blast the 
first part of that building. When the blast is done, you can go next to the 
river and snipe the other guards that will patrol their side of the building. 

IMPORTANT: Among those guards, you will notice that there is also an enemy 
purple agent along with two scientists. Obviously, do NOT snipe the labcoats
since you want to "persuade" them later on. As for the purple agent, you
want to kill him because if you wait too long, he will go berserk and kill
your target (mission over). So wait until all four of your agents have full
power to their Long Range Rifles and snipe him cold. The interesting thing
to note here, is that when he dies, the two scientists that followed him now
stop abruptly. So you may want to kill the agent when the two scientists are
at a good safe place *away* from the IFF Turrets and Laser Turrets.

Continue hugging the riverside and be mindful not to go too much south since
there is a mine or two between your point and the road. As you reach the
destroyed bridge (how convenient), you will spot two IFF Turrets on the 
other side of the river. You can easily snipe them both until they blow up.

From this point, you should wait it off a bit and turn on Red Mist to get
all the punks that will at one point or another converge to your position.
They will come to you, it's just a matter of time. They have a wide range of
weapons but the ones you want to be careful of are the ones with Launchers
and the ones with Long Range Rifles. Also, be careful for the fireworks since
many of them carry bombs when they die. Now you MIGHT be tempted to go get
those bombs, but seriously, since you never know where a mine could be, I
would not risk it unless your 100% sure the punk died at a safe spot and it's
easy to go get the bomb. Make sure that you get as much punks as you can here
and when you feel the coast is clear, you can continue.

From the destroyed bridge, continue hugging the river but eventually back
up real quick since another Satellite Rain will blow up just next to the
train station you'll soon need to embark. A few more punks might bother you
so finish them off. On the other side of the river, you can also snipe a few
extra guards, clear up as much as you can.

Now continue hugging the river until you reach the train station (be careful
not to go diagonal from the river since there is a mine nearby). Keep hugging
walls and when you are next to the train station, we can go for a secondary
objective that is quite easy to get: rob the bank.

The bank is located south of the train station but to reach it, be careful
to hug the edge of the map to avoid mines. Be careful as you reach the bank
since it is protected by statis fields and sleeping gases. Just trigger them
and run away back to the train station. When they are expired, go back to the
bank and this time you will trigger a Satellite Rain! Again run back to the
train station. Finally, the coast is clear, you can plant a bomb (it took me
two) on the bank to blow it up. There are 3 briefcases to pick up for a total
of apparently 2.5 miliions dollars.

Now that this is done, we can attack that base. So go back to the train
station and board it. I would advice you keep the Long Rifles armed with 
Red Mist ON (even while on the train) since your Zealots may snipe one or
two guards from the train (pretty cool). When you are off the train, you
should be very careful as you still got lots of guards in there, and they 
are armed with Long Range Rifles, Lasers, Launchers and even Plasma Lances!

The safest way is to lure them to you. There is a staircase leading to the
rest of the base (be mindful of the laser turret nearby, sometimes it can
get you). So climb that stair, say hello by shooting a bullet or two to get
their attention and then climb down the stairs next to the train station and 
wait for them next to the fence. As soon as they turn the corner, snipe them 
one by one. This can take some time, but trust me you don't want to restart 
this damm mission at this point.

When the base is clear, you can start looting the Plasma Lances (you should
find 3 in this area). And send a lone operative armed with two bombs forward.
Hopefully you followed my advice now and the scientists are far away from
where the laser turrets are. As you know, these are deadly but since they do
not see you from this point since a wall is blocking their field of vision,
then you can place a bomb right next to the wall and when it blows, it will
take out the turret on the other side of the wall! Do that for both turrets.
You can then regroup for a bit, arm Long Range Rifles and go to the parking 
lot of this base to snipe the last laser turret. OK, now all enemies should
be dead and the only people left should be those two scientists and the lone
pink guard near a reactor (this is your target).

Now another frustrating part.... You need to persuade this guy, but since
he is a gov agent, you need 15 "Persuade Points" first. Yeah I know.. at this
point I was fed up too. So, ungroup your Zealots and simply use the one who
has the Endocrinator. Board the train back, we are going to town to gather
some citizens.

