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Reviewed: 11/23/03

My first Sonic review at last!


Back in 1993, Sonic CD was released I never had a SEGA CD and never got to play this game until 10 years later. A friend of mine let me borrow his PC version of this game and I was sucked right into a world I never wanted to leave out of. I needed to have more! So he burned a copy of this game and let me have it. I can't thank him enough! I'm not much of a PC gamer but I'll make an
exception for this game.


Sonic is headed off to Never Lake to visit the
Little PLanet; a place that comes once a year. Little Planet is a place that defies and completely ignores the passage of time. Sonic is in search of the Time Stones, which alter time and enviornment around them. Amy Rose, Sonic's girlfriend, follows him.
Upon arriving, something is wrong. Dr. Robotnik/Eggman has discovered the Little Planet before Sonic and Amy. He has travelled back in time to place his Roboticizers around the planet to turn the helpless animals into badnik slaves. What's worse is his new creation: METAL SONIC! He swipes Amy and holds a race with Amy held for ransom. He heads off into the past to terrorize the animals who didn't get captured. It's up to Sonic to get the Time Stones before Robotnik can!
Great story. A tad too normal for most Sonic games (roboticizing animals) but still great. This game introduced Metal Sonic and Amy Rose. In the original SEGA CD version, Amy was refered to as ''Princess Sally''. This was used to attract North Americans to the SatAM cartoon at the time. Nintendo did something similar to this. For example, the unofficial NA boxart for Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland used characters such as Tiff and Metaknight to attract people to the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! anime.


Wonderful! Perfect for a game of 1993. First there is this anime opening when you start the game. This is one incredible sight that really brings out the style in Sonic! The game runs at a super-fast 60 fps. The Sonic series has
been perfect at parallax and Sonic CD continues the tradition. It is absolutely breathtaking especially when Sonic runs up that loop-de-loop at the beginning of the game. One powerful sight for my now-sore eyes!
The levels are colorfully pleasent to look at and come in with no flaw! The bonus levels use Mode-7 graphics to display 3-D enviornments. One of them has flashing lights that warp around. Twisted! Too sweet for words to describe! Just see it for yourself.


****!!! The best soundtrack I've heard in my life! This game doubles as a 42-track CD with kick-ass music! Once again, just hear it for yourself. Many say that the Japanese and European versions have music better than that of the NA version. I've only heard 10 of those tracks. Some of them are includes on the NA CD. Not bad.
The sounds are above average. Sonc has a different jumping sound. This was also the first Sonic game to have vocals. Sonic says ''Yes'' when you gain an extra life and ''I'm outta here'' when you wait for 3 whole minutes(which gets you a Game Over!). Amy giggles when hugging Sonic and Screams when caught by Metal Sonic. Robo-mack does this creepy laugh when you face him and get Game Over. The audio can't be beat in a game like this!


The is just like every other Sonic game. Move Sonic with the Arrow Keys and make him jump with Space. Escape, C, and X are effective in the DA Garden (now known as ''Play Music''). The famous Spin-Dash is back, but takes a whole second to charge. Plus, you can't rev-up anymore. On the good side, there is a new move: Super Peel Out. Hold Up and press Space to do a Figure Eight that takes half a sec to charge up then release up to dart off like wild. This move became known in he Archie comics as the ''Figure Eigh Move'' and on GameGear as the ''Strike-Dash''. Press Down while running to roll into oncoming enimies. The control would have been perfect if not for the ruined Spin-Dash. Then
again, it was for this game only.


Gameplay is like most other Sonic games. You have 7 Zones with 3 Acts each. Get Sonic to the end of each Act while avoiding traps and busting Badniks open to recsue the animals trapped inside. Touch the sign at the end of each Act to move on to the next. Every third Act has a boss. You have to face Dr. Robotnik in one of his mechanical contraptions. Defeat the Mecha to move on to the next Zone. The exception to this rule is Zone 6: Act 3. You must settle this score of Sonic's and Mecha Sonic's. Defeat Metal Sonic to rescue Amy and then off to defeat Robo-Mac (Robotnik) for good!
There are some changes to the gameplay. There are now Lampposts you can run through to travel back and forth between time! Just touch the Lamppost and keep a steady
speed for 3 seconds. If you go to the past, you'll have the opportunity to smash one of Eggy's Roboticizers. Bust it to set all the animals free and destroy the rest of the Badniks for the rest of the Act. You will also be given the chance to destroy Mecha Sonic for one Act only. He'll be back in the next Act. There are 2 different futurer you can go to.
The Bad Future is gained when you didn't destroy the Roboticizer in the past. The Good Future is gained if you did. Destroy all the Roboticizers to see the good ending to the game.
Then there are the bonus stages. Collect at least 50 rings by the end of the Act and a giant ring will appear just like in Sonic 1. Jump into it to enter the bonus stage. Sonic has to chase and stop 6 UFOs within 1 min 40 sec. Touching the water takes 10 precious seconds off your hands. Watch out for the bumpers as well. These stages are hard and will take some time to get used to. Once you destroy all the UFOs, you're awarded with a Time Stone, which acts as a Chaos Emerald. There are 7 bonus stages, each harder than the last. Even though there are 7 Stones, Super Sonic doesn't appear for 2 reasons: 1: This game takes place between Sonic 1 and 2 and 2: Super Sonic didn't appear until Sonic 2. Getting the Time Stones is an alternative to Good futures and will also get you the good ending.
Finally, there is Time Trial Mode. Each Stage you beat is added to the Time Trial. Beat each stage as fast as you can to unlock special features. I'm not going to spoil anything so discover the bonuses for yourself. I found this mode to be quite fun. The gameplay is top-notch in Sonic CD!


This game was released 1 decade ago and Amy Rose is now 10 years old. I never new this game existed until I read gaming mags. I'm glad to have met Matt or I'd never get to play this missed mastuhpeice. When I'm not playing this game, I enjoy listening to the CD-double in my radio so this is both a game and a music CD. This is the game that increased my interest in PC gaming. Thanks SEGA!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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