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Guide and Walkthrough by KChang

Updated: 09/03/2002

                    Spycraft: The Great Game
                  FAQ, Hint Guide, and Walkthru
                         by Kasey Chang
                   released September 3, 2002

0    Introduction
This section is mainly about the FAQ itself and some legalese.
You can read the most often asked FAQs at the end of this
section, or skip right to [1] for the "stuff".

This is FAQ, Hint Guide (for all the puzzles), and a full
Walkthru, all in one. If you just want a few hints for solving a
specific puzzle, you can read this. If you need a FULL walkthru
of every puzzle, you can read this too.

If you like the FAQ, send me $1.00. :-)  See 0.3


This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life
of software pirates, no matter how old the game is.

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.

If you don't care about all these verbiage (it's mainly for
people who want to redistribute the guide) you can jump right to
the end of this section and read some of the FAQs.

If you like the FAQ, send me $1.00. :-)  See 0.3


This USG should be available at Gamefaqs
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Gamefaqs, so they would always have the latest. If you get it
from anywhere else, beware that it may NOT be the latest and
greatest version.

To webmasters who wish to archive this FAQ on their website,
please read below.

This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c) 2000-
2002, all rights reserved excepted as noted above in the
disclaimer section.

This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the
following conditions:

1) This notice and author's name must accompany all copies of
this document: " Spycraft: The Great Game FAQ, Hint Guide, and
Walkthru" is copyrighted (c) 2000-2002 by Kasey K.S. Chang, all
rights reserved except as noted in the disclaimer."

2) This document must NOT be modified in any form or manner
without prior permission of the author with the following
exception: if you wish to convert this document to a different
file format or archive format, with no change to the content,
then no permission is needed.

2a) In case you can't read, that means TXT only. No banners, no
HTML borders, no cutting up into multiple pages to get you more
banner hits, and esp. no adding your site name to the site list.

3) No charge other than "reasonable" compensation should charged
for its distribution.  (Free is preferred) Sale of this
information is expressly prohibited. If you see any one selling
this guide, drop me a line.

4) If you used material from this, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE the source,
else it is plagiarism.

5) The author hereby grants all games-related web sites the right
to archive and link to this document to share among the game
fandom, provided that all above restrictions are followed.

Sidenote: The above conditions are known as a statutory contract.
If you meet them, then you are entitled to the rights I give you
in 5), i.e. archive and display this document on your website. If
you don't follow them, you did not meet the statutory contract
conditions, thus you have no right to display this document. If
you still do so, then you are infringing upon my copyright. This
section was added for any websites who don't seem to understand


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If you don't live in the US, please send me some local stamps. I
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PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark,
mistakes, and thereof... If you find a question about this game
that is not covered in the USG, e-mail it to me at the address
specified below.  I'll try to answer it and include it in the
next update.

The address below is spelled out phonetically so spammers can't
use spambots on it:

Kilo-Sierra-Charlie-Hotel-Alpha-November-Golf-Seven-Seven AT
Yankee-Alpha-Hotel-Oscar-Oscar DOT Charlie-Oscar-Mike

To decipher this, simply read the first letter off each word
except for the numbers and the punctuation. This is "military
phonetics" or "aeronautical phonetics" in case you're wondering.

This document was produced on Microsoft Word 97. Some editing was
done with Editpad (editpadclassic.com).


I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing
Commander 3, Wing Commander 4, Privateer, Spycraft, 688(I)
Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack, Mechwarrior 4,
Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed,
The Sting!, Terranova, Fallout Tactics, Starfleet Command Volume
II, DS9: The Fallen, Dominion War, Driver, and a few more.

To contact me, see 0.4 above.


Activision produced Spycraft.

This is NOT an authorized guide and the author has NO relation to
Activision other than a game player.

There is no warranty for this unofficial strategy guide. After
all, it depends on YOU the player.  All I can do is offer some


25-SEP-2000         Initial release

03-SEP-2002         Updated format, fixed some grammar problems


Q: Can you send me the game?
A: No. It's THREE CD's!

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No. The controls are so obvious any way.

Q: Do you have any editors or cheats that you can send me?
A: What do you think this hint guide is?

Q: I can't get past puzzle X!
A: See specific notes on each puzzle.

Q: Help! I didn't do the things in the sequence you said!
A: It doesn't really matter, as long as you do them. As long as
you do enough of them to advance the plot, you'll see new things.