Now this is tricky and dangerous since you are going back to the danger zone
where there still are some mines and Satellite Rain may still pour on you.
You need to "persuade" 15 citizens, so I would advice you really get the ones
that are on the edge of the map or to spots you already visited and know are
safe. LET THEM COME TO YOU instead of you getting them. Just stay on the
edges of the map and rush them quick at the last minute before they run away.

When you finally got 15 of these bozos, you can climb back in the train with
them (I would suggest you bring them along since otherwise they may run 
elsewhere on the map and blow themselves up). Back at the base, take your
lone Zealot with your endocrinator ON and start RUNNING to your target. The
reason I say run, is that this guy is armed and you don't want him to gun
down your civilians. So rush him and he will be persuaded. FINALLY!

You can now safely persuade the two scientists, get the fourth Plasma Lance
near the river bank, there is also a Nuclear Grenade there. When done looting,
you can areful head back to the train and then to your point of origin.

PS: After googling a bit, some people said that the 3rd Epidermis can be 
    found on this level "In the weapon warehouse". Having played the mission,
    I was surprised to find that in the end, my 3rd Zealot INDEED had found
    the 3rd Epidermis! But seriously, I don't even know where I picked it up.
    I don't see any "weapon warehouse" anywhere, and I don't recall taking
    any briefcases other than the ones from the bank. So either it is one
    of the briefcases of the bank, or it was among the carnage of guards that
    I killed. Sorry if I cannot be more precise, I do not want to redo this
    cursed mission lol. My best guess is from one of the briefcase of the
    bank (probably the one that triggers the Satellite Rain).

2.2.22  CHURCH 22 - New Delhi

Initial Research : Plasma Lance (36000c) (16 scientists)
Target to aim for: 4 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 4 Plasma Lances, 
                   1 Endocrinator, Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

The last mission was a nightmare, but at least Satellite Rain should be done
and we got 4 easy Plasma Lances! Obviously, we are also going to put our new
two scientists to the test and research those Plasma Lances ASAP. At a rate
of 36000c, it should take about 4 days.

Compared to the last mission, this feels like a walk in the park. It really
felt good to be able to walk all over the place without worrying about mines
or random explosions :). It's actually really easy, especially if you arm
yourself with Long Range Rifles and turn on "Red Mist" psychotropic to kill
punks automatically as soon as they get in range. That's going to be our
first interest, to essentially clear as many punks as we can.

The goal you have to reach though is in the south-east of the map where a
lone flying car is waiting for you. The reason why you NEED this, is that
an area near the docks in the south-west is actually booby trapped with some 
crazy mines and that will kill you real quick, so avoid that area.

There is also a Tank patrolling the north-east but it does not pose any
danger. If your feeling cocky, you can blow it up with Plasma Lances.

When you get near the flying car, be careful as some surprise punks will
erupt from the nearby building. They come running at you with Launchers so
the best strategy here is to wait for them with Long Range Rifles and with
"Red Mist" on and snipe 3 of them, then retreat a bit while you reload and
then snipe the last three.

The flying car can now be yours, so, while boarding it, continue using Long 
Range Rifles and go across the river to snipe the rest of the enemies. The 
green punks are no problems again if you snipe them from a distance and the 
flying cars that come along can be easily dispatched with the Plasma Lances 
(or Long Range Rifles / Rocket Launchers).

The final objective will be to kill the four Eurocorp personel in the docks
and again, with the long range rifle and the flying car, they don't stand
a chance. They are all booby trap with bombs but from the air, who cares.
A point of interest though is that one of them leaves a Displacertron when
he dies, so you should unboard the car, get the gadget, climb back onboard
and fly back to your point of origin. Wasn't that simple? :)

2.2.23  CHURCH 23 - Beijing

Initial Research : Trigger Wire (65000c) (16 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 4 Plasma Lances, 
                   1 Endocrinator, Bombs, Clone Shield (4).

Finally the Plasma Lances are researched (if not reload lol). Now we have
our fantastic setup of Long Range Rifles, Rocket Launchers and Plasma Lances.
With that, you are virtually unbeatable. For a tactical advantage, we will
though research Trigger Wire for 65000c (may seem a lot, but this mission
is normally short in research days and you DON'T want to redo this one).

