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Reviewed: 11/16/05

Sega's answer to Super Mario Laserdisc!

Just kidding. This is actually just another of Sega's early Sonic titles. Being CD, it was also available for the PC, then later on the GC. All versions remain the same. This game, however, stands different from all the other Sonic titles, from the SFX to a new kind of dash you may not have or will use in other or future titles.

The setting takes place between Sonic 1 and 2. Sonic was just on his way to Never Lake to get a close view of the rare orbiting Little Planet, home of the Time Stones, stones that manipulate time. But upon arrival he notices the planet tethered to a chain by Dr. Robotnik (now to be refered to as Dr. Eggman), who plans to use the Time Stones for his own evil personal desires. It's up to Sonic to unchain little planet, retrieve the stones and squash Robotnik forever! This game first introduces Amy Rose, Sonic's love interest. And Metal Sonic, Sonic's evil metal counterpart.

Graphics: 8/10=4/5
The graphics are all similar to Sonic 1 for the Genesis. Sonic is given more animation though, and the first level shows you something you wouldnt expect in a game made in 1993. Crisp, colorful, nicely detailed.

Sound: 9/10=5/5
The soundtrack in the game is freakin' sweet! Especially Sonic Boom, played in the beginning and end. Some of the other tracks mix in voice clips, and the Boss theme is given a horrific touch. The music in the zones change also, depending on what time period you're in. In the Future, music matches w/ the post-apocolyptic atmosphere while the past has a somewhat primitive tone. Don't expect any familiars from Sonic 1 & 2. Sonic also talks, well, all he says is Yes! and I'm outta here! while Amy just giggles.

Gameplay: 9/10=4/5
Still the same "old run to the goal without losing rings" gig. But still aims to please with the same sonic speed. There are still spike traps, bots, moving platforms and the murderous "bottom of TV screen" dun dun dunnnn.... What's new this time are the Time posts, tag one and keep running and you'll be automatically warped to the same place at a different time. The game also has some extra elements to increase the replayability, to collect all the time stones and travel to the past and destroy all those...uh...whatchamacallits..."robot nests" to change Little planet's future. Progress can also be saved after finishing levels.

Replay Value: 7/10=4/5
After you've "ran" through the game, you discover that you haven't really accomplished more than just beating the game. Create good futures and collect all stones and change the game's ending.

Overall: 8/10=4/5
Buy/Rent: Both
This game is certainly a gem but the game seems almost rental-ish, as it is almost short, and trying to accomplish more in the game can be frustrating and boring. But the best answer to this question would be that the game has also been compiled with the late Sonic Gems Collection for the Gamecube. Ive played both PC and GC versions and everything is untouched. So you may want to buy that instead so that you get more for your money.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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