Q: I have no idea what to do next!
A: Go to PDA, Intelink, ComLink, Case Manager. Click on the
different tabs you got and you should see some tasks you need to

Q: What's that flashing light on the PDA mean?
A: To borrow the phrase from AOL... "You got mail!"

1    Game Information
Spycraft (no relation to Warcraft or Starcraft) was one of the
better old-school adventure games from Activision, with a lot of
full motion video and interesting puzzles to solve. It'll surely
test your skills of sorting lots of information, then fitting
them back together to find the bits you need.

This hint guide tries to give as VAGUE hint about the puzzles as
possible, as we all need a little helping hand every now and
then. But telling you the solution is too simple. If you're
totally stuck, you can always read the full solution/walkthru at
the end.

Any one recognizes Chase Masterson? (Leeta on ST:DS9)

2    Some General Hints
You can save at almost any time, and you should, esp. when you
complete an important task. Death can be swift and surprising
when it does come.

Before you send off a report, you should always read the
available choices first, then cancel the e-mail and then confirm
the answer. When you're sure, THEN send it.

Look and check everything. Anything clickable is has an arrow
pointer and you should try clicking.

If you don't know what to do next, check PDA/CommLink/Ops

3    Shooting sequence
There are two places you'll need to test your reflexes while
shooting at enemies.

Remember that you ALWAYS face north (up on the minimap) and those
arrows around the goggle move you in that direction (but you
STILL face north). If there are other dots overlapping you on the
minimap, get ready to shoot.

The bad guys do not walk to you unless they can see you (i.e.
have line of sight, or LOS), and you're warned if that happens.
However, they do walk back and forth. You can actually avoid ALL
the patrol and reach the objective without firing a shot!

Keep yourself in deep woods for better concealment. Spend as
little time in open ground as possible.

4    Hint Guide
You start out with the newspaper, facing the Washington Monument.
Keep the headline in mind, as you follow the orders relayed via
the PDA.

To Langley... Look over all the stuff in Milkovsky's office.


Perhaps you should consider the choices.


Some may be under cover.


See the shooting sequence hints at [3]


You need two points to establish a line.


Now that you found the guy... Can you identify him? Consider
which part is obviously a disguise, and which parts are not.


They did say they can't find the bullet, and it's silent.
Consider the range, and the bullet hole(s) you found. What are
the choices?


Read over all four personnel dossiers. There should be some
interesting tidbits about personal habits that just leap out at
you. Once you find it, perhaps you should try some voice-

If you don't "see it", try the voiceprint angle. It's interesting
how many secrets each person has, right?

Now you know how did the gun got out, perhaps you can dig a
little further and find the address as well?


Read up on Beale codes in the Cypher tool. What serve as keys
again? See any lying around?

Off to Moscow...

Talk to Yuri yet? Keep in mind that you can only be betrayed by
someone you trust.

So you found Raven. Why would you go extra-legal any way, when
it's more fun using right pressure point?


There's a reason why cigarettes and newspapers are the available
objects. Perhaps you may want to revisit the personnel files and
the codes again. Finally... Check the lighting carefully.
Remember what Raven wants... Offer that and you got her...

Origami... And a message. Interesting disk... More Beale codes,
but not that key you used before. Where can you find more keys?
Check your Inventory...

Interesting arms smuggling operation. So what's up with Skodi?
That's an interesting weapon.


So Birdsong's gone. Hear all those sounds in the background?
Consider CAREFULLY the ORIGIN of each sound. There may be an
alternative source for "impossible" one...

Now that you know about Procat, perhaps you should contact Mr.
Blake. You do have his number, right?

Got something from the alley? Read it carefully, and remember it.

Visit Birdsong's nest. Hmm... A LOT of hints, esp. the coffee

Hey, wait a minute... That's Lange. Isn't he's MIA? Did he just
say "Procat"? How did he...


Better go before the cops get here.

Off to London.

Visit of Mr. Blake goes well. Feel free to snoop his computer
while he's gone. He won't mind, really.

That file is rather interesting reading. Pay special attention to
personality quirks and traits.

Back to Langley.

See anything interesting in Seaton's office and Holt's office? Do
they fit the pattern?

PDA beeps. They found Birdsong.

Back to Moscow.

Thanks to your analysis earlier, they found Birdsong. Perhaps you
should tell them to offer what Birdsong wants... Remember?