This next mission is really frustrating and a lot thougher but since we have 
Plasma Lances, this *really* will help against flying cars. At first I 
managed to do it on my first go, but when I retried it (maybe I was impatient)
, I had to restart it about 25 times. So either I was lucky the first time, 
either I was VERY  impatient the second time... but seriously, if you rush
through this mission you WILL DIE. If you go more carefully, it shouldn't be
too terrible.

You will face unguided punks throughout this mission and the ones you really
should look for are the ones with rocket launchers. The rest are armed with
Long Range Rifles and Lasers, so they should not pose much problem. Flying
cars and bikes may seem dangerous, but again with Plasma Lances, they are a
joke to destroy.

Essentially, the BEST advice I'll give here is to go slow. At first let the
punks get to you, don't seek them out, or you will be overwhelmed and quite
seriously you will die (I did 25 times in a row by being impatient). The
beginning of the mission is the toughest since they arrive in vehicles and 
on foot from every angles. Afterward, go slowly exterminating them one group 
at a time. 

Just south of your position is a bank of which you can easily blow up with
either Plasma Lances, Bombs or with a booby trapped Punk who just happen to
be nearby... Take the briefcase for 1.5 millions.

Your final objective is to reach those upper buildings and kill a punk inside
one of those small buildings. There is only one way to access that area and
the ramp is trapped. As soon as you get there, bombs will blow up, but at
this point in the game, you should be able to sustain that shock. A few
extra punks are there, so kill them. 

The best way to kill your target is to blowup his building either with a bomb
(and then run away) which is the best strategy, or with plasma lances. The
problem with staying around is that as soon as he's dead, 3 punks will come
from nowhere on the ramp, a Satellite Rain will blast on the area and a new
group of punks will arrive from the streets to gun you down with Miniguns
and Long Range Rifles. So if your feeling heroic, just stand your ground 
amidst the Satellite Rain and kill everyone (that's what I did), but if you 
want to be wiser, just place a bomb next to the target's building and run 
away to the streets. Take care of the remaining crap punks with a Long Range 

Finally, you may want to return to the body of your target when all is said
and done, since he carries a Satellite Rain. We won't have to buy one later.

PS: Another strategy would be to "persuade" an army of civilians and then
    start "persuading" the army of punks. To get punks, you need to first
    persuade 10 citizens. Afterward, each unguided punks count for 2. So
    as long as you keep 5 punks with you, you can continue persuading others.
    The problem with this strategy is that punks have no energy and very
    basic shields. They are just fast, run alot and overwhelm you with rocket 
    launchers. So they make though enemies (especially groupped) but poor 
    allies. I would get them maybe when most of them are cleared, vehicles
    are destroyed and the coast is relatively clear. Then you can persuade
    an army of civilians and get yourself a few punks. They will help on the
    last surprise fight.

2.2.24  CHURCH 24 - ChristChurch

Initial Research : Stasis Field (27000c) (16 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    Trigger Wire
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 4 Plasma Lances, 
                   1 Endocrinator, Bombs, Trigger Wire, Clone Shield (4).

Trigger Wire should be done and I'd advice you buy one (hey we got the cash)
for extra tactics in the future. Essentially, this device is great to make
spiderweb booby traps and lure enemies to you. As for research at this point,
about the last great device is available to us: Stasis Field.

Before you start the mission, you would also be adviced to replace your
normal Zealot #4 with a crap agent since for the next mission you will have
your first three zealots and #4 will be temporarily replaced by the always
crappy Mirabelle De Saxo.

All and all, this is an extremely easy mission to do, so I won't go into
much specifics. The first thing to do is to group your 3 zealots and leave
Mirabelle De Saxo (4th "agent") behind. She will be fine where she is. Then
equip either Long Range Rifles when you deal with purple agents or IFF turrets
and Plasma Lances when you deal with flying cars or buildings.

When you start, you will see that nearby are a bunch of IFF Turrets (red dots)
but you can completely ignore them as you are not going there at all. In
fact, you should avoid that entire place since it is booby trapped if you go
see those IFF Turrets.

