Review by JonWood007

Reviewed: 05/16/05

One of my favorite Sonic games

This is the PC release of Sonic CD on Sega CD. It is a very good sonic game and it is different than all other sonic games because it has time travel. Each level is actually 4 levels and you can switch between them by time warping. You start out in the present and you can go to the future or the past depending on what pole you pass. There is also 2 futures.

Graphics 9/10

For it's time, the graphics are pretty good. The levels are all very diverse from one another. It only uses 256 colors, but it is still very colorful. The bonus levels are very well done and feature one of the best uses I've seen on 16 bit graphics.

Sound 10/10

The sound effects sound like almost any 2d sonic game and the music is very good. I think it is the best music featured in any 2d sonic game.

Compatibility 4/10

This game is very hard to run on windows XP. You need to go to this one website and download a tool just to get it to work. It really isnt the game's fault, its XP's, but since almost everyone reading this likely uses XP, I gave it a 4.

Game play 9/10
The game play is very good. As I mentioned above, there is time travel. There are 4 times in the game for each level: present, past, bad future, good future. To time travel pass a post that says a time and then run as fast as you can without slowing down to travel. If you pass a past one, you go into the past, if you hit the future one, by default you go to the bad future. In order to get the good future, you need to go to the past and destroy the time machines. The levels themselves change when you are in the past or future. The level design for the most part is very good, my only complaint is that metallic madness act 2 is too hard. You go around in circles and circles and you eventually run out of time. There is only one way to reach the exit, and it is very tempting to miss it altogether. There are 7 zones altogether, each having 2 regular acts and a boss. Each of the 2 regular acts has 4 times in it, and the boss levels each have 2 (good future and bad future, depending if you destroyed both time machines in the acts).

Replayability 10/10

This game has a lot of replayability. After you complete it, you can go back to time attack and unlock extras like a sound room and a time attack for the bonus levels.

Overall 42/50 = 8.4/10

This game is well worth your money, you can pick it up cheap now and it is very fun and it should keep you addicted for at least a few days.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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