More codes? Perhaps there are more keys available now.


Onyx... Remember his special quirks? Now find the flights that
fit his profile.

More help? Onyx CAN switch names. And not all flights serve

Trace the bills too? Consider carefully how the trips fit
together at the end. Even a criminal have to live somewhere,
right? Be careful about the city.

Off to Germany.


Onyx seems to be afraid of a specific location coming to harm.
Keep digging in the personnel file...

Wonder what else he has in the closet? Hmmm... You don't want him
messing up your plan later that night, do you?


You got the password from Onyx, right? Play nice then.

Good job, you recovered that package. Unfortunately, there is no
rest for the weary. Someone just made off with Birdsong.

Back to Moscow.


Got the camera... Perhaps you want to analyze that image. I think
I know this guy... Is there a note about him somewhere close by?
And where's the address?

I'd never face assassins without some backup. Just make sure you
stall correctly...


Did you read the file or listened to the instructions?

You should use ALL four capabilities in order to not lose any
one. First cut the phone line, then use recon to find the right
place. Once done, break walls, toss in stun grenades. On what
level would the phone lines be?

More Beale codes? Where did you get the keys last time?

Now you know where to go...


Hmmm... Auto-save. Wonder if it's dangerous? Yes, all of them.
Can't be THAT hard, can it? [Shooting sequence]

Well, well. It's you-know-who after all. I think I'll drop the

Aha. Should I deal or not? Doesn't really matter. The laptop is
the key. And it's now yours.

Okay... Boot the laptop... Self-destruct?!?! Download...
Download... it's not moving any more! Abort! Abort! Now where can
I chuck that thing?

Wonder what we really got?


Interesting suggestion from Mr. Colby. I think I'll do it. Where
did that anon remailer originate again? I think Holt said

Back to Moscow...


Red Square, there you are. Satellite view... Remember the
frequency characteristics of the Pyramid, and what happened to
the surveillance equipment? Hmmm... Can you find something
similar here? Get very close... Close the PDA...

There! <cough>


Congratulations, you got the assassin. But who's the mole? And I
need to protect who? Hmmm.

Yuri and the Crimea. And he's kicking in doors. Flashback...

Oh, great. I better drop the gun and call for a little help...
Remember how?

Stall. Okay, ready, ready... ZZaaaappppp! <cough> Got him.


Now, just follow orders and <cough>...  You win.

Open the PDA, get the orders to report to Langley.

Go to Langley, visit Milkovsky's office. Feel free to look around
his office carefully. When you're done looking, go out the door
and go into the analysis room.

You heard that one of the candidates for the Russian presidency
is dead on the TV. Milkovsky comes in and hands you the first
exercise in photo interpretation. Zoom in on the brown sedan.
Once you got all the way in, hit the OCE button, and you can SORT
of make out the numbers.  Now hit REPORT, and look at the
choices. The only one that comes close is 2GGX829. Select it,
send it. Get the congratulations.

Second question from Milkovksy is harder, as you need to merge
the two photos. You can see three tanks running outside, as you
can see the dust trails. However, there are some under cover
(three to be exact) under that big dark tent. You can see that on
the IR photo. The blobs are bigger than the AFV's. So the total
number of tanks is SIX. Report that as well. Get second congrats.

Welcome to the training Zone, basically a shooting gallery with
simulated people instead of ducks. You can go for stealth
approach, by moving where the bad guys aren't, to the
destination, or just go straight north and shoot any one that
come up.

On the second test, you can again go straight for the target, or
move around and eliminate the opposition. Go to the radio beacon,
click on it to grab it. Move away in any direction. Bruce grabs
you... <bang> He got sniped.

PDA beeps. Warhurst and Sterling want you to report to Langley,
where you watch the headshot... Holt and Seaton adds a few
tidbits, but it's up to you to play with K.A.T. on your terminal
in your office.

Zoom in to at LEAST 16X, and look around the podium for bullet
hole or holes. Once you find both sets, line them up on the 3D
view and you can find the origin. Now go to the origin, and zoom
in. There is the assassin.

Use the face match, and you'll find Thomas J. " Harmonica"
Phillips. Report the discovery, and read the responses.

So they want to know what weapon was used. Use Pinpoint, and
consider the bullet holes, the range, the lack of sound, and no
bullets. The only gun and ammo that fits all criteria is the PEG
gun and the needle-pack round. Report it, read the responses.