Where you want to go is toward the red blip on the map. Along your way, you
will face purple agents and 3 flying cars. Destroy all of those.

A secondary objective is that bank that seems to be under electric shock
therapy. Anyway, there are 2 cop cars with a total of 8 cops inside that will
go to you as soon as you attack the bank. You should blow up their cars with
Plasma Lances before they can do anything. Then you can blow up the bank and
steal the 5 briefcases for money we don't even need at this point in the game.
You could also blow up the police station nearby if your feeling mean. Ah yes
from this vantage point, snipe the two agents patrolling nearby.

Alright, now for the real objective, you should make your approach from the
side of the building that has those 5 IFF turrets, since the other side is
booby trapped. We will make our own entrance on this one. Snipe the agent and
the 5 IFF turrets and then blow up that big building with Plasma Lances. You
can then safely go from that point and then snipe the remaining IFF Turrets
and agents.

When the coast is cleared up, switch to Mirabelle De Saxo and walk your way
to the objective. Wasn't that easy?

2.2.25  CHURCH 25 - Reykjavik

Initial Research : Displacertron (8000c) (16 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    Stasis Field
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 4 Plasma Lances, 
                   1 Endocrinator, Bombs, Trigger Wire, 
                   1 Stasis Field, Clone Shield (4).

Statis Field should be researched (if not reload). You can go for the
Displacertron research at this point. Also, don't forget to bring back your 
good fourth Zealot for this mission and a trigger wire.

Ok, this is pure fighting. One thing you may realize at first is that every
citizens on that map are actually against you if you start attacking them and 
are all armed with uzis. They are a joke as enemies, but you may consider 
raising an army of them since they can ammount to something if they are well 
directed. Furthermore, since there are about 32 citizens, if you raise an
army of at least 20, you can start persuading agents! So you have either two
sorts of strategy on this one. Either you snipe the agents with Long Range
Rifles, or you persuade them. Considering that some are equipped with some
Plasma Lances and Rocket Launchers, you can tell yourself they will be hard to
persuade, but if they are on your side, they will make formidable allies.
One last thing to consider though, is that if you go the persuade route, you
will need to KILL them afterward which may prove hard to do, since you cannot
target them. Only explosions could kill them. Also note that even if there is
a scientist on this mission, you cannot recruit him as he is considered as an
agent, you will need to kill him also. As a result, I recommend going the
pure killing mode and don't persuade anyone.

As you start, ignore the citizens or kill them if you want, then approach the
compound. I would recommend blowing up that hospital that is directly in the 
entrance of the compound since it is very much in the way (how politically 
correct this game is, I love it).

Now for the actual compound, you should snipe those two agents, but I would 
sincerly advice that you lure them back to the city since going into the
compound triggers more enemies. Even if these two agents are highly modified
and required 4 hits each with the Long Range Rifle, just retreat and kill.
Just be careful of their Plasma Lances.

You should then recharge your ammo and when powered back up, you can go inside
the compound, but quickly return to the city. Four low-powered agents will
storm from one of the far away building and are equipped with Rocket Launchers.
If you choose to snipe them, they are easy since only one Sniper shot kills 

Recharge your power and when ready for a bigger group, you can enter the
compound again. Some of the agents will try to get you, so retreat and once
again you snipe them from the entrance as they all come in a straight line 
after all. Be careful as some of them are weak and only have Laser Guns, but 
there are two in that group that are strong agents with Plasma Lances.

At this point, you can start attacking the compound itself. The best way to
get rid of the agents hiding behind the buildings are to blow up the buildings
themselves with Plasma Lances, that should kill the agents too. If you have
the view, snipe them though. Start clearing out the buildings that need to
be destroyed, but before you use the transporter to go to the lone scientist
and lone agent, you should start preparing for a huge battle.

My best advice for this one is to return to the entrance of the compound and
starting making layers of trigger wire webs. You should have at least 6 to 8
horizontal layers in that large corridors from the outer entrance of the
compound to the inner entrance of the compound. When your trap is all set,
exit the compound and quickly get back inside and run behind your trap. This
triggers an army of guards and a few strong agents to rush the compound. Since
they are not too clever though, they will fall straight in your trap and die
without a fight. If you have a survivor or two, snipe them.

