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Strife is an action-packed blend of FPS action with RPG elements, featuring an original, engaging story and near-future/ modern setting, a unique distinctive visual style, and engaging gameplay.

After a comet strikes the earth wiping out most of the human race, a fanatical religious cult named "The Order" has taken complete control of the world. Plagues, famine, wars and other disasters have followed in the steps of this organization and a rebel group calling themselves the Front has been formed against the oppressive rulers. This is were you come in.

You are a wandering mercenary, visiting Tarnhill by rumors of heavy fighting between The Order and The Front. While searching for The Front you decided to take a brief rest somewhere that you thought was safe. The Order acolytes have been rounding up all suspicious characters in the area. Yes, you happen to be one of them.

Fight against the resistance or side with The Order overlords, or work alone. Change the course of humanity, by destroying the alien overlords, or bring about the end of the human race.


- Different play styles. Play stealth or guns blazing. The different weapons available to you allow you to choose which style you want.

- Role playing game style. How you role play affects the outcome of the game.

- Vast, seamless world to explore.

- Character buildup: Increase stamina and accuracy stats during playtime, which allow you to increase and improve weapons' blast range.

- In-Game currency. Earn money to buy upgrades to your weapons.

- Several side quests additional to the main one.

- Dialog trees with fully voiced NPCs.

-Three different possible endings.


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