So how did the gun get loose? Read the dossiers and note the
peculiar habits. Interesting, Dr. Cohen never uses the elevators.
Wait a minute... What's this elevator access? Hey, that's not
him! Checking his phone calls... Wonder who that woman is?
Voiceprint matched to... Yin Chungwang, North Korean spy, now a
freelancer. Report that.

So they want to know if Yin had an accomplice? Hmm... Let's look
at that photo again. It's obviously a disguise. Play with that a
little, wonder we have anybody on file that matches that? Why
yes! We found Wayne "Grendel" Allen.

Now where would they be? Let's see... There were a couple
calls... Where did that originate? Got it... 2314 E. Rockland St.
File the full report... Then you get a request to go to Halifax,
unknown source.

Go to Halifax... Knock. It's Sterling, Warhurst, and Colby.
Things are bad. If this guy can get the gun, someone really high
up is a mole.

Got back to your office... They missed Raven and Grendel on the
sweep, though they found the items, which are now on your desk.
Let's see...  Shanghai II disk, EBMC disk, the book Beowulf, and
a post-it (tm) note with Beale code. Drop each of the items on
the computer to "input" it.

Try the Cypher tool. As this is Beale code, you need to use a
book to decipher the message. Use Beowolf, as that's the book you
found, and voila! Raven's heading for Moscow, and Grendel's
heading to Istanbul. Report that.

PDA rings. Great, they got Yin/Raven. However, it'll take a bit
more work to get information out of her. You COULD use the
Bullpen, but it is more fun using the PhotoDoc instead. Read the
Wayne Allen file from the FBI, and you'll see he smokes Emperor
Filterless. You'll also recall from the Beale code that he's
heading for Istanbul. So the fake photo needs Emperor Filterless
cigarettes, and a Turkish newspaper. For perspective, pick the
middle newspaper (no scaling) and place it on the right side of
the table. Take the middle cigarette, scale it right, and put it
near the hand on the table. Finally, consider the lighting, not
the facial position. The only face that fits is the top middle
Grendel face. Scale it right, and the photo even looks decent. Go
ahead and print it, and it's time for the interrogation.

Head off to Moscow, and talk to Foster. Remember Holt's advice.
Then head for the interrogation room. There's no need to move her
to the Bullpen. Show her the picture of Grendel, then "Here's the
deal...", "Speak up, or...", "Grendel's talking, Raven...", "If
you tell the truth...", "What was your role...", "Who do you work
for...", "What else can you tell me...", and finally, "Well, I'm
going to..."

PDA beeps again, more messages. Talk to Foster again about Yuri
and Birdsong. More messages. You get Pearson's office. Follow
Foster's advice and call Yuri at 233-4819. Set up a meeting.

You can meet with Birdsong first or Yuri first. It doesn't

Visit to Birdsong doesn't really matter, just say what you think
is right.

Head to Yasevno and talk to Yuri about the various topics. Return
to the Moscow station.

Some interesting e-mail have came in, and a picture of Parker's
body. More messages? Lange's disappeared, and Parker's dead. Both
are meeting with Harmonica? Wonder what happened to Lange? Keep
that in mind.

Another meeting with Yuri... Interesting file...

Back to Moscow station... What's this origami? Open... Nukes

Open cabinet... Hmmm... Disk inside. Drop disk on computer...
Message looks innocuous, but the header contains more codes.

Start up Cypher, but Beowolf doesn't work this time, and the
mumbling about Gog and Magog's Biblical reference didn't pan out.
On the other hand, there is this EBMC disk, Electronic Book of
the Month Club... Wonder what books they have? Let's order both
of them, and flip through them. Okay... Try them as the key? "The
Rabid Hound" works great. More incoming messages. Skodi's
files... So Harmonica has his hands on a Pyramid, huh?

Foster called, she just got a phone call from Birdsong, who's no
longer in Moscow. It's time to look around Birdsong's apartment.
Perhaps there are some clues there. But let's find out where's
Birdsong first.

Analyzing the sound, you isolate two voices, Foster's and
Birdsong's, and four distinct background noises, namely 10-ton
church bell, IL-76 jet, Uzbeki Mountain Sparrow, and electric
tram. At first look no place has all four, but then, the bird is
not found ONLY in the wild, right?