Finally, you can use the tube transporter to get the lone agent and the tech.
Unfortunately like I said you CANNOT capture this guy (well you can, but the
mission tells you to kill him anyway), so just snipe both of them as soon as
you arrive on the other side. You can blow up the last reactor and go back
through the tubes.

Be careful as two flying cars with Plasma Lance agents drivers will be on
board. They can totally make a mess out of you, so I would recommend starting
the Super Shields and use your own Plasma Lances as soon as you see the cars.
Once blown up, you can return to your extraction point to finish this small

2.2.26  CHURCH 26 - Cape Town

Initial Research : Nuclear Grenade (87000c) (16 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 4 Plasma Lances, 
                   1 Endocrinator, Bombs, Trigger Wire, 
                   1 Stasis Field, Clone Shield (4).

Displacertron is done, you can go for Nuclear Grenade now. The next mission
is easy, although jam-packed with enemies. You'll also need to eliminate
Mirabelle De Saxo, yay!

The first problem of the day are unguided punks, and there are a LOT of them.
Luckily, cops are on your side so a few punks will go toward you while the
rest will battle cops. Be careful as some punks have bombs on them when they
die. In the end, as long as you stay in that neighborhood, all punks and all
cops will be dead. We can move on to our real objective.

If you cross the main street, you will be attacked by two spider drones. They
are deadly short ranged, so snipe them (4 bullets each) with Long Range Rifles
from a safe distance. Also, four zealots using clone shields will roam this
area looking like simple citizens. They will eventually uncover their cloak
and shoot you with Long Range Rifles, simply dispatch them.

Now as soon as you cross the metal fences, some Zealots will come for you.
Most are armed with electric guns while a few have rocket launchers. They
should not pose much problem. Make sure you are recharged for the next part

As soon as you get into the inner courtyard, a few zealots will come in your
direction, but from the other side 3 flying cars will also arrive. You should
try to dispatch the cars first with Plasma Lances and then the rest of the
zealots. Our final approach is nigh.

Now if you rush the hidding place of Mirabelle, you will surely die. What you
should do though, is to start blowing up the neighboring buildings from the
left side one by one, until one of the zealots dies. On him he has a bomb
that will blow up, killing Mirabelle and a few other zealots. If you want you
could simply run to the extraction point and end this, or continue shooting
the remaining zealots and the 2 spider bots that will surely want to kick
your ass. They are somewhat difficult, so get yourself ready. Activating a
satellite rain could be an idea also (since Mirabelle has one on her dead
body) or you can snipe/plasma them. Placing a bomb on the ground where they
all come from is also a viable strategy here.

You don't have to worry about the main church compound, there's nothing
there for you to find.

PS: The 4th Epidermis (Stealth) is rumored to be located on this level as
    some allusions on the internet claims that "It can be found in Church 
    Mission 21 (Cape Town) in the alleyway between two churches". Unfortunaly
    I believe that these indications to be false since there is only one
    church on this level and even if I tried to destroy every buildings and
    kill everyone (including citizens) on this map, I never managed to find
    the 4th Epidermis. Sadly enough, this is the only part of this walkthrough
    that I did not manage to complete. If you do have solid information on
    where to find the stealth epidermis, it would be nice to know.

2.2.27  CHURCH 27 - Johannesburg

Initial Research : Chromotap (67000c) (16 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 4 Plasma Lances, 
                   1 Endocrinator, Bombs, Trigger Wire, 
                   1 Stasis Field, Clone Shield (4).

You can now research Chromotap and get your agents ready. This one is going
to be difficult, or at least long, note that you really should bring
Long Range Rifles on this one.

When you start the mission there is a car nearby, it seems occupied so you
can blow it up if you want. Ok, now your first order of the day will be to
head toward your goal area but stop short at the crossroad, just before
climbing the hill that is patrolled by tons of punks (green dots). If you
wait here, equip Plasma Lances and wait for bikes to come your way. They are
equipped with a rocket launcher, but you shouldn't have much trouble blowing
the bikes up. A few will come one after the other so make sure all of those
are clear before proceeding.