Look at the various cities that have three of the criteria. Can
you find one that is near a zoo? The answer is Novosibirsk,
Nicolas Suvorov's home.

Send the report, Foster thanks you and sends some guards.

Time to turn attention to Procat. John Blake seems to be a good
starting point, and his contact number is in the file (011-44-171-
555-0909). Call and setup a meeting. Warhurst thinks Blake knows
too much. Any way, it's time to visit Blake.

As you leave the station, you got a request to go into the alley,
where Yelena hands you a file on Yuri! (Yelena is the campaign
manager for the other Russian presidential candidate, Churbanov)

You arrive at Birdsong's apartment, but it's locked. Use the
lockpick kit (in your briefcase) to open the door. See all those
hints about big wilderness, big mountains and so on? Well, it's
clear he wants to go to Montana.

As you turn to leave, Lange walks in. He claims his PDA
malfunctioned, but recall that he's been declared missing and
probably compromised as he tried to meet with Harmonica. His
partner, Parker, turned up with a hole in his forehead. If he's
alive... That is suspicious enough. Then he asks... What's with
the investigation on Procat? Wait a minute... You just learned
about Procat from Yin yourself. Lange was out of the loop, so how
did he know about Procat? The only place he could have known
about Procat is from Harmonica, and it's obvious he made a deal
with Harmonica, probably helped kill Parker as well. He's
obviously a traitor, so you pull your gun and shot him, and left
the room before Moscow police shows up.

Time to head for London and find John Blake's residence.

Blake is in the back, so click on the side, and you have a
pleasant chat, and the he left you to gather a copy of his Procat
file. While he's gone, you can flip over his books and computer,
he won't mind at all. Ask some more questions, but he doesn't
have much more info.

Colby is narrowing down the list of suspects who can be the mole.

Return to Washington. Look through Seaton's and Holt's office.
Both have interesting info. Seaton's computer have messages that
is quite interesting... And Holt's letter stuck to the monitor
doesn't seem to fit with his single status. Does it?

Read the file on Procat, and you'll see Holt's name in there. Ask
him about Procat and Operation Paw Print. Interesting, isn't it?

Time to go back to Moscow, where Foster is having a hard time to
get Birdsong to cooperate. You know Birdsong wants Montana, so
tell Foster to offer that.

Holt's found more Beale codes, but the existing keys don't seem
to work on it. Checking EBMC shows there's another book available
called "Croak! Goeth the Raven". You download that, use that as
the key, and eek, looks like there's loose nuclear weapons
available, doesn't it?

Read over that file you got from Blake. You need to track down
Onyx since he's the key to the weapon. Any peculiar habits Onyx
would have?

Let's see, only aisle seats, vegetarian, and business class. The
only stuff that fits is the two connecting flights that ended in
Berlin. However, there is another short hop flight, different
alias, from Berlin to Heidelberg. This one is so short no meal is
served. So Onyx is in Heidelberg. Report that.

The phone rings, Yuri wants to meet. Upon arriving, he hands over
a file on Onyx... A CIA file? Ask a few questions, but there's no

Need to confirm how is Onyx moving around and where is Onyx now.
Well, tracing the money following the cities you found in
Traveltech shows that he's in Heidelberg, in Hotel Schlumpen. You
then get some priority messages about retrieving the nuke is the
most important task.

Time to head for Germany. Find Onyx, and chit-chat... When he's
not cooperating, mention sending Indian army into Jammu (it's in
his personal file). He'll break and cooperate. When you're
finished talking have him freeze while you look around... The
file said he carries handcuffs, and surely enough, there it is in
his closet. Grab it, then cuff his wrists... So he can't mess
with your plans tonight. He did tell you the password: French

Go to Scharfenstahl, and pick the TALK option (unless you feel
REALLY adventurous, then you can try the SHOOT option). Give the
right password "French Vanilla", and you get the nuke back.

Got a message that Birdsong is missing, and all you got is the
camera footage on the special backup chip. On the final frame,
you can see that it's Jalabad. The note in your cabinet about
Eagle Shield says Jalabad's address stays in the operational log.
The answer is... No. 19 Leningradsky Prospekt. Report that, and a
team is being assembled to get Birdsong back.

Ring... Harmonica is in the alley? Tell Foster, who promise some
backup ASAP. So you need to stall Harmonica... "What do you
want...", "And now..." "Finger me for the mole?" "So what do I
need..." "Join Procat?" and finally "No thanks, I'd rather die
than join Procat." Harmonica got away just as Foster and team
closes in.