When ready, you will for quite a while proceed with a "lure and snipe" tactic
here by slowly getting close to that hill (you can destroy the large building
nearby to help your battlefield) and lure enemies to you. There are a few
flying cars (plasma lances do destroy) and a LOT of punks (snipe them). Now
luckily these punks come slowly one after the other from two directions, so
they should not pause a problem especially if you turn on Red Mist to auto-
kill them as soon as they are in sight. Be careful though since they are
armed with deadly force (plasma lances, rocket launchers, long range rifles).
The last thing you want is one of them to manage to shoot at you since they
are quite deadly. But if you keep your distance and snipe them as they come
to you, it should be fine. Patience is a virtue here and let them come to you
otherwise you WILL be overwhelmed.

When the punks cease to seek you out, you can proceed up the hill and you
can destroy buildings here again to make your battlefield larger. 3 punks will
still be patrolling a nearby building so snipe them and destroy the building
they were turning around. The best tactic here is to destroy these buildings
or to go nearby the SIDE of the building where your main target is. What you
want to achieve here is to snipe one of the patrolling punks on the higher
ground. If you do, they all have bombs on them so by killing the first punk,
it should cause a chain reaction when the blows up, killing the other punks
that in turn blow up as well, taking out the IFF turrets, the main building
and your target at the same time! If the chain reaction does not occur, then
slowly make your way to your target and snipe the IFF turrets and the last
punks there.

Now be careful as when your target is dead, 2 flying armored cars and an army
of punks will start to converge toward you. They are still a bit far, but
they will reach you eventually. You can either set booby traps with the wire,
or simply wait for them and snipe the punks and plasma lance the cars. They
are though, but at this point in the game, you should be used to that sort of
fights. A few extra punks will converge toward you armed with laser guns so
kill those as well.

You could end the mission now by going toward the terminal, but for the sake
of completion, your next objective is the south-east of the map where a few 
unguided are guarding the bank. So snipe the punks and then blow up the
bank with Plasma Lances. A stasis field will occur if you get too close to
the bank, once finished, you can grab the two money bags for some extra $$$.

There is also a house with about 5 cops and TONS of citizens. You can kill 
the cops, and then if you get near that ambulance it will blow up. Some punks
using Clone Shields are also in this area. I am not sure what is the odd
significance of this place, but oh well. Kill everyone there if you want.

The terminal station is heavily guarded by armored flying cars and punks on 
foot, so approach slowly and snipe/retreat the punks (who are booby trapped).
Destroy the cars, when all is killed, go to the terminal, mission over.

2.2.28  CHURCH 28 - Adelaide

Initial Research : Auto-Medikit (48000c) (16 scientists)
Target to aim for: 3 days
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 4 Plasma Lances, 
                   1 Endocrinator, Bombs, Trigger Wire, 
                   1 Stasis Field, Clone Shield (4).

Last research of the game, you can go for Auto-Medikit if you want. 

This one is very straight-forward. Your first task is to blow up every tanks
you see. They are no match for you when you use Plasma Lances. There are about
5 tanks total to blow up.

Second objective is the side base where you can blow up the door with launcher
rockets and then kill the agents and the tank inside that compound. They 
should not be problematic.

Finally for the big battle in the center of the map. First destroy the large
door with launchers and then snipe the agents that will come out of there.
You can also use satellite rain, statis field, bombs, nuclear grenades or
whatever else to speed up the job. Destroy the IFF turrets as well. When the
coast is clear, climb in the nearby flying car inside the inner gates and
pick up the scientist located in the middle of the center building.

Simply drive the car south to the beacon and land it. A few friendly flying
cars will arrive with one landing and making place for 4 black zealots. Just
board that car and drive off, mission accomplished.

2.2.29  CHURCH 29 - Colombo

Initial Research : None
Target to aim for: None
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 4 Plasma Lances, 
                   4 Clone Shields, 4 Auto Medikits, 1 Trigger Wire, 
                   1 Stasis Field, 4 Nuclear Grenades, 1 Satellite Rain.