Head to Kneecap's residence, save and press the GPS to start the
rescue operation. Send phone-line guy to basement and cut the
phone line. Then all up to second floor. Birdsong is in the
Northern room in the middle. Suggest you take out the south wall
of the Eastern room, then send in the guys, with stun grenade
ready, then rush in.

Back to the Moscow Station. More Beale codes found? Use the EBMC
club membership again. Looks like a new novel. Use that as key,
and you got the message decoded: it's in the middle of Tunisia.

Off to Tunisia you go. The game autosaves. Think something
dangerous is about to happen? That cockpit sequence is so
hokey... Any way, you get off at the landing zone, and the
chopper was quickly chased off by gunfire... And it was John
Blake after all... And it's a trap for you.

Well, so he had a lot of hire help, but you know how to deal with
them from the training before, right? Good, proceed carefully and
eliminate all the bad guys. When that's done, go to the white

Well, well, John Blake himself. Better drop the gun. He starts
boasting about lots of things... Then his gun jams. Pick up your
gun, then you can decide whether to shoot him or not, but don't
take too long. Either way, you get the laptop, and a chopper will
pick you up.

Get on the chopper... Okay, boot up the computer... Self destruct
sequence!?!? Use the PDA on the computer... The download goes up
to 30, 32, 35%... You're out of time! Cancel download, then drag
the laptop to the empty door... Boom! Checking the file you
downloaded... You got some partial messages, one of them ("Blue
Notes") not even sent yet,  and a few more with codes. Decode the
other messages with "Croak", and find you're ALMOST too late to
stop the assassination, as the pieces are in place, but you do
have a last chance...

Colby called, perhaps you should send that unsent e-mail so you
can be Procat for a while.

Remember what Holt said, about the previous stuff was sent from
an anon remailer in Finland? Route the mail through there.

When you exit the PDA, you're landing on the carrier, then flight
back to Moscow...

Auto-save again. Wonder if you can survive the next sequence? So
do I.

Arriving in Moscow, Sterling liked what you did, and tried to
convince the Prez not to go onstage until they caught the
assassin, but the Prez insisted. It's up to you to catch the
assassin during the speech...

Seaton called via the earpiece... Your PDA will track the
oscillation signals and the location of you and all the other
agents. Harmonica is somewhere out there... Lots of people.
Remember the Pyramid oscillation frequency? 485 something? Note
the red and yellow dots all over the Red Square. You can close
the PDA at any time to survey the crowd and decide who to shoot,
if any. The only two sources close together is in the NWN part of
the map... Move between the red and the yellow dot, and you
should see a video sequence where you're at ground level, and
there's this camera guy... That's Harmonica! <bang>

--If you get a shot of the crowd from higher-up, you are at the
wrong location. Try again before the speech ran out.

--If you keep getting shot by Harmonica, perhaps you should shoot
as soon as you see him and no one is in the way.

So you found the assassin. They love you, but who's the mole? You
got a note about protecting the Churbanov candidate as he agrees
with the END treaty instead of Polyakov. Then Yuri send you a
message, that he can arrange a meeting with the mole... In

You head off to Crimea, and Yuri breaks down the door...

Does this sound familiar? Remember that file you read on Yuri...
Inside is Churbanov and his manager... Who's Russian Mafia? As
Churbanov tries to confess his innocence... Warhurst walks in gun
drawn... So he's the mole! You better drop the gun before he
shoots you...

Now things get interesting. Remember the protocol to get Seaton
on the line? Yes, say "newsflash" in a sentence. So Warhurst is
trying to use you and the rest of the CIA to eliminate the rest
of Procat so he can take over. He's pinning the mess on you,
Holt, and Seaton. You must stall while Seaton activates the
immobilizer... <Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz>

While Warhurst's disabled, pick up the gun and shoot him!

Okay, now what? Yuri keep insisting on arresting Churbanov for
some stuff that sounds really trumped up... And the gun is still
in your hand... Remember your last orders from Sterling? Yep,
protect Churbanov, so <bang>.

Sorry, Yuri. Don't be too sad. You knew he's going to burn you
later any way.

So, you saved the Prez, helped the Russian election, the END
treaty gets signed, and you recovered the nuke. Nice job. You get
the Intelligence Cross, and some weell-deserved R&R.


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