Alright, this is it. The final mission set in two parts. You will not be able
to re-equip after this, nor can you do any form of research. Furthermore, you
won't be able to save in between those two missions, so I hope your ready
since this is a two-part mission. The only thing you can do if you mess up on
the second part is to restart it as much as you want.

Alright, so since this is a two-parter, we should equip our zealots for those
two missions accordingly. The first part is a JOKE (all you need are clone
shields) and you'll finish the mission in 1 minute. The moon though requires
a lot more efforts. I would suggest you get your standard equipment such as
4 Long Range Rifles, 4 Rocket Launchers and 4 Plasma Lances. As mentionned
earlier, 4 Clone Shields are a necessity for part 1. Which remains 2 more
equipment slots. Probably the best would be to have 4 auto-medikit to be more
invisible and as for the last slot. Equip a trigger wire on one zealot, a 
statis field on another, a set of 4 nuclear grenades on the third and a
satellite rain on the last.

When you are ready, let's go and let's see how easy this first part really is!

Essentially, you are not wanted anymore and you need to take revenge on your
cruel masters. The objective is to go in the middle of the map where the
moon elevator is located. Now the entire map is FILLED with enemies and if you
really want a challenge, you can try to kill everyone here. Luckily, this
mission actually requires subterfuge so all you need to do is group your 
zealots and activate the clone shield. Go to the middle of the map and make
sure all four of your guys are inside the elevator. Then de-activate the
clone shield and kill the first zealot you see. You will see the message that
the mission is a success so quickly hit spacebar and your DONE!

Seriously, this was the easiest mission in the entire game lol.

2.2.30  CHURCH 30 - The Moon

Initial Research : None
Target to aim for: None
Weapons Bought:    None
Weapons Sold:      Lots
Cyber Bought:      None
Recommended Guns:  4 Long Range Rifle, 4 Launchers, 4 Plasma Lances, 
                   4 Clone Shields, 4 Auto Medikits, 1 Trigger Wire, 
                   1 Stasis Field, 4 Nuclear Grenades, 1 Satellite Rain.

This is it! The last mission of the game. You go directly to the moon and it
is essentially the same mission as the EuroCorp mission, so if you played
that before, you should know the strategy.

Final Mission!!! First, group and run off a bit, the lift you came on
will blow up and damage your zealots if you stay too close. Go to the
corridor down below and statis/plasma the 4 zealots there. When dead,
wait for the remaining zealots and spiderbots and kill them. This is a
great spot since they only arrive from one side. 

You can now walk on the moon to get your revenge. Go toward the north-east
until you reach a round building (there's a hidden small bomb there
that will surprise you). The trap you just triggered will bring the
attention of many zealots and spiderbots. You can either fight them here
or go back to your corridor for a more tactical approach.

When dead, you are ready for the nine scientists, so arm your plasma
lances and a statis field and go exterminate them. They are armed as 
well so be careful. When 7 of them are dead, you can go for the last
two that are on the east side building.

Put an explosive or nuclear grenade on the side of the building where
a few zealots are waiting. The blow should kill one or two along with
the scientist and you can then snipe or plasma the rest. One of the scientists
will drop a GRAVITON GUN. This is the most powerful weapon in the game and
even though not researched (obviously) you should equip your first zealot with
it. Essentially it shoots heat-guided rockets to all nearby enemies so if
you shoot next to where the last scientits are, they should all die in one
shot. If not finish them with whatever you want. When the last scientist 
falls, you won.

That's it for Syndicate Church Missions, Enjoy the lame ending!


This game took me quite a long while to finish. In fact a LOT longer than I
originally expected. It's a big game, with lots of details and when looking
at this FAQ, it is a document of 100 pages when converted to Word, so no 
wonder it took so long to write! 

I enjoyed the experience of it though, it's a great game with a good story.
Hopefully you will enjoy this classic gem as much as I did and will serve as
a good preparation to the upcoming first-person shooter "Syndicate" being
released next year (2012).

Have a great day, and happy gaming!

This FAQ was originally released on www.gamefaqs.com

The FAQ is under Copyright © Nicolas Louis Clement 2